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  2. Yes - https://footballia.net/teams/oldham-athletic-afc (dunno who's commentating though)
  3. Is it available online in full with the Barry Davies commentary?
  4. Just seen on FB page that its 30 years ago today of the epic FA Cup match at Maine rd against Manure......3-3 was the result....wow Shame there is no-one at the club that could get this stuff uploaded on the site. Like on this day in history...a diary of event/did you know... that just keeps us in touch as such
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  6. Peter Shilton, Tony Ford, Terry Paine and David James according to Wikipedia.
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  8. Guardian are doing a retro minute-by-minute of the 1990 FA Cup semis tomorrow afternoon - Liverpool v Palace first, then us v the red shite. https://www.theguardian.com/football
  9. Played over a thousand first team matches tho. Apparently the fifth most of all time.
  10. I think Redfearn must have been hard to manage. He played for a dozen league clubs but only stayed at one of them for more than two years
  11. He wanted two dogs of war in centre midfield and that was Milligan & Henry.... so he wanted Redfearn to move to the right (which incidentally is where he started for us - played well there in the ‘90 FA Cup run).... he bought Olney to partner Sharp, so that meant Marshall to partner Jobson. In his defence, had Redfearn & Marshall acquiesced, we’d have probably been a much better team, but they didn’t, and so once they made their feelings known, I guess he had to get rid to maintain control of the dressing room.... but hindsight is a wonderful thing. I liked Redmond, but he wasn’t as good as Barrett (who started as a LB for us, before moving to CB) or Marshall..... and as good as Adams & Milligan were, Redfearn was a better footballer. Rick Holden said in his autobiography that the players who left were replaced by inferior ones.... and this is what I read it to mean.
  12. I think Joe lost the plot on all these decisions. Adams was a good RW and Redfearn certainly wasn't as good in that position. How could Marshall be played anywhere but up front, other than at CB in an emergency, after the goals he scored for us and went on to score for other clubs. Barratt wasn't the tallest CB, but he made up for it in pace. Never a RB.
  13. I think he’d a lost a bit of pace - after injury - by then.... and the back pass rule change wasn’t something that helped him at centre half, as he wasn’t as comfortable as others bringing the ball out from that position. That’s my opinion at least.
  14. I found it very surprising that Joe played Earl Barrett at right back when he managed him later in his career. No way was that his best position.
  15. Same as Marshall. If you haven’t listened to the Under the Cosh interview with him, it’s worth it.
  16. Milligan came back in the summer of 1991, McDonald joined in the Autumn of the same year. At the time I was delighted Milligan came back.... with hindsight, we should probably have kept Redfearn in centre mid (Royle wanted him to play RW and ditch Adams) instead.....
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  18. I was in the RRE for the Liverpool game as well, surrounded by Scourers. The craic was brilliant and we had a terrific time with them. Yes, we were robbed. Wasn't that the game where Bobby Johnstone showed the ref the muddy mark on the crossbar which proved, more or less, that the ball would have come down behind the line given the position of said muddy mark? Jesus, I'd already turned 17 by then. Happy days.
  19. 13 matches to go and we languish in 17th place and out of all cups (does that sound familiar?) I have received yet another vote of confidence from the board, but still no money to buy or loan players. We can look back though to the FL Cup 1st round where we faced the high flying moneybags QPR.
  20. I remember seeing that place getting smashed up during the weeks running up to the Oldham riots. Food looks good now though.
  21. Watched a documentary on BT last night about the United team "too good to go down" in the early 70's, obviously hoping to see us mentioned after beating them 1-0 at BP ( no joy ! ) in the subsequent promotion season. What did strike me was that Stepney couldn't catch a cold at that stage in his career and let in some embarassing efforts from outside the box barely moving his feet at times. Still it was good to see what a dis-organised rabble they were around that time - there's hope for everyone !
  22. AL may not be able to ride this economic situation out. It depends where his money is.
  23. My first game was against Burnley. The first to be played under floodlights 1961/2. I was allowed to go with some older lads who lived nearby, and my second game was the FA Cup game against Liverpool in 1962. We stood on the RRE terrace in a crowd of 42000 and we were robbed if I remember rightly.
  24. Mine's Taberna Tipica El Pozo in Torre Del Mar. You can find it on Google here: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Taberna+Típica+El+Pozo/@36.7386424,-4.0928183,16z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0xd72387ea8d3def7:0x9705cfdef8634ae1!2sTorre+del+Mar,+Málaga,+Spain!3b1!8m2!3d36.7441242!4d-4.0975579!3m4!1s0x0:0x5e50252344a1e70c!8m2!3d36.7373688!4d-4.0950814 It's quite a touristy town with loads of restaurants. But it's the only one there I've seen nearly full out of season. It's a big hit with local spaniards who holiday there. Had a few different dishes from them, but I keep returning to their Oxtail stew. Two or three fist-sized lumps of oxtail, cooked slowly all day in a rich gravy that I've attempted so many times to replicate but just don't get close. Usually served with chips (they're almost the best I've had too) and sauteed vegetables. Big basket of fresh bread to mop up that gravy. Never need more than one course. Another of my favourites is right here in Oldham. Santos on Union Street. Their Kobida dinners (Turkish Kofta style meats cooked in their charcoal oven). Get a Chicken / Kobida with brown rice and a couple of flat breads and a spread from the hummus / olives / lebanese salad bar for about £12. Feeds two, easily.
  25. ,Right ....... I beg you to try this...... ingredients 1 tin of tuna, half a tin of cold baked beans, a good handful of grated cheese and salad creme all mixed in a bowl topped with halved cherry tomatoes and served on lightly buttered crackers .... it is delicious.
  26. bloody hell feeling right hungry looking at all your suggestions..hmmmm
  27. This was very good and is being made again as soon as supplies need replenishing..... Served with Patatas Bravas (yeah I know ), guacamole and Pico de Gallo
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