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  2. Who the 2 lads from the youth team who impressed Dino in training? May not be them, but the keeper and centre back have impressed me.
  3. We’ll be playing a round or two with the present squad so I think the chance of progressing towards the possibility of a lucrative fixture is almost nil!
  4. Do you think it's possible you're trying just a little bit to hard on this?
  5. I listened to Mark Palios on Radio 5 tonight (podcastable I'd imagine) talking about the challenges of financing lower division football clubs. Oh for an owner like that.
  6. Let's hope it's us avoiding the possibility of playing a non league club.
  7. We hear a lot about the level he's played at (albeit only from you and Shucks). Is being an absolute journeyman in the Spanish 2nd division and fucked off to Romania at 30 all that?
  8. Well, there’s no disputing Vera fills his shirt.
  9. He’d have liked you believe that.... but when you’re caught depositing cash (not his) in a local bank & loaning hundreds of thousands from dodgy loan sharks on more than 1 occasion, he self evidently wasn’t putting that much (if anything at all) in.
  10. Was SC not rumoured to be putting same in each month? Or have I imagined that
  11. Possibly not, but he's the worst I've seen. I don't think any of the others are threatening to actually play for the first team.
  12. There was about 6 or 7 interested until they realised just how far up shit creek without a paddle they were. I don’t think I could name one of them, so unless I’ve missed it then any attempted to get their name out there were futile at best.
  13. Personally I didn’t disagree with anything he said in his article. My only issue was with the timing, that being in the days before the crucial Northampton game, it must have caused further unrest in the camp. i understand the timing was possibly the only time he’d have got his editor to run a story on Oldham Athletic in a national newspaper though.
  14. Think someone on here said they went to a referee's conference and met Ross Joyce and said he's a decent lad. Makes you think...
  15. https://www.revolution962.com/on-air/podcasts/all-things-latics-the-podcast/
  16. To be fair it seems the 2 week extension is due to no longer needing to pay the taxman NI, as no staff left. Extra time given so that smaller businesses can be repaid monies owed from the fighting fund which was raised.
  17. Don’t know this history so in this context, but I don’t get the criticism. I’d like to hear some more of what he has to say.
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