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  1. Should be a nice away day for some North East teams if they do come down (Darlo, potentially Spennymoor, Blyth).
  2. Depends what we are calling non-league? Tottenham has loads more (about 30k) for some of their games in the Southern League. Be it a while back...
  3. Taylor and Eardley in 2008/9.
  4. I thought union was great, but one of the few occasions I would say get there early. Missed at least half an hour. Bochum's a great day/week out/place to go drinking. Can't say the football pulled up too many trees for me.
  5. ...win....
  6. I went to Colombes, to have a gander at (one of) the Escape to Victory stadium. They play in the smaller ground next to it, but you can sneak in and get a few pictures (they play big games in there apparently, but can't see there being many of those). Bit of a :censored:-hole area, but you could say that for large swathes of Paris. I think Red Star play away from their ground, which was a shame as I was about 200m from their ground when there. But St Ouen is similarly an area you may not want to be in too late (though I blindly wandered round looking for tabs one night, before happening on a 'bar' - well a squat with drink being served in it really).
  7. Often try and nip a ground in whilst on holiday. But it can be a bit hitty miss (and German trips sometimes centre around them). Cracked off Napoli, Inter and Fiorentina in Italy; Barcelona, Espanyol (Montjuic), Real, Atletico, Leganes (when in Division 3); Benfica, Dinamo Zagreb, Colombes (Escape to Victory Stadium (crowd scenes) is next to it). But I do like Germany and have covered a few there. 1860, Bochum, Duisburg, Frankfurt, Fortuna Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Hertha, Hertha Reserves, Cologne, Nuremburg (abandoned at half time), Schalke, Union, Haching, Hamburger Kickers (about division 6) - probably missed a few there. Been to some eastern European grounds but found the Internet not exactly reliable (Riga springs to mind, but there were ones in the Czech Republic and Macedonia where I was at an empty ground). Locally (to me), I knocked off the Northern League pretty much in a two month blitz (though I have to keep topping it up as teams go up/down/bust).But since moving into the complete outback have struggled to get to teams that aren't West Auckland/Bishop Auckland/ Shildon (Tow Law is far to cold to go to, even for someone trained on Boundary Park). My brothers stag do (didn't get married) centred around Lewes, and my fortieth took in Whitehawk. Like you do.
  8. ...and years being three (inclusive). Still no idea where the Ronnie love-in comes from.
  9. Whip their arms off. Colour of the strip to match the can: Blue and light silver. Piles of money to get the side promoted. Alright a slight change in name isn't great, but at some point there has to be some give. I sometimes wonder what people are expecting in terms of investment. This is the best that could ever come our way.
  10. Kids for free promotions is always the way to go. Get them hooked young and hope it sticks. Like a drug dealer outside a playground, but more sinister.
  11. Footballwise, I'd say go and watch Union. Been to both there (well I've also been to a Hertha reserve game too, but no one in their right mind would go to that), and Union is a a more atmospheric ground (built by the fans) as it doesn't have the running track. Though if you do, turn up early, I missed nearly the whole first half queuing.
  12. Maybe for two of them, but that first spell he was exceptional. I vaguely recollect, that if you expand the results from when he was here we were borderline automatic, but expand the time he wasn't here we would have been bottom. The other spells I think the pies had taken over his youthful exuberance.
  13. A few years ago, but I just queued up at the box office the day before (about 3pm I think it opened at Gate 44) and got some easily (if with quite a queue). But, it was a game against Betis, so probably not a top seller. I'm sure there was something with the bank (La Caixa) too, where you could buy it from them/ATMs, but that may have been a dream. i suspect the cheaper tickets haven't been released for the game yet as they only do so about a week before the game. Great ground, but where I sat Japanese tourists outnumbered Spaniards.
  14. If you think there is quality in England's starting eleven then you are deluded. They can't pass. As someone on the BBC put it, you can't polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter. The bigger problems of our game start a long way before Allardyce gets his hands on the players. We'll all be in our graves before England win (a tournament that matters) again. So appointments of managers are frankly irrelevant.
  15. On last season's table. Hitting them where it hurts that one!