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  2. Rain due, so need to get them out then start quick.
  3. One of your favourite memories is of pissing yourself on a minibus? You must be looking forward to old age - every day will be a party!
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  5. Nice little lay there if we make the playoffs I'd imagine. We'd possibly be shortpriced favourites on form... Playoff favourites last season were 15/8, 12/5 and 9/4. £20 at 66/1 could allow you to lock in £500/£600 if we make 7th... (without working it out properly) Or, more likely, lose £20...
  6. Where? 22's was the best I could find yesterday... Found it - BetFred https://www.oddschecker.com/football/english/league-2/promotion
  7. Just for context you can still get 66/1 for us to be promoted.
  8. Unfortunately they have started a recovery 73-3 now (the bastards).
  9. Good start today in a must win game. Mahmood 3-10. I watched him last week and he is quick. Uses both sides and halves of the wicket mind.
  10. Don't forget he's had two spells at this level. Hard to imagine why a third would be on the cards
  11. Tried to buy my tickets at the Exeter ticket office first before ordering them over the phone (arrived today) and they said there were about 1300ish available in total. Seating will be fairly limited but there should be more than enough spaces in the away terrace.
  12. Cheers Billy - I thought there would have been a lot more seeing the importance of the game. Pay on the day may boost the numbers.
  13. 101 Seated and 257 Standing sold so far
  14. 2 Oldham 6 4 2 0 11 4 +7 14 3 Newport 6 3 3 0 9 2 +7 12 20 Northampton 6 1 2 3 9 12 -3 5 21 Exeter 6 1 2 3 8 12 -4 5 Off current form Exeter & Northampton are very winnable. Newport however are a different story. They’ve not conceded many goals lately and have only lost 3 home games all season. We will need to take full advantage of any chances we create. If we can beat Exeter then Newport will be a huge fixture. I’ll be on a plane that night until 11.00pm without internet so the suspense will probably do me in😂
  15. I’m attempting to run a minibus to Exeter if anyone is interested please DM me. Setting off from OL2 at 6:00am and returning straight after the match. £45 per person. Boozing permitted. Need to let minibus firm know tomorrow latest. Cheers
  16. I see Wigan have secured their championship status for next season. Is Lang ready for the championship? Be interesting if they want to send him back out on loan next season. He’s loving his football with us so you never know. Although I suspect league 1 clubs may be sniffing around!
  17. Any idea on tickets sold as there was only an initial 750 tickets available. 400 standing and 350 seating according to the website.
  18. God I remember that Hereford game. Got to the ground and I remember how pleased I was that it was a standing terrace behind the goal. Then the match kicked off........
  19. Yeah agreed still rather ask than travel and find out it isn’t
  20. Absolutely. I was on that terrace when we beat Plymouth I think it was, 7-1 after being 1-1 at half-time. Got absolutely soaked second half, non-stop rain, but a great memory. My mum nearly killed me when I got home!
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