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  1. Robbie Fowler - was it him or an Andy Barlow own goal that was the equaliser in injury time at Anfield in the Premiership relegation season? Anyway Fowler got one of the goals and we lost the game, probably crucially as it turned out, when we were minutes from winning...
  2. Ian Rush and Jan Molby (According to Teletext, circa 1995)
  3. This would be the obvious next step they'd try and push through, which would ruin our league. If the current format is as far as it goes then I can cope with us taking the cash. Shit competition anyway..
  4. And, with exception of Burton and arguably Brentford and Bournemouth, a bigger fanbase to begin with...
  5. Probably on about the "fit and proper persons" test...whatever that involves.
  6. Definition of "a bit shit" aside, how have you measured this "Fact"? I mean City and United haven't had it worse than us since TTA took over, but that's hardly a fair comparison..
  7. It's been disappointing, but I think "a bit shit" would involve at least one relegation. That's the thing with these elusive new owners - they might be our catalyst for greatness or they might be our kiss of death.
  8. Pretty sure no one's laughing at anyone...
  9. Possibly more - we took 800 to a dead rubber at a Sunday lunchtime! I get the point about finances, time off work and not really knowing when or where you're going to be playing until the match before, but this has always been the case with the play-offs. Tend to watch most of the play-off games in years gone by and am struggling to remember a club being so poorly represented at this level..
  10. Don't generally go in for having a swipe at other team's followings, but photos on Twitter suggest Fleetwood and Scunthorpe have barely taken more than about 400 to their respective play-off semi-finals tonight. Pretty poor show.
  11. What date does Shez come in to rescue us again?
  12. You just know if he signed for us he'd be rubbish!!
  13. As long as the new owners can do a better job..
  14. If the summer goes well (as per Corney's video..) then next season we should be a different team - not in terms of personnel, but in terms of the way we approach games. Since Shez has come in, it's generally been about scrapping for points to get us over the line - next year I'm hopeful we'll kick-on. We know Shez, generally, likes to play attacking football and Taylor, back to something resembling his best after a pre-season, could be central to that. Give him a 12-month deal, I say.