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  1. Yes he was excellent for Brentford but that was 3 years? ago some 33/34 year don't seem so great 3 years? later. its a chance and not one you can call great until you've seen him play recently imo
  2. The difference between Douglas and Green? Give Douglas a few games in an Oldham shirt and a large number of our fans will think he's shit and passed it. Green is being judged off a full season here, Douglas off his performances in a Swindon Shirt 5 years ago and a Brentford shirt 3 years ago.
  3. he is a must keep for me and would be gutted to see him go. He can cross the ball for fun and often did last season. The difference this season is we have a big strike force to get on the end of them...
  4. Massively overrated especially as a centre half. We have 3 better now..
  5. Got to be Tarkowski hasnt it!? Dont forget how many would rather have had Mvoto
  6. Alan Blayney Andy Ritchie Wayne Gill Lee Hughes Matthew Rush Ernie Cooksey Darren Sheridan Luke Beckett Paul Warne
  7. I hope we win the league going unbeaten wining every cup comp we enter destroying every club in our path all while a billionaire Oldham fan buys Corney out making us the richest club in the country ready for the push of global domination. I expect us to be better than last season.
  8. of course but there is spending and then there is what Bury are putting together this season. You only have to look at their first attendance at Gigg Lane this season to see that they are spending well well above the supposed restrictions.
  9. FFP not reached Bury? its been asked but how can they afford it? The old excuse their last fkn idiot manager carted out about players not on big money and want to play for Bury doesn't compute. Beckfords wages alone should be landing them beyond FFP surely?
  10. is it that he's mustard!? sorry...
  11. Now he wouldn't be a bad number 2 behind Ripley
  12. Fixed it for you...
  13. ive not heard this one?
  14. 3 weeks before the season a day after numerous rumours start again and we get rid of our only keeper! it can only mean one thing! Dean Brills available isn't he?
  15. Few Plymouth fans on Twitter already welcoming Lee Erwin.