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  2. Not sure they were convinced it had been allowed. The Cambridge fans clapping sarcastically behind the goal suggests there was confusion all round..
  3. Why is it our team hardly even celebrated the first goal? Found it odd to watch that back...
  4. Still the best manager we've had for years.
  5. Today
  6. I think hes found his level of management Northern League / Div 2.. Better player than manager in my eyes, Chesterfield fans wouldnt be to arsed if he left they reckon hes nit going to be there long..
  7. i have every faith in Laurent Banide and the team that goes out against Colchester.. Big morale booster was the win at Cambridge yes we are still short of 2/3 players but there is nothing stopping us climbing up this table .
  8. Been a while and he hasn’t had the best start this season but fuck it. Two miraculous escapes The best season watching my club in 22 years. Forced to leave. I’ll never let it lie. And all those that think oh it’s him again, have a word, those two escapes were miraculous nevermind giving the younger generation the best result and football watching season in the last 22 years. TWENTY TWO years. Love you Shez. As I’ve said before and I’ll repeat - had we not sacked you in you September 2017 we’d be a Championship club now. Oldham loves you more than you’ll know. 💙
  9. Watchin the highlights it seems we have had our one lucky ‘even itself out’ match for the decade. Plenty of times now we will have goals like our first one disallowed. Penalties that aren’t penalties will be given against us, nevermind blatant ones not given. They won’t hit the woodwork when it’s easier to score and we will see the statistics often reversed yet somehow we are the ones that lose. Vital we build on this now. Gona go n watch the highlights again now!!
  10. Give Urko an hour we'll win. An hour or less we won't win. Quote me Saturday 17:15.
  11. Vera says play me and I'll score Fact. UVB 💚
  12. 50 minutes of football. 1 goal. 2 team goals. 1 win. Urko says La Fuck You. UVB 💚
  13. Always was and am being serious, the guy is immobile and looks lazy, he's played Champions League football recently though, he ain't a fucking mug. Too many wrote him off on here. I had the pleasure of the conversation with him in the casino that night and he wants to succeed here. He needs a young mobile strike partner and time. The guy is down to earth and genuine as they come. People on here take the piss out of my story regarding the casino, but it was true, he guys wadded to an extent and is playing here as a means to a ways, he genuinely feels lucky and privaldged to be playing in England. Given the chance this season, he'll bag 15 easily for us.
  14. Ben! He never gives the ball away Tried to find a Missolou thread but this is the best on offer. 1 2 Missolou 99 100 Bigger hero than Vera, he actually cares 💙
  15. Yesterday
  16. The worst thing about being the victim of a con is the urge to think you aren’t being stitched up.
  17. Slightly different their Tuesday deadline is to demonstrate evidence that the takeover is actually going to happen. Otherwise they will be given the same X days notice Bury were due to finish on Friday.
  18. Wasn't it my turn with the spelling police? It must be my go soon.
  19. The lids on those yoghurt pots are a joke!!
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