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  1. Absolutely ridiculous fee for a 5 goals in a season striker! Chesterfield will be laughing all the way to the bank.
  2. You normally can yeah
  3. Gregan for his strut alone. Fucking mountain. But since him, Clarke by an absolute solar system.
  4. Can't honestly believe people are reporting him to the FA or whoever is in charge of this side of the game. Gerrard is a big boy, I'm sure he can do that himself and he is clearly amused by it. Everyone laughing at him is more than enough for me. He's made himself look a right knob head here!
  5. Good message both on Latics Player and in the programme notes to be fair. The man is enfuriating at times but nice to be reminded that he genuinely does try his best, even if at times it feels like he does things on purpose to upset us fans. Just hope to God the £500k spent in January doesn't take a significant chunk out of our summer budget! Not been excited for a season quite as much as next in a long long time.
  6. Thats a pinned tweet from July last year pal.
  7. Hopefully we'll be up there fighting for the playoffs with (or without) them next season which will add a bit extra to the rivalry. It's really all about consistently going up against them. Unless Keith Hill goes elsewhere, I think they're here to stay.
  8. Literally sat in the car laughing to myself.
  9. you couldn't make this shit up.
  10. Ngoo is a club legend already. Get that man a gold brick!
  11. Could be wrong (usually am) but I'm pretty sure Corney is just saying to entertain the kid.... I very much doubly Ripley is actually injured!
  12. Hey it's not me who's had it made! I've just seen it on the Facebook.
  13. Bit o' fun init. That said he absolutely won't understand it.
  14. Get it all round the pitch....then everyone can see it....
  15. Just seen this on Facebook. Need another 1,000 of these!