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  2. Cheers. When you say a lot less than you expected. Was it 50? 100?
  3. Mentioned it earlier kow - I know it was a friendly but, to be honest, it was all a bit flat in the fans' bar and the attendance in there was certainly a lot less than I expected. The pies on offer were first class - particularly the chicken, leek and mushroom - absolutely delicious. I also called into the O2 as a comparison - was busier with a much better atmosphere - perhaps the £2 per drink did the trick (although only cider on draught - the beers/lagers were all cans). I don't know why but I expected the fans' bar to be elsewhere - it was in the Broadway suite, which I`ve been to before for weddings and meals etc. I had it in my head that it was a completely new unit - clearly, I`m going daft.
  4. You’ve got to hand it to Blitz. Money key from the houses and kidney unit. Rent from Corney and now A/L every year since he left- holding out for top dollar on the OEC and ground. All with no liability for the football club. Thanks for memories. 😩
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  6. Decent pint. Took a while for people to come in but yeah there was a few in. Nice touch coffee tea and pies all free.
  7. Did anyone frequent the North Stand hospitality yesterday? How was it? Many there? Pies promising for next season?
  8. I can see an away game replacement for Saturday's Bolton game being announced next week.
  9. For the good of the football club AL & the FLG need to get round a table and sort it all out ASAP, otherwise it’s going to escalate big time and develop into a Coventry type scenario and that’s the last thing we want!!!
  10. Yet Vera stayed on? Liked the Rochdale number 8, class player, he will go higher IMO.
  11. I didn't speak to him personally but with my vast experience of watching ( and partaking in ) football I recognise a limp when I see one !
  12. Hard to judge him on 30 minutes but he didn't look too bad. Not the quickest like
  13. Do you know for sure he wasn't faking it?
  14. You're The Guardian of OWTB. The poster who hates other posters.
  15. 😂. What a cock you are. (Some absolute gems this morning from the usual suspects) What are you on about!? Yeah... you need to speak to someone to see them pick up an injury, hobble for a bit and then a few minutes later get subbed... limping up the steps.
  16. What is becoming apparent is the gap between the 2 sides of the argument is that the gap is getting wider. At some point there is going to be a conflict unless this is resolved. AL seems intent on dividing the fanbase, what his reasons are for this I have no idea. The FLG need to make their intentions clear pretty soon and then hopefully both sides can sit down and find some common ground. I'm done with it for the foreseeable future although a trip to Bradford is worth it for the beer and curry alone. It really is a sad state of affairs when some of our most loyal fans are ready to throw the towel in.
  17. I remember Trust posting at the time what was up for sale so to speak. But I can't find it as we updated the website. in the last 12 months
  18. What a pillock you are. 😂 Did you even see the match? Did you turn up to buy a Blitz pint?
  19. Thanks underdog for the clarification - and yes I was scratching my head at the link
  20. He was injured. Spotted it as it happened. You can pass judgement if you ever turn up and watch him.
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