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  1. Cheers, mate. I don't care what they say - I think you're alright.
  2. A couple of points: - Bottlers don't win play-offs. - The actual attendance for the Wimbledon game was BIGGER than the official capacity of the stadium AND there were plenty of empty seats in the stand opposite. Suspicious. As you were, as Liam would tweet..
  3. Baxter's not in any league at all at the moment and hasn't been for a while!
  4. Certainly no one apart from the top scorer...
  5. Top scorer last season and improved under Shez.
  6. Erwin for me. Baxter was a talented individual, but I think the team Shez has built needs that penalty-area striker a bit more. Sorry...
  7. Could the case be that players know that money is tight around the lower leagues and are now willing to accept more sensible contracts?
  8. Didn't see masses of us either - if I have seen him play he hasn't stuck in the memory, I'm afraid. Thought the "key" back four in the run-in was Wilson, Clarke, Stott/Gerrard, McLaughlin? Still, the signing is a good show of intent by Corney et al.
  9. Works better via Facebook than through the link from the official site, I've found..
  10. 1-0 up.....playing in white, apparently.
  11. Blackpool away August bank holiday! That'll do..
  12. To the minute...unbelievable scenes.
  13. Chap from The Courteeners, (not the lead singer..) proudly said he supported us on 5 live on a pre-recorded show on election day. Knew our pre-match song was Mouldy Old Dough...
  14. I am! For me he was straight into Room 101 with Reckord after the Lincoln game...