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  2. Well apart from the fact its bad financially, commercially and from a PR point of view I cant see any positive for them closing it. Oh and the rent is for the entire ground you do realise this don't you.
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  4. In fact, that’s too respectful, duxburry was shite. Really don’t know where this comes from that he was this spectacular midfielder. Yes good goal against Wigan that season but that was it. Poor mans Mark Hughes for me.
  5. Fair point! Was duxbury as good as good as people on here like to think? Also think rush flattered to deceive but take your point about the rest.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Not having that. Duxbury was in it for a start. Andy Hughes, Matty Rush, Shaun Garnett. Even Stitch on his last legs would breeze into this side. We had worst teams around the turn of the century that somehow Stitch etc got a tune out of.
  8. The team that got releagated from division 1, now championship - 97 I think, was worse than this. Now that was an awful side. Next season will be make or break. Either we’ll have a squad based on season ticket sales and attendances or he’ll pump stupid money in (that he hasn’t got) and get a decent side together. I just can’t see a summer of recruitment being as atrocious as last year.
  9. According to the Spanish press he can only play league games as Farsa are out of the cup and he hasn't been registered in time to play the final stages in Europe.
  10. He's not at the moment, but I think each round of the Champions League has squad lists. I think he could eligible for future games from the quarter final stage.
  11. Makes perfect sense to me. After skipping a few rental payments and being called out, why on earth would these people now want to settle the matter and start paying the rent again. Home form is dire. Attendances down to around 3,000 and likely to worsen, swallowed by the two other stands. Selling a few more pints and pies for their benefit is also another benefit for these cheapskate owners. They appear comfortable denying paid - up supporters their chosen seat, without a by-your-leave or any sign of embarrassment. There isn’t a single positive I can think of for them to reopen the North Stand. Played for and got is my view.
  12. If they ever bring back the home guard, I reckon they could do worse than start recruiting from on here.
  13. I may be wrong but it is a Spanish league thing, all clubs can do it, he is not eligible for European football.
  14. 56 all bits are my own at the mo, but some are further south than they used to be
  15. I see they have allowed Barcelona to sign Martin Braithwaite outside the transfer window because Suarez is injured
  16. This statement reflects how an ever increasing percentage of our fans are starting to feel.
  17. Pint of lager, bottle of fruity cider £12😱
  18. Reminder that not everyone who has Arthritis is over 50.
  19. I've not missed a game we've played at Orient in years. Until now. Can't be arsed.
  20. Are you Urko Are you Urko Are you Urko in disguise Are you UrUrUrko in disguise
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