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  2. Extremely reliably informed we received no more than 225k up front for George. The rest of the 700k to come in installments over the next 2 years...
  3. Reckon he would be a good shout for the assistant job at Bury with a more experienced man at the helm...
  4. Such as, for example, telling them that their mother is a whore?
  5. Barry told me - when he was still Chairman of the Supporters Trust - that he knew signing Evans would result in quite a few long standing fans not going, but he thought it was worth it. That would be enough for me. But I've also met him. And his family entourage. And I remember him threatening to sue this message board. And threatening to sue everybody. I know he always told people Corney was a crook but he was sitting tight to take over from him. And the Strangeway riots. And the fleece. "And Lady." And a whole lot more
  6. Happy. Wanted to come home and we’ve got in there. Good age for a keeper.
  7. Wild has applied for the Bury job according to Mike Minay. Out of the frying pan and all that...
  8. A step in the right direction. At least she seems to have some balls about her.....not literally of course!! Whether her views and opinions will be listened to is a different story altogether but we live in hope....
  9. I'm happy with this. He's played nearly all his football at a higher level than we currently are. 2 year deal which is as long as we could have hoped for with any signing Nearly 200 competitive games so has the experience required to help the young lads this season #englishlad
  10. What do we think of this then ? Seems a fairly good signing. I never wanted Zeus as number 1. At Exeter he didn’t look like a number 1 to me personally.
  11. A fantastic season in Orient's history where no errors of judgement were made...
  12. A snippet from Wikipedia: "After 17 league appearances for Orient during the 2014–15 season, he found himself as number two behind Alex Cisak."
  13. Don't know much about him, but looks another good signing along with Mills. Good to see a 2 year deal and someone with decent experience.
  14. Just spoken to someone who did some work with her whilst she was at Curzon - he reckons she's brilliant...
  15. Woods added. I'd assume he'll wear the 1. shirt, but the announcement didn't say like it did for Mills.
  16. . . . and she speaks French, which might come in useful! Linkedin
  17. Don’t shoot the messenger but I think they had won one in about 80 games so the natives were restless.
  18. sold it off through the years Alan - got a load of programmes given to me from a fella in Middleton and it started me off. At one stage I was about 6 programmes short of all home and aways for Latics since 1960 but as time went by and life took several different turns, became apparent I had to finance other things and sadly the time came when I had to sell up. I recall Jimmy Kirton saying you will regret it one day, I always did but life goes on. I couldn't bear the idea of someone throwing Latics programmes out Alan, hence I contacted you when yours were up for grabs (cheers mate)
  19. Same as when we spend 70 minutes giving an opposition player stick and then get our knickers in a twist when he cups an ear to the crowd after scoring. If you're willing to give out then you should be willing to take it back. All part of the panto of a footie match.
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