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  2. I live in the US and signed up last week for the full package. This week I am in Holland. Going through the club web site I can open ifollow video content and it streams fine, but apparently only for the standard content that UK users could get (interviews and highlights) ... I cannot see any link to watching a live match .. can anyone advise where the links are to watch the games live? Or where the ifollow tech support is? Any ideas appreciated!
  3. Could it be that a 'development' squad is being built of the overseas players and Sheridan is carrying on regardless doing what he thinks is best for what he regards as his squad. No doubt if there is someone worthwhile in the 'development' squad he will use them but his expectation is that they are all 'seconds'.
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  5. I find this web site is pretty good for away days:
  6. Wow literally just logged on to ask about parking. I want free street parking though. Don't mind a bit of a walk.
  7. Just wondering, does anyone know if there is any parking facilities and that ground ? Cheers
  8. They (don't really) both look the same to me.
  9. Wait. Are you saying you want to see Holloway and Davies paired together? Or are you just arguing that you want the same thing, but only for your independent and thoroughly different (promise) reasons? Ok. I never ever want to see Holloway and Davies paired together in a match ever again, as Holloway is just a shitter, non goalscoring version of Davies. He can play instead of Davies, but never with him. Hope this opinion of mine is ok with you.
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  11. They are both Welsh
  12. Assume this development squad won't be up and running in the next month otherwise we wouldn't have loaned out Mantack.
  13. Mantack out on loan to FC United. They play Tamworth on Sunday who have a cracking young keeper on loan from Shrewsbury called Shaun Rowley, one to keep an eye on in my opinion.
  14. Classy!
  15. Not really. They even hold it up differently, and Holloway holds it up much more and doesn't do a lot else. Davies is far more mobile, a far better finisher and is always looking to get a shot off often from outside the box. I don't see any similarities at all. Totally different players.
  16. You know what he means though Bosch... they're both big units that try to hassle and use their body. Davies being much more effective at doing so, oh and being a goalscoer.
  17. The same reason you've decided I have that you have
  18. Some are saying we're already too gung ho...
  19. I haven't. How come you've decided I have?
  20. No I wouldn't swap that team for this. Be way too old now BP 👍
  21. A very useful archive can go way back, this one is from early September... Here's one from 2008.. And even March 2000; Would you swap that team who lost 4-1 at home to Bristol Rovers for now?
  22. Really don't want to see Holloway paired with Davies on a Football pitch, in a match ever again. I like them both but they are essentially the same player these days. Davies with one other or Davies on his own with two wingers and three CM's behind him.
  23. I joined on condition I was personally reminded each week....
  24. not as far as i can see, but I'm not very familiar with it.
  25. I pleasantly moved up the table 7 places (originally positioned in last) in one week due to this friendly reminder
  26. Not done Dale any harm when they try to develop youth properly by giving them grown-up games or taking 'broken' players and repairing them.
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