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  2. I'd never rule out AL&Mo sacking anyone at anytime, especially if it made sense not to sack the manager.
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  4. It's what any successful business does. When you treat your customers with contempt it's only going one way.
  5. Were he a strapping 6 footer I'd agree with you but he's under-prepared physically for men's football, however much promise some may see in him. His time will come but coming into a struggling side is not the right time.
  6. +1 What about all of the times when the coach has been full and they have made a profit, sometimes with customers you have to take the rough with the smooth, its called customer service
  7. Think they'd be daft not to, if only to deprive Swindon of his services.
  8. To be fair they can’t be any worse than our present first choice strikers and as the saying goes, if you’re good enough you’re old enough!
  9. I can get that a 15 year old has some promise but I'm struggling to think he can be the answer to our problems
  10. It is the reactionary nature of your posts, someone produces a good goal or has a good game, usually below professional level, and you are demanding they should be thrust into the first team.
  11. What's up with you, aren't people allowed to give an opinion except your own?
  12. My cousin has just taken his 7 and 9 year old to their first footy match at Wycombe Wanders . He tweeted about it and immediately got a response from the club welcoming him and the kids to the fold . it made me think how poor our club has become at ‘ looking after’ its supporters. it was the sense that you were important that really pulled me into the club in the 90’s and it was very important . And now, we are left with the coach to Swindon being cancelled. I was appalled when I saw that. For those who go to the footy week in week out .the club is very important. Why not get a smaller coach? It wouldn’t have taken much thought or planning. im not suggesting that a football club is a charity BUT it is a vital part of the community which means the world to people . The way the club is going is really very sad. I won’t be the first or the last to say that on this message board - what a shame .
  13. Would be bizarre if they recalled him less than 6 months after pushing him out the door.
  14. We weren't very poor yesterday. In fact we were by far the best team. Our problem is the same as it's been all season. No strikers worth he name. Midfield is now decent, but holding onto McCann and Jones is an issue. Put Swindon's strikers into our team and we will climb the league easily. If Bradford recall Doyle, Swindon won't stay top and may even drop out of the play offs.
  15. I’m actually struggling to give a toss whatever happens
  16. Unfortunately we are one of those rank teams. January will be crucial
  17. Wouldn’t rule anything out with these 🤡🤡 in charge!
  18. Maamria is going nowhere, transfer window or no transfer window.
  19. Would not be surprised if he got the push just before the transfer window opens so we don,t have to sign anyone till we appoint a new man just before it shuts.
  20. You wouldn't necessarily have expected AL to sack Frankie Bunn this time last year. But lo and behold he did. We were then managerless for the Transfer window, so AL and Mo could bring in their own players- Sefil, Iacovitti and Vera haven't set the division alight since then. I wouldn't be surprised if Dino was sacked no matter the results over the next few games.
  21. We have averaged a point a game and won 1 in 5. We aren't winning the next 3.
  22. i wonder if Al would sack Dino if we have a poor December? These coming are must win games and games we should be looking to take maximum points from.. Who knows? Its also crossed my mind about Dino joining back up with Westley at stevenage?.
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