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  2. Wimbledon (H)

    Thanks for that ....that had passed me by So if goalkeeper lies on the ball and it is still in play there is very little that can /will be done about it
  3. Before Christmas is certainly the only time I've been in it. The whole package never seemed to make sense really.
  4. Can we start a sweepstake for when the takeover is completed and the transfer window reopens... how many players we’ll sign? ill go for 12
  5. Wimbledon (H)

    Was taken out of the rule book after it was controversially applied in the 2012 women's Olympic tournament semi finals. It's now "referee's discretion". (i.e. never)
  6. Wimbledon (H)

    Didn't think we'd have a 0-0 this season but here we are. Ten last season, bloody ten.
  7. Today
  8. Wimbledon (H)

    Did we draw and not score? Point made!
  9. Wimbledon (H)

    Used to only be able to take 4 steps as well before kicking or releasing it
  10. Corney has said in the past sports direct regret the deal and it won't be repeated. Was on one of his videos.
  11. Strange idea maybe but I hope they turn it into a club shop.
  12. Next Oldham Manager?

    Point at Southend and we are back on track, Win and 2 points ahead? (Assuming we beat Gills)
  13. Wimbledon (H)

    Yes saw that too...Also the hand ball in the second half was way over the line .
  14. That shop was never going to survive as a general sports shopping outlet due to its location but being closed in the run up to Christmas is admittedly strange. Perhaps sales have been poor at Christmas time previously. Someone on here said SD would not be renewing the sponsorship deal which probably indicates a lack of viability.
  15. Wimbledon (H)

    Did anyone else see when he deliberately kicked the ball into The Chaddy when it was a goal kick midway through the first half? It worked though because the ball boy took so long to retrieve it, Peter Clarke was about to go and get it instead.
  16. Wimbledon (H)

    Agree with most of what's been said so far about the game except the MOTM...thought Bryan was outstanding last night and totally snuffed any inkling of an attack out. Cleared up a lot of Hunt's messes too. Also came out of defence with the ball a few times...I said after Carlisle I'd prefer him in midfield to defence, but his last couple of games have changed my mind. Maybe if we keep him in January and can find a suitable CB, then we can move him back into midfield (I just feel we are missing his attacking element as a defender) but if not, I'm more than happy for him to stay in defence. He's getting better and better there. Regarding their keeper...that was appalling of the officials to ignore him handling a good foot outside the box. Had he got his yellow, he wouldn't have then time-wasted like he did for the rest of the game. Annoying. I felt last night was a similar game to the Rochdale game (if you take out the Dummigan goal and then Dummigan cancelling out his goal) in terms of controlling most of the goal but not being able to find the net. Thankfully against Rochdale, our plugging away paid off and Doyle managed a late 2-goal salvo. It wasn't to be last night. I honestly feel had Doyle scored that glorious chance in the first couple of minutes we would've gone on to tonk them. Someone else will get that instead soon.
  17. Club shop only opening on matchdays a month before Christmas is a strange move. Saving a few £ on staffing. Thanks for downboat Ross remember when you had positivity and hope. Old age?
  18. Wimbledon (H)

  19. Wimbledon (H)

    Doesn't Gerrard have similar?
  20. Regular updates on Vale's Twitter feed though - just didn't mention any of our players names!
  21. Wimbledon (H)

    Clarke was given a 2 and half contract in January? .....so unlikely to be his last season?
  22. Wimbledon (H)

    Nah, I want to see my 90 minutes of football in as close to 90 minutes as possible. I can go to the pub and bitch about it sooner that way
  23. Wimbledon (H)

    When the ball is out of play the goalkeeper wastes time by delaying the re start. That ca n be punished with a caution and the addition of time However when the keeper catches the ball and falls to the ground the ball is still in play.....how quickly the goal keeper has to get up is a moot point but there is a law of the game ( rarely used) which says he can be penalised with an indirect free kick for holding the ball for longer than 6 seconds when the keeper stops the ball with any part of his body except his hands and then just stands there he is doing nothing wrong whatsoever. We we were booing all 3 last night
  24. Latics reserves won 4-0 at Port Vale today, no mention on our official site though. http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/tyrone-barnett-makes-comeback-injury-816226.amp
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