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    I've no time for any flag at a football match that isn't football related. Hopefully, this one won't be seen again.
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    For your info folks.... A first for the town as Latics stadium gains ACV listing Trust Oldham are pleased to announce that Boundary Park (Sportsdirect.com Park) has been listed as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) under the Localism Act (2011). The successful listing means that should the owners of the stadium propose to sell the ground, Trust Oldham must first be notified. Trust Oldham can then exercise a right to bid which could place a pause of up to six months on any sale to enable the Trust to put together a bid for the Stadium. Whilst there are current protections in place regarding the use of SportsDirect.com Park, its listing as an ACV is an important further step. It will mean that fans will have a voice if there is ever a future decision to be made about a sale of the ground. Several supporters groups across the country have been successful in listing their club stadiums. The listing follows over a year’s worth of work by Trust Oldham. Throughout the application process there have been extensive discussions with the current stadium landlords, who have been supportive of the application. Diane Mellor, Trust Oldham Chairwoman, said: “We are delighted with the news that the ACV listing has been successful. The team at Trust Oldham have worked hard on what has proved to be a complex process and we are delighted that hard work has paid off.” “We would like to thank the landlords who have been supportive throughout the process. It is also an honour to be the first successful listing in the town.” Blackburn Rovers’ Ewood Park stadium, Manchester United’s Old Trafford and Charlton Athletic’s The Valley are among those grounds that have been listed as ACVs. Further details on what the ACV means can be found at http://trustoldham.co.uk/acv-application-faqs/
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    If he is coming back the club will also need plenty of time to shoot the over elaborate reveal video for social media. If it's not Peter Clarke carrying him onto the training pitch like officer and a gentleman then I'd be disappointed.
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    Can't speak for everyone but it comforts me knowing the Athleticos have got our backs in the war against terror. Manchester feels that bit safer this morning.
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    It really hit home how synonymous he was with our club when the recent interviews went up & instinctively I immediately expected to hear Gordy's voice My only dealing with him was writing to the club as a budding 15 year old journalist to see if I could interview our manager & my hero Stitch as part of a workplace initiative with school, and he helped make my dream come true. I even got to meet my favourite player at the time, a certain John Sheridan. Was completely star struck on both counts!! I still cherish the photos of Stich with his arm round my lanky streak 15 year old self to this day, and still have the interview on tape!! Just the slightest gesture & an hour out of their day made me feel ten feet tall. A real window into what a brilliant, friendly club we support & how Gordy was a massive part of that. I hope today was a real celebration of his life, RIP Gordy, truly one of a kind.
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    Wow, long commute from Milton Keynes to Southampton. You could even call it a Seager Megadrive... I'll get me coat. Again.
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    It's Schrodinger's Ripley, he has both equally signed and not-signed until otherwise observed (on social media).
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    Now there's a flag that says fuck ISIS but in a classy way
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    That's a relief. I thought ISIS had seen the flag and were coming for us.
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    Apparently he is only helping out with pre season.
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    No mate. Those who claim to know, say nothing. Those who know nothing say those who claim to know nothing, know nothing. Those who know they know nothing but also know those who know something may know more than those who know nothing, say nothing. All the while, anyone who knows something and nothing are being hostile to each other. Instead of just chilling the fuck out about a post on a message board, and being excellent.
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    We have pissed Leeds off. Leeds can get to fuck
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    Now THIS is a flag. Well done that man. Cool t shirt as well.
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    I wish the bailiffs would go to certain posters houses and repossess their fucking keyboards sometimes .....
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    The ability of the football fan to look at things from extremes only without acknowledging many shades of grey never ceases to amaze.
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    When I wake up on the morning of the Oxford game, one of these potential signings means that I jump out of bed, I sing in the shower, I re-download Human League (I think I deleted it, it made me feel down), i struggle to concentrate on anything else, I get in trouble from the missus about singing whilst having lunch, I go to the pub a bit earlier and chat uncontrollably with great excitement. The other is an ok signing.
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    I'm not sure it has 'been the end of the world' to anyone. It gives people cause for concern is all. If it happens as a one-off, you can reasonably put it down to a similarly one-off cashflow issue. When it becomes standard practice, people worry because it suggests a constant issue with cashflow and, if you repeatedly put yourself in that position and something crops up out of the blue, it could turn into the 'end of the world' you're talking about all too easily. Then there's the added context of loan facilities against the club, after several years of boasting that the club's only debts were to TTA. Many supporters don't want to wait for the 'end of the world' scenario before worrying, which was one of the main reasons the Trust came about, after Chris Moore springing a surprise 'end of the world' on us all. I don't think anyone should be criticised for taking the approach of not concerning themselves with the club's finances and just focusing on the football. Equally, I don't understand having a go at those who raise what appear to be fairly valid concerns.
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    Exactly. When was the last time we were excited at a potential signing as this? I can't remember any under Johnson, Kelly or Robinson. You'd have to go back to Baxter signing that long term deal under Dickov to find a time a similarly hyped signing. After 4 and a half years of mediocrity I'm quite happy to dream for bit.
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    Sorry Adam terrible poll. Won't be taking part in this one.
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    There's no way he's coming back. He might be coming back. He's definitely coming back on loan. He could be signing permanently. He's definitely signing permanently. That escalated... excruciatingly.
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    As well as Baxter we're also being linked with Chris Lines and Giles Coke to make him feel at home.
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    Id rather not be turned into a potential target by its existence.
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    Selective about which terrorists you approve of, are you? Happy to turn a blind eye to support of some terrorists? A bit off message I'd have thought. Blah blah.
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    There's just something a bit cringeworthy about masquerading a "Fuck ISIS" flag at a pre-season football match between Oldham and Stalybridge.
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    I'm more of a "Win or lose, have a booze" man.....
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    The anticipation of "will Darius Osei celebrate if he scores" should tempt a few...
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    Maybe it's time to nip this thread in the bud.
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    Alright no need to wet your plants.
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    Yep now Winchester has now 'failed' at a club I don't watch, so cannot judge his performances, I will say he is total garbage. How foolish of the fans to jokingly nickname him after a Barca player, while enjoying watching him string together good performances. Just let people enjoy things.
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    Think you've all got this wrong. Ripley was tapping up Clarke about a move to Boro.
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    Is realist coming on for Fane'tasist?
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    Fuck that. He gave us 6 months of Ladapo and Mckay up top.
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    I kind of want us to re-sign Budtz now. The explosion would be visible from space.
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    And we wake to another day of Ripley's Believe It Or Not!
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    I assumed we'd signed Ripley and Baxter and the site couldn't cope with the influx of traffic.
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    Wolves also in for Lukaku and Stormzy.
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    I'm sure there's a condition of sign up to OWTB that doesn't allow this.
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    This sounds like a rumour after Shez was overheard repeatedly using the word "Hunt". I'm pretty sure it was "Hunt" anyway. I think he might be buying Hunt for his kids for their Christmas present.
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    Whereas the extreme unionists, allow women to do what they want with their bodies, love homosexuals and abhor the killing of innocents. Oh wait
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    Put him on the Man Utd walk of fame then ffs! Roy Keane...
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    But there are many reasons that our start of season form might be much better. We've got a manager who'll want to be winning from the off and has the respect of the players. Even if we get off to a bad start they won't be thinking he's a dickhead & questioning his methods like they did Robinson as they know his methods worked last season, and the one before. Likewise, we as fans will give him much more rope than an outsider & unknown quantity like SR. All of that makes for a completely different atmosphere around the club. One that's far more conducive to success.
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    Whereas being liberally foul mouthed and offensive while using unintelligible slang(mitten?) adds greatly to the sum of things.
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    These positive steps are all some of us have been asking for. Not the moon on a stick but some structure behind the scenes of a PROFESSIONAL football club. It's a good start towards the 2017/18 season. Compare and contrast the last 2 Summers to this so far. Chalk and Cheese. Keep it up Simon and Mark!
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    I doubt everyone on OWTB accesses twitter though.
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    Just me or is there a pre-season positiveness here we haven't had in absolutely years?
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    Is the top floor finished?
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