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    Just read on Facebook his ashes where today scattered at Boundary Park fitting tribute for the lad.
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    Why should we be grateful that we are not in the position of Leyton orient rather than disappointed that we are not Brighton, Swansea, Preston, Burnley, huddersfield. I don't get this mentality at all. There will always be very poorly run clubs just as there will always be well run and ambitious clubs. We are not the worst run clearly but our decline and year on year drop in attendances shows that we at the lower end of the spectrum. I am not at all grateful to anyone for merely remaining in business
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    Had to smile when I read on the Port Vale message board after we beat Bolton, 'only two certainties in life, death and Oldham Athletic will never be relegated to league two'
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    Funny, this running theme with some Oldham fans. Rochdale say we owe them money and some fans first instinct is/will be to get at Corney and Latics. Latics mention no club name but mention they are owed money and some fans first instinct is/will be to get at Corney and Latics.
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    I said exactly that to the wife in bed last night.
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    Do people think that SC should be stumping up that kind of money (or even half of that) out of his own resources to keep our club going? I personally don't think he should be expected to, or condemned if he doesn't. He bought a club that was in serious financial trouble, and for the most part has kept the club going reasonably well. Its hand to mouth, and seasons where we don't get a bonus from a cup game / televised game(s) / player sale are obviously more challenging financially. He has stated that he is trying to seek to someone who might be able to put more money in, and there has been a modicum of improvement to our facilities. Id guess in the bottom 2 divisions we are on par with most in terms of financial stability - or lack of. Unless you have a benefactor, it's always a tightrope, and under SC we are still balancing. Mistakes have been made, and more will be made undoubtedly - but I do struggle with the insinuations that SC et al are bleeding the club dry.
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    You seem to have a lopsided view of average and mediocre. Surely remaining in the same league during Corney's reign is bang on average. Qualifiers for mediocre are the clubs relegated, some more than once, some through two trapdoors and Stockport through three, into oblivion. Irrespective of the many mistakes made someone has maintained and funded a stable league standing at no risk to our personal financial health. Football is a business, unique in the expectations of its core customers who support their club stoically through thick and thin. Patronising the business is not obligatory, more a calling and a lifetimes hobby. If Corney was trying to ruin or relegate us he would have done it by now. None of the unappreciative have a better plan or a wealthier benefactor. I don't buy the tub thumping 'we should have ambition' as fans. For me ambition is self motivated, self funded and personally achieved. Hope is what us fans should stick with and after 64yrs following Latics I still look forward to match day in hope rather than expectation. Former Premier League Champions visiting us next season I see.
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    There's a very easy solution for you. Don't buy a season ticket. Don't follow club news. And best for us all don't post on here you miserable fuck
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    O'Brein is wrong, Neil Harris wasn't happy and told a lot of those fans where to go. To legitimise a pitch invasion sends the wrong message, if you invade the pitch for winning a game then some other chavs will invade it for losing, perhaps a dodgy last-minute penalty, which could lead to a mass brawl. It's one thing for fans to OK it, but not a professional footballer and certainly not one at a club with the deserved reputation Millwall fans have. I believe that there has been a number of arrests and I hope they identify the chavs who were abusing the Bradford players and staff, hit them with a life-long banning order and a huge fine. I have been watching football for a long time and have no desire to return to the seventies scenes of mass brawls on the pitch, which all began when numpties put it down to high spirits. Stamp it now before it goes any further.
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    So what day this week do we think Bury will announce Douglas?
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    McNiven. I swear there were two of him at times.
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    Latest polls I've seen show Tories leading between 15% - 19%. FFS after 7 years of these b@@@@@@s this is where we are. The poorer in our society are no longer being squeezed, they are being trod upon. Given a bigger mandate you can be assured that the future for the majority will be worse than what is currently endured. Believe what you want about Corbyn, but anyone who believes in either not voting or voting Tory is either doing very well for themselves or needs their head felt. Don't give them justification to inflict even more harm on those that need protection and don't give them justification to sell off our assets and health service to their friends. A vote for the Tories is a vote to extract the wealth from the hands of the many into the hands of the people the represent. If you have ordinary working people using food banks then something is seriously wrong. Get rid.
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    Shez says he wants him back and has asked and I hope we'll keep trying over the summer. Unfortunately it seems a case of us only getting him again if he doesn't get a better offer and we'd be daft to hang on for him if someone else decent is available. But there are many, many keepers out there better than and more experienced than Ripley and, because of that, I don't subscribe to this idea that it's a certainty he'll get a Championship club or game time at Boro. Given the type of character he seems to be there's more of a chance than there is with most young footballers that he might take less money to be first choice somewhere rather than be backup to an established No. 1 he's hardly ever going to stand in for - keepers don't tend to get injured much. Can a young keeper really progress as a bit part player? If you're a young, backup outfield player you'll get plenty of chances from the bench and there are 4 or 5 you can come in for if you do well... Not so for a keeper. But back to my original post - I've read and heard several people saying things along the lines of "we'd be holding him back if he stayed", "I'd feel a bit guilty if he stayed here"..... What next - will they not want us to "hold back" any decent player we try and sign in the future? Should we not bother trying to be better? If Ripley's leaving Boro, or not going to be playing, I'd like to see us push the boat out (within reason) to sign him permanently. We know exactly what he's all about and he'd be a good investment in that he'll give us a much greater chance of getting promoted in which case he could be a Championship number 1 with us in a year or two or if he gets even better - which he probably would - but we're still stuck in League One we could get good money for him down the line. Obviously if it can't be done, it can't be done and I hope he goes on to do really well as much as the next person but people having this miserable idea that we as a club are beneath a player makes my soul itch...
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    If you ever think of changing the name of OWTB, I think Prozac has just come up with the perfect alternative.
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    Well, yes, actually. He is the man making all the decisions, if the balance sheet shows -£1.3m based on what he does then of course he should be finding it. That's what he's fuckin there for isn't it? 'oooh oooh I bought a Football club losing money. Luckily it had loads of land so I transfered it all to a different company and privately rented it out for hundreds of thousands of pounds, whilst I slowly sold it all for millions of pounds, which I kept well away from the Football Club. Now I've ran out of it and the Football Club is still there in a worse state then when I bought it. oooh oooh. Love me you ungrateful peasants.'
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    I thought he'd gone to Sunderland?
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    I'm sure bigdog meant no harm by it. Let's not overreact. I am as we speak working less than 10 min walk from this atrocity as was I last night as it all went off. It's very sombre today in the city. People are coming together tho in defiance. Let's not start bickering over this on a footy message board. Please
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    If Bury got a pound every time someone on here made the same crack about them rattling buckets they wouldn't need to rattle, er, buckets.
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    If the EFL (still hate that branding) are prepared to allow the Premier League U23s into their cup because the club's will vote for it with the chance to win up to a couple of hundred extra grand, how does it not follow that B teams will ultimately be invited into the league? If the Premier League offered all Lge 1 & 2 clubs say £1m a year to allow B teams in, they will get in. The club's are showing now that heritage has a price.
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    Feel free to dig out the statement the club made. Quote it in full on here and I'll quite merrily pull it apart for you bit by bit while you stick your head up your own arsehole.
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    Some over reactors on here.
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    But apart from those, what has Shez ever done for us?
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    A special thanks, from this weekend, to @phoenix blue and tangerine - who not only helped me get a ticket for a mate, at the last minute, but refused to let me pay him for it. He instead asked me to donate the money to OWTB, which I have done today. Thanks again, mate!
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    Run out of up boats for the day, but this is good to hear, as in life, he will be close to his passion in death. Cheers for this Tom.
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    Let me guess, you heard a whisper...?
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    This thread has had more changes of direction than Boris Johnson steering a canal boat, with gorgeous women on one towpath and Michael Gove with his nuts in a vice on the other.
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    JS "Job well Done". My audio celebration of the goals scored and penalties saved in Latic's point scoring games that led us to safety under Sheridan in 2017. 9Mb - https://clyp.it/nwhnbf0u Many thanks to the LP commentary team for all their work during the season.
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    Stop talking nonsense youngen. The lad has improved massively over the season and will continue to the more he works with shez. He will continue to be a starter under shez. He does what everyone else doesn't. The dirty work/ dogs body.
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    If we get 8 voting for Furlong, would that be a milestone?
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    Could just have a shirt printed with his initials....BOO.
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    Shame about Ngoo. He's just not good enough, but he's one of a handful of players that has brought a smile to fans faces in half a dozen seasons. Just one of those characters we've not had for a while that you really want to turn out good, 'cause you really root for the guy. I wish he'd had just one really defining moment, like a proper scrappy last minute goal to earn us 3 valuable points, something to look back on and say "Yeah, Ngoo was shít, but how great was that last minute goal against Rochdale when it hit him on the arse and went in?" Ah well, t'was not to be.
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    Two and a half for Reckord and the same for Reckford.
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    Ive still not recovered from getting a £2,000 a night hotel suite and getting my bits grabbed by a hooker. https://travelinhopeblog.wordpress.com/2017/04/30/the-free-hotel-suite-and-the-hooker/
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    Record equalled. 18 in the league. (19 in total). Hope we see him again in the future give him the applause he deserves.
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    The drum was particularly shit at Wimbledon but you're a boring young cunt.
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    Taylor's so bad he spent 5 years in the Championship....???? Just because he doesn't have the same pace as when he was younger does not make him a bad player. He was a crucial part of a team that kept up playoff form since he came in, and was played left wing back for the majority of the games which is not his position. He loves the club, he didn't pull up tress on his loan spell, but he was a steady performer and I would have him back without a doubt. He's far better and more consistent than some of the shite we have had on the left side recently!
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    Don't be, it's useful information for us divorcees. *smooths eyebrows*
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    Just read an interesting artical in the Times regarding Leyton Orient,Swindon,Hartlepool and Blackpool.All of these teams in deep trouble regarding finance etc In the case of Orient they could be on the way out of existance.It brings into perpective our owners and particularly Simon Corney.In relation to these and other clubs Simon has done an excellent job of keeping our club going year on year.Yes he has made some howlers in his time,but at least our club is viable.I just hope if and when a buyer comes along we dont get owners of the likes of those clubs and I include Blackburn in that.
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    Yeah, at a Q+A he joked that he did it on purpose, because he'd rather a northern team won the league.
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    I like the fact that we punch well, well above our weight in terms of away followings.. I like the fact that many of us buzz off it.... I like being a part of those impressive away followings... I like the fact that, although we're shite on the field, we can at least still engage in some good old fashioned rivalry - or "bantz" as the youngsters call it - and mock other clubs shitty away followings off the field...... I struggle to get my head round the mindset of fellow Oldham fans who dislike or object to any or all of that... #amf
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    We don't need to strengthen in central defence for the first summer in so many years . We have at least two central midfielders with a year experience at BP and more than enough potential to improve (Fane & Banks ) . We have Holloway who has the potential to be a huge force in this division . Most importantly we have Shez who can get us playing attractive football , has an affinity with the club and can sign gems either permanently or on loan . Let's encourage the stay aways back . OWTB
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    Maybe we should be a insy-wincy bit grateful someone hasn't pulled the plug on the life support machine then. Most football clubs are run by businessmen benefactors who fail to deliver or come up to expectation on a very regular basis. We wouldn't dream of demanding more if a benefactor was keeping our head above water in our private life. Being unhappy with a leg-up is ok but it doesn't attract investment into our club or influence success on the pitch. Football has always been frustrating and achieving success is totally dependent on an investor. Stay well away from the life support plug - unless you have the necessary. It's been a good few years since I felt as optimistic as now. An Experienced manager, an experienced number 2 expected, a few good players under contract that most of us are happy with and a genuine expectation it is top half for us next season. Corney may surprise us come January if we are sniffing around the top six.
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    Bastard rovers any day Would love to see them relegated, then relegated again the season after, and then get relegated again into non league, then go bust, then get the ground repossessed, then the fans buyout to go tits up and the money to be stolen by some shifty lawyer from Bolton And finally for the 4001 hole to open up and swallow the town down into the fiery pits of hell Much more fun that than a trip to brum
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    Absolute top day from breakfast in Spoons with what seemed like 200 Oldham, passing round the "Frankfurt Spirit" to the atmosphere in the ground, Shez showing he's cool as fuck passing on the wave and giving us the V with a big smile on his face then the respect of both fans at the end - "who the fuck are mk dons"...can't wait for next season and another 9 month adventure with the greatest set of fans in this country!
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    The pleasure has been all ours, outstanding from Day 1, thank you.
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    A big thankyou indeed A lifeline for people like me, a long way from home and going through a lot of personal troubles, it's a big ray of sunshine even if the team is not doing well. Thank you also laticsrblue for taking the time to post the 'goal action' highlights most every week - and for all those who contribute in other ways like posting you tube clips, match reports, or just passing on the news.