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  2. "Accepting mediocrity" The worst phrase going, bar none.
  3. Our plan as well...but I think the 97 or 98 buses are better as they take around 20 min where the 93 goes round the houses and takes a lot longer.
  4. Some of our fans don't think that would be deserved and, therefore, it shouldn't happen. The ones who regularly put forward the theory that we are where we should be & so shouldn't hope for/ask for/expect anything better. They do this in a knowing, high handed Nigel Pearson-esque fashion. They don't seem to grasp that one of the main aims of sport, be it a team sport or individual sport, is always attempting to punch above your weight. They don't see that success for a manager is producing better results & a better league position than their miserable "we are where we should be" theory suggests we should be. They're the ones who worry about "putting too much pressure" on players. On professional footballers. They worry about the size of the squad and "hope we haven't paid too much" for players - most recently Danny Rowe. They're the ones who moan about people moaning. Often when nobody has even moaned but they expected people to so go through with their planned moaning about the moaning anyway. They call people "fickle" for moaning when we're shit and celebrating when we're good. If we find a bit of form/win a couple of games they proudly announce that they won't be getting carried away and suggest that the rest of us shouldn't either. They crack on as if their miserable, life draining outlook is somehow virtuous and that the rest of us are unrealistic and "negative". Have I missed owt??
  5. It's a very good shout but I don't think at his time of life, he'd cope very well with all the shenanigans of this place
  6. On one hand AL is trying to tell us that we have the 2nd most valuable squad in the league. But then we have Dino trying to condition us into thinking that we have a terrible squad that isn't capable of winning a game against the top 7. He's also said that he wants to build his promotion challenging squad for next season starting now, but brings in back up players on loan. It's a farce. The club is rudderless.
  7. breakfast and a few scoops in wethers printworks then 93 bus to the ground
  8. Agreed the league is garbage. Passable players will get you mid-table that's roughly were we are at. Realistically you aren't going to bring in more than 5 players per window (2 or 3 of which will be regular starters) on average. A team of 18 (11+7subs) to be replaced completely will take 3 windows give or take. You may well be right but for me judging the guy before we have seen what he can do with 'his' players is unfair
  9. Get Warnock back for 18 months, we would be league 1 by the end of his contract.
  10. Hopefully we can keep him. There was talk of teams higher up the ladder coming in for him.
  11. I really don't get this. This league is garbage on the whole, we have passable players in most positions. He's under performing significantly, even with the limitations from above.
  12. A lot have moved on from the club in terms of day to day, training, location etc but still officially have contracts so until they get new deals elsewhere or are paid off it won’t be announced they have left the club.
  13. You've beat me there, But If you can last a month without a drink, you're doing very well, I started with good intentions but failed after 16 days πŸ˜‚ Being driven to it is my excuse πŸ‘
  14. It was a disaster but we should hopefully, get back to winning ways on his return.
  15. Today
  16. Yep. The club were crowing that Rowe was our 5th signing of the window. Him and Piergianni look decent but N'Guessan, Mani and Dearnley just look like more examples of getting more bodies in for the sake of it. Why oh why don't they just employ a simpler strategy like, eg, every window improving the team with two or three permanent signings/loans to the end of the season that are better (or should be better) than what they're replacing rather than the 7 or 8 we'll end up with this month 5 or 6 of whom will be nothing but hopeful punts?
  17. I never knew that, cheers. She's playing really well. I got suspended off twitter because of Heather. We go to Eastbourne every year, and she playing really well against a much better opponent but kept going to advantage her opponent then recovering back to deuce. After about the 10th time I tweeted how well and said supperb Heather Deuce Watson. Got suspened, had no idea why. Then checked urban dictionary, was a hell of lot mortified, had no idea it was a slur.
  18. If I hadnt seen the sunshine then I wouldn't mind the rain. Beth Orton.
  19. I can't see a coherent strategy again this window, just like the summer. And with Dino reportedly close to the sack, do you believe he's been given full control over recruitment during this window? In my opinion the club has lied in the past about who is involved in recruitment and who has final say, and I think they're still lying now about it. So no, I don't think I'm stretching it a little bit to say that.
  20. Sacking managers every 5 minutes is a recipe for disaster. Every manager from Dino to Pep needs a minimum of 3 transfer windows to build their team. Dino has had 1/2 of a January window. Losing McCann has cost us these last 5 or 6 games.
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