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  1. Yesterday
  2. Southend (H)

    Probably Saturday's team. The bench will be interesting.
  3. League 1 Activity

    Fleetwood vs MK Dons on saturday. A draw and a win for Latics [obviously] would be ideal. Northampton vs Oxford could go either way. Hopefully Peterborough will see of Wimbledon. Portsmouth vs Blackpool must be a home win.
  4. League 1 Activity

    Admittedly they seem to have the easiest run in of the bottom 8 but they have lost 6 on the spin and have no manager. That's not looking good.
  5. Southend (H)

    Prob our best team at present
  6. League 1 Activity

    Fleetwood are far from down
  7. Rochdale

    Rochdale down 3 out of the next 4 games Wigan away Rotherham away & Plymouth at home they are down.
  8. League 1 Activity

    Wigan v Dale on Saturday will be interesting.
  9. League 1 Activity

    It was more about the current context, i.e. the recent game and the prediction for the Wembley following....
  10. Southend (H)

    Dickfingers Dummigan - Gerrard - Bryan - Moimbe Fane Byrne - Gardner - Pringle Davies - Nazon
  11. League 1 Activity

    Latics' fate has to be in their own hands. Northampton 1pt ahead with a game in hand. Doncaster 6pts away with a game in hand. It's all hands!
  12. League 1 Activity

    We got about that against MK when Dean Holden was in charge...
  13. Rochdale

    Can we led to believe that Wellens [given the lack of updates] is keeping this one close to his chest?
  14. League 1 Activity

    I wonder what the accumulated odds for dale bury mkd and fleetwood to go downbecause I think they are nailed on now.
  15. Rochdale

    Ours was 1,200 or so less than the season average last week; theirs about 1,000.
  16. League 1 Activity

    Terrible result for MKDons and even worse for Dale. Excellent for us. 2353 at Dale. Funny.
  17. Rochdale

    Rochdale crowd tonight ....2353
  18. Rochdale

    I’m going to take a hopeful guess and say back for Scunny away. Comes on for the last 30 mins then bangs 6 past Ripley the game after 😄
  19. Rochdale

    Suppose - I was expecting him to already be back...
  20. Rochdale

    Fickle means changing loyalties frequently,does it not? That’s exactly what I was referring to. They wanted him gone not long ago, he’s god again after one result and they will want him gone again if they lose a couple.
  21. Rochdale

    I'm not even going to speculate on Doyle. The club obviously thought it was a risk worth taking and we can't ask for any more than that...apart from the occasional update.
  22. Rochdale

    Still might be. It’s only 21st Feb.......
  23. Rochdale

    I heard the same, from a pretty decent source.
  24. Rochdale

    Pass. Was told ages ago he would be back well before the middle of March. Obviously not gonna be the case...
  25. League 1 Activity

    Ha, yes...MK [fake] Dons.
  26. Rochdale

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