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  1. RIP. Always sad to hear of a blue passing.
  2. Insightful as ever.
  3. He's not daft. Clearly he wants to play at the highest level. Another good season with us will provide the opportunity for a decent move than a good season at Motherwell.
  4. So now we've decided against him and sent him back, who do we think we'll go in for? Has he got someone lined up already? Have Boro informed us of Ripley's availability at long last?
  5. So I used to have a monthly rolling subscription for around £4.49 ish. At weekend I went to watch a video on there and my subscription had been cancelled by them. Went to re-subscribe to it and the only option available was a season pass for about £49? Anyone else had this? Have they just scrapped the monthly subscription altogether now then?
  6. Probably not, but not a bad dilemma to have eh? Can't see it happening but if it did, buying that season ticket after 8 years off will feel like an even better decision.
  7. Also linked with Rob Green. Can't just be coincidence that they're linked with every goalkeeper out there. My guess is Ripley is off either on loan or permanent. But not to us. *Disclaimer - I did say guess. I hope to God we land him!
  8. About average to be honest. Won't catch me bragging but it's usually a snug fit.
  9. FFS that's the one I wanted. At 6'5" and not the slenderest of gents, I always like to opt for the old 3XL to make sure I have adequate length.
  10. If anyone would do this I will buy them several beers whenever they visit the UK! Only bothered about away games but would be very handy for anyone without season tickets too I'm sure.
  11. Works fine on my iPhone but annoying that it's not an app and I have to waste 5 seconds of my life going on the website on Safari.
  12. Imagine it happens all the time in football and I'd guess that had Rochdale not gone public about it, we wouldn't be doing so now either.
  13. So the app is now useless. Hopefully a new app will be out before the new season starts.
  14. Player in 'not what he was 10 years ago' shocker. He was a young lad last time round with pace and that youthful enthusiasm. He isn't the same player any more no, but that happens to almost every player. Certainly no reason to hate a player who has made 300 appearances for the club we support.
  15. I know where I'd rather live given the choice!