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  2. My prediction be Sheff Weds and Boro at home. Still wished we went on a tour somewhere
  3. I'm unsure now. The polls have been volatile in the extreme, which makes me think they're unreliable in all directions. Women are going for Corbyn big style, apparently. He's ahead on all sorts of domestic issues by loads with all groups of voters. How much that counts on polling day is another question. The polls were out in 2015...but the Tories didn't exactly win by miles...and governing with a majority in the teens was a grim struggle for them. The most hilarious thing would be for the whole thing to produce no change. I'm hoping this becomes the election of great humour...the biggest political joke of all time.
  4. Possibly the dumbest analogy of all time. Well done.
  5. I think the Tories will win for the reason Stevie mentioned - but it'll be closer than May planned and less of a ringing endorsement. Still, even a much closer result wouldn't make enough of a difference for her to alter course.
  6. The Tories polled 37.8% with a lead of 6.6% at the last election. Even now they are are 43% with a lead of a minimum of 6% depending on the poll you read. A week is a long time in politics, eight days is even longer.
  7. Check out his car crash today ithis morning. Embarassing
  8. None of the polls had the Tories getting a majority last time, did they? I don't think even they could believe how easily they breezed home. So, you're right, there'll be plenty of closet Tories unaccounted for.
  9. Can May even survive this total shambles of a campaign? The correct strategy for both candidates at the beginning was not to go on television or radio, or appear in public. That's only true for May now. Having said that, your shy Tories are still knocking about somewhere in the hidden level of polling data. That yougov poll showing only a four-point lead is deeply sketchy...if you're inclined to believe that opinion polls form opinion rather than reflect it. Getting the Tory vote out so the iffy leftie doesn't win just happens to be one of the central planks of the Crosby campaign.
  10. Not really the same considering we would revert to WTO rules at worst.
  11. May's intercourse with Europe over Brexit thus far is potentially an argument for a new PM in itself. It is, as you say, terrifying.
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  13. Mainly due to the right still trying to work out how their thumbs work. May's "no deal is better than a bad deal" mantra is both hilarious and terrifying. It should be applied to football manangement. Imagine if England lost 1-0 in the World Cup final. Post match interview between Lineker and Southgate Lineker : unlucky Gareth, you must have been desperate for a deflection or one going in off someone's backside in that goalmouth melee in the last minute. Southgate : oh no Gary, no goal is better than a bad goal.
  14. It is quite simple. One candidate seems to be a decent human being. (86% vote on twitter that he won last nights non debate-mind u they are all lefties on twitter.)
  15. Too true mate. *extremists.
  16. Can anyone tell me what the fuck is going on in this election? May clearly called it because a 20+ lead in the polls within a given window was the strategic trigger. It was an absolutely sensible plan, hatched long ago...probably about the time she became PM. How on earth has that gone tits up? Have people actually read the manifestos for a change? Surely the Lynton Crosby myth is over now. (He's lost more elections than he's won, and not even nearly met predictions and expectations in others...and yet still charges £2 million a pop for dogwhistles and sketchy manifestos.) Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn...never the most articulate politician and sometimes one of the dryest, deadest thinkers on the pulling up trees on none other than policies, some of which he personally disagrees with, such as Trident replacement. I said at the time he became leader that he had one chance only, and that was to stick to his guns no matter what. The Labour moderates are suddenly shitting themselves because he might break even in this election, which means that their non-participation is absolute suicide. They look like the ones who won't play and they'll never be forgiven for it. Seriously. I haven't been following it other than on here. The older I get, the less I know what's happening.
  17. You'd think that would be correct. You'd think there couldn't be more than one person that stupid. You'd be wrong
  18. Sorry Andy, I don't see how that's relevant. I was making the point that you don't need to know the name of the player, they just have to be good enough or add something we don't have. Couldn't care less who brought them here.
  19. Surely it was only David Dunn who rated Cornell as a better number 1 than Coleman ?
  20. So true. Our fan base is brimming with bitter, jealous, blinkered idiots.
  21. It's not like players knocked and underrated by our educated fans have left us to go on and forge careers at a higher levels is it? For all those who were happy that we cashed him in for a bag of haribos and a can of tango and worse still rated Cornell the better keeper
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  23. There are things like letting 17 year olds have a run out without fearing it will kill the club which would be nice
  24. Wish he'd have a shave
  25. Is it even possible to eat hats ? How would you go about it ? Pulled hat in a BBQ sauce ?
  26. I'll eat my hat if this is the case.
  27. Personally and as someone who is undecided to a large extent I think Corbyn scored fairly well on domestic issues. Where he will lose this election is on foreign policy. I won't use the term terrorist sympathiser but he doesn't appear to be taking a firm enough stance on terrorism which will be unpopular with the electorate.
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