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  2. What the fuck are you talking about? Respect towards the club? Harry slagged me and Leeslover off (very, very obviously in jest) so we responded (very, very obviously in jest). Step away from the internet for a little while.
  3. I’m not amused, but here one that will have you and your mate rolling in the aisles ... why did tigger put his head down the toilet .... he was looking for pooh
  4. I must apologise,I was given 2 bottles of nice wine and I drunk them last night,just risen to brilliant news,many thanks inspiral,if you get the payment to the forum and send me your address I will send to you first class special delivery on Monday,once again many thanks to all who participated,David btw,there are still 83 prints left in the limited edition,more details here https://sites.google.com/view/davidjwalkerart/to-the-ground-paintings/to-boundary-park-oldham-athletic/oldham-athletic-paintings
  5. So that’s what’s up with you? Makes sense now.
  6. Yes would imagine so, after all they do say small things amuse small minds
  7. kowenicki'smoustache

    "Wild Boys" £350.00 raised for this forum!

    Only the winning bidder needs the Lotto win😁 Should it ever happen though, there might be a Carpet Vs Moustache bidding war for Latics...
  8. Oh he is defo laughing at you, don’t worry about that.
  9. Definitely, my 14 year old son uses words like c..t , t..t, w....r , b.....d , don’t know we’re he gets it from... guess he’d been reading this message board
  10. And developing a sense of respect for other supporters of the club and their opinions wouldn’t go amiss either
  11. No. I’m unlikely to be able to understand what he might say to me and wish to limit conversation with him.
  12. Can someone let Mad4it know that Jorvik is no longer a Trust representative? Developing a sense of humour wouldn't go amiss.
  13. May as well close this thread, children have hijacked it.
  14. Today
  15. Monty, can you please do me a favour and tell Mad4it that we're not allowed to talk to each other.
  16. What respect our trust representatives towards the club..
  17. Diego_Sideburns

    Dummigan gone

    It means it's less likely that the Newport game will be postponed.
  18. I do love a good cunt / counter-cunt debate.
  19. No that simply really , but I’ll put in simple terms so you can understand . 1. Trust hold Q&A meeting with landlord 2. Landlord by the way we are selling the land for £6m. 3. Trust says funny you should say that my mate has got a spare £6m 4. Landlord so what does you mate expect to gain from this . 5 Trust nothing
  20. Very few of us have driven a Rego but you've nailed it with that one Lionheart. Just like the smell of clean sheets when you haven't got a colendar.
  21. latics22

    Dummigan gone

    Shame was a good player, prob big earner for this league
  22. Magic Mikey

    Dummigan gone

    Does your original number include the "Sturridge" reduction?
  23. Anybody any idea wtf mad4it is going on about?
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