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  1. There's no doubt we will do. We took 1100 last season on a Tuesday night and it felt like we outnumbered them. However they announce attendance figures that look nowhere near the actual crowd.
  2. Natalie Sawyer's married to another man ffs!
  3. Let's be honest, we all enjoy the unsavoury scenes, except from the properly bad stuff.
  4. I stand corrected.
  5. She's married to that Sam Matterface presenter I think. Never knew she knocked about with Douglas...
  6. Well they're dun fer
  7. No idea why but Jonathan Douglas has Bradford written all over him. He'll go to a top end club at this level, minimum. May even catch in the Championship still.
  8. Although sadly Blackpool away is a horrible experience in their predicament. A couple of thousand fans - minus most of the vocal ones - in a stadium which holds 20,000 On a Saturday we'd outnumber them
  9. Purely in terms of protracted transfers, Iain Vigurs must be in a league of his own...
  10. I'd snap your hand off for them, but the likelihood is that a side full of 30+ year old big egos won't compete for a full season. Even more likely when they've been there for a couple of years and still getting big wages. Age only doesn't count when it doesn't suit you. What's the bet you've said 'his legs have gone' when we've had players at the twilight of their career who haven't performed? Think we can all agree that Clarke is an exceptional case
  11. Bury probably have 10 players in their squad over 30 and on long contracts. We have a handful and I can't see us bringing in anymore players over 30 either.
  12. Easy to look at Clarke now and give him another two years, because he's proved that he can hack it (and more) at his age. Dawson is now reaching the stage where you'd expect him to slow up. He might even be great next season, but they haven't got a clue whether he'll be able to cope. He's a punt.
  13. Bury's signings have clearly got a decent pedigree, but the average age of their squad must be ancient. Dawson has signed a deal which will see him at 35 when it ends. Same with Beckford. How many times have you seen clubs assemble a team of players like this and it's gone tits up? Potential to be really good, but you can see it falling apart.
  14. Admittedly I didn't get to that many games this season, but most I saw were early under Robinson, and I never thought he looked disinterested. To me he came across as frustrated, which is totally understandable at that juncture. He always wanted the ball, and often came out of position to get it - overly eager perhaps. Also unfortunate that he hit the woodwork a lot early season, which may have got him up and running. I'd have him back. Wouldn't break the bank, like, and don't think he'll ever be more than a 15+ goals a season striker, but he will always contribute a fair number and he's got a lot more to his game than just scoring. We will be looking at finding a partner for Holloway next season, so it's a trade-off between what we already know is a decent partnership, or risking it on somebody who may be even better. Also, how that goal against Peterborough didn't win goal of the season I'll never know...