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  2. Be a pay off required. I think that would be one of the quickest GoFundMe raises ever to reach target
  3. Just listened to his post match review....Two good teams out there he said... probably because this is the level he’s mainly played at! He comes out with the same bollocks every week, he just makes it up as he’s going along. Not a fan of him at all!!!
  4. I wouldn't go to any ground share. That would be me done, and I doubt it would happen.
  5. They have an agreement with the club to base themselves in their current position. This gives them flexibility to stand, lay out flags/banners and use the drum with minimal disruption to the rest of the stand. The move is one that the Athleticos have asked for. Obviously the trial games have convinced the club that a more central position will improve atmosphere. It is a fairly small area of the stand in reality: Seats 70–80 on rows F, G and H in the Jimmy Frizzell Stand (Rochdale Road End). That’s 30 seats out of a capacity of 3,000 for that section of the stand. I presume that the first few rows in that area will be left empty for flags/banners. As for the atmosphere at BP in recent times...yes it’s been lacking for the most part but I have been there when even the MSU has been rocking...
  6. No, currently 5'9" and shrinking every year but can manage on most rows in the Main Stand.
  7. You'd need to be under 5ft in height for that to be the case.
  8. That's a YES and YES then ! I'm a perfect fit, even my knees won't hit the seat in front.
  9. I wasn't inclined to go had "Sports Park end of Broadway" happened so Mossley's a no-go for me.
  10. You can't come in the main stand upper, unless you are over 65, and moan a lot. 😉
  11. I'm just waiting until the deadline for early bird season tickets has passed. Then BOOM they tell us that they cannot come to an agreement with the ground owners, so we will play at Mossley next season.
  12. Fully understand the need to accommodate our young supporters but it'll move that bloody drum just a bit too close to bear. I've been moved from my preferred seat ( Chaddy Road End ), declined to sit in the new alternative ( North/Joe Royle Stand ) due to weather issues and decided to remain where I re-located to ( Rochdale Road/Jimmy Frizzell Stand ). Perhaps i'ts now time to join the rest of the curmudgeons in the Main Stand, or not bother at all.
  13. Surely if the Athleticos had wanted to move they could have chose to do so already ?. Instead of being forced to move.
  14. I think the Athleticos are superb. About the only people that consistently try to create some kind of atmosphere at our graveyard of a ground. Mainly young lads, I think - and we need the youth on board for future prosperity (it will arrive again, one day). Tbh, I`m a little surprised they are still going as, when I last attended BP, they were very few in number. Good luck to them though.
  15. He's been transfer listed along with Iacovitti, so I doubt we'll see either of them again. Fortunately. Just need a National League outfit to take them off our hands.
  16. That’s a dispute between OEC and the club. I’m not willing to speculate further...
  17. I'm not so sure, there's no way the clubs been able to afford a laminater.
  18. Up until now I think that Dino's done what he needed to do in getting us comfortably away from the relegation spot. His record of W7 D10 L9 is below average, but as proven by the 16 point gap you need to be waaay below average in this league to be near relegation. Now that he has a squad which I view as reasonable at this level, the rest of the season needs to be used to prove he can take us forward. Worryingly for him, up until this point he's looked quite limited in a few areas. We've got quite a balanced 11 games remaining, a fair crack of the whip to show that he's the above average manager we need for next season. If he carries on as he's done so far I wouldn't shed a tear if we replaced him.
  19. Agree. Of the eleven that started on Saturday, only two, Sylla and Missilou, could be classed as #frenchlads. We have seen a significant influx of Players with knowledge and experience of the English leagues. Piergianni, Dearnley, Rowe and McCann have definitely strengthened the team. Borthwick-Jackson and Dieseruvwe have not played enough minutes to be able to assess their impact. And as for N’Guessan well your guess is as good as mine... Wheater, Woods, and Mills are good for this level and all coped well on Saturday. Smith has gone off the boil recently but has been our standout forward. The bench also contained Nepomuceno, Branger-Engone and De La Paz and the highly skilled but mercurial talent that is Maouche. Segbe seems to have disappeared for the moment maybe for good. As for Dino’s tactical awareness... I’m still undecided.
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