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  2. Yep, costs so little but worth so much
  3. Ok, I'll admit I play Football Manager. I'm still playing FM18 (my previous one, FM15 died and never worked again). I got Latics into the Championship in my first season and won the Checkatrade (pfft, who cares) then got sacked when we were relegated back to League 1. Applied for and got the manager's job at Inverness Caledonian Thistle. I'm top on goal difference, but I'm only up to November 2019. It's harmless fun and passes away the odd hour now and again. At least it's a bit of a footie fix.
  4. It’s a bit of harmless fun. And if anyone thinks that it has any relevance to real life then they need to get out more... oh... 😐
  5. This is the sort of thing any football club should be able to do easily We need to get back to this sort of community club reputation that we used to hold if we ever get the club back
  6. I hope you're not relying on sales commission!
  7. Is anyone else just left cold by all this ? Fair play if you get some vicarious enjoyment from it but can't help feeling it promotes notions that participants can manage ( football ) in real life !
  8. It can be done with signings from other clubs, I use Latics squads of the season being played, which is why hardly any progress can be made. For season 2002/03 I will have to bring in players from outside the club using our extensive scouting system.
  9. Just seen this on the BBC web site: Paul Williams: Launched a Champ Man 01/02 game (with the Oct '15 database) to return Oldham Athletic to the Premier League. 2 promotions in the first 3 seasons see me back there with Assombalonga leading the line & N'Zonzi in midfield (of the recognisable names). It may be time for @BP1960 to move to a director of football role and bring in a younger manager?
  10. If only the present regime could learn from the past. Thank you, Ian, for all you did to make Oldham Athletic a true family club. RIP and sincere condolences to your friends and family.
  11. Deserves more credit than most, rest in peace Ian and my condolences to the Stott family
  12. Met Mr Stott on a couple of occasions and like others have said he was a gentleman. Was chairman when everyone said what a friendly welcoming club it was and we can all look back on those days and be thankful to Mr Stott and his team. RIP Ian
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  14. Very sad. As everyone has said, a proper gent. He managed the club through the glory years and was an integral part of the general culture of the place (a joy to experience, even before 1990). I wish we had a man of his good manners and grace in charge. Everyone since has been...let's leave it there. God rest your soul Ian.
  15. When I was little my Dad rang the club and asked if there was a tour round the stadium we could do (we struggled to get to games as we lived in Yorkshire). It was during 89/90 season so he expected there’d be a few others there too as we were told to come at a certain time. My dad, me and my sister arrived and met the community officer (was it John Platt? He was brilliant) who said it was just us. He gave us a tour of the ground and even into the chairman’s office. Mr Stott was in there and was very welcoming and said we had access all areas. Was a lovely gesture and meant we could walk across the pitch during a 1st team training session. Joe Royle came over and chatted to us for a bit. I was totally star struck. We were a proper fan first family club when he was in charge so he’ll always have my gratitude for that. RIP and thank you 💙
  16. For all the memories of his presiding over our most successful period in living memory, it's the little things that matter. Something today's version of OAFC, and most other clubs to be fair, would do well to remember. In 1985 I was ten and on my way to the club shop to buy my first Oldham kit. Bumped into him outside the shop as we were on our way in. He welcomed us like long lost friends, went inside the shop with us, sorted me out with kit and waved us on his way himself before heading back to whatever 'more important' stuff he was doing. Still have the fully signed program from 1986 he organised too. Might not seem like much, but little touches like that cemented the way I felt about my club forever and 35 years later are a big part of why I still care. RIP Ian and thank you.
  17. No doubt he presided over our most successful period. RIP Ian thoughts with his family
  18. Met him a number of times; always a helpful gentleman. RIP.
  19. Live now: https://www.theguardian.com/football/live/2020/apr/08/oldham-athletic-v-manchester-united-1990-fa-cup-semi-final-live
  20. Yep, RIP. Got the train a lot to southern games. Seemed a nice enough bloke.
  21. Except that the greedy bastards in the Premiership would have reversed any of those decisions Stott may have been party to by now !! He comes to mind as being the chairman of our most glorious period but also still in situ when many poor decisions were made. However what would we give for a man of his ilk now - RIP Ian Stott.
  22. A proper chairman. If he had had his way when he was on the FA board, the Premiership would now be paying EFL clubs a hell of a lot more money. RIP Ian.
  23. They could do that working from home. I guess being furloughed means not working at all.
  24. Have seen the programme before, sad to relate it spent far too long on the Reds recovery under Tommy Doc.....should have stayed on the demise for me lol
  25. RIP Ian Stott Chairman of Latics throughout our glory days of reaching Wembley and returning to the Promised Land of the First Division the end of the 1990/91 season. Not sure if maybe he should have been more proactive in trying to ensure we stayed at the top table instead of administering cuts once we started struggling and the Dream faded but not the time to argue now. Thanks Ian Stott - sleep well sir
  26. https://twitter.com/OfficialOAFC/status/1247875976018739200?s=20
  27. I was just going off the man himself blowing his own trumpet on his twitter profile 😃
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