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    Just want to point out that Gordy was many (brilliant) things but a mole was not one of them. The issue for me is that, after getting away with it for years, I'm no longer able to justify spending any amount of time on Latics to the powers-that-be unless it's a huge story. Even then it would probably be a push. Some may say that's not a bad thing. Duly noted on perspective/prospective (!) btw, poor from me.
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    Nah, I can't let that one go... That's utter bollocks. We were 8pts from getting out of relegation at one point under Robbo and looked dead to League One. We are 2pts from getting out of relegation and 3pts from our beloved 17th place. Let's not over-dramatise the situation. Shez was served a shit sandwich up to August 31st and bottom of the league that will get you. Yes, he has also made some mistakes (largely putting his faith in Banks) but the new additions have improved us and whereas we got what we deserved (thanks to the shit sandwich) during August we have improved a lot during September. The improvement will continue given the chance but sadly, I don't think the incoming Abdullah will give that chance. We are a million miles from a bigger mess than he's ever got us out of.
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    They're the new Croft, Hughes and Kilkenny. I look forward to us re-signing a fat Byrne for the third time in 2031.
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    I once dated an air conditioning engineer who supported Ipswich, then got adverts for ex-tractor fans. Sorry.
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    Come on!! Keep supporting us well be all f#*king right!! Ignore all this shite No questioning his commitmemt
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    Can't remember which Smiths song these lyrics are from?
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    In the days we live in, in football where you barely see a season with the same players. You gain no affinity with them no link to your club, we need shez. For me the memories of him as a player and a manager are strong! I would be devastated if he left, I can't think of anything better than him getting us out of the division.
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    He only went in to ask about a 3 bed semi....
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    I just read the comments on the 'Chron site and I must say they are pretty negative, in the main. Every time these potential investors appear on the horizon, it is difficult not to get hopes up and believe that something new and exciting is just around the corner. Many times we, as fans, have been left deflated. I think, if I am honest, I would just like to see not only exciting football but a relatively full stadium for home games and a chance to get out of League One [upwards, of course] and experience the visit of some of the larger clubs, as in the 'glory days'. There is the possibility of becoming a feeder-club with a large turnover of players. I'm not really fussed about that as I believe the old "club loyalty" regarding players has largely gone out of the window, anyway. For me, it's all about the match day experience. Value for money and the feeling of being entertained. We love the club, we wear the colours and kiss the badge...it is who we are. In my own experience, the clouds have been over Boundary Park [yes!] for too long. Supporting is supposed to be a joyful participation, with the obvious disappointments of losing games but with the sure knowledge that next week will be different. I think we, as Latics' fans, have lost that to some extent. I would, in my heart, like it to return...in whatever format. Good sport. Good feelings. Good times. It's all I ask.
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    It's a bit odd that you say that there is a lack of understanding then spend the rest of a sizeable post speculating and having hunches!
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    I lost the argument to call my first born Andrew Richard. With hindsight my wife was right, Annabel does suit her better.
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    Please nobody hold your breath too long. It seems very strange to me (and of course everyone else too), given the regulations, that an agent apparently has a key role. Given how tedious the due diligence and deal closing must for the ownership, control and payback structures they seem to have for this business then I'm really surprised that Simon Corney did that video statement (sorry, interview). I will be impressed if they close a deal soon enough to affect our deadline signings and, if so, they must have already been just about at signature stage, so why not just wait until it's done? Simon Corney looks exhausted and is, presumably, desperate. Very desperate I would say. The chances of getting a good deal over the line in a few short days are about the same as 40% of our squad being injured in training and warm up. Whatever the hell is going on it is very strange and we can't guess what it is. Obviously we all love the club but I think we are just chasing our own tails here. We are pouncing on each other's comments, doing deep analyses of the reliability of the Twitterati and what it could all possibly mean for life on this planet, haggling over our own quibbles and generally using up energy to piss on each other. Let's take a deep breath and wait to see (a) what team is put out tonight and (b) what happens by the deadline. It's not long to wait.
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    Thought it was a high quality game between 2 decent sides, didn't get the rub of the green today. Anyway it was a hell of a lot better than some of the shite we've been dished up in recent years, we'll finish top half easily. I'd say it was a game worth the 20 quid and you can't say that often.
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    I wouldn't rule him out just yet...
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    I think they'd be stupid to get rid of him. And it looks like that's what's happening. If they've got big plans, which hopefully they have, they'd be better off at least keeping that side of the "business" stable while they get settled in and get to work. Get him onside ffs at least until January. He might even do a really good job and get us up the table in the meantime. And if we start signing decent players I'd be gutted as a fan if I didn't get the chance to see what Shez could do with them. The football we played during his first spell as manager when he had a half decent side was the most enjoyable since Royle.
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    Nobody but the chairman knows what is going on. Nobody but the chairman knows what is on the table for sale or on offer from a buyer. Everyone is guessing. I'm comfortable that he isn't a total crook or lacking in morals and will therefore do the best that he can in any deal for OAFC, whilst at the same time doing the best he can do for himself. I'd expect nothing more for the club and wouldn't ask him to do any less for himself.
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    Live pictures of the team coach arriving at Chapel Road
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    My source (same one who told me about Byrne last week) reckons takeover/investment is completed and an announcement should be made tomorrow. No idea how true it is, but I've no reason to doubt him...
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    We agree on so much these days. Any talk of Sheridan out after a bad start is ridiculous. Regardless of what happened with Notts County he knows this club, he knows the fans, he does well with us. Anyone looking at a snapshot of 5 or 6 games and judging him on that is an idiot
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    I was thinking Weight Watchers.
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    SC has confirmed he will be giving an in depth tell all interview with the Oldham Chronicle on Monday
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    Corney definitely polarises fans. I've met him a few times and he's always come over as genuine and someone who wants the club to succeed but the depth of his pockets don't mirror his or our aspirations for the club. I don't understand the bitterness against him. Unless someone can evidence to contrary, he's not symphoned millions from the club. He's ploughed his own cash into the club but that's limited so tried to wheel and deal to compensate. Admittedly some of his decisions have tainted the club - Hughes and Evans - but morals aside both were made to better the playing side. He's openly tried to sell the club but been hindered by the asking price set my his more affluent mates who own the land and stadium. Those same mates walked away cutting off any further investment leaving Corney to try and bridge that financial gap. Hopefully this latest roll of the dice pays off for Corney. If he remains at the helm on behalf of whoever is funding us then fair play to him. My issue, and always has been, are those around Corney employed by or reoresenting the club who have demonstrated incompetence or naivety whilst Corney has been back in the States. Corney being the owner has alway been the easy target.
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    Youre not Wong there! proof that 3 Wongs don't make a right!
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    The rumour I've heard is that this takeover nonsense will all amount to nothing, and we'll flounder our way to survival with Corney reluctantly sanctioning some half-decent loan signings in January. Source: History
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    That's the number of times that you have chatted shit.
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    What a depressing thread this has become. Conjecture, hypothesis and quite probably downright fabrication. Too many on here are happy to posit theories and interpretations based on scant evidence or hearsay. I'm all for lively debate but this has gone way beyond that. A little knowledge edge is a dangerous thing. I'll wait for the facts. *Shakes head in disbelief*
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    If you're going to re-invent yourself as a wind up merchant, you need to be a bit funnier.
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    Using this inspired logic Eddie Howe would be on thin ice at Bournemouth would he not? Anyone who suggest that Howe should lose his job would be labelled as stupid and rightly so, same goes for those calling Shez out when clearly he's our best chance of achieving anything given reasonable backing.
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    I never stop learning by coming on here , for example I never even knew Walter Zenga had a middle name.
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    Seriously, need to stop listening to Nixon
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    Don't really post nowadays but here's my tuppence worth. There's positives to take out of today, Gardner and Byrne first 25 lively, cohesive, ran things but lost their way a bit rest of the first half, Bryan came into the game and contributed more the longer it went on and it goes without saying he's probably scored the goal of the season. So I'm optimistic about stuff in midfield if they all turn up at the same time plus we've got the Frenchie we signed this week who didn't make the squad today (fitness/injury?). What did strike me today was Shez's stubborness (before anyone kicks off, I would have driven the car to pick him up last season and I still think he's the man). Nep (not a nickname just don't want repetitive strain injury) playing wing back, within the first 20 minutes was obviously and I mean obviously, not working yet it was persevered with for the full 90, there's no way Clarke and Gerrard can play in a back 3 if the wing backs aren't cutting it. Lad looked lost in that position do I go back do I go forward. He got the ball in his normal attacking position once in the first half, turned the full back inside out.................twice.......... then stuck a decent ball in the box, his only meaningful contribution as an attacker in the whole game. His full back got booked after 75 minutes, that's an invitation to run riot, nothing. Not sure what Shez's probs are with 4-4-2 but we've just signed 2, by the look of it, very skillful wingers, get the ball out wide and let them run at people and do what they're fucking good at and give our forwards something to attack in the box. Reading it back this sounds a bit of a gripey post, but it's not, from 2 weeks ago we're on a different planet, should have beaten 2 of the teams expected to be there or there abouts at seasons end and I'm very optimistic but was just walked away frustrated rather than disappointed today.
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    I'm not a member of the Trust but it seems to me that they're doing all they can to protect the greater interests of the club. The reason why they're being frozen out by Corney is because they're asking difficult questions behind the scenes. If Bazzer was still in charge this wouldn't be happening and Corney would be able to get away with anything he wanted. It must be really difficult for the Trust to balance how they deal with the way Corney goes about his business. The Trust shouldn't be getting any grief for any of this, it's as usual all down to Corney and the terrible way he runs the club. It seems to me the Trust are in a difficult position and are doing all they can to get the truth to the fans.
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    Fuck me, this thread is depressing. We're turning a corner. We definitely should not be getting rid of Sheridan.
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    Why not? It's something to be proud about when we've got fuck all else going for us. Irrespective of whether they go to home games, it shows the potential is still there. If you'd rather we tool 150 to every away but at least they all go to home games, fair enough. Me... I quite like the fact we're clearly not as tinpot as our contemporaries.
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    Not quite. You forgot the 5th choice - No woman, no cry.
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    Bin him off and reappoint him in January.
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    Beat me to it!!! Send him victorious Skillful and glorious He'll always score for us God save our Queen-SEEEE
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    Seeing as how he was on the bench for Scotland vs Netherlands U-21s on the same day your conspiracy theory could use a little more work.
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    People need to see beyond the 3% factor. In any company the Board of Directors oversee important decisions, and all the Directors have legal responsibility for the actions of the Company, regardless of holding any shares. As a Director of the Trust I am entitled to ask Simon Brooke what is happening with the Trust shareholding in the Club. He as a Club Director should be aware of the details of massive changes such as are going on. It isn't his fault that he can't give the answers. It raises (more) serious worries about the corporate governance at Latics.
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    I've checked the Chron online every day for as long as I've had internet access. I've even appeared in the print edition once. http://www.oldham-chronicle.co.uk/news-features/8/news/36265/billy-and-his-mates-keep-the-faith It's been part of my routine, as an "exile", and Matt Chambers - I owe him a few pints for keeping me up to date on things. His twitter account is the only one I looked at on a regular basis. I'm not on Facebook or any of that stuff, but I have his twitter account bookmarked. Come kick off, I relied on him a lot when for what ever reason I couldn't listen to Latics Player. But this aint ain't an obituary! I'm confident Matt will move on to greater things. And I wish the same to all the Chron staff. Incidentally, I work for a national newspaper in Ireland. If Matt gets any interviews with the new Irish lads at Latics, or the gaffer himself who is loved over here too, I'm sure my boss will be delighted to publish them and I'll gladly help accommodate that. I also hope - to echo something Mike Keegan said - there's room for a paper/website that'll work in Oldham. I hope this happens sooner rather than later. So thanks again to Matt and the Chron team. I've seen friends walk away from folded papers to go on to great things. Good luck guys, best wishes for new beginnings.
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    What some are forgetting is we have an entire full team signed up for next season as well. We have around 8 players injured and Shez has been allowed to sign 3 loanees as replacements. Shez got his picks, the other players are clearly for the Reserves. Look back, everyone was expected a flood of none Shez singings. We did not get Connor Ripley, can you imagine the uproar if we'd given up earlier. Placide has a decent pedigree and been around for several weeks now, we know Shez is happy enough with him. We have a full squad (albeit gaps in quality but who performed well at the end of last season) So even now, our squad contains only 5 loanees, the lowest for some time. We'll have plenty of players to come back, and have competition in most positions. Clearly a sale is close (though it could obviously falter) but for the second time SC has announced that the sale is imminent, and he always previously made forced rather tan voluntary announcements. In many clubs, with a sale potentially close, they would not have sanctioned signings. So for me, it was a much better window than expected.
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    Finally! I can stop hiding my phone under the desk and get on with some work safe in the knowledge that A. We will be promoted B. We will be competitive in the championship next year...
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    This proves how much of a chancer Nixon is, not someone who's tweets should be taken as gospel.
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    £50 to playershare if you rock up to training in the full Sheik outfit. OWTB would be nuclear.
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    FFS this is a honest interview reaffirming what most of us know but some on here still dispute that or churn conspiracy theory. Fact is our gates are low and commercial activity is limited to local interest. Therefore our income, to which we can generate a % for player purchases, is equally limited. Corney has increased that % so the EFL is warning us we can't spend above that % cap so either we reduce our spending or increase our income. We're not an attractive club to boost gates or increase commercial income other than local so outside investment is needed, which SC has continually been chasing. Also he's backed managers who has signed ineffective players that we currently cannot shift so therefore can't release back funds to add or replace. The guy wants to sell the club and I believe him that he's making sure whoever buys or invests can take the club forward as opposed to getting the best price. I'm as frustrated as everyone - Corney more than most - that we haven't succeeded on the pitch. This interview gives the faintest glimmer that the investment needed is closer than before. Dubai investment / takeover?
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    I, for one welcome our new Arab overlords...
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    That was fucking mental...get in! Even got a handshake off Shez..."keep supporting us, we'll fucking get it right" Top Man!! 3 hour drive home...don't care wouldn't have missed that for owt!!
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    Bullshit. Fane has enough talent for this league easily.