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  2. Personally thought we gave up on trying to play football and left it to Iverson, Clarke and Edmonson to hoof it aimlessly back to Morecambe.
  3. i was referring to the fact he set up to be resolute and nick a goal as its difficult to play flowing football on a cabbage patch. we had a team with much less quality in a higher division and clawed results out two years on the trott at this time of year. this was mroecambe at home, 4th bottom of the league and we lost. as we saw tonight it was hard to pass through the middle yet we constantly tried to play that way. we leave o'grady up top with minimal support. hardly an ideal way to play. you cant sit here and say that the set up was spot on and it was all the players fault for not carrying out the intstructions well enough
  4. Stott is painfully slow particularly on the turn and positionally unaware of where he is on the pitch, drifting inside at every opportunity Morecambe had pretty much the run of the park down that flank in the first half, his distribution was shocking to go with it so although it wouldn't be fair to write him off he was piss poor last night and he wouldn't be starting again any time soon in my opinion.
  5. Also, writing off a young lad like Stott when he’s being played completely out of position He was the second coming of Maldini at MK 2 weeks ago, get a fucking grip.
  6. Followed Bill Shankly, the most passionate of all.
  7. True. Twitter is a pi** boil 99% of the time and is best avoided. Whoever it was must have conveniently forgot that Shez also managed to achieve relegation form on an early season, pristine pitch.
  8. Been injured we have no reserves needed a game.
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  10. What’s going on with the lad from West Ham. Apparently played for West Ham u23 against Liverpool this week according to twitter any truth in it ?
  11. Decent attacking side that but no protection for the back 4, apart from Missilou (who will have to work his bollocks off) defensively, that midfield is shite. We will probably be under the cosh for most of the game and Danny Mayor, who was the best player on the pitch at BP will tear us a new one. Think this is potentially the hardest away game at Bury we have had in living memory...fear a walloping is on the cards!!
  12. Ah right, so because my name is Paul and I haven’t said we should have been smashed last night, that makes me Paul Scholes, okay I see your logic now 🙄
  13. Ah right, so because my name is Paul and I haven’t said we should have been smashed last night, that makes me Paul Scholes, okay I see your logic now 🙄
  14. Your name is Paul and you're defending last night's performance...
  15. I think Hamer is doubtful fitness wise. Lang probably is too but more likely to play.
  16. Yeah alright no need to rub your wealth in our faces you flash bastard.
  17. Baxter forced keeper into close range save, just got something on it from Cogs knockdown, Cogs free header, Vera should definitely have scored plus we could have had at least one penalty when Clarke got dragged down from two corners im not saving we deserved to win but at the same time I think “well beaten” is stretching it as well As for MOM awards, they are given by sponsors who have had a few to drink more often than not and not really to be taken too seriously, often a player can do nothing all game, score a goal and then gets MOM!
  18. So Rob Hunt isn't the new Denis Irwin then?
  19. Come on they could of had three or four easily by halftime, okay O'Grady hits the corner flag with a free header from ten yards but there chances were clear cut, plenty of ours were hopeful digs from 30 yards away (which I don't mind) where as theirs were on the counter attack were they carved us up time after time. Iverson at home to Morecambe was named man of the match which tells you all you need to know. They wanted it more it's as simple as that, having ability means diddly squat if you can't apply yourself. Effort, pride and attitude should be a given for a professional footballer and too many fell short last night.
  20. We were well beaten - Iversen kept us in the game! Hence him being given Man of the Match! I don't know who does the stats, but other than the goal, Vera's miss and (if it was a shot) Hunt's effort near the end I can't think of any other shots we had on target.
  21. Agree re Edmundson and Clarke. Just punting diagonal balls all game which were easy pickings for the morecombe fullbacks it would be just typical Oldham to go and get a result at Bury then all the talk of the playoffs can return for me p
  22. We were beaten but I’m not sure “well beaten” We had 12 shots they had 13 but both teams had 6 shots on target. We had 57% possession to their 43% and we had 9 corners to their 2 and their winner came in injury time so I accept we were beaten but not well beaten
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