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  2. Hence Blitz wants out and needs somebody silly enough to pay his asking price... hmmm.
  3. There are many ways to cut cost it doesn't involve sacking anyone
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  5. I know but if he has already signed he wont report back for training just yet, he will have a couple of weeks break... Surprised we havent announced the signing if its true
  6. does anybody seriously expect the Noblot friendly to take place after they have yet again postponed a fixture due to being in admin with no team having cancelled saturdays game v Chester
  7. Just to correct this, no he couldn’t. There’s a 99-yr covenant on the land the club sits on which states it has to be used for leisure and recreational purposes. Granted that doesn’t mean a football club but it certainly doesn’t mean houses or a Tesco.
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  9. A very very wise owl. Saved me the time of writing this. Only thing I’d add is that many seem to lose sight of the fact AL and FLG are direct competitors for the land (or were until AL stated that Blitz and Gazal had overpriced the land). That and a possible hostile takeover attempt...it’s not really going to get AL onside. It’s the sort of tactic folk were pushing for the Trust to take.
  10. Could just sack all those staff who want paying minimum wage like Marco does
  11. .....he was to blame for leaving Corney in charge though... they - TTA - could’ve sold lock, stock & barrel on more than one occasion, but were asking silly money.... I hope the FLG have made him see sense on price.... although I fear not.
  12. Can't we carry on with this thread, it was better. Exactly what pre season should be about
  13. One of the good guys and a massive plus, on the other hand Tommy has ended up at Swindon.
  14. It was clutching at straws but then I realised the only game in town is 'kerplunk'
  15. But the original tradition seems to be that there was no traditional kick off time.
  16. I seriously doubt it’s to much of an advantage. He’s been propping Corney up for years.
  17. It’s a possibility Blitz is playing all of this... isn’t it? (To his own advantage I mean).
  18. Well, he is a bit of a knob, apparently. So I'm told.
  19. FLG no money and dont own didly squat. However happy to increase costs to "their club", you know thealready skint one. If they really had the clubs best interest at heart they would be looking at ways to reduce costs! It a blatant act of rocking the boat, knowing al would respond this way. I'm no al fan, but at least he is now paying wages on time and hopefully we are on a better financial footing. These guys dont have a pot to piss in and playing Russian roulette with our club!
  20. Or Blitz wants to cut his years of losses and the FLG think they can make it pay off the loan to build it. Blitz hasn’t made the money that people think he has.
  21. For what it's worth, I think AL wants his imports to be superstars, we storm up the League playing amazing football, successive promotions, sell players for millions while bringing new ones almost as good for tuppence, big backers and sponsors attracted, Latics fans are happier than ever and love him, fans from all around start to follow us, Champions League Trophy and a statue of him in solid gold erected by public subscription outside the 90,000 AL Stadium (which he owns). I'm just not quite sure he's getting there yet. Barry would have settled for the statue.
  22. It is almost Corneyesque, desperate and divisive, spinning a yarn for sympathy and feeding the masses bullshit to cover their own incompetence.
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