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  2. Exactly what BO get's on here, whether warranted or not. Said it many times but I'll wager this will get me pelters again.
  3. I think the season ticket sales speak volumes. You can try and play the men, not the ball, but the fact is your supporting the club is not lifting sales or agreement is it? Thdir views, survey responses speak volumes, with far more reach than you could ever aspire to. Each action by the owner is adding to their support.
  4. when it possible comes from your own fellow supporters, its worse and that is why I fear as a fractured fan base we would not be able to rally around.
  5. To be honest, he has been thinking about it for several months. He is a paramedic by trade so I can only imagine how busy he has been of late. However, recently, I believe he has been a victim of some horrendous on line social media abuse that needed reporting. Its another reason I believe, that puts off people stepping up to any supporter organisation.......that target gets firmly stuck on your back and thats the kind of keyboard warrior stuff some folks do, attack you from behind. Trust, PTB, FLG.........we all have got it in some form. It's not acceptable but it happens
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  7. Not in the slightest. I just don't trust Mo not to bring in inferior quality to bulk up the squad.
  8. Wasnt it Kenny Hopwood who used to manage the online responses to fans questions but the Trust withdrew the functionality ? Maybe the decision not to Kenny's liking Falling like flies at the Trust aren't they, not a happy camp
  9. Robert Milsom anyone? Played under Kewell at Crawley and Notts, and his agent is Lee Phillpot, who we have been doing a lot of business recently...
  10. Cheers, @south east latic. A pity the final came down to such a tight and underwhelming conclusion. As others have said, the prediction league has been the one bright spark of this sorry season. Thanks very much to @Bristolatic and @oafcmetty for their hard work administering the thing.
  11. He won't have seen him play, most likely an agency recommendedation like most are these days.
  12. Does that mean you've written off Sido Jombati already...?
  13. If Flat Cap Mo has any involvement, prepare to be disappointed, because that's probably what we'll get. Mainly because he hasn't a clue what a decent footballer looks like.
  14. I am fairly sure had Gerrard more interesting stuff on Barry than the stuff that come to mind first, he'd have spent 30 minutes on it. I doubt that will get many to agree on here.
  15. I get what he’s saying though, a trip to BP has become a real chore, banter at the game has become almost non existent. So many fans have now chosen not to attend, surely AL must see it’s pretty pointless carrying on. He has made no attempt whatsoever to connect with the fan base and his withdrawal from the GMR Interview has confirmed his contempt. He has absolutely no chance of recouping his losses and for the life of me I cannot understand why he’s intent on losing more. *******ABDALLAH OUT********
  16. Agree this would be a great idea. I wanted to hear what an ex employee had to say though as that would be another angle on things rather than me sitting face to face with Barry for a chat.
  17. Don't. That doesn't bear thinking about. We need to improve the squad not stick with what we have.
  18. Am sure the banter with your mates is exactly the same. Well, when you all get together. Life changes though, like it has for you these past 5/6 years.
  19. I understand what you are saying Lags but it's got to the point that going to Latics spoilt my weekend, just like most of the other Latics fans I know. There is no banter, just moans of disapproval in a near empty stadium. I've no doubt that you are one of the old school who like many others, are still encouraged to attend by distant memories of the glory days in the late 80s early 90s. But what about the rest of us? We can accept the bad times if we ever saw a glimmer of hope, but there never is. How much money and commitment do you expect people to give with so little in return? I personally won't be returning until our fortunes improve. If that is never, so be it. I wouldn't of missed anything if that's the case.
  20. Sorry I confused you. Just saying, to everyone really. Why not speak with the man, come back, give us the tale. It would be a well read piece, or it would appear it would be.
  21. The ones that don't listen to their customers are the ones that die. Hence why they lose funding. The grievances from the fans are clear carry on down this road it will only get worse for all of us. Its the chairman's business he has to resolve this. Most of us will put up with plenty of crap. I plan on being on this planet for the next 50 years Id like to spend many a Saturday watching Oldham Athletic Id love to take my grand kids one day. I understand that that will mean putting up with alot of shit. But their is only a certain level of shit that I intend to put up with.
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