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    I was not renewing 100% (I know I say it every year - this year I wasn't, didn't even have the money) then dad fell seriously ill last week. So ill we'd pretty much said our good byes on Friday night. Friday before dad was moved to the ICU and before he suffered his cardiac arrest and before being put into a medically induced coma he told me to go to Southend. " don't worry about me I want you to go, you should go. You're a Latics fan it's what you do" As dad deteriorated through the night I knew I wouldn't go to Southend and we got home at 3am after being at hospital for 15 hours knowing it could be curtains for him. After getting about two hours kip, we rang to see if he had survived the night. He had, and I renewed my season tickets first thing Saturday morning. Why? As you know I've simply had it with the doom and gloom and lack of a Plan or hope, but dad passed on his love of Latics to me and as the outlook for him is grimmer than grim, multiple organ failure and there's several machines at the moment keeping him alive. He needs a miracle, until his illness kicked in over the last 10 years we'd go home and away together most weeks and despite my loathing for the current regime I can't throwaway a bond developed through dad over 31 seasons. I know when the time comes for him i'll never be closer to him than when I'm at boundary park on a Saturday afternoon... i can't let that go, I just can't...
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    Though I regularly read OWTB, I rarely post. When I first saw this issue, I resisted replying, feeling it would quickly go away. Sadly, this has not been the case and feel I should clarify the situation. As a Latics fan, I and my company, have worked with and provided support to the club in many ways. Last year, as part of a commercial deal we supplied a triple mower on extended loan. That loan period expired some time ago. Recently, we had the opportunity to turn that machine back into cash (approx £20k),without the need to depreciate our asset. I consulted the club to advise them of this and it was agreed we would collect the machine. At the same time, I re-affirmed our continued support with other similar initiatives at the appropriate time. May I ask that all Latics fans now concentrate on more positive things, such as recent form, contract extensions, this week at Latics, Little Latics and roar is on to 3 points today.
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    If we can't even stick a scoreboard in properly there's no fucking chance of getting this right. Fans will be hanging upside down from monkey bars.
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    Thanks for giving me a chance to take my mind off tomorrow. Stand Outs over the last 20 years in this Godforsaken league 97/98 Beating money bags Keegan's Fulham 1-0 thanks to Dux Low Point - losing to Wycombe at home on Easter Monday 98/99 Winning at City Last day v Reading Matching Chelsea for 70 minutes until Vialli settled it Low Point - Losing at Macc 99/00 Last minute v Millwall at home Late winner at Wigan Late winner at home to Wigan Low -Destroyed at home by Bristol Rovers 00/01 Boxing Day win over Wigan High - Corazzin's 4 v Wrexham Low -Peterborough pipping us to a tie at Chelsea 01/02 High - Early season form under Stitch Eyrsey's goals Low - Defeat at Cheltenham Twatted by Cardiff 02/03 High - Clint Hill v Bin Dippers 8 wins on the bounce Winning at West Ham Last minute at Stockport Eyresey Low - Paul Furlong Moorex 03/04 High - Having a club Shez a Hillsborough Winner v QPR Celebration Sunday Going 2 up at Swindon - we'd done it Believe it or not TTA saving us when their intentions were to move the club forward Winning at Bristol City Battering Title chasing Plymouth Low - Dowie Leaving 04/05 7 straight wins Beating City Luke Beckett Lows Brentford defeat at home late march Losing at Chesterfield doomed celebrating yet another final day survival 05/06 3 wins in first 4 4-3 Bristol City 3-0 v Forest Beckett Lee Grant Dad's face celebrating Beckett's late brace January 2006 v Gills Lows Abuse of Butcher at Oakwell Wheels falling off the play off challenge from nowhere in April Sacking Moore 06/07 Simon Charlton's goal v Gills Unexpected win at Forest, catalyst for whole season 3-0 at Hudds 5-0 v Forest 1-0 v Tranmere my 30th Birthday in the box - shitfaced all round Swansea 1-0 away, one of those epic away days Brighton stunning day and two excellent goals Lows Wheels coming off late in the season Coming out of Brentford early and missing our two goals Racist abuse of Leaon Clarke in same game Getting phone call en route home on the train from same game finding dad had had his first heart attack Blackpool being too good for us 07/08 Come back v Crewe to win 3-2 late KK winer Leeds Everton Big win at Crewe last day lows 'Two Cars' Bashforth killing the Oldham Arena Dropping the Lookers Home form for half the season Richard O'Donnell's positioning v Millwall 08/09 Start to the season Leeds Return of Joe Lows Battered at MK Too many home draws killing the challenge Hughes' behaviour swept under the carpet Sacking of Shez 09/10 Battling draw at Charlton Parker's goal v MK 09/10 Penney Settling for a 2-0 defeat week after week Joe Colbeck Winning at Stockport feeling like a defeat 10/11 Early season optimism under Dickov Win v Hudds Win at Dagenham Furman's goals v Notts County and Charlton Finally giving the Monkey Hangers a pasting Lows Weather killing our momentum Southampton 6-0 barely scoring a goal from February onwards 11/12 Kuqi Liverpool away Simpson's goal at Anfield Sheff Utd away Destroying Chesterfield 5-2 Lows Dale away losing to Chesterfield over two legs 12/13 Jose Baxter Surprisingly coming from behind to destroy Donny in the cup THAT 7 minutes at Forest Wonderful win over LIverpool The double header v Everton - that equaliser will live with me forever Baby give us a wave at Orient Lee Johnson turning it round. Late winner at Bury Lows Early season form form Dec-feb under Dickov Appointing a no mark in LJ 13/14 Early season style of play JCH v Bradford Destroying Mansfield on TV Trip to Anfield Sir Gary Harkins Peterborough 5-4 dad leaping about like a lunatic despite his badly failing health! The stand finally beginning Lows Selling Jose Baxter 14/15 Form of Jonathon Forte Hammering Coventry Hammering Dale home and away 3-0 Lows Ched Evans LJ bailing Dean Holden 15/16 Late winner at Chesterfield Shez's return surviving with ease selfies with Millwall knob heads behind us Attending the last game v Coventry and celebrating in the Broadway Suite with dad for his 60th, the last game he ever went to. Lows Darren Kelly David Dunzzz Lad collapsing at Chesterfield (worst experience at a game ever - so glad he survived) Played Kenny lad 16/17 Shez coming home Bolton at home Erwin's resurgence Connor Ripley Peter Clarke Lows May-January Losing Dad
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    Point one is that paying naff all in agents fees makes us uncompetitive. Much as the agent is a leech on the game he/she is also a key access to good footballers. Fail to compete with agents and, on the whole, you'll end up with the rubbish. This isn't a case of "taking a stand", which would be pissing in the wind, it's a case of choosing not to compete. Point two is that there is something that stinks about our second charge with the Necarcu people. Links to the same group of individuals (who have also been involved as football agents in the past) existed at Barrow, Chester and Stockport before they went belly up. For a long time I've given Corney the benefit of the doubt. To a point I still do. But the agents fees information combined with other bits of the jigsaw (Nercarcu, early season ticket offers two seasons running, cheap managerial appointments, the scoreboard money being "ring fenced" yet no doubt sat in the same bank account that has paid wages late on more than one occasion (in other words it's a empty bank account), supposed PFA assistance, the farce of our pre-season, the repeated delays building the stand, progressing the stand and the failure to complete the stand, the inability to retain Sheridan last season, Neil Joy jumping ship, the ridiculously cheap tarmac job on the car patk and doubtless numerous other things that I've forgotten about. The football club isn't just skint. It's much more serious than that and unless some golden goose comes along it's inevitable that sooner or later this is going to end unpleasantly for every Latics supporter.
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    Thanks for the good wishes ladies and gents. And despite our many differences of opinion your PM laticspete was very well appreciated. It's football at the end of the day and despite all our whingeing we are just one big dysfunctional Latics family. As for dad he fights on, there's no change he's still in a coma but he's still here. Thanks again...
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    It'd be really handy if they hired someone in the office to say "are we really sure this is a good idea" everytime Corney bowls in with another cracker.
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    Did plenty of "daft things" as a young lad following Latics but never found it necessary to spit at a steward. Didn't see why they were kicked out of the pub, we were at the front they came from the back but the lad throwing a few stones towards a large brick built pub and some parked cars was pathetic too. As has been mentioned a couple of times maybe it's up to us to police that behaviour sometimes and something I'm happy to get involved in. Finally the thread as with most on here gets hijacked by ridiculous posts, firstly a pathetic sweeping generalisation of Latics fans, then some lesson in Latin that I really didn't need at this time in a morning. The same handful of posters always seem to hijack threads with their oneupmanship or use them as a vehicle for their agendas either for or against Corney which is why people like me lose interest in the relevance of what is a fantastic basis of a forum...shame really!
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    Had to come on and say well done today. As we're both looking for scraps in the same shark infested water I should have wanted a win for the winkies I suppose, but it was just too far against the grain after despising them for 40+ years and I found myself praying that you would hang on! We have them on Tuesday and I'm hoping for Bradford and Fleetwood to close the gap on them so fingers crossed their nerves might be shredded by kick off time? You are home and hosed (almost) now (jealous!) , you should offer Sheridan the freedom of your borough!
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    Have you got a similar breakdown of the role of a Left back that we can show Jamie Reckord?
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    The club that brought you the statement about a statement now pioneers the open letter about an open letter.
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    Fuck me Prozac, I only know you to say a casual passing hello to at BP, but you've just done me. I'm in Los Christianos at the minute so have no Internet, got wifi in a beach bar so have just caught up on the last 3/4 days worth of OWTB. Without trying to sound like Bruce Willis in Die Hard, I consider myself to be a man's man. A 'proper' Salford lad. An emotionless, street hardened 42 year old cop of almost 20 years. I don't do tears. The wife's just come back from the bogs and found me sat here crying like a 10 year old girl. I go to Latics week in, week out, just me and my Dad. He's now in his late 60's. That's struck a chord, big time. Chin up Big Man. Latics isn't everything but it's what we do, it's a huge part of us. Anyone who says it's just a game can get to fuck. RIP Prozac Snr.
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    As a new joiner to this (in fact, any) forum, I don't wish to become embroiled in all this BUT just an observation. There does appear to be a fair few "supporters" who like to create negativity about Latics. Personally, I would be amazed if anything dire is about to happen to financially. Signing a manager and some of the key players on longer term contracts, installing excellent perimeter advertising boards and a vast improvement in performances - doesn't "look" like a club on the precipice to me. Of course mistakes have been made in the past but all I can do really as a supporter - is - SUPPORT. Hence why I`ve bought a season ticket in advance and will watch my team wherever we end up - it's Latics - it's who I have supported since being a kid. There seems to be a lot of drama around bailiffs turning up etc. I remember bailiffs turning up at reception at a company I used to work at. Some relatively small debt and the paperwork had simply gone unnoticed amongst the sea of other paperwork. The applicant therefore got a County Court Judgement, instructed bailiffs - and they were paid off on the day. It happens, it's business, it's not actually unusual at all in business. I trust those who run the club to sort such things out (they always have to date) - and I`ll just try and help my club as best I can - by supporting them. I genuinely think things are looking up (wherever we end up) and if there's one thing people in this town need to realise it's to support your town's professional football club. I would imagine it's really boring supporting City and United - come and sample some real old fashioned football! Up the Latics!
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    I don't understand why people are having a go at the Trust here. For years we have been calling out for the Trust to look after the interests of the fans and communicate to us when there is something they feel we should be aware of. The Trust took up the role of representing those who had donated to the Tifosy scheme at an early stage and say that they had an agreement with the old CEO regarding access to details of the ring-fenced funds. Following a change in CFO, this access seems to have been lost. Subsequently, following a lack of visible progress with the scoreboard, the Chairman linked this fund to the purchase of advertising boards in a meeting with a group of supporters (the NNN meeting). It was not specifically stated that the fund was to be used but that was the intimation. According to the minutes of the Trust meeting with Mark Moisley, he also linked the purchase of LED hoardings to the Scoreboard fund cash. The Trust attempted (based upon their statement yesterday) to get direct confirmation as to what was happening from the Chairman and this was not forthcoming. When they discovered that the advertising had arrived and was ready to be installed they chose to make a statement expressing their concerns and frustrations. We may never know whether there was never an intention to utilise the fund or if plans changed following the Trust's statement. Either way, I believe that the Trust have done what the Trust should be doing. It is sad that the relationship between the Trust and Club appears to be somewhat broken but I would rather have them challenging those in charge than the situation we had previously where there appeared to be little or no challenge.
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    Just wanted to say well done to the group of foul mouthed pathetic little teenage twats who decided to try and pick a fight with the glass collector at the Wellington pub in Bristol today and then threw stones and other objects back towards the beer garden and parked cars after they had been thrown out .....the same group (one with crutches?) who then caused trouble in the ground and stewards kicked one or two out I wish I had filmed them at the pub and posted the footage....the club should ban the nasty little gobshites I'm often proud of our support away from home but if that's the future then we have a problem....it's up to the real fans to self police and sort these unpleasant little pricks out.
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    I'll make my point clearer. Davidshaw writes in exactly the same manner as Nonanever, the guy who met Corney, forgot the camera, fed back a few titbits then threw and apparent hissy fit and disappeared. If I was a betting man I'd say they were one and the same person. Feel free to read the style of posting and draw your own conclusion. Taking the leap of faith that I'm right, and I can only state it as a perspective of mine and it might not be a fact, the new project is to sway opinion on this message board to suit the agenda of the club owner. Lordy knows what the original agenda of "I'm good on PowerPoint, work for a bank and will liaise with Corney to feed you a positive PR exercise" was about. I don't represent the Trust. I'm just a bloke who is saying what he sees and feels.
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    For the first time ever the Trust is gently challenging the club on things. Long may it continue.
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    Crowdfunding is most likely governed by charitable trust law and will have the Charity Commission able to act in a regulatory capacity even for non-charitable efforts. This exercise would be covered by "failure to reach a target". Having just sat in a car with a solicitor and an accountant they were absolutely certain that the ridiculously narrow time window is challengable in law. Or a "complete load of bollocks" to use an actual quote. The belief that this £20k+ pot of money actually exists in a ring fenced way is a nonsense. The club is skint. The money is long gone on day to day running expenses. Any repayments will be out of other money such as Bolton ticket sales etc. The future success of Oldham Athletic crowdfunding initiatives has been undermined to a point where there's no point even suggesting it. A significant source of potential future income has been cut off. Those who refused to donate because they didn't trust the outcome after a previous Latics fundraising disaster have rather had their point made again. I'm willing to accept that there has been no criminal intent on behalf of anybody associated with the football club. But anybody who doesn't reclaim their cash is doing so on the clear understanding that it's being used for bog standard day to day running costs of the football club and nothing else. As for the advertising hoardings ... if Corney's charged his flights to China to Oldham Athletic and used his time there to set up his own personal income stream then that stinks even more that the failure to organise a scoreboard and the failure to automatically refund every crowdfunding donation made for it.
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    This is unbelievable. Hand the money to trust you absolute cretins. It's fans money for a scoreboard which you haven't provided... give us the whole amount back and the fans will decide what we do to with it. This is beyond scandalous how they're giving a timescale to get your refund... if they haven't used any of the money then hand it all back you lying bastards. Im not one to get overly pissed off at the club and it seems silly to get wound up over this but how can anyone at the club think this is reasonable in the slightest?!?! Stinks.
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    I'm glad the thread reopened to allow me to respond to this. If you think that the wrongful appropriation of funds is reasonable or acceptable then that's rather unfortunate. If you don't think this cash grab by the club is wrong despite funds clearly being designated to The Trust at the time of the appeal then that too is also unfortunate. As it stands I find the club's action reprehensible. It undermines any future fundraising effort. It undermines goodwill from the Trust and it puts Simon Brooke in the unenviable position of sitting in a boardroom with people he knows have either lied up front or used sleight of hand further down the line to undermine The Trust. It's all very well people saying they quite like the pretty new advertising boards or not bothering to collect their refunds but even if they're in a majority that doesn't actually stand up to reasonable legal scrutiny. Your attempt to marginalise dissent is close to saying "it's ok pinching money from a charity because only five or six people noticed". A reminder that charitable trust law governs this "for profit" fundraising appeal so the comparison is relevant. A sensible solution, which would, I think, satisfy just about everybody would be the football club genuinely ring fencing the remaining pot of cash after refunds have been paid. The Trust to consult fans on a range of deliverable options for spending the cash (such as a fitting memorial for Mr Frizzell) and the club to deliver on that. By the way, I took your tone as insulting. It doesn't need to be.
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    Because this is the greatest football club in the world.
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    I sincerely wish him well, the guy frustrates the hell out of me and is often his own worse enemy but unlike some I realise he is not the devil incarnate. Next season is looking better, if we focus just on the playing side, and I for one think that if financial issues don't drag us backwards we will be in for a very welcome return to being play off contenders. COYB!
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    "Oh man, if this has made their piss boil, wait until they found out we used Baraclough's charity marathon money to pay for Martin Lee to fly from Shanghai and back to see the boards."
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    Supporting Latics and abusing that cunt are not mutually exclusive. I will be doing both.
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    One last time: Obstacle for me contributing was knowing the money scoreboard advertisement could go straight into Corney's back pocket. Then the club announced that it was going to pass possession of the scoreboard to the Trust. Great, the money is guaranteed to go to benefit the club in some way or another. Long, long afterwards: 'scoreboard' now owned by some affiliate business, having used our money they took under another pretence. I don't want to get a refund really. It doesn't particularly appeal to me taking money from the club and I wasn't bothered about having some kind of flashy scoreboard in the first place - these perimeter advertising hoardings do the trick fine. However I'd rather they'd have done the right thing, i.e. ask fans what they thought before spending their own money, and then put the hoardings in the hands of the Trust, as they said they'd do with the scoreboard. It was never opt out, it was opt in. Then to have the gall to give fans just two days to get a refund - despicable behaviour, only extended when people took a stand. If you can't see what the issue with that whole story is then there's no point in trying to simplify it more. Clearly just have different views on what is right and wrong.
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    Attendances seem to be fairly consistent since 2010 based on a quick Google search which would seem to support this. The community trust has helped generate 5 new season ticket holders in my house. There must be more people like me disillusioned with Premier League football. It's like going back to a different time going to Latics and I love it for that. The Club could do more imho to get people in (communication would be a start) but to be fair recent media improvements - This Week at Latics, Ask, Little Latics aren't going to do any harm - I think Sam is exceptionally good.
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    I do find it annoying when people imply, on the back of Corney doing the same, that it is an acceptable way of doing business to be getting to this position before paying bills. It's not. No well-run business conducts itself this way. So we're either run by a bunch of fucking idiots who haven't a clue what they're doing or we're in the shit. Or both.
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    He's good going forward, he puts a shift in, he seems to like football - sign him up, sign him up, sign him up.....
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    Giving it large?? Really? Is it completely impossible now to have any form of debate with other clubs' fans?
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    I thought it was an extraordinarily professional performance by Clarke. Instead of settling the score with cowardly violence he just got on with it and scored a great header. Perfect response.
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    An open letter; from OWTB.co.uk to Paul and Jeni.
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    Who cares about how many games he has started for previous clubs? What matters is how he is performing for us now. He has generally made a positive contribution since he has joined. Contributed to several goals and has the opposition worried with his pace. If he isn't on much then definitely worth a one year deal based on his performances so far.
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    I honestly couldn't have enjoyed the goal more if it had been Fane dribbling past 8 men and chipping the keeper with a 40 yard left foot backheel.
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    Lots of new members signing up recently with rose-tinted glasses on. Interesting.
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    Neither did having a board member from The Trust suffering Stockholm Syndrome.
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    Making it difficult for fans to obtain a refund is out of order : - small timescale during Easter holidays - having to collect in person adding to a fans 'shame' factor of requesting money back from the club Sounds like the club taking opportunity to hold onto as much of the cash as possible. It's like lending your mate £20 they have asked to borrow and then being told to go round to their house to ask for it back on a certain date. Stinks in my opinion and will make people think twice about offering money up again in the future, they can't keep biting the hand that feeds them.
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    The day we start worrying about Phil Morais is the day we should throw the towel in.
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    I'm a new to any forum and Latics really I can see both points of view. There is negativity on here at times and at also at games - Chris Taylor for one gets a lot of stick at times which is completely unjustified. Noaenever doesnt post here anymore and either does BP1960 both came across to me as intelligent people who know a bit about football - but they've been put off. Having said all of this I can understand entirely why there is the negativity - WUP, transfer embargo and that's just recently. I work in finance with businesses similar size to Latics and have for almost 20-years - yes these things happen but they are not normal. Likewise, the fiasco around the North stand delays and the lack of communication from the club - I've bought tickets online for every game since January - in that time I've had guess how many emails from the Club promoting their services.... There is a lack of trust of Corney which to me seems entirely justified given issues over a number of years. My perception is that as a business it is not well run. Against this there is a lot of good the phrase I think davidshaw used is come and sample some old fashioned football- effectively what I did. For me, it has reminded me why I fell in love with football - which wasn't Carlos Juggling Balls from Brazil being paid £300K per week. Since January my kids have been mascots, bench buddies, done coaching at school, been to the trust holiday club. They are invested, they love Connor Ripley, Peter Clarke and Anthony Gerrard for their commitment that is evident on the pitch. Warts and all we've all really enjoyed it resulting in my family (5 of us) having signed up to season tickets next year. The Club clearly need more people like me - basically new fans and even I find it frustrating at the seemingly lack of effort to achieve this. My son is 9, we live with 2-miles of the ground. There is 1 other kid in his class who could tell you the name of even one Oldham player. But is there cause to be optimistic? Overall for me yes, we've the core of a really good side next season led by Sheridan Clarke, Holloway, Gerrard, Fane, hopefully McLaughlin, Green, Tope. We beat 3rd in the league on Saturday - nothing special about them at all - so it won't take much more to push on. Yes im optimistic, but then I haven't had years of being let down of many levels, plus seeing best players (and managers) disappear the minute a small amount of money is waved about!
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    Despite the constant feeds from the doomongers, evidence suggests that, at long last, the building blocks are being put in place for a concerted effort at seeking success instead of just languishing in the lower levels of this division. I think a new pitch needs to be intrinsic in that process. With the price of football nowadays, it should be a given that supporters of both sides are able to watch a good game on a decent playing surface. I accept that maybe the pitch has been advantageous to us in our current plight (although I tend to think Sheridan has just made us far more effective at home) but football clubs surely have a duty to provide a decent playing surface? How long before a player "turns" an ankle and is badly injured as a result on our surface? We should have no fears with a new pitch - Sheridan will shape his squad and get his teams playing attractive, free flowing football - allied with wins, that will start to bring the much needed home support back to BP.
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    Coming over from Sweden for the match against Fleetwood next week. For me, there has been only OAFC since the 90s but this is the first time I go over to see the Latics live. Is there any nice pub where you can have a beer before the game? / Adam Andersson City of Växjö Sweden
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    An excellent day to out on such a performance. We won at a canter, superb cross for the first, tremendous second and Ollie Banks juggling cantonaesque (spit) worth the admission alone. Dad would have enjoyed that... Fleetwood awful..
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    Having worked in Grimsby for 3 years the opportunity to go somewhere else for a few hours probably contributes to their away support.
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    Nope. You're the liar. They did stick to facts. The trust asked questions. They asked for confirmation about the scoreboard money being used or not. None was forthcoming. That meant it was time for them to act. They did so after the Trust meeting. A couple of days later the club announce their LED boards and update on the scoreboard fund. My opinion is this was deliberate to undermine the trust & fuel nonsense from people like you. Trust have done nothing wrong. You will just fight anyone who points out clear evidence of the club being obstructive, evasive and shitting on fans and tell them black is white. As I've said previously, nothing but a wind up merchant.
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    I suspect that anybody that has been to all our games in League One is still a virgin...
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    JANUARY: "Simon, what's the latest on the scoreboard?" "Well I've got some Chinese blokes coming over who sell perimeter hoardings." "But Simon, that's not what people paid for." "Well if they're not happy they can ask for their money back." --- FEBRUARY: "Simon, what's the latest on the scoreboard?" <CLICK> <DIALLING TONE> "Simon, are you there?" <SILENCE> Registered Post: Dear Simon, please can you talk to us about the scoreboard as we're bit concerned. PS: When is this month's board meeting? NO REPLY --- MARCH: Blls go unpaid. Winding up petition in place from HMRC. Still no reply to phone calls and letters. Official statement:. "We've paid the taxman. They've messed up. Honest guv. They'll issue a full retraction in the London Gazette one day, maybe, perhaps. Trust statement: "Simon's gone quiet and we are getting a bit worried about the scoreboard fund. It would be lovely if he'd chat to us, but it keeps going to answerphone". CLUB:. "We've bought some perimeter advertising hoardings with different money to the scoreboard money. But we're not going to give you any clue as to when you're going to get the scoreboard installed. It's only been a year or so, what's the hurry? Christ it's taken nearly a decade to finish the stand off. Well, nearly finish it." --- My conclusion is that the club is skint. Money is fluid and while the scoreboard money has been received its been used to pay tax bills, advertising hoarding installation costs there's a post it note on the wall somewhere with the words "Scoreboard £27k" written on it. Alongside other notes such as "PFA pensions £260k", "Remember to pay £125k to players and staff on Friday", "2017/18 budget £1.5m. Starts August, fuck the need to pay people pre-season" and stuff like that.
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    There are plenty of people on here who claim to support Latics but don't actually go as well☺
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    There are two angles on this. One is the scoreboard. I never quite understood the clamour for such a thing as I can easily count to three and we never score more than that anyway. Equally, I handed over £75 of my hard earned cash for a small piece of cardboard with a photo and Crofty's signature on it. In return I don't think it's unreasonable to expect what was promised. A scoreboard. The other angle is the relationship between the football club and the trust. Simon Brooke strikes me as a decent bloke who's got a bit about him. Yet he seems to be missing invites to board meetings and unable to maintain a dialogue with the owner of the club who's phone number he surely has. Reduced to written communication which elicits no response? That's piss poor from the football club to say the least. It must be bloody tough to represent fans when those in charge ignore you. And for clarity, I'm not having a pop at Simon Brooke. I'd suggest what appears to be underhand behaviour from the club over the scoreboard fund, combined with convenient failure to discuss financials at a board meeting combined with the club taking out chunky loans from Scousers creates a need to start building up that fighting fund. Because it sounds more and more like there is a fight to be had.
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    I really fancy us to win this tomorrow. Nothings been said about Shez being a Wednesday legend and their fans will be giving him all sorts of grief I'd imagine. Has he managed us against them before? I can't recall him doing. I reckon, despite his diplomacy on LP, he'll be calling them all the cunts under the sun in his team talk and asking his players to beat them and beat them well for him. They'll go out fired up and get more fired up when he starts getting shit from their fans. Do they call each other "piggy" or is it just what Wednesday call Blades fans? We regularly used to win matches like this not so long ago - Preston springs to mind as the last when Morais and Tounkara had great games - I hope we'll get back to that under Shez. They won't be able to play their usual game on our pitch and they're due to lose one and the run in and the pressure that comes with it when you're top starts about now. This is also the type of game that Taylor will thrive in and he might well finally roar into action tomorrow getting right under their skin along the way. Ripley, Clarke and Gerrard will relish the opportunity to restrict a usually free scoring attack. Put your houses and your season ticket money on us.