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  2. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jul/06/dean-furman-jewish-footballers-chelsea-south-africa-interview
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  4. So the same could be said of David Dunn, the likely Barrow manager, who I bet will finish higher than us next season?
  5. Morning underdog Contacted the PtB Lads early last week and they have confirmed that they will take it up
  6. I was asked to provide my card number for the refund.
  7. You're talking a disturbing amount of common sense.
  8. It's been done to death, if you only focus on results and ignore the league position when he started as a total rookie, the protracted takeover, the interference, the transfer embargo, wages not being paid on time and the resultant dressing room disharmony then of course you'll think he didn't do a particularly good job.
  9. Its blue and tangerine also, so the song now makes sence.
  10. Yesterday
  11. It still managed to get him the Swindon job in front of several suitable more experienced candidates and he managed a promotion in his 1st season which is more than we’ve achieved here in almost 30 years. The football played in his first few games here were the most enjoyable I’ve witnessed since the heady days of the Joe Royle era and we haven’t got near it since. It is impossible to judge him fairly during his time here as there was so much shit to contend with in the dressing room and behind the scenes. Some of the players he was forced to play didn’t give a shite and weren’t even fit for the National League. I think he’s destined for the Championship, whether that’s with Swindon is debatable but I would have him back here in a heartbeat!
  12. We’re not talking about how shit AL is. We’re discussing Wellens record as a football manager whilst at our club. ‘He was set up to fail’ - We’ll don’t take the job then!? Plenty of managers turn down jobs when they know through football circles that the said club is a joke. Wellens wasn’t an outsider going against his mates advice- he had worked there for months. . . ‘Just because he knew what went on with shez doesn’t mean he has to suffer’ 😂 Are we marriage guidance service? ‘Surely after the start we had he deserved a bit of slack’ - He did ‘get slack’ he got 6 of his own signings, he was given nearly a full season as a rookie manager. (Which by today’s football standards is a decent crack) Wellens first crack at management was a complete failure - that is indisputable.
  13. That is some spin, but I'll give you credit for working it out. But, if that is the explanation or reasoning behind that revolting home kit, I'll be amazed. You may have gathered that I'm not keen on it.
  14. He was set up to fail that is indisputable, are we really going round in circles blaming manager after manager when it is clear that the major factor is a meddling chairman with his stooges in tow, Wellens gives zero fucks about what went on here, he walked into a similar profile job as anyone in the game will tell you the clubs a fucking circus and just like players deemed surplus who go on to better things, managers are just the same, just because he knew what went on when Shez was here doesn't mean he has to suffer the same shit, surely given the start we'd had he deserved a bit of slack from they who know best?
  15. “They can only sign players on no more than £4k per week” Where have you got that from?
  16. Not quite - By not voting you automatically accept what is currently in place so effectively you endorse the incumbent.
  17. Hmmm, how about... "The shirt is a classic Oldham design, being blue with white trim, which has been the standard Latics look since 1972. The gradient, changing from lighter blue to a darker shade, represents the subtly different shades of blue worn over the years. There is also the slightest touch of tangerine, which represents the six year spell that the club wore that colour at home." With stripes as the away, and if a blue and white 1910-1966 look is to come in the special cup kit, that's the four main kit designs we've had represented in our range next season.
  18. Not since they have been taken over however they can only sign players on no more than £4k per week and only free transfers. and loans so Im not sure how Doyle fits in with that though apparently its a done deal.
  19. All hypothetical as you say. He rightly gets huge credit for what he’s done at Swindon. However It doesn’t change the fact he failed with us. He was given 6 of his own signings in January in the one season AL threw relatively good money at the squad. He took next to no points in the final 8 games- a run which on its own has seen managers sacked. When that run culminates in relegation he has to own that. Plus he didn’t come in blind- he’d seen first hand what happened to shez and still took it- good on him. But then don’t blame the dodgy owner you knew you would be working for when things don’t go well. Look at yourself before blaming everybody else.
  20. Stephen Partington who runs the Oldham Athletic Realistic Fans Group on Facebook which I along with many other have been kicked out of for daring to question the owner. So all it is, is an echo chamber of Abdullah cronies.
  21. Think that's debatable myself. It's all hypothetical of course but Swindon proved that if you give Wellens the key to his castle you will reap your reward. In an ideal world, AL that summer would have recognised his own mistakes and allowed Wellens to rebuild the side around a key poacher like Doyle and agreed not to micro-manage team matters or pressuring for his substandard European imports to be automatically selected. The above might not have panned out as described but I'm sure it would've been a damned sight more successful than what did trasnpire.
  22. I don't know it depends on the individual issue. I think a poll on the colour of the kit is a good way to engage the fans and quite crucially its a low risk kind of vote. Unlike Brexit which was a high stakes gamble that backfired. Although I get the cut of your jib the people running the ship should just go ahead and make the majority of decisions because thats what they are there to do without consulting "the people"
  23. It wasn't entirely serious but neither a referendum nor a fans' kit vote should have happened for me. To get back on topic the latter was always going to be affected by recency and personal favourite bias, neither of which could possibly relate to the actual event being commemorated.
  24. If he's unattached who's he still playing for?
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