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#814201 Oldham Fan at Chesterfield

Posted by midnite315 on 14 November 2015 - 08:58 PM

Hi don't want gifts just for the gentleman to make a speedy recovery
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#757686 Chris Eagles

Posted by youngen on 19 January 2015 - 01:04 PM

We have got a load of spare training gear with initials CE on, Corney wouldnt want that going to waste.

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#767091 Corney + New Director on GMR Monday 18:00

Posted by mikeroyboy on 02 March 2015 - 11:50 AM

There really is no difference! We as fans are, in a way, the shareholders, shares paid for in full year after year with our financial contributions to the institution!
Where did I ever say that I expected him to act for my benefit?
He came here confident in his and 2 other's ability to turn us into a profitable enterprise and in that respect he has failed miserably!

‘There really is no difference’? That just sums up how far away you are from understanding the core issue. A shareholder is part owner of a company – they share the profits and the losses. They have their say in the decisions the board of directors take and indeed who the directors are. They are also in danger of losing all their investment.

In virtually all cases a football fan is a customer of a business. You are not buying shares in your chosen club, you are buying admission to a football match. And ‘fans’ damn well please themselves whether they go to a match or not. At ZERO financial risk!
The 3 A’s rescued us from admin with a group of players on unaffordable contracts.

With good intensions they planned to redevelop the ground financed by building houses on the clubs land. Quite reasonable IMO!

There original plan (close to the top of the housing boom) was for cira 600 units, far too ambitious from a planning point of view IMO. It not unsurprisingly failed planning.

The severe and long lasting housing and financial crash followed but not the desire to create something better for the club. The next disaster to befall Corney was the Failsworth debacle where the council assured the club that the site could be made available but instead turned into a legal quagmire and failure.

You say he has failed miserably from your ‘no risk’ comfy chair. I say he has failed ‘with credit’ in a very difficult period for many business’s. Knocking down the Ford Stand was a major ‘unforced’ error IMO and I seem to remember Corney admitting that. But that’s what happens when you are making ALL the decisions. Each of us can identify with that in our own lives – or would you disagree?

Do you ever look across at the new stand and wonder ‘whos pocket has the finance come out of’?

Do you ever look at L2, The Conference and beyond and think ‘it could be much worse’ when you see the array of former peers, some of the almost sunk without trace? I don’t think you do.

You point at Corney and Co’s failures without making any attempt to be constructive in how it should have been done and how it should have been financed or who he should have signed.

At the moment he is building a new stand on 4,000 gates. He is doing it to aid extricating himself from a nightmare and do the honourable thing for the fans. IMO
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#783768 Ticket Pricing Models

Posted by jsslatic on 02 June 2015 - 08:52 AM

Because of your greedy wannabe premier league club our Match Day has become more expensive on advice from your directors to ours


well done Biffo's yet another thing you've ruined at Fortress Spotland


  1. a military stronghold, especially a strongly fortified town.
    synonyms: fortcastlecitadelblockhouseburgkeeptowerdonjonturretbunker;More
    2. a football ground where the home side get cunted 3-0 by their massive neighbours

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#758054 Trust Shares: The Ugly Truth

Posted by 24hoursfromtulsehill on 21 January 2015 - 02:21 PM

This is what Leeslover and I have found out about the trust shares. The man who's looked into it for us is a massively qualified company finance consultant, but as I'm posting it, any errors can be attributed to me.




The original company – Oldham Athletic Supporters Foundation Ltd – was incorporated in July 2003 Co.no. 04836301.  


According to the accounts it filed for the year to 31.07.2004, it raised £247k, of which it then lent £200k to Oldham Athletic (2004) Association Football Club Ltd (Co. no. 04989487 (’the Club’)) on the basis that this would be exchanged in due course for a 3% shareholding and a right to a seat on the board.  Almost surprisingly, this looks like it might actually have been executed correctly.  The Articles of the Club look as if they were amended properly (via special resolution in lieu of an AGM) to create ‘B Shares’ for this purpose, and that class is indeed given the ability to appoint (and remove) a Director. The shares were issued for a nominal £1 each and look as if they’re accounted for correctly I.e. As £3 of issued capital and £199,997 of share premium.  (It sounds daft, but its a non-distributable reserve – the other shareholders can’t pay it to themselves as dividends).


What’s then happened is that this original company has been converted to an Industrial & Provident Society under the 1965 Act.  This isn’t quite the same as being ‘FSA regulated’.  Its more that FSA stood (by virtue of the 2001 Act) in the place of the Registrar of Friendly societies (as it used to be).  Whilst it then carried on under the same name, it was ‘Limited’ by virtue of s.3 of the Industrial & Provident Society Act (with no. 29820 R), NOT as a limited company under the Companies Act.  What then happened is mildly comical.  You can see it here in the Notice in the London Gazette for 23 August 2012. The FSA struck them off the register for not filing returns (basically accounts) for 7 years from 2005.


The Gazette states:


"Oldham Athletic Supporters Foundation Limited (Register No. 29820 R) the registered office of which is at 16a Chester Street, Werneth OLDHAM OL9 7BD. The grounds of the cancellation are that the society has wilfully violated section 39 of the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965 by not submitting to the Financial Services Authority any annual returns acceptable for filing since that submitted for the society’s financial year ending 31 December 2005."



The effect of this striking off is not the same as with a LtdCo.  A LtdCo is dissolved at this point, and its property reverts to the Crown (‘bona vacantia’).  With an IPS, the effect of the striking off is that loses its own legal personality and limited liability, but otherwise reverts to an unincorporated association.  This is why its rather important to understand who the members were at the time of dissolution: the assets of the society will vest in its members and, in so far as they are physically controlled by the old officers of the Society, will still be held on trust for the members.  That they’ve now incorporated co.no. 08860767 with the same name as the old company doesn’t alter that, nor by itself cause the 3% shareholding to somehow transfer.  The new company is a new legal person.  Looking at the Annual Returns of the Club, the shares have always been registered to the old company/IPS with no transfer showing: even though it has the same name, being a new legal person would require the old owners to somehow transfer the shares to the new owners (and according to the Club's Articles of Association, that needs a resolution of the Club’s Directors to consent).



I’m waiting for the FCA to send me the rules of the original company/Society which might be informative.




That's the situation as we see it. The current trust owns no shares. They're in the wind. They're probably owned by the members of the trust at the time when the IPS was disolved.


We've been told the Trust isn't going down the Supporters Direct route. In fact, Supporters Direct won't have anything to do with the new Trustco because, to all intents and purposes, it isn't a supporters trust. I have no idea what it is, but calling it a supporters trust is somewhat off the mark.


Not filing accounts for seven years? Really? What was all that crap about "due diligence", Barry?


I heard at the time of the change of status that it was an administrative nicety. In fact, it was a crude attempt to disguise farcical mismanagement.


In my view, Barry used the Trust to get a seat on the board and then basically abandoned it. That tale of woe up there just shows he was the wrong man for the job for more reasons than being an incorrigable gobshite.


I've no idea where we go from here.

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#651601 Ex-players and that

Posted by underdog on 02 August 2013 - 07:16 PM

I'm in therapy, paying £50 an hour trying to recover from the mass downboating I got for spouting some bollocks last season.

You should be so lucky, I was something like -127 and a troll a few weeks ago....hehe, I've been called a few things in my time

Now I'm -49 and neutral, and if I can get in the plus by Xmas, I'll have to honour my player share pledge donation.
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#776305 Send off for the Chaddy

Posted by lookersstandandy on 21 April 2015 - 08:24 PM

You're going to walk from the pub to Chaddy.....
Can I ask how you normally get there!?
Its a stand, just make as much noise in the stand supporting your team. Why does every little thing have to be a planned event?
The stand will still be there next season.


A group of fans who call themselves the Athleticos......no nothings organised.
What is the point of the walk?
Why not just meet in the stand and get behind the team? What is the point of 'marching down'
I all for getting a good atmosphere but seriously a march...

Cheer up Palmer1.... If you don't wanna join in.... Don't. I'm proud of the Athleticos. They're an absolute credit to the club and I thoroughly enjoy their company at the games I attend.
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Posted by Ackey on 05 January 2015 - 09:55 AM

Hi All,


I trust you've all had a nice Christmas and New Year period and that you're looking forward to 2015, at least away from Latics? 


It's pretty evident the board is frantic today, as it was yesterday, and that many people are wrapped up in the moment and the emotion of these quite dramatic and incredibly public events. 


And so we're called to ask you to use this community, your community, with a conciousness towards the implications of what you're saying - especially as we're likely being watched by not only our fellow fans but also the world's press (and legal teams!!). 


As Admins we all work full time jobs and thus can't review every single thing posted to this board - certainly not without risk of missing an inappropriate post or ill-judged comment. And thus, as most of you will be aware, the process here is simple - if you see something which is not suitable then please use the "Report" link which can be found to the bottom right hand side of each individual comment (next to the "Reply" button). Please ensure you detail what it is you believe is unsuitable (and why!) and we will take action on your behalf where appropriate. 


Thank you for your help on this - it's going to be a long couple of days!  



On behalf of the OWTB.co.uk Team

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#763804 Johnson to Barnsley

Posted by ShireBlue on 20 February 2015 - 10:21 AM

What happens if a girl takes a shine to you, but your mate's taken her back to the hotel first?

Actually no, erm..
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#759132 Dale (home) rearranged

Posted by ShireBlue on 27 January 2015 - 11:54 AM

You really expect Rochdale to bring many that close to Easter? Have you seen the price of Easter eggs?
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#708679 Rumours and Transfers 2014

Posted by GravityGrave on 29 April 2014 - 10:25 AM

I can't believe how little some people rate smith and to compare him to furman !!?? He's twice the player .
If he goes he'll be another who'll prove to be an excellent performer in the championship .
There have been games particularly at home this season where we've looked for korey to do everything . He's just played through the pain barrier in the eight game run . His equaliser against orient was a catalyst and his assist for philli versus Crawley , vital .
When Lj talks about the 4-1-4-1 it strikes me that we will start next season with this formation still in place . In this weeks press he said he's happy with how solid we've looked but knows we need to be more fluid going forward. So for the 1 sat in front of the back four does any one really believe we could get someone better than smith for that role ? Confident to get the ball off the back four , keeps possession and is a leader/organiser . Also selling him means replacing him . Another new face/personality to settle in .
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#809017 John Cooper Clarke

Posted by oafcprozac on 17 October 2015 - 09:03 PM

You know what we've got a council that is trying move this town forwards yet we've a population of miserable cunts there's a lot to celebrate in this town - new college, new sports centres, an expanded hospital in both oncology and antenatal care, a new cinema with new restaurants and family friendly plaza, the metro link extension has seen businesses want to invest in our town instead we want to whinge 'look what the council did to the market etc...' If we'd have used and supported the market instead of spending our money elsewhere then maybe like bury we'd have an outdoor market to be proud of but as a historian Oldham has always been about its indoor market and that is thriving and today I was proud to be part of a bit of oldhams history by patronising the new stand lets stop whinging get behind your town and let's move it forward together......

It's easy to knock our town but we're no different from many an ex industrial power house be proud of your roots and let's stop being so fucking miserable!!!!!
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#765834 How will you react......

Posted by lookersstandandy on 26 February 2015 - 09:33 AM

Having had a night to sleep on it.... He's definitely disappointed me.... And I think less of him as a result.

All this #whoscomingwithme, #OneTeamOneDream, 3 girls showing interest doesn't mean I'll bat an eye lid as I've been married 10 years stuff has been shown to be hollow.

In his Barnsley press conference he's referenced their chairman's desire to employ him as a contributory factor - typical football platitude clap trap I realise - however Corney gave him a long contract when his stock was lower.... and this is how he repays that. It's a poor show. He's just as greedy and disloyal as the rest. His talk was just that. I shouldn't be surprised.... But I was duped by his media persona.

For those of you wanting to retort with..... 'If you were offered more money you'd change jobs'.... I have been in the past and I didn't.... Because I didn't feel it right for my career. For those of you who'd then respond... ''He obviously felt it right for his career'.... I don't believe he had to move with 15 games to go in the position we are.

Joe Royle could've gone to City... It didn't do his career any harm that he didn't. Johnson could've and should've stayed in respect of his former chairman's backing, for the players he had signed and for support he had received from everyone else from the club who gave him his first managerial job.

He's therefore a charlatan in my eyes.... And I shall ignore him and not waste my energy on him or Tommy Wright, who was on the football scrap heap after Chesterfield.

Deano, you have my complete support. The very best to you & Locky. Use our former manager's lack of respect for everyone else as motivation. Let's give this the best shot we can.

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#764593 Ched Evans Again - Oh No!

Posted by leeslover on 24 February 2015 - 01:19 PM

What really annoys me is that we all had and have our views on the rights and wrongs of the matter, they've been argued strongly on here, at the games, in the pub. We've put it behind us and moved on. The only thing that we almost all agree on is that Barry's input was disastrous and embarrassing. The size of the man's ego to do this now is beyond compression.
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#760788 Lee-conomics

Posted by HarryBosch on 03 February 2015 - 01:26 PM

Good eh? :grin: :lol:


Have we found English football's equivalent of Billy Beane?


Not only are we doing alright on the pitch but he's made us a reported £1.6m in transfer dealings of it.


Imagine making a company that kind of money in any other walk of life, what would his cut be?


The strategy seems to be (to me) as follows....


League One keepers are not worth the money - young loanees from a higher level are as good, if not better, and Premier League and Championship clubs are willing to send them out on long term loans. And there are a lot of them...


Half decent defenders are in plentiful supply and can slot easily into a well drilled, organised defence...

If the young ones show just a few months of form, especially centre half's, they can be sold for reasonable money and quickly and adequately replaced...


Although there is talent out there, League One wingers lack consistency & end product - so don't bother with them.

Central midfielders who can drift/play wide offer far more quality and consistency and keep a side's shape better. And there are more of them. And they're probably cheaper.


Quality, proven, experienced strikers cost way too much for Oldham Athletic so gambles have to be taken here - big, pacy types like Wilkinson & Ibehre will still keep the opposition on the back foot even if they don't score as many as we'd like them to. This makes life easier for the defence and midfield.

And "speed kills" - Forte's goals are a bonus. Even if he hadn't finally discovered his shooting boots after all these years his pace means opposing teams will be foolish to play a high line. This also applies to Poleon & Morgan Smith. 


And lastly - quality crocks are cheap and our physio seems to be a miracle worker.


Pretty much every permanent signing barring maybe Lockwood & Brian Wilson can probably be sold on at a profit.

Even Forte, with his knees, was rumoured to have generated interest yesterday.....


I reckon he could even get us a nominal fee for Blatter if he put his mind to it..... :grin:


After all these managers who've largely gone through the motions, & even used our financial situation as an excuse, it's nice to finally have someone who's come in and rolled his sleeves up and gone the extra yard to find and fund signings....


And the first transfer window we've been in with a sniff of success I've no doubt he's been able to use all of this to convince Corney to let him keep players for once....


If he doesn't get us up this season I'm convinced he will next....

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#758517 An Open Letter To Barry Owen (And His Friends, Family And Legal Representativ...

Posted by ghostofcecere on 23 January 2015 - 07:00 PM

If there is a fighting fund set up I am also more than willing to contribute also.

Since its inception OWTB has been a fantastic place to discuss all matters surrounding our club, of course non of us agree with all the opinions shared, but I'm sure we would ALL defend our fellow supporters right to air them. Whilst I don't agree with any abuse that may have been aimed at Mr. Owen on a personal level, I think the vast majority on here are right to question some of the things that have allegedly gone on under his stewardship of the Trust and also as a spokesperson for the club in recent weeks. At this point though, the full facts surrounding the Trust are not known, and I'm sure that those who have (rightly) raised these issues will be the first to acknowledge it should no wrong doing be found. Many people on this forum contributed to the £247K raised which lead to the formation of the Trust, and we are all entitled to know whether or not our interests have been managed properly.

This seems like another poorly judged episode from Mr. Owen, a director of our club should not alienate himself from the paying supporters that are the life blood of Oldham Athletic in this way. Unless, as I say, there have been personal insults and abuse towards him that have gone beyond the bounds of decency.
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#763814 Johnson to Barnsley

Posted by HarryBosch on 20 February 2015 - 11:27 AM

In Barnsley's case more like three old fat slappers. Didn't one of their foreign players say something along those lines many years ago?


He's with a bird who he first laid eyes on around 1990 when she was absolutely stunning.

She's now seen better days and is even missing a limb (although she's having a new one made).

Most of the time it's a happy, laid back marriage but, whenever things seem to be about to go really well she'll get involved in some kind of drama out of nowhere usually because of this mate she has who hangs around outside prisons and regularly gets her into all sorts of bother.


He's flattered by the interest from this other woman. She is a bit better looking and all her limbs are intact but she'll be a lot more demanding and can't seem to make a relationship last even a whole season. Her accent is awful aswell and she's a bit boring in the bedroom. 


Stay with her Lee. Your tea might not always be on the table as she does have a habit of not getting enough shopping in but you know you love her really. 

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