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  1. Think the loan rules have changed since..... hence many are now 6 or 12 month loans, with both teams committed to the term.
  2. With now less than 2 weeks to go until the season Kick's Off, this week I thought we'd have a look (at what Rudemedic was prematurely trying to do earlier in this thread - a common problem for him so I'm told) at Predicting tactics/admin and the inevitable mind games; First things first. When to Predict? Do you go early, like stevesidg always does - he and few other have already Predicted the outcome of this coming season's Oxford home game - and make an amendment later if necessary; ...or do you go late, like Oafc1895 and ajw65 often do, in an attempt to gain maximum advantage from things like; team news, weather, or even having a look at how many away supporters are congregated in the Chaddy End before kick off? Whatever you choose to do, there are some pitfalls to be aware of; 1. Some godforsaken sh1tholes that we end up traversing are still using carrier pigeon as their primary method of communication, so a decent 4G signal to make a Prediction or late mobile amendment is rendered tricky. I once witnessed Rosa expelling a tirade of expletives under the scaffold away at Gillingham because she couldn't change her 1st goalscorer Prediction. Here HarryBosch falls foul of the weather, but the lesson is the same; 2. Don't Predict an impossible outcome or try to hedge your bets. Here, O4U predicted 0-0 away at Scunthorpe, with Billy McKay scoring Latics' first goal. One could argue Predicting Billy McKay to score was in itself impossible! Note: Incomplete but non conflicting Predictions will be included this coming season after heavy lobbying by jorvik_latic. Why on earth he posts an incomplete Prediction so often is anyone's guess, but then again he does wear his head upside down. 3. Don't forget you've already Predicted and then Predict again (your 1st Prediction will be the one that counts). Here Handsy Predicts twice for Port Vale away and loses out on points because the game did indeed end up a draw; If you're sufficiently intrigued, please take a look at the Prediction League Forum below.
  3. ....he plays for his dad's team already.... where's that got him....?
  4. ....I wouldn't be surprised if nzlatic has.....
  5. Is his dad Hans....?
  6. This week's final edition of 'Predictor(s) in focus' sees us take the journey down under. Ex_pat, claims to be retired in Melbourne - but rumours persist his ancestors might've been on the Hougoumont, the last convict ship to have left Britain in 1867. With loose connections to the Oldham area, they are believed to have followed the club from afar as early as the 1910's when we competed for League titles and lost our first FA Cup S/F. You can see the abrasive Aussie mentality in this post, goading disjointed for his prediction failings; nzlatic however, is resident on New Zealand's South Island in a small rural settlement called Winchester - at the junction of State Highway 1 and the Inland Scenic Route 72 in South Canterbury - an area famed for rainbow and brown trout fishing and has a population of only 265, relocated from Oldham 11 years ago to enjoy the quieter life and can often be found in the Wolseley Tavern researching travelling support stats and throwing in the odd amusing post, such as this regarding Connor Ripley's potential return; Whatever the backstories, both gentlemen are stalwarts of the Predicting game and between them have won 4 trophies and ensured the OWTB Premier League title has remained down under for 3 seasons - much like the Ashes & Australian cricket team of the 1990's. It's up to those of us back in blighty to ensure their grip on honours is wrestled from their grasp this coming season. If you're sufficiently intrigued, please take a look at the Prediction League Forum below.
  7. If you threw in the pot anyway.... there would be more chance we could do deals in the future.
  8. I have yeah.... which is why the bulk of the content is confined to the thread it's intended for.... however a little bit of cross selling shouldn't do too much harm and no matter what, you'll never please/appeal to everyone. Point taken however, I'll continue to be mindful. Thanks.
  9. It's excellent work. You beat me to it.... my angle was going to be, 'Youre right, he's not bad at predicting...'. All you're short of is the link....
  10. Our second 'Predictor in focus' most certainly won't require any introduction. HarryBosch boasts over 3,000 upboats from 12,000 items of content. That's an upboat every 4 posts or a 25.4% approval rating, which the highest of any OWTB member with over 2,000 posts. He's clearly very popular..... although maybe less so at home given the amount of time he's evidently on here. For those who are unaware, Harry Bosch or Hieronymous Bosch to give him his full title, is a literary character who is was a veteran LAPD homicide detective and committed lothario, whose mother was a murdered prostitute, father a powerful defence attorney, had spent much of his early life in orphanages and foster care, before joining the US Army and serving in Vitenam before going AWOL. What on earth that says about our own HarryBosch, I will leave you all to speculate. Anyway, HarryBosch joined Prediction League for the first time in 2015/16, prior to there being 2 divisions. Our opening game that season was away at Walsall, under the shrewd stewardship of the aforementioned Darren Kelly. Here's his Prediction for all to see; For those who can't recall what happened and to save you looking it up, we drew 1-1 with Jonathan Forte scoring the equaliser. However the attendance was indeed exactly 5,009, with Latics taking approaching 1,000 that day. In typical understated HarryBosch fashion, he replied with..... The League table after the opening game of 2015/16: Alas, for all his brash confidence, he couldn't maintain his early lead and succumbed to finish 9th. 2016/17 saw HarryBosch suffer from second season syndrome, ending up swapping places with BP1960 for 2017/18. One would imagine he'll be an early bookies favourite to come straight back up though. If you're sufficiently intrigued, please take a look at the Prediction League Forum below.
  11. No. We're still in the 'explaining to the uninitiated how it works' phase of marketing at the moment..... moving onto admin, tactics & mind games is for later. Can I kindly ask you to keep your counsel for now Mr Medic.
  12. It would appear - and I hope - it's that way......
  13. From what I saw of last night, Davies looked very rusty.... but at least got himself in some good positions.... Banks was his usual graceful but powder puff self......
  14. I believe so. If you haven't got Paypal, you can message Stevie_J and he will give you bank details so you can arrange a transfer. Be great to have you involved yarddog73.