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  1. As long as the new owners can do a better job..
  2. If the summer goes well (as per Corney's video..) then next season we should be a different team - not in terms of personnel, but in terms of the way we approach games. Since Shez has come in, it's generally been about scrapping for points to get us over the line - next year I'm hopeful we'll kick-on. We know Shez, generally, likes to play attacking football and Taylor, back to something resembling his best after a pre-season, could be central to that. Give him a 12-month deal, I say.
  3. I think you're right to an extent, but you have to admit this open letter stuff has been farcical? While I hope all this is nothing sinister, it doesn't add to the belief that the club is being run competently...
  4. Exactly. What a waste of time and energy this sort on nonsense is.
  5. It's always amazed me how much the club seems to get wound up by what's posted on here.
  6. 425, according to Twitter. Decent following, that.
  7. Other than getting sent off a bit stupidly on Saturday, I don't think he's done a lot wrong so far. I think people are being thrown off because he doesn't look like your average footballer, but he's got deceptively good feet as well as the obvious aerial threat. Potential cult hero status too. Sign him up, I say.
  8. Not so sure - Lee Clarke's side are starting to play like a Lee Clarke side!
  9. Good. Got a bit of a soft spot for Newport. They were miles adrift not so long ago. Would be a bit of a great escape if they managed to stay up..
  10. Where in the statement does it say you can't claim the refund after 21st April? Or that you have to go to the office in person?
  11. Don't we get a bursary from the FA for having a youth system? Isn't that why/how we started it up again?
  12. Why do we keep him on, then? TP's teams have won cups in the recent past and Glackin has (apparently) scored 40 goals in two seasons - not sure what more can be asked of TP.
  13. Same here but the fact Port Vale, fighting for their lives and all that jazz, lose to two teams who are virtually down in the run-in and still have a reasonable chance of staying up also suggests otherwise..
  14. Pah, does it matter? Nowt to do with us anymore. Tried to climb the ladder too quickly...
  15. While the kick-off time is far from convenient, it's the last game of the season, a new ground and it could potentially be the game that sends us to Division 4 for the first time in 46 years! I'd be disappointed if there wasn't a scramble for tickets!