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  2. I'm fairly convinced we'll seldom be using wingers this season. Wing backs in either 3-5-2 or 4-4-2 diamond looks to be our best set up. If you get the correct players, using wing backs can be likeb having an extra player. Unfortunately, Ryan Mac would also be our best wing back. Least we'd have Dummigan and Hunt.
  3. You wont be the first nor the last to say that and end up with egg on your face, who knows where he will end up but he's a better player (imo) than Jay Fulton and he's turned out in the PL.
  4. Of course, would be boring if we all saw it the same way!
  5. Forest 2-3 Latics - 2841 Everton 3-1 Latics - 3949
  6. Can be good on his day but like a lot of players at this level for Stoke looking......a premier league player he most definitely isn't!
  7. Haha just posted the same before seeing this
  8. If this pays for Ripley and Baxter then I am happy if not I want to keep him But then again I am not the owner of the club with massive debts
  9. And blew his own trumpet!
  10. Today
  11. Thought he was regularly outstanding when he played as an out-and-out winger....less so as a wing back and less so again as a fullback. In my opinion, play him as a winger with Wilson behind!!!
  12. Prefer it if he blew his own trumpet.
  13. If McLaughlin is to be sold I have no issue as long as we get the going rate AND the money is reinvested we've not suddenly become a club where the chairman shits fifties so wheeling and dealing is fine by me as long as it bags us that midfield orchestrator and a decent keeper. People have short memories he was very hit and miss last season. When he's good he's good but he can be equally anonymous. Does Shez want to play with out and out width? I'll back the club in what they decide to do and if the figures being bandied about are true it's a no brainer. maybe McLaughlin was the player watched by the two stoke scouts at Curzon last week?
  14. 600k for us in big money. However realistically in the world of football and even what players go for in our league. It's not a impossible figure, if cornet stood his ground:
  15. Some eyebrow raising posts so far! Lots of conjecture, and an interesting case of thinking that by six figure sum, the chronicle actually means five figure sum. Honestly it's an interesting quandary. We all like McLaughlin, but if the fee is decent, and if we're likely to lose him for nothing in a year, it makes sense. We live on a fine line financially, so if it helps us get another good player, and pay or staff on time, I'd be inclined to back the manager It helps when you can trust the guy in the boss seat, rather than other gaffers we've had lately.
  16. In the circumstances my comment was regrettable.
  17. I agree that Ripley should be nr. 2 but signing Konstantinopoulos signals to me that Boro's GK coach doesn't 't see it like that.
  18. I tihnk more like 90-95k and rounded up for convenience rather than literally 6 figures.
  19. Just are bang on.
  20. Yes, but neither Flynn nor Banks nor any of the others we'd rather lose will fetch any kind of transfer fee to offset other signings.
  21. I just think as Konstantinopoulos is 39 in November. he's a quality 3rd choice whilst pushing and training with Ripley, or initial second choice easing Ripley in as the season progresses.
  22. No I'm sure we signed him for one year originally with the option of another year which we have taken up.
  23. Unless he's been digging a big hole in Greenacres Cemetery, it ain't gonna happen!!! I'll put you right at the top of the fucking dickhead list!!! I await your apology!!!
  24. He's the bloke nailing your missus
  25. Who's McGlaughlin?
  26. I like McLaughlin, certainly the player we saw towards the end of last season. But if an offer of £600K came in we'd be stupid not to take it, especially if it brought in the likes of Ripley and Douglas. I'd much rather get rid of Flynn though as he's just bobbins.
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