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  2. OK We could lift a Caribou and a cup of Carabao. But could we throw a caribou over the crossbar?
  3. Heard he's being brought in as he's not afraid to go down with a sinking ship.
  4. Definite success for me this. I fancy us to lift the thing...
  5. Could be a favourite of mine.Sweeper could be his best position.
  6. If he's versatile he could anchor the midfield
  7. He better be. Otherwise he might be hitting the deck often. EDIT - Beaten to it. I'll go with my second choice. Maybe he's being brought in to shore things up in attack.
  8. Today
  9. Is that the new word for shit? As in I am Blitzin bricks?
  10. But you knew where to look🤔😂
  11. Blackburn away in the League Cup, which these days is in the second week of the season.
  12. Clough apparently originates from Denton so a move to resurrect his career at Latics might be a good idea. Good strike rate with Bolton a couple of years ago.
  13. Could be worse, I suppose its available to watch live on ifollow?
  14. Stirring it Dave, you should know me by now.😁
  15. First round draw just made. Blackburn away.
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