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  2. Fortune doesn't seem to be transient for us. We don't seem to have had any luck since we stayed in the Premier League on the last day of the season in 1993. I think you've got to make your own luck a bit and none of our owners have had any inkling of how to do that for about 26 years - the latest vastly less so than any of the others.
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  4. I don't know about you but the reason I fell in love with the club was because we were constantly punching above our weight. Sure, I'd see us on the wrong end of proper towellings regularly, but 4-5 times a season we'd turn on the style and bring a supposed big club down to our level. Just them few times are like a drug. Irresistible; which made all the towellings, shite performances and bitter defeats worth every minute of it. The punching above our weight feeling seems to have all but evaporated. Take out Fulham away, I'm struggling to remember occasions in the last five years. The Peterborough win may have been one, but that was around five years back. Clubs way above us in the league, not bigger in fanbase or stature have left us way behind. They're the ones punching above our weight, now we're the ones accepting our impending fate. Relegation, under this regime just seems inevitable be it this season, or the next. Hope and ambition are two relatively simple things that kept me going. They've removed that.
  5. Yeah all that excellent attacking football that we've played since Scunthorpe led to 800 more people buying tickets to watch us...
  6. Why dont you get involved, put your views forward impact the "agenda" and get the minutes out quicker.
  7. Given the striker scored two vs Stevenage in the first game of the season I'd guess he'd be aware of him
  8. Substitute Rowe for any number of strikers we have had for the past few years.
  9. Terrible thought, Dino isn't making a point that he is not getting signings he wants by telling him he has a lot to learn, playing him out of his strengths is he?
  10. Rowe was regularly in a good position on the edge of the box unmarked. We just didn't give him the ball
  11. Give it another month or so then we'll have been waiting as long
  12. Thought this paragraph made this quite clear! ‘Due to time restraints not all questions have been answered, these will be sent to the club for answers. When the answers have been returned, we will release the notes over the coming days and provide a comprehensive and thorough report from the meeting.’
  13. Dearnley was getting into positions where I hoped Rowe would be.
  14. Any furore for either was/would be pretty daft.
  15. Perhaps they shouldn't, but it doesn't seem clear to some of this crew what exactly is expected of them.
  16. Just imagine the furore if The Trust took as long to produce full minutes?
  17. Nor do I but when it is a constant stream of push up-to far-drop back-go wide-tuck in etc it is just rubbish. As the final product proves.
  18. Or when the clown runs out of money and stops paying wages again
  19. Decent managers don't have to shout at their player's and when they do, you wouldn't be seeing it
  20. The trouble is, it could be they don't trust Dino either.
  21. I don't have a problem with Dino barking his orders out from the touch line, hes the gaffer after all and some of our current crop unfortunately need reminding of what they should be doing where they should be. He doesn't trust them and i don't blame him.
  22. Agents have the big say now, coaches have to utilise what's given them.
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