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#627419 Ticket Fraud (Not Oldham though....)

Posted by underdog on 24 April 2013 - 09:50 PM

Yes Lukers, I got roughy an 18 month ban on here roughly (worse than Suarez), for telling him to stay away from me as I could not guarentee his Safety and to carry a first aid kit at all times.

I am now something like -128 and classed as a troll in feedback.

Seriously, the lad is not firing on all cylinders and does not comprehend consequences.

My advice is to stay clear.....but my plea is please get my bloody feedback out of the minuses...aagghh

Whoop many thanks chaps for the up voting I'm now -119....heheh, wonder if I can get it under -100 by start of pre -season....heheh

Bigger Whoop....I'm now -97 and "poor"......ive beaten my pre-season target overnight to you all yeah
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#758485 An Open Letter To Barry Owen (And His Friends, Family And Legal Representativ...

Posted by Stevie_J on 23 January 2015 - 05:01 PM

Dear Barry


It has been brought to my attention that you are less than happy with much of the recent content of OWTB.  So much so, in fact, that you are threatening legal action and have instructed solicitors to monitor OWTB posts, presumably in the hope that the content you are not comfortable with is actionable.


As you are no doubt aware, the OWTB admin team has reminded members on numerous occasions that they should not post anything offensive or defamatory.  As a group of unpaid volunteers, we do our best to manage this and to remove any such posts.  But OWTB is a busy site and we have jobs, kids and other things in our lives to contend with and vetting every post can take time.  For that reason, we also point out to members that the site has a function to report any such post, which obviously allows us to assess such posts and take any necessary action far more quickly.  May I suggest that you, and those around you, use the report function as a first port of call, rather than engaging legal representatives?


Regardless of what I, or any other OWTB staff member, thinks of you and your performance (or lack thereof) as Trust Chairman and club Director – points which will inevitably be up for discussion amongst Latics fans – none of us would knowingly allow any seriously offensive or defamatory comments to remain on OWTB.  At the same time, however, we are reluctant to stifle “fair comment”, general discussion or opinion honestly held, and this can be a fine balance.


The timing of your threatening legal action is interesting, coming on the day that the club confirmed you will continue as a Director, following your earlier resignation as Trust Chairman.  Is it that, free of the Trust ‘Fans Rep’ role (I know you don’t like that tag but you did use it, once upon a time), you’re now happy to turn on Latics fans?  This is site used by hundreds of people but why would we, the admin team, keep it going under genuine threat of legal action?  We get no reward from running OWTB, in fact doing so has been a burden in terms of time and money over the years but, at the same time, we do enjoy it and we are proud of what we believe is a well run site.


OWTB has raised money for the club, for Playershare, for Latics4Life.  OWTB has also helped promote the Trust (despite some of us having serious misgivings about the way the Trust operates), providing a specific forum at the Trust’s request.


I know the powers that be at Oldham Athletic hate OWTB but it is what it is – a place for fans to openly discuss what they choose to discuss related to the club (or anything else).  And, whether you like it or not, the site has done a lot of good things for the club.


I can’t speak for the rest of the staff team but, if you were to initiate legal proceedings of any kind against us, I certainly won’t continue my efforts to keep OWTB going.  It’s just not fucking worth it.


Frankly, if you’re serious about doing so I'm disgusted, especially since you’ve never tried to communicate your concerns to us properly.  I would urge you to reconsider and to use the report function wherever necessary to point anything you feel is overstepping the mark.  Or, just stay off the site altogether.





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#686382 Ten months ago ...

Posted by opinions4u on 15 January 2014 - 06:54 PM

Ten months ago Lee Johnson was appointed Latics manager. I'd never heard if him.

A bit of research told me he was young. A look at his playing career revealed a midfielder who had played in all the lower leagues and a Championship Play-off Final - perhaps a Windass moment away from playing in the Premiership. A closer look revealed a man who had successfully adjusted to playing at a higher level several times. A man who had won promotions. A man who had moved up the ladder.

As a player he's learned. Succeeded. Improved. Learned some more. Succeeded again. He also knows the lower leagues.

As an individual he is well off. The income from his property portfolio will probably exceed his salary by a fair margin. He's not in it for the money, he's here to learn, improve and succeed.

But can he manage? Well he got us out of a relegation dogfight. Not so much the likes of Baxter bossing it, but Mellor to Millar across to Smittthhhhhhh type moments that brought this "success". Lee Johnson's choices and positivity saved us last season. So I credit him greatly with that. Quick impact. A winner.

He also managed a clearout effectively. And after seeing experienced pros let us down last season I think it was needed. Crofty, for all the fun, was a big wage that didn't contribute with a goal all season. Simpson had been shite. Others had to go too, maybe for financial reasons and maybe because a clean slate was needed for all of us - players, fans and club.

He then built his first playing squad. His first stab at doing the job properly. A couple of the remains from Dickov's disastrous last effort. Some of the youth being given a chance. A couple of experienced pros and the likes of Korey Smith and Adam Rooney who will certainly have been in demand elsewhere. First go. Alex Ferguson brought in some turkeys before getting it right. He brought in some more after he'd become the nations best football manager. So if there have been errors this time they sit alongside successes.

We then started the season. Trying to pass the ball to each other instead of hoofing it long. Easy on the eye. Some wins, some defeats, some bad luck. Perhaps a mistake with Mellor at centre half. But Tarkowski turning from an error prone lump of potential into a potential Premiership defender in the space of months is something exceptional. Big decision around Baxter - this man's not afraid. But some quality brought in such as Kusunga and Philliskirk. Players in the squad worth a fee. Added value.

It was, generally speaking, good. But with frustration. Not quite enough goals. The occasional unforced error. The evil of a referee's untimely whistle. Perhaps that sums up where we are now quite nicely.

So I ask you. Where, when we appointed this rookie, did you expect us to be in January 2014? Not where did you hope we'd be, but where, on a lower playing budget than the previous season, did you really expect us to be? Factor in the impact the Montaño situation will have had on the man (and the players) and be honest with yourself.

We're not yet a year in with Lee Johnson. We've survived in the division. Almost completely changed the playing staff. Transformed the style of football. Got through to the third round of the FA Cup and a northern semi-final in the JPT. Oh, and while it's a narrow margin we are higher up the league table than when he took over. Heaviest defeat 0-2. Biggest win 5-1.

I do think we need to attack with more pace. Look to get the ball wide more instead of relying on Smith to carry it from centre circle to penalty area as often. Get more players in the box for when those crosses do come in.

But we are in a better place than we were at the start of last March. We have a manager who has shown, albeit as a player, an ability to adjust successfully to bigger challenges. And we have a transfer window that is his first opportunity to properly tinker with the squad, his first recruits, that he had in place at the start of September.

Yes, there will be frustrations. Last night's events are gutting for all involved. And it's right that we look over our shoulders to ensure we don't fall down the table. But we've progressed.

It's better than it was. It needs to improve further. I think, with Lee Johnson in charge, it will. He's a winner.
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#596052 Dear Liverpool supporters

Posted by otid on 29 January 2013 - 01:03 AM

We hope you enjoyed your visit to our ‘shitty stadium’ in our ‘shitty Northern town’ on Sunday. It seems the internet is awash with astonishment that our players had the audacity to turn up and ‘play’ against your evidently superior, expensively assembled whingeing Nancy boys.

Let’s therefore….set a few things straight. The FA Cup is famous the world over for the very notion that anything from a ‘genuine pub team’ to the greatest team in the land (something that you once were long ago….and very quickly need to realise you no longer are) may possibly meet should the lesser of those two teams have the good fortune to win through round after round of hard fought ties, often in surroundings almost as bad as those in which the majority of you reside.

At the third round proper stage (that is 8 rounds after the competition starts), the Jessies of your upper echelons join the competition and collectively hope for an easy draw and a simple passage to the next round. Generally, they hope to gain a ‘home’ tie as travelling to places like Mansfied and Oldham can occasionally be uncomfortable, although I have to point out that on numerous visits to the mighty sporting cathedral of Anfield…..i have yet to witness supporter comforts any better than those in which you were housed on Sunday. We may not provide hangers for your bizarre two-piece shiny outfits, but we did at least provide receptacles known as ‘bins’ should you have taken the hint to discard your seventies clothing in shame at any time. It was pointed out by an errant educated imposter amongst your contingent, that our plan to rid you of the derision attached to your collective dress sense was doomed to failure from the start, as those very same receptacles are known as a food source back from where you crawl. Alas, we tried, and you should bear it in mind for the next time you visit…..likely for a League 1 fixture some time before 2016.

On to the game. It may well have escaped your attention but Oldham Athletic are the archetypal banana skin. We are you see……somewhat experienced at deflowering the mighty. You may remember just a few years ago, we completed a similar unthinkable act of lowering the trousers of your superior neighbours at the other end of Stanley Park. If we could do it to them…..on their own turf……why the hell could you not see it might be possible for us do the same to an inferior outfit like yours? We also did the same a few years earlier to that other ‘big time Charlie’ known as Manchester City. Now, we know we don’t exactly make it easy for your guys. We should, given our lowly status, roll over very quickly after the initial five minutes of token resistance……hell, we’ve been doing it for every other team in League 1 all season, so why should we be any different for Liverpool....yep, we are asking the same question ourselves!

Well, for starters……your players are the most sickeningly overpaid, jumped up, self important, arrogant wankers that we’ve had the pleasure of spoiling this year. We would, without a shadow of a doubt, have preferred to play either of the Manchester clubs, because in fairness to your shower of shite, they are possibly the only two teams (and supporters) in the country more abhorrent to us than yours. Did you REALLY think that we would just let you get on with your passage to the next round while you applauded and ‘olayed’ your way through? We can accept that you are in the main….let’s be kind here…..somewhat slower of wit than average…… but you surely didn’t think that all those people wearing blue colours were there to watch YOUR clowns did you? Hell no…..these people are so dyed in the wool blue that some of them have been coming back week after week just to see if Oldham can ever win a game! If you don’t believe me, just ask someone who can read to look in the paper for the attendance at the next home match. You’ve gone and burst the bubble now!

Anyhow, just to sum up. When you come to a lower league stadium….to play a lower league team…..you might learn to expect that it won’t necessarily be the cakewalk you expected. Yes, for sure…..the game will be more physical than that with which you are familiar. We don’t save it especially for you….it’s how life is down here in the troughs of football. We actually thought that the similarity of living in Liverpool when there is a whole country to explore might have resonated with you….apparently not….oh, i digress………

So, get over it….we beat you fair and square. For us, we actually thought some of our football was a delight to watch….although the majority of us preferred watching our guys kick shit out of yours…..in between laughing at your inept goalkeeper and your clothing.

Finally, we sincerely hope that by the time you come to visit for the impending League 1 Fixture (sadly, we may well be in League 2 soon and we're not sure you will drop that far…..but you never know) we would like to think that some of you might take personal hygiene more seriously than you currently do. We know it doesn’t matter to you but it does to us. If you want to see how life could be, make a trip to Warrington, where nearly half the people are now washing on a relatively frequent basis. Thanks.
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#595794 come on, own up.

Posted by Jsweeting24 on 28 January 2013 - 02:35 PM

That is actually me, and I'm not ashamed to say I shed a tear. I'm 21, so not old enough to have seen the glory years, and for all my time watching latics we have basically been shite and stuck in league one. The emotion of the day, the victory, finally having something worth cheering about got to me. It's hard supporting a team like Latics who are pretty much constantly rubbish, paying my money to go watch us, knowing that we'll probably lose but going anyway because its in my blood.

I'm a football fan, and an Oldham fan, and yesterday the club did me proud.
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#555110 THANKYOU

Posted by Barryowen on 29 June 2012 - 10:57 AM

Can I say a massive thank you to all those who gave me messages of support and good luck prior to my surgery last week. Apart from OWTB I got message via other comunication channels and all your thoughts helped me at a very difficultt time for me.

I am told the prostate cancer surgery went well and for those who might be interested my operation took place at Stepping Hill Hospital (no jokes) who have an excellent urology dept.

The surgeon there Neil Oakley was on TV recently using a new 3 D robotic arm procedure that makes recovery that liitle bit easier. That is the option I chose.

I am home now but somewhat slowly down with a few tubes in sensitive places. Too much information I think !!!!!!!!!

Can I also offer a little advice. My Dad had this condition and I was screened for that reason. That is probably the one good thing that everything seems to have been caught early.

If you get the chance to get screened insist on that happening. A simple PSA test at the doctors will help the process. Anyhow sorry to do my usual lecturing bit but hoping to help anyone out there who might thinks they need to be checked.. This is not a cancer that always has early warning symptoms.

Anyone want to speak or chat let me know. !!!!!!!!!

Once again thank you to everyone who helped me and I mean everyone. I am proud to be part of the Latics family. !!! As we all know familes squabble at regular intervals but when the chips are down pull together.. That is one valuable lesson I have learned these past two weeks.


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#543561 thanks dad

Posted by peanuts on 17 April 2012 - 11:42 AM

my dad took me to my first game at boundary park pre season friendly v city to open the ford stand

my dad took me to my first away game york city 1974

for the next ten years my dad took me to latics week in week out home and away had fab times had bad times went to grounds all throughout this country even some abroad wrexham and stmirren

started to go with my mates more as i got older espesialy when i learned to drive stil went with hm to home games but away not so many

he was there in 1990 walking down wembley way with mum and my nephews

a year later he was on the pitch dancing after the wendies game not bad for a 60year old

then it was Anfield Oldtrafford main road vila park all places we only ever dreamed about in a three years of heaven

over the next few years ill health cut the number of games he got to but he still made an effort

the last away game we went to was wolves in the FA cup a fantastic day out with him and his friends heard some fantastic storys of times past

last home game was yeovill last year could see he was struggling even in the mild weather

he went to a few games alone since

my dad died at 2.20 on saturday afternoon with me my mum and all my sisters and brother stood around him

ive lost my best friend at latics

just want to say thank you latics for giving me and my dad something to argue shout swear and sing songs togeather about

oh and all those linos and refs who think your safe now hes gone "your a twat "
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#531776 Any unemployed supporters.

Posted by TamarBridgeLatics on 01 February 2012 - 12:41 PM

I've won 2 tickets on the Big Cash Bonanza, and as I live here in (currently) freezing and windy Cornwall, I'll be unable to attend, as I've other plans.

They're for this Saturday's game against Leyton Orient, in the main stand.

If there's a GENUINE unemployed supporter who's struggling to pay for a ticket and would like to go, PM me with your name and address, and I'll post them off first class for you.

I'd like to give a single ticket to each person that wants them, rather than the pair to an individual.

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#537779 This is going to spark a debate but..

Posted by beag_teeets on 13 March 2012 - 10:50 PM

Our left back is out.
Our replacement left back is out.
Our makeshift left back is a midfield kid learning the game.
Our solid centre back puts his body where it hurts and gets hurt. He can also get hurt watching someone else get hurt.
Our other solid centre back is still learning the game.
Our ball playing centre back is a young kid who is still learning the game.
Our right back is our best player.
We have no proper spare right back.
Our spare right back - see makeshift left back.
Behind that is a keeper in his second full season who is outperforming a large part of the team.

What exactly can Dickov, or Taggart do with that lot? The ghost of Bobby Moore, Baresi, Maldini and Carlos fucking Alberto would struggle to get a non-leaky back five out of that.

In addition, the 2 best central midfielders, only central midfielders we have on the books are both twiddling their balls in the treatment room.

Boo, sack dickov, sack taggart, Taylor is gash, Cisak's a clown, what does pissing Duxbury do? Get yer hand in yer pocket Corney, knocking t'lookers down was bad, whadda ya mean I can't have a tab in the ground, ee, that Denis Irwin, he was a player.....
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#651286 Meet the Manager - The Results!

Posted by maddog on 01 August 2013 - 09:08 PM

Sorry it took so long, oh ye(s) of little patience.......


A summary of today – or at least what I can remember. Apologies if I miss anything out, misunderstand what was being said, or repeat what others have said. I am paraphrasing at times as well. And the points are in no particular order, but I’ve tried to group them into themes to help my memory! I'm pretty sure none of the below is what LJ was not wanting to be put on here - none of it would be useful to the opposition, which is what he was worried about.


A hell of a lot was discussed in 2 hours, and I found everyone to be very honest and open. It was a really interesting couple of hours, and very informal and relaxed. Barry and Rick Attwood were there throughout, along with Johnson. Muzza joined midway through, and Simon had to leave to go to another meeting after around an hour (was supposed to be 30 mins). All 3 of the Latics staff seemed to have good relationships.


There will be more meetings like this throughout the season, and Johnson is keen to have another one definitely before Christmas. He’s aware that there may be times we’re not winning and vibes aren’t as positive, but insists the meetings will still go ahead, and he’ll continue to be honest in his responses.


Re: Eddie –  LDJ - He’s part-way there, but is a work in progress. A ‘project’ for ‘all of us’. He’s fast and tall. He might go out on loan, to improve his fitness/game. The Latvian game is very different and he has never properly been coached. He thinks that if he was chucked into the side right now, he’d be overwhelmed by how fast the English game is, as well as by the side of the crowds – he found the pre-season crowds amazing. He also needs to get used to the English culture, although his English is very good. He’s a young lad, has a lot of potential, and he’s glad we’ve given him a chance that he wouldn’t otherwise get, as scouts don’t tend to go to Latvia.


Re: Playershare – LDJ - He’s never heard of such an initiative at a club and thinks it’s great thing. As above he thought it was better to sign a player like Eddie with the PS money, who has a lot of potential and we can all see develop, than a loan player. He seemed a bit patchy about how it works to be honest, but I’m sure Rick and Bazza will keep him on track with it. He said in the grand scheme of things, it all goes into the same pot, and you could just as easily say we’re all contributing towards Rooney’s wages.

SC said the money almost doesn’t matter [not in a dismissive way – it’s true] – it’s a drop in the ocean, and the whole playershare pot might not have even covered the relocation fee we’ve paid out for one player this season. He also thinks it’s a good initiative though, as it feels like a sense of ‘we’re all in this together’ – ‘we’re all Latics fans and want the same thing’.


Re: the ground redevelopment – SC – bit patchy about whether construction has started yet, but stressed that clearing the old stand away has taken 6/7 weeks and probably cost around £200k already. The total cost of the stand will be around £4m, and he doesn’t totally know where all the money for it is coming from yet. The council aren’t putting in as much as he has read people saying. It will be ready for the start of next season. We have a gym on board so far, but the rest of the units need to be pitched over the next year. They’ve looked at someone running the conferencing facilities for the club, but if needs be the club will run it themselves. This would be costly, as they have been quoted £880k to fit kitchens in there. He just wants the ground to look like a proper football ground again with 4 sides. He said he was still unsure who would own / benefit from the facilities in the new stand [wasn’t totally sure what that means].


Re: ownership of the club – SC – people have enquired about the club, but none of them have been viable people with any intentions of putting money into the football side of things. Koucash is a great bloke but Simon thinks if his passion was football, he’d have bought a football club before now. If he’d sold to him, we might not have moved out of Oldham, but would not have been playing at BP. SC said he doesn’t sleep well at all, due to the stress, and would still sell if the right person came along. He’s gone past caring if people think he has an ulterior motive. He feels like he’s done his bit to try to get people in through the gates – offers, freezing ST prices, and thinks the only way to get people through the gates is success. Says you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t regarding whether to sign players on short or long-term contracts.


Re: backroom staff – LDJ – now has himself, Muzza (First team coach – who he was wary of at first, as he had a good relationshiop with SC and had been at the club before, but over time realised they worked well together and now have a good relationship – also said Muzza was offered a manager’s(?) job elsewhere over the close-season in a lower division, but decided to stay), Lee Steele (fitness coach - who is the fittest person at the club and leads by example), Bobby Mimms (GK coach - who is better than PG, although at the time he was sad to see PG leave. One of 15 very very good GK coaches in the country) and Tony P (who was brilliant when he joined the club, and is very good for the youth set up). He had a list of 6/7 possible assistants, and offered the job to one, who decided that it was best to stay where he was, and LJ agrees that was actually the best decision for him. He then took stock, and thought about other possibles – they were either young, or established and maybe set on their own ideas of playing. He also mentioned Billy, who works all hours, and ‘sweeps up’ a lot of the stuff LJ has to do – he talked about him needing someone who is computer literate, who pulls together bits of games on film, takes notes to be used when reflecting on the games. There is no scout at the club, so the backroom staff and their friends / family do it. He talked again about the due diligence in looking to bring players in, and thinking very carefully about whether they would fit in with his philosophy / the dressing room. He said each member of the backroom staff has 400-500 games each experience of playing football.


Re: the fans – LDJ – fans are entitled to express their opinions, as they have paid their money. He’d prefer it if they could be positive in their expressions during play, and express any negativity at HT and FT. Says it is hard to lift players’ spirits when they get a lot of stick off the fans.  Apologised that his players may not have applauded the fans at the end of the match towards the end of the season, as he thinks they should do.


Re: being a manager – LDJ – he’s not liking dealing with agents, and messages from them offering him players are coming through all the time and he can’t chase them all up.  His phone bill was £4000 recently, although he said (possibly joking) that a lot of that was calling Simon in New York.  He also said he feels like he’s gone from the best dad in the world to the worst, and is lucky sometimes if he can get home for 7 to put his daughter to bed, whilst his phone is still ringing, and it’s often 11 at night before he can switch off, and then he’s up again at 5.45 every morning. He said he didn’t have a summer….. but that’s what it is all about, Muzza feels the same, and their families are right behind them. He said it’s nice to be a manager where there’s no selfishness (like competing for places), and he has final say, although he never throws his weight around.


Re: the squad – LJ - Rates Mellor and thinks he has played well in pre-season.  Feels the defence is strong enough and that we have enough cover. Has identified a player to come in on loan, but can’t guarantee games over the players who have fought hard for their places in pre-season, and is wary of upsetting the perfect balance they have in the dressing room (team spirit, confidence) by bringing somebody new in. Someone still may come in, if something changes at the club he is at, but all parties want him to come here, including his agent.  He is embarrassed about how good bench is – him and Muzaa have come up with 12 possible formations this week –but has a good idea now who’s starting at Stevenage. They’ve been doing a lot of research into Stevenage ready for Sat. There are so many choices of how to play, and the system can be adapted via formation, tactics and personnel to adapt to the conditions of the pitch, and the opposition. Does not see Montano as striker but feels that over the close season, something clicked in him and he’s now buying into what LJ is trying to do – LJ not taking the credit for it though. Looked at goals conceded against Hudds – thought Grounds was at fault but when he looked back at the video, it was actually Brown’s man. He gives them shit when needed and showing them their worst bits on video to work on so they don’t make the same mistakes over and over – would not be doing anyone any favours. He thinks making subs is vital and will take off whoever is not performing, even Baxter, and change what needs to change. Baxter’s release clause is not good, but that’s what they had to agree to to get him to sign. Dickov would like to sign him. No guarantee made by SC that he would be here / not be here / time-frames, etc [although LJ talked about him in other contexts and being a genius and very much part of his plans, so make of that what you will]. A lot of stuff said about looking after the players, with particular mention for JCH – very psychologically minded, and I was very impressed! Some players are affected by criticism, and some aren’t (e.g., Tarky, who LJ says will play at a higher level). Re: captain, looking like Smith on the pitch, although there are a lot of players who would police the dressing room.


Re: Salary Cap – SC – not sure whether playershare is within or outside of this, but we’ll find out when we get audited. Every club gets audited, and we could be fined if we’re over. We are on the cusp, and the Club is in discussion with the FA regarding appearance fees not being included in the cap. We’re not in a position to sign anyone else, as it would put us well over the cap. [I’m assuming a loanee where we pay minimal wages would be ok].

That’s my brain exhausted of memories for now.


Just realised that’s not a summary :grin:

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#624726 New stand 3d Animation

Posted by haworthblue on 17 April 2013 - 08:49 AM

I have had a bit of a play and produced a little something that will hopefully be very real soon!

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#757686 Chris Eagles

Posted by youngen on 19 January 2015 - 01:04 PM

We have got a load of spare training gear with initials CE on, Corney wouldnt want that going to waste.

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#684714 Meet The Manager 9th Jan 2013: Feedback

Posted by opinions4u on 09 January 2014 - 06:22 PM

Meet the manager event 9th January 2014. Notes are paraphrased and not necessarily quotes.

It was Lee Johnson's idea to hold the event and 3pm is his own time on a weekday! LJ and Barry present.

Rooney - why's it not happened for him: excellent pro, works hard. Intelligent individual and player. He's been on the end of 11 crosses this season and scored from 4 of them. Not enough crosses is part of the problem. 3 of the 4 goals were Montaño crosses. Still a possible hangover from ongoing Swindon dispute. Responds well to crowd support. Does the right things off the pitch. All strikers, including Rooney and McDonald, have been "cosmic" in training this week. He's happy at the club. 9 clubs have enquired about him, many in Scotland.

Tarky: Liverpool link isn't true. Sees him playing at a higher level, maybe top end Champioship. Still room to develop and improve marking, especially in the second phase of play. If we keep him in this window he will be offered a new contract.

Where does he see us as a club: feels refereeing decisions have cost us 7-9 points and had the verified by the head of referees for the Football League. Likes the group of players we've got. Pins much of the recent poor run on injuries and suspensions. Believes we should be much closer to the top six than we are. Positive about the culture, systems, infrastructure, brand of football at the club. Believes we have half a dozen players who would attract a fee if sold. Feels we are very close to being an excellent team. The passing game is a mentality throughout the club. The philosophy won't change. Believes he knows his best 11 but hasn't been able to play them together! Trying to run the club on a Premiership basis with a conference (tongue in cheek) budget is hard work but the right way to go.

Schmeltz: press comment (Sky?) was out of context and didn't represent what was said. Talented player but frustrated by his decision making on and off the pitch, slow signs of response to coaching and defensive concerns with 8 goals conceded attributed to him.

Petrasso: Has done well after a slow start. Will go back to QPR on the 18th. Other clubs are interested. We want him back on loan. He was scouted by video.

Transfer Window: more might come in. 7 missed calls on LJ's mobile in the first half hour. Squad is big so may need to move players out too. Feels experience will help (forgot to ask about Cliff). Harkins best in the number 10 role.

Homegrown talent: While not overt, I thought he hinted at loan moves for Millar and Winchester. He wants these two and Mellor to grasp their opportunities. How long do you give them? Winchester is working on his upper body strength, but he gets regular positive reviews in scouting reports. LJ is a real fan of Mellor's footballing attributes. Feels that he needs more self belief and a settled position. Could be as a left back. Sutherland has something, but was released because we don't have space in the squad to give him opportunities.

Dan Gardner: we were interested and looked at, Halifax wanted a fee. Offered Watmore a deal too. Fan contact is appreciated when it comes to scouting. LJ is aware of the local non-league scene and is in contact with local clubs.

Corners: our goals / corner ratio is average. Goals conceded / corner is better than average. Statistically, teams are more likely to score with the second phase of player after a corner is cleared. We have 10 different corner routines.

Joe Mills: wants him back and would prefer a permanent move.

Anfield: proud to lead the team out there. And his dad's never done it. Described us as "a club that I love". While I don't doubt he's ambitious, this wasn't a statement he made for show, it was mid-sentence but very genuine. LJ loves our club.

José Baxter Baby: wasn't impressed with the chant at Sheffield Utd. Didn't think it helped us after our game plan had worked perfectly. No regrets in selling him. A genius, but lacking in fitness and defensive qualities.

Spot fixing allegations: demoralising.

Stand: probably not ready for the start of the season but it is progressing. Money matters still not fully nailed down. Mainstand is not a certainty for closure / demolition and could be refurbished - at a cost.

Wolves away (league): Played a 4-3-3 not a 4-6-0. But both wingers were shit that night. We were just poor.

PlayerShare:seems to regret using it to sign Eddie but still positive about the player's prospects, despite the back injury. Would probably use the money for something like a star loan in future.

Home form: feels there's a pressure to perform. We struggle against 4-5-1. Harkins might be the key. They do train 5 v 11 to break down defences.

LJ contract: wants to take Latics forwards and gave us fulfil our potential. Barry quipped about a vote of confidence. The board are perfectly happy with the progress being made and the foresight going into the club. Didn't get to when a contract will be signed or how long for!

Teams want to send their players to Latics on loan. We play the right way. We're not a feeder club but have a number of informal relationships with bigger teams. These bring scouting support into play from other club's resources.

Wes and Grounds: prefers Grounds at centre back. Think Wes has enhanced his game. Wants to keep both at the end of the season. Both on good money.

Snippets: suggested Brentford have a £10.5m wage bill.

Feel free to correct any errors, views etc below and add any omissions.
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#700044 FAO Simon Corney

Posted by HarryBosch on 19 March 2014 - 06:54 PM

Please don't pay so much attention to the vocal internet minority who have it in for you.

I think I can speak on behalf of the less vocal majority if I say most of us do appreciate what you've done and continue to try to do for Oldham Athletic.

In the event we do go down, which I'm confident we won't, I for one wouldn't want you to resign.
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#758492 An Open Letter To Barry Owen (And His Friends, Family And Legal Representativ...

Posted by rosa on 23 January 2015 - 05:49 PM

Dear Barry,

If you're seriously threatening an online discussion board with legal action because people are discussing facts that you're uncomfortable with, days after you appeared on TV representing the club and speaking in glowing terms about your respect and admiration for an unrepentant rapist who is still serving his sentence under licence, then I suggest your realign your moral compass.

And if for some reason this does come to court, then have some dignity and buy a fucking suit.

Yours sincerely,
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#688827 I don't care

Posted by LaticsPete on 25 January 2014 - 06:46 PM

...if we gave away four goals
If Tarky probably knocked £100000 off his price
If we missed a sitter in the first minute
If there was doom and moaning at half time
If the referee didn't see the handball and it was only the Lon that gave it
If we're still too near the bottom

Because in 53 years of watching Latics I don't think I've ever seen anything like that.
Latics don't come back from 0-3 and 2-4 at home.
Latics don't score twice to snatch victory at the death
Latics don't make important early substitutions

That was just unbelievable. Every so often the grand old club does something that gives such a lift that makes all the crap times seem worthwhile. Tonight I am so chuffed.
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#664474 LJ - The Modern Manager

Posted by garcon on 02 October 2013 - 07:54 AM

On the face of it, a post that has taken that degree of thought and construction deserves an equally well constructed response replying to each point in turn.


But on closer inspection, I've realised that every single word of it is complete and utter bollocks.

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#658836 Ooh Ahh Genseric Kusunga, say Ooh Ahh Genseric Kusunga!

Posted by JonesyOAFC on 02 September 2013 - 03:05 PM

I'm delighted at this signing as it means I can finally use the Switzerland flag I bought, which is a big plus.

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#616949 One thing that absolutely disgusted me this afternoon

Posted by oafcprozac on 18 March 2013 - 09:44 PM

We discussed the fact the club needed to regain the Cup momentum and good feeling, perhaps another discount initiative to get bums on seats.

Simon is loathe to do it because of previous criticism, last season and at other periods of his tenure he has received hate mail, threatening his well being, his family and even his kids. To me there is absolutely no justification for this whatsoever, and if these people are indeed Oldham Athletic fans, then words fail me.

All criticism should never be personal, yes criticise his running of the club, the budget, the ground, his business acumen etc.. even his motives for being here but what I heard this afternoon, disgusted me. It's a game at the end of the day, and no matter what in the grander scheme of things is simply not that important…..

To send hate mail, threats and bile just because a few people have got into a football match cheaper than you is a disgrace. Sound off on a message board, keep it constructive and maybe have the balls to tackle your misgivings with him face to face!

If it was me I would have involved the police, pressed charges and banned them for life from Boundary Park, absolute cowards!
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#563792 Your number 10

Posted by JonesyOAFC on 18 August 2012 - 08:20 PM

This is why I love supporting who i do.

Being hated by so many makes very victory that even bit sweeter. Cheers for the 3 points.

See, most clubs are hated for a number of reasons. They might be hated because of their success, ie United, Liverpool. They might be hated for their fans reputation, ie Millwall.

People hate MK Dons because they're a repugnant example of everything that is wrong in modern football. They aren't 'jealous' of you. They aren't 'bitter'. They look at your club the same way they might look at their shoe when they stand in dog shit.

No matter how much you all try to create some kind of backs to the wall, 'No one likes us' mentality, secretly at the back of your mind you'll always be aware of this. And it'll fill you with shame.
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