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  2. Seems like Friday might get "interesting". Post from Partington and a tweet from Paul W.
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  4. I'd imagine a few people registering their interest might not hear back...! Wonder if they'll live stream this event....
  5. Probably enough to get you another Sefil and Vera. Both, that is, not just one of 'em
  6. Found tuppance, a half eaten bourbon and some play dough so I’m out. Though it could be argued that I’ve got enough?
  7. Beggars belief that doesn’t it.... and shows what an incredibly strange character Mr. M. Lemsagam is.....
  8. That was my thoughts for the home for the returned scarves, thought Latics might get some good publicity by donating them to the homeless. I would in truth rather cut out the middle man and give my scarf directly to the homeless but I appreciate the idea of returning them to the club
  9. Chuckle will attend. Rhys and his dad. Saucy caz. Ninda. That's probably it.
  10. I’m reliably informed that the MD and the FD would merely duck any questions but it might be good to have a chat with the head groundsman about my lawn...
  11. My thoughts are that this has been hastily arranged on the back of receiving the letter from PTB. Something along the lines of AL thinking, "Bollocks to going along with this. I'll shove the MD and a few others in front of a handful of fans, so I can keep out of the way. At least that means I've engaged with the fans". Pretty sure this is an attempt to sidetrack the real issues. Perhaps the best thing is that no one turns up for it. These are not the people that are needed to be engaged with at the present time and they can't spin the crap to an empty room. A chat with Muzza would be interesting, though.
  12. Wheeling out the 2 people they offered to PTB. Ideally there is no take up on this, let things run their course, I'm sceptical that Abdallah will respond to PTB by the 25th.
  13. Thank you to all involved with PTB for helping to try and get our club back. Great work once again.
  14. Commercial Team: "Abdallah, we're having a meet and greet session for the fans, are you going to come?" AL: "Fuck that, they all shouted at me last time, I'm not doing that again. Send the groundsman for a laugh, see how the pricks enjoy that."
  15. In fairness the person in charge of the commercial department has had other much more serious issues to deal with.
  16. Good stuff. Keeps the pressure on the Lemsagams in a firm but fair manner.
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