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  1. I reckon(just have a feeling ) he will sign today 3 year deal, not concede all season and we will be looking back at this thread laughing, when where in the championship
  2. What we have no keepers? Keepers are overrated anyways
  3. Number 1 shirt still free, more irons in the fire, MAYBE this will happen
  4. He sees himself more as a striker who can do a job on the wing, can also play behind the striker
  5. If any funds needed don't hesitate to ask, more than happy to contribute, and I'm sure many other would be to
  6. Was at the game yesterday, and would just like to make a comment on how personally I thought Mason Fawns was the best player on the pitch, including the second half, he was fantastic being played out of position in centre midfield, he not only kept us ticking over with his passing but also tracked back and made some important tackles, great to see and could really be pushing the likes of Banks and Gardner for a starting spot! I know it was only against Curzon Ashton, but he has very good technique and is excellent on the ball. Also set up our best chance in the first half, the cross just happened to land to the number 12 trialist, who ironically was the height of a 12 year old.
  7. Do we still need a left winger or will that be down to Tope and Hunt(LWB), if so that would leave us with just 2 keepers and a maybe extra cm to get ? with no loans used so far
  8. A friend of mine plays for Everton and has played near enough all ages with duffus, he's a very good player, and we have done well to get him. Look in much better shape this year on the striker front
  9. It is someone else, very good source
  10. I would say this week, not to sure on the hold up, I would like to say the source but unable to at this time, though its a pretty certain source, if the deal falls through I will hold my hands up and say how i got the information, but as far as i'm aware the deal is done
  11. Duffus will be an Oldham player very soon
  12. Haha, sent the money, will i start in the Championship and have to make a promotion charge for the premier league ?
  13. go on then, where do we join fellas, prediction league virgin
  14. Well we are getting neither, Courtney duffus is the final striker? He's signing on loan !