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#845634 Darren Kelly

Posted by LaticsPete on 24 April 2016 - 06:13 AM

I still don't understand the glee that some posters show about Kelly failing at other clubs.
He was the wrong appointment for us but as far as I'm aware did nothing malicious towards Latics when he was here or afterwards
The man is a human being, has had a lousy year and he and his family must be feeling rotten . He has tried to be a success at something he obviously loves and failed. Would any of us want to be in that position?
Time for him to re-assess his ambitions probably, but also time for us to stop seeming to revel in his misfortune.
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#818082 Thanks for the memories but .......

Posted by joe_lead on 30 November 2015 - 07:53 PM

During the 70s, 80s and early 90s I almost religiously travelled home and away to watch Oldham the team my Dad supported. During the later nineties my work took me away from the area resulting in me going to less games, but I would still make every effort to attend about 20 games a season. The noughties (stupid word) saw me move even further away and start a family since when I have been able to attend only a dozen games a season on average. However, like ones true love I would still think of Oldham every single day and stay in contact by whatever means available to me.

I grew up much closer to Maine Road than Boundary Park. My Grandad would take me to watch City on the occasions when my Dad couldnt take me to Oldham. I could have supported City but in those days you tended to support the team your Dad supported, lets call it an arranged marriage.

Living in Manchester none of my mates were Oldham supporters, so when I started going to watch Oldham without my Dad I had to make new friends. So I found new friends and what started as a common passion for Oldham grew into family friendships where we now share visits, holidays, birthdays, weddings and unfortunately funerals. When I look back I thought it took a lot of guts for a young lad to go and watch Oldham when all his mates were off watching City every weekend, but I know that I made the right decision even though at the time my love was blind and my dad wouldve kicked me over next doors back wall if Id chosen otherwise.

There would be a dozen or so of us who would meet up all those years ago in the old 2nd Division. Like my City mates we all grew up with a common allegiance to a club, we sang on the terraces around the country, like them we had heroes that we idolised. But thats where the commonality ended. We got to talk to our heroes when they were warming up or taking a throw-in and wed meet them at the open days and possibly again in the street or at a petrol station. We truly believed we were part of our club, we could access our club and talk to players, club officials and Directors, whereas my City friends could only reach out and barely touch theirs. Our club promoted a family image, an image recognised across the country, yes there were other family clubs but it meant we were slightly different than the norm and it was a badge we could wear with pride. With the family image came a personal responsibility to consider those around you and moderate your language when giving the opposition and officials pelters, but this meant that the patter was generally humorous rather than abusive. There was also the word unfashionable that prefixed Oldham which we always assumed was aimed at us for wearin the same T-shirt and jeans for 3 seasons when everyone else was wearing Fred Perry and Tachinni. Whatever it meant, it gave us a unique identity.

Winning wasnt everything to us, because our love wasnt shallow it was forged by a close association with club and fellow supporters alike, it was in our genes, or more likely it simply drained out of us after 40 years that saw us win only 2 promotions. However, our alternative to winning was a sense of pride that for many years we were associated with playing attacking football. I recall our goal scored was regularly one of the highest in all leagues. Admittedly our goals against were equally the highest but that never mattered because it was entertainment and there was lots to talk about post-match. I can also remember feeling smug when people would never put us down for a no-score draw because there were long periods of time when 0-0 was so infrequent. Our history is peppered with characters who kept you talking after the final whistle, not blessed with world-class skill but more of honest endeavours. I admit that there were also dismal times, but you always knew that there was a commitment within then club to turn things around.

All of the above were positive attributes that founded the strong association between club and supporters. I accept that Society has changed and I accept that Football has changed but most of these attributes are maintained through a top down club ethos rather than any amount of financial input. The performances on the pitch for several years have been a direct reflection of the (lack of) leadership shown by those at the top. Outside of minimising expenditure there appears no visible strategies for improving the entertainment offered. It has been painful watching something you have grown up with being treated with such frivolous contempt.

Weve been through a lot of turmoil in recent times but even up until 2005 there were six or seven of the original dozen would meet up for a couple of pints before and after the games. Last year only two of us attended matches this year theres been only me. The strategy of (over) reliance on lone players has been counter-productive eroding the connection between supporter and player, and preventing any opportunity for continuous improvement. Recruitment of borderline competent footballers and managers intent on playing low-risk, dont lose anti-football has reduced the entertainment value to zero. A family image that took decades to build up was cut down in one week of the Ched Evans affair. For all of us there has been a gradual cutting of the positive identity that originally bound us to the club, but worse than this, any hope of the future return of these values have now been replaced with a belief that this rudderless ship will be a haven for any workshy fop that wants to earn their coin for the near future. My love has stopped and my respect and admiration replaced by dislike and irritation.

The final but strongest bond that motivates me to attend is now my Dad. He took me to my first game for which I will be forever grateful, and he still goes regularly as he has done for nearly 80years. Circumstances over the last couple of seasons have meant that Ive been in the area for many weekends which have allowed me to attend many more games, and just like my informative years I go along with my dad. We sit and put the world to right and blether about the past players and the characters in the crowd and how we would all stand in the same place in the paddocks, the banter youd have with the linesman and players.

This weekend at Crewe we were reminiscing about the lies people would shout to Ronnie Blair about what the opposition winger had said about him, and Ronnie would give you a knowing wink after hed sent him into the advertising boards. Just as wed stopped laughing one of our own supporters shouted a tirade of abuse at Brown from behind. Neither of us said anything, I could see my Dad shaking his head though, in fact he shook his head that many times on Saturday Im surprised it didnt fall off.

It wasnt a nice atmosphere at the end of the match and I was glad to be going home, and as we slowly walked back to the car my Dad turned to me and said Do you only come to the games because of me? I replied Not really, I enjoy the time with you and its just like what we did all those years ago After a few seconds he stopped and said I think thatll be my last game, I dont enjoy it anymore, lets create some new memories just you, me, (your wife) and the grand kids. My eyes filled up as I realised Saturday was probably the last time Ill ever watch Oldham with my Dad.

So with that final tie for me attending matches being severed what about my relationship with Oldham. Well weve been growing apart in recent years, in spite of the difficulties weve faced I can honestly say that I tried to make it work but it is now clear to me that we want different things and are going in different directions. I do not see any of attributes that originally drew me to Oldham, and none of my friends like her that much anymore. The increasing arguing and bickering, some of it in public in front of our friends, has become tiresome and destructive. All the good times and laughs are clearly in the past and I will always treasure them however I dont see any future in trying to make it work when all you do is ignore the people that have cared about you. I think its time for a trial separation.

Ive no intention of finding another club. I think this has come at a time when football in general is losing my interest and has been sliding down my own set of priorities for some years. There's far too much football being broadcast and far too much money involved in a game which ought to be primarily about participating rather than spectating. I may be enticed to return if there is a change in ethos at the club, an ethos that would set us aside for being different and doing the right thing, the suggestion of food collections is a small but important step in the right direction.
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#887537 10 Years of OWTB

Posted by rummytheowl on 11 January 2017 - 08:53 AM

Maybe not a lot has happened in 10 years, however in some respects we've tried to do it all.


We've had our ups and downs, we've fell out with people, made friends, maybe found a soul-mate.


We've got things started, we've been innovators, in this place there's no such thing as a bad idea.


We've been talked about in boardrooms, on the news, outgrown our humble beginnings


These things make us what we are. We are Oldham.


Thank you.

OWTB Staff past and present.




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#817817 An open letter to the club

Posted by oafcprozac on 29 November 2015 - 02:25 PM

I have always prided myself on my support for MY home town, team and club. When I first started following Oldham Athletic I could have easily chosen Liverpool or Everton the two top teams of the time. Or perhaps gone following United or City, both were in the doldrums but both were relatively cheap and all my mates followed one or the other. But, No. I chose my dads team Oldham Athletic. The team I fell in love with prided themselves on being a family club with a loyal fanbase that had been brought up on attacking football. Theyd been struggling in the second tier for 12 years but had always tried to play the right way and the number one aim was to entertain. Football like it or not is an entertainment business and the number one aim is goals. I was lucky I began supporting the team in 1986 and for the next eight years or so it was thrills and spills all the way, there were a couple of poor periods in late 1987 and late 1988 but overall the team won the majority of its home games, ok we were crap away but week after week you were guaranteed goals at Boundary Park. Another thing, the directors were local men, the players were contracted to the club and we had stability with a management team that wanted to win football matches played the right way. The ground was a dump, we didnt care it was ours and we were all in it together from the chairman to the tea lady.
Fast forward to the summer of 2003, my darkest days as a Latics fan but also some of the best. I was proud to be a Latics fan seeing how we rallied round and pulled together to try and save our club, the togetherness I felt in that 2003/04 season is something that will live with me forever.  We knew the good times were well and truly behind us and the club was fighting for its very existence. Luckily three New York Businessmen rode in and saved the club from oblivion. They had great ideas to move the club forward, yet were halted and then delayed by a council lacking vision.
Still we began to move forward on the pitch and between 2005-09 we saw FOUR consecutive top ten finishes which saw the club in a good place and consistently in the right half of the league. However, eventually those frustrations off the field resulted in the Chairman walking away and around the same time saw John Sheridan sacked. Ever since our fortunes on the field have nosedived, the fanbase has become demoralised and half of those fans that worked so hard to keep the club afloat in 2003, the same fans that were simply happy to have a club have walked away. Washing their hands of a club that is only heading one way.
It wont happen They say, well ask Grimsby Town, Tranmere Rovers, Stockport County, Lincoln City, Wrexham etc. all similar sized clubs to us these days. Well it happened to them!
With each cock up we inch closer to oblivion.
2015 has been a nightmare for Oldham Athletic
Ched Evans Saga. Were these the actions of a family club, one I and my kids proudly support?
Lee Johnson to Barnsley. He was under contract, he stays until the end of the season. THE CLUB COMES FIRST.
Dean Holden being placed in charge. Just what was the plan here? IT smacked of little Oldham giving up and part of the reason we have only 3 wins in 28 league games. An unforgivable lack of ambition.
Darren Kelly A joke of an appointment handled pathetically and stinks of rying to save a few quid.
Re-signing: Croft and Wellens Both well past it jobs for the boys and obvious external interference.
Dunn: A mistake from the start.
The Stand: It should have been OAFCs moment to savour, it should be Simon Corneys legacy. Instead it will be remembered for delay after delay. It feels like an anti-climax when it should be celebrated for the wonderful achievement it is!
Barry Owen: Need I say any more?
I know times have changed in football and many clubs of our size live hand to mouth, I can cope with that. Thats the reality of 3rd tier football however, the clubs very identity is at stake. A procession of loanees year on year kills any affinity people feel with the club. I assure you that, the team yesterday would not have witnessed such vitriol if it wasn't so top heavy with loanees and short term deals. Fans can see when players are holding back and not giving their all. That is a bare minimum we expect. Oldham is a hard working town but not a well paid town. £22 + travel + refreshments is a large chunk of your average Oldhamers income, they deserved more yesterday.
I can honestly say in my 30 years of supporting the cub I have never felt so detached from the club, The fans, owners, directors, management, coaches and players have never felt so distant. Why? Well just what is our aim as a club? What is the vision to move the club forward? What is the vision to make the club sustainable in a way that will see crowds improve? Some fans are gone for good BUT there is a big interest in the club in Oldham, many fans cant afford it or are lapsed but a modicum of success or even consistent attacking football will see people return. Make the product marketable with a team the fans can identify in and some will return.
How do we change things and move forward?
(1) Have an owner that is either here more often or delegates true power to the board can the present directors be trusted to do this?! If not show true desire to find a viable owner that can do the above.
(2) Develop a manageable vision statement how the club will move forward in the next THREE to FIVE years
(3) Employ a manager and coaching team with an ethos of attacking and scoring goals not simply to go out and not lose. Like it or not this has been the ethos of our last FOUR full time managers.
(4) Insist home grown talent gets a chance on merit. Contracted players are OUR players so why the need for a constant stream of short term deals and loanees? Emergency loans should be just that. Not used as an excuse to bin the previous managers contracted players.
(5) Reintroduce reserve team football to help develop our own players and keep the squad fit.
(6) Stop treating the fans like idiots with the constant criticism in the press.
I do have sympathy for a lot of what Simon Corney has had to put up with in the last 6 years since his partners pulled out but if we keep with the present board we will continue to stagnate and slip towards oblivion. I know Simon doesnt want that and Im sure one day he will be very proud of his legacy the North Stand. Will he be as proud to see us struggling in league 2 next season, because with the current board and management structure it is inevitable?
I feel we have reached a tipping point over the last few weeks, fans are voting with their feet the Millwall attendance will be sub 3,000 I guarantee it. After what I have seen at Chesterfield and yesterday with fans arguing with themselves and the reaction the players got. You know what I simply dont want to be part of such a toxic set up. So with a heavy heart Im going to take a break from following the team I love away from home initially, until I see a change in atmosphere and maybe even home games too, season tickets or not.
I know I'm not alone, there's a close group of about ten of us that go everywhere that number has dwindled massively over the last month - many of us have missed only 6 games or so in the last three years and when lunatics like us are fed up and walking away, I really do think it is time to sit up and take notice.

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#651601 Ex-players and that

Posted by underdog on 02 August 2013 - 07:16 PM

I'm in therapy, paying £50 an hour trying to recover from the mass downboating I got for spouting some bollocks last season.

You should be so lucky, I was something like -127 and a troll a few weeks ago....hehe, I've been called a few things in my time

Now I'm -49 and neutral, and if I can get in the plus by Xmas, I'll have to honour my player share pledge donation.
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#834439 Pitch

Posted by beag_teeets on 09 February 2016 - 09:20 AM

The  pies are too cold, not enough pies, no bacon butties, chips, the pitch is too wet, the owners a cunt, the left back is wank, ex-manager a judas, stand too high, been moved stands, main stand a mess, kit shrinks, no kit, no shop, don't like new shop, bricks are wrong, car park a mess, other teams better than us, palaces cheerleaders are fitter, stand was late, too many queues, managers wank, throwaway comments to press are disrespectful, he's on twitter, not on twitter, players say daft things, boots wrong colour, shorts too long, ticket staff weren't robots, doomed, plots, conspiracy, council, legroom, sun in eyes, no singing, too much singing, don't like what they're singing, drum, no atmosphere, someone else do it, better when I did it, he takes his top off, he doesn't, I don't like his shoes.

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#783785 Players linked with us

Posted by Crusoe on 02 June 2015 - 11:31 AM

In an ideal world we'll get Max Power.  Maybe sign David Mirfin from Scunthorpe, and Matty Pattison from Gateshead.  Even take a chance on reforming Nile Ranger.


Just to have the dream line up of Matty Mirfin Power Ranger.

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#704856 North Stand Construction Thread

Posted by leeslover on 09 April 2014 - 08:52 PM

Doesn't it just feel nice to see something forward-looking taking place after being shafted at every turn? I don't care right now that it's not what we hoped for back in the day, a lot of things happened and we are where we are. Something good is happening before our eyes.

And... I'm not one to get all, "interior designer,"about design, but this approach means we will likely look like a real ground with mismatching stands and random features in 20 years time, which I am happy with
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#849446 Sheridan - Every vacant managerial post?

Posted by Ackey on 24 May 2016 - 05:26 PM

Ball has been in Latics court now for nearly a month ...if we can't or won't offer Shez a new /improved contract then perhaps we don't  deserve him .....replies to SC please.

New contract!? He's had the current 3-year one for fuck all time! Christ, his agent would pissing himself with glee if you were in charge! 

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#861015 Pre season protest

Posted by Latics and England on 18 July 2016 - 10:25 PM

It saddens me to see how this protest is causing fans to turn on each other but sadly I think it is inevitable. I find myself unable to support what the protesters are doing despite having many concerns about the way that the club is being run. This is because I feel that it is a group without clear objectives and also because I am not clear in my own mind as to what the best thing for the club is right now.


The mismanagement of the club over the last two years is disgraceful. The whole Ched Evans situation did so much harm. That caused huge divisions within the fan base and ultimately did nothing other than damage the image of the club. Whether you were disgusted at the thought that we would offer a contract to a then convicted rapist or you thought we should sign him up only to see us pull out, I don't think anyone could believe that the club didn't score a massive own goal. The failure to replace Johnson when we were having a decent season was ridiculous. The recruitment of two managers who were well out of their depth was something that suggested that the Board had taken their eye off the ball. Simon Corney has enough experience in the game now to not make decisions like that. We never received any kind of explanation either as to why they felt that Kelly and Dunn were the right people to take the club forward. Bringing Shez back was, however, a masterstroke and saved us from what looked like certain relegation. This looked like a sign that maybe someone was taking a renewed interest in the footballing side and the feel good factor at the end of last season was something that could easily have been built on. Whilst we don't really know the story behind losing him in the summer, it did show that things are far from rosy at the club and that he didn't believe that we could build on last season. The seemingly repeated rejections over the summer back this up.


I have no idea whether we have got ourselves a decent manager in. Hopefully we have but only time will tell. Likewise we will have to wait and see how good a squad we build. What I do know is that even if we have got the best people possible in now, it does not excuse everything else that has gone on in recent years. We need to completely get behind the manager and his team but that should not be something that stops us asking questions of the owner.


Whilst I understand the fact that questions are being asked about what generates funds for the club, I am not sure the protest group is clear about what they want to know and why they want to know it. The club has little in the way of assets. We can't expect that we are going to get paid for things we don't own. Complaining about this is pointless. If the questions are actually about why we don't own these assets or about whether the club has helped fund these assets, this is what they should be asking. If not, they need to make it clear as to what their actual concerns are. Just being angry that we are skint doesn't really cut it.


Any protest needs to attract the support of a number of well known and respected fans to be successful. It also needs people who can put across the message of the group in a manner that will not alienate others. This isn't a criticism of those who have been prepared to put their head above the parapet. They have kicked something off and it is clear that they care passionately about the club. I just hope that they will be willing to listen to others who have concerns that might not appear to be exactly the same as their own and that they will do whatever is best to help the club move forward even if it means they will lose some control over what they clearly see as their own cause. It's all about wanting the best for the club at the end of the day.


I genuinely don't know what the best route forward is for the club as I feel that the current structure makes it difficult for the club to succeed under the current ownership but ironically even more difficult to thrive without them. At present, the owner makes money from assets that are not owned by the club. He may or may not put some of these profits back into the club. We have no idea and have no way of finding out. If the club was owned by a different party to the assets, we would know that there was no way that we could benefit from these assets and indeed we would probably find ourselves paying more to use these assets.


All in all, we need to all stick together because we all want the same thing, however, we believe it is best achieved. Don't criticise people for caring and likewise, if you want to protest, don't blame people who don't think that is the way forward right now.

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