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  1. Maybe far more is pushing it, but Green has over double the international caps and played at Championship level for 9 straight seasons...
  2. I'll bite. Green has had a far more distinguished career than Douglas. Also, there's no way there's £600k on the table for McLaughlin. You can halve that at least.
  3. Given that our smallest striker is 6"2 and it's likely that our cheapest signing was an attacking midfielder it wasn't hard to guess the way we'll look to play a certain way.
  4. I wouldn't, unless we had Ripley permanently. If it was a season loan and a 36 year old for our biggest asset and most creative player I'd be sceptical.
  5. He's our most versatile player so he'd be an enormous loss. Also somebody I'd looked forward to watch develop at the club. Does this mean Gardner to the right-wing like he was at Chesterfield or Flynn? Once again I look at our squad and the creativity is lacking over everything else.
  6. 500k for a player in the last year of his contract, 4th choice at parent club Sounds a lot to me
  7. Absolute size of this lad. Built a bit like JCH, but bigger. If he's alright at kicking a ball he could be valuable...
  8. Hill has the knack
  9. Seem to recall they paid a fee for a player earlier in the window. May be incorrect though.
  10. Rochdale re-signing Matt Done. I doubted it a few months back but looks like they're going for it this season.
  11. Just signed Christian Stuani from Boro who bagged a brace against us in the league cup the other year. They should be swiping us aside really. Club has done well to find an attractive friendly match.
  12. There will be plenty of decent sides so it'll be fairly tight I'd have thought. Winner won't be near 100 points, anyway.
  13. This is it. Compared to the rest of the league's business we're still right down there, and I expect our position at the end of the season to reflect that. Though the defence and our solidity should keep us safe enough from relegation. Like you say, Oxford's signings eclipse ours for quality, as do the likes of Bury and Northampton inc all the usual suspects - maybe 8 or 9 of them at least. Taking off the blinkers I'm predicting another finish below 15th unless the likes of McLaughlin, Duffus, Flynn, Holloway and Fane all really flourish.
  14. Based on new info, or the same when you posted on the other thread?