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  1. I remember keeping the pink final report from this game for months after.
  2. Interesting read from Peterborough chairman Darren MacAnthony especially for those wanting transfer action immediately when play off matches haven't even finished.
  3. Despite his superb turnaround here the only place seriously linking him to Leeds will be OWTBS posters.
  4. Wasn't it Paul Jones rather than Mcniven?
  5. If they owe us money, why would we pay them? I'm very doubtful we do owe them anyway. Why would we release a video stating a club hasn't paid us when we in turn have held onto a loan fee. Sounds like stalling tactics from Bolton who are skint.
  6. Because they don't have it? We know they don't have it?
  7. They had a deal on the last time we played them where they sold 2 season tickets and get the 2nd for a smaller amount to which many paid for then everything went tits up. That deal hasn't run into this league 2 season. However their attendance this season is not massively smaller than the last time at this level. Lashers fans jumped on the bandwagon and now that have jumped off. Take the protests as example, the numbers seem to have dwindled massively unless sunny or last game of the season when cameras are about. 'Many 'can't be bothered' *Just what's been said to me by a few at work* For all those that love the club if Oyson left then the crowd would upturn for 1 maybe 2 games but how many would return for league 1 league 2 football. Imo not a big up increase... Ask yourself how many of those boycotting only starting going in the Championship or the Prem? Nearly 3/4 thousand stopped as soon as they went down from thd Prem.
  8. The thing with Blackpool and this boycott that gets on my nerves now living in the area. The money is technically Oystons to do with as he wants and he doesn't have to buy millions pounds worth of talent that the lasher fans believe he should have done. They don't have to like it but thats the way is is, it's the same St every club. Having said that he is a cunt of the highest order for taking fans to court but that's another issue. Also their attendance is not to different to the last time the played football at league 2 level. Many use Oyston as an excuse not to go. Thousands more will certainly go to Wembley and that pisses me off. You don't have to like the owner to support your club. Hope they win at Wembley for my own selfish sake because I ain't going Exeter.
  9. The inconsistency was Rochdale making our financial dealings common knowledge. It then becomes the norm...
  10. Funny, this running theme with some Oldham fans. Rochdale say we owe them money and some fans first instinct is/will be to get at Corney and Latics. Latics mention no club name but mention they are owed money and some fans first instinct is/will be to get at Corney and Latics.
  11. Highlights? We have no money... Bolton owe us for tkt's...
  12. Lee played once in the paint pot ldv vans check a Simod pot cup.