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  2. Wellens

    DiCaprio is dead?
  3. Wellens

    Rochdale is the selfish cow refusing to budge up a bit.
  4. Southend

    Doubling up against Doncaster?
  5. Southend

    It was hard to tell because most of the goal line is missing
  6. Wellens

    for clarity, he died
  7. Southend

    I still think Doyle’s effort crossed the line. Possibly because in an attempt to cover the steep £24 ticket price I put £20 on Doyle to score. Poor night all round 😞.
  8. Wellens

    To be honest the reality of the situation has hit home after last night. I've been saying for weeks that we'll not survive but in my heart thinking we will. I really need to cling on to something. Like Leonardo Di whats his name in Titanic at the end, clinging to that door. Anyway we're talking like its all over.
  9. Wellens

    Teams with decent support and lots of money almost always come good, like Wigan and Blackburn proved. The rest rely on hard graft, inspired signings and brilliant manager to punch above their weight, like Blackpool did 10 years ago, Burton and now Stanley. Some have fallen further, like Stockport, Tranmere and Leyton and now Chesterfield, and there lies the danger. League 2 football is even more physical, route-one with big defenders and strikers, and we haven't coped very well against that kind of opposition.
  10. League Two Consequences

    We'll know soon enough with who is released and then more verification when the first signings trickle through.
  11. League Two Consequences

    True, but several will be comparatively well funded from elsewhere. Eg Carlisle,Colchester, Notts County, Port Vale, Forest Green, Fylde if they come up, Ebbsfleet have a Kuwait owner if they also get promotion
  12. Southend

    Southend played with a much weakened team, RW should have stressed this and gone for the jugular from the off. What happened was the opposition gained the early initiative as usual. Why can't he motivate them to start faster?
  13. Doncaster

    4 points. Like I've said, you've got to back to 1994 for the last time a side in this league went down with 52 points. Fulham.
  14. League Two Consequences

    No, it will be around 12 months time.
  15. Wellens

    Yeah I’ve just posted similar before I read this.
  16. Wellens

    Awwwww takes me back to when we were relegated from the prem. I was ready to start winning games every week at a canter. I know you said MIGHT but could quite easily be the opposite and we slide away as Noel and Liam said.
  17. Doncaster

    Davies couldnt batter a fish at the moment.
  18. Doncaster

    What needs to happen for us to stay up? Realistically.. I think we have to win both. Hope dale slip up.
  19. Doncaster

    On the wing at Rotherham?
  20. League Two Consequences

    If we go down, we're not coming back up any time soon.
  21. Today
  22. Southend

    Of course he would be. Not many seem to recognise that preferring to point to his form prior to leaving. Even more frustratingly his replacement is letting us down by not being available for selection.
  23. League Two Consequences

    At least other L2 teams will have lower incomes as well.
  24. Southend

    Imagine if Clarke scores a 90th minute winner in the final game, sending AFCW down and keeping us up.
  25. Nothampton tickets

    Oakes likes a good wind up.
  26. Wellens

    Biggest concern is that RW clearly can't motivate the players. A neutral last night would have thought that Southend were the team in relegation trouble. Just cant see how he can change things because he also tactically inept.
  27. Wellens

    Said the same after relegation from the Premiership and again when relegated from what is now the Championship don’t kid yourself life in League 2 will be a bonus look and Chesterfield and Port Vale this season
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