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  1. Works fine on my iPhone but annoying that it's not an app and I have to waste 5 seconds of my life going on the website on Safari.
  2. Imagine it happens all the time in football and I'd guess that had Rochdale not gone public about it, we wouldn't be doing so now either.
  3. So the app is now useless. Hopefully a new app will be out before the new season starts.
  4. Player in 'not what he was 10 years ago' shocker. He was a young lad last time round with pace and that youthful enthusiasm. He isn't the same player any more no, but that happens to almost every player. Certainly no reason to hate a player who has made 300 appearances for the club we support.
  5. I know where I'd rather live given the choice!
  6. Doesnt Shirtliff live in USA?
  7. I'm sure he'd be able to as well. His goal against Port Vale a few weeks back which is on YouTube is an absolute beauty.
  8. From my Dale supporting mate:- "Unbelievably inconsistent And only got 65 minutes in him At his best he's easily championship but at his worst he's totally irrelevant in the game" "He's not first choice for us But scored some amazing goals" I told him I'd seen on here Shez was after him and got:- "Doesn't surprise me Hills been on about players in the squad who don't give 100% McDermott defo one of them" "When he's in form he's outstanding though"
  9. Absolutely ridiculous fee for a 5 goals in a season striker! Chesterfield will be laughing all the way to the bank.
  10. You normally can yeah
  11. Gregan for his strut alone. Fucking mountain. But since him, Clarke by an absolute solar system.
  12. Can't honestly believe people are reporting him to the FA or whoever is in charge of this side of the game. Gerrard is a big boy, I'm sure he can do that himself and he is clearly amused by it. Everyone laughing at him is more than enough for me. He's made himself look a right knob head here!
  13. Good message both on Latics Player and in the programme notes to be fair. The man is enfuriating at times but nice to be reminded that he genuinely does try his best, even if at times it feels like he does things on purpose to upset us fans. Just hope to God the £500k spent in January doesn't take a significant chunk out of our summer budget! Not been excited for a season quite as much as next in a long long time.
  14. Thats a pinned tweet from July last year pal.
  15. Hopefully we'll be up there fighting for the playoffs with (or without) them next season which will add a bit extra to the rivalry. It's really all about consistently going up against them. Unless Keith Hill goes elsewhere, I think they're here to stay.