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  2. Trust AGM announcement

    The very definition of IRONY
  3. Transfer Rumours

    Can't really sing there's only one John Smith when there's millions of them.
  4. Bunn Officially confirmed

    it was a home match ...... and it eas cheltenham in the FA cup .... I was conviced it was Hereford .... The guy I took had to tell me (his one and only Latics match)
  5. Fane

    We took the option.... https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2018/may/08052018-seven-players-to-leave-the-club/
  6. Transfer Rumours

    Not sure if it is because we are now in L2 or leakers seem to have disappeared.. there is less transfer news anyway here is something: Johnson doing us a favour?
  7. Fane

    Nothing has been announced that he has signed the deal on the table has it?
  8. Trust AGM announcement

    deafening ……………………. but you all knew it's fair easier to complain and bitch. I hope the trust officials get a decent turn out and are held to account, given that's what they want.
  9. Fane

    I’m praying this is true, he’s not a footballer and never will be. Marathon runner at best
  10. Fane

    He’s going nowhere unless they pay us more than 100,000 for him he cost us 50,000 from Kiddimister and he’s a better player now
  11. Today
  12. Fane

    I haven’t watched the clip and probably won’t bother but assuming he’s in this country surely the still suggests he’s in the passenger seat?
  13. Fane

    How much are they paying us? We've only just extended his contract...
  14. Fane

  15. Fane

    The way he says it is : Tell them, I'm coming, im ready. I'm coming to play in Indonesia with my brother. (kisses badge)
  16. Fane

    Does he say he is going to play for them? And he isnt just there visiting a mate on holiday and watching em play?
  17. Fane

    Yes i agree, he gave 100% and its a shame whatever happened behind closed doors has surely sealed his exit. One of the most improved players in my opinion last year and with the correct mindset could have got a lot better. Welcome to the new world where social = ££££. PS i don't condone using your phone while driving.
  18. Fane

    Interestingly, he's made quite the name for himself in Indonesia. One of the "top" players, sponsored by Adidas Indonesia and fronted the new predator campaign there too. Also very popular on instagram as a influencer. Just shows what you can do with average talent, but the correct business mind as a player.
  19. Fane

    Marc Klok played 12 times for us season 2016-2017... apparently 👀 old age age does funny things to your memory...
  20. Fane

    As much as I've enjoyed this lad playing for us - and I sincerely believe he's given his all in games ... Is he a complete idiot going around driving and sending Instagram clips to whoever's interested? There's enough dickheads driving along without some bloke rattling away to his phone whilst driving!
  21. Fane

    On the instagram story, he says he's off to join his brother (Klok) and play for PSM in Indonesia this year.
  22. Fane

  23. Fane

    Looks like he’s off to join klok
  24. Transfer Rumours

    Yeah, I think most contracts expire on 30 June. So anyone not signed up (or who has not indicated they are going to) can and will probably walk away, since we won't be paying them.
  25. Transfer Rumours

    Does the last day of this month still have any significance? I think I remember activity increasing then in previous seasons... Contract expiries etc...
  26. Bunn Officially confirmed

    What colour is the boathouse at Hereford?
  27. Transfer Rumours

    I won't lose much sleep over any of them.Is there a deadline date so we can start looking for players who want to play for us.
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