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  2. Not that I can recall. He missed a penalty tonight as well. That's a rarity. I used to live opposite him when he was at Bristol Rovers. Nice guy.
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  4. Joe Jacobson scores another goal from a corner. Did he ever do that for us?
  5. Nah, it was Scholes. Based on the fact that all great players make great managers...
  6. OK. Lets get the most important things out of the way first. I have never crowed about my support-you have no idea how long I have been going to BP because I have never stated it. I happen to think staying away from the club does nothing but harm it-you disagree-Fine. I wouldn't wish watching Manyoo on my worst enemy. can't stand the club. If you support Latics you support Latics end of. This old chestnut again. If you don't hate him on here then you have to be for him. Not the case -having alternative view to many on here does not mean like or are defending the guy. What does get my goat is posters doing nothing but bitch about the regime but having no alternative to offer. £60,000 or £200,000 a month in funding it has to be found or there is no club. Bottom line is if he stops then the club folds. And here is where it gets difficult-sell to who-your beloved OEC who have done tap all since September except muddy the waters. So yes he does have to be here until or if there is a new owner.
  7. whittles left foot = party or halliwell. Nailed on.
  8. Don't think Wigan are big in The Philippines. How big does a bet have to be to make that sort of caper worthwhile?
  9. After these last 10 years, achieving 125 years is bordering on miraculous and worthy of a celebration. Got the 100 years mug from 1995 & the 100 years at Boundary Park shirt from 2004/05 season and remember Luke Beckett banging in the goals... 15 years seems like a lifetime. Will it be Dearnley wearing it or will Uncle Abdallah surprise us all with a new signing or two
  10. Can you name anything him and his brother have got right? On the trajectory since he took over, we will be in the Conf next season. At some point you have to say enough. Even a tiny bit of normal management of a club could bring about a change in fortunes.
  11. You are! Why are you defending him? Do you like what you have seen become the club become in the last 3 years which bearing in mind the state the previous owner left is a pretty sorry state of afffairs when you consider the state the previous owner left us is in. Oh and in terms of not having any solutions here are several things that he could do that would reduce the losses get people back through the door see and improvement on the pitch. Several things Ive suggested before. - Stop signing crap foreign players from his agent mates build a recruitment policy around young hungry players with a sprinkling of good steady eddy experienced pros preferably with connections to the area. More Jonny Smiths and less Sonny Sefils please. - Have faith in managers and coaching staff they will keep failing if you don't - Bin off Mo hes a liability and costs us hundreds of thousands (actually its probably into the millions) in bad player recruitment. - Bin off Barry Owen again a liability and an embarrassment who has an appalling attitude towards the fans by treating everyone like a common criminal. - Stop interfering and falling out with everybody again its counter productive. - Engage with the fan led group and the OEC again its counter productive to do the opposite and will just drive fans away. If he can't do the above just sell up and leave because its only going to get worse he doesn't have to be here. I know this doesn't sit well with people like yourself who like to crow about how super dooper loyal you are, and come without with lines such as "who will buy us" and "if you don't like it go and support manyoo" Ofcourse if he wants to carry on down this road twattery then ofcourse many of us won't renew season tickets or go to games We owe them nothing.
  12. Just depends how old you are.......150 seems a long way off for me !
  13. Am I the only one that thinks 125 years isn’t much of a big deal? 100 years obviously, 150 yes, but 125??
  14. What have you seen from the current owners that suggests they can do anything properly? They haven't a fucking clue what they're doing and they're not willing to learn. They're going to do it their way and their way only and it'll take us over the cliff..
  15. Why is better on a team just outside the prem classed as obscure ?
  16. This was Corney's way of running the club, until he could no longer borrow to pay the bills. Leaving us in a complete mess of alleged undisclosed debts. I remember him saying that if he was to suddenly die unexpectedly the club is on a sound footing and would be able to carry on as normal. ”What a complete twat!!!”
  17. This was Corney's way of running the club, until he could no longer borrow to pay the bills. Leaving us in a complete mess of alleged undisclosed debts. I don't know where AL is getting the money from, but the club is losing £1m a year. If AL manages to buy the stadium in the name of the club, then quite a lot of that £1m could be made up from the income generated if it's done properly. The first thing would have to be a winning team to get attendancies up, so that more money is spent on match days. I agree with you about the players brought in over the years. The playing budget for 2018/19 could have been about £3.5m, because the turnover would have allowed that, but I don't think it was anything like that. As the EFL is so pitifully poor at checking out new owners (see Wigan) we need to be very careful we don't get someone worse.
  18. Similarly to cricket spot fixing I wonder what sort of bookie would ever take big bets on such obscure events without wondering why someone would wish to place them
  19. I would have thought that all members should have always been entitled to a proxy vote. Perhaps the cost of postage and printing of forms made it to costly. Perhaps covid will prompt online voting , or at least being able to vote via email.
  20. To be fair, they were sponsors at the club for awhile. I did have a conversation about latics with his secretary about 18 months ago and he was pretty sure that his charity work was his focus now. my ex boss too...well I tried hahah
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