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    It used to be the 7-0 at MK. However, reading this crap is now my new low point.
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    Stanley30 please kindly go fuck off!
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    Just wanted to clarify a couple of things on this issue of starting new threads on OWTB. To be clear, no one should be worried about starting a new thread for anything that's worthy of discussion and isn't already covered elsewhere. When Ackey raised the issue, the concern was more that multiple threads were popping up covering the same issues and people were repeating the same points across them all, which isn't necessary if it's contained to a single thread. However, one poster, who's spent years on mod-approval (where his posts only appear after manual approval by us) has managed to get himself back to that status, as I can only think he's trying to piss us off with completely unnecessary threads where it seems he's trying to hard to come up with a new topic of (unnecessary and uninspiring) dicussion each time. We don't want reasonable members to feel stifled by a reluctance to start new threads - go ahead - in the grand scheme of things it really won't make that much difference. Cheers.
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    What do you think about the pedestrianisation of Norwich town centre?
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    Just get yourself a bigger corner flag and there'll be nothing to worry about.
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    I can't tell you how much I enjoyed Placide repeatedly taking the piss out of Beckford. Like the game at Elland Road years ago when Gregan had him in his pocket all game, but funnier. I know his showboating is gonna cost us goals but fucking hell it's worth it.
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    Why is everybody bad mouthing him saying that he's on the gear? People making assumptions on the basis of absolutely nothing. I don't know the lad so I ain't gonna speak about him and presume these things when he might have family members/friends on this board. From what I can see we just have a hugely passionate fan, some might say a little mad - you have to be to watch us up and down the country, and he'll sometimes go overboard with the gesturing. Fairplay to him though and he'll learn the hard way in terms of being kicked out for silly avoidable stuff.
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    What's the problem? You can't go for a pee or a pie in case you miss something
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    Just in time for Christmas 🎁
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    Still a difficult chance taken with great skill.
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    Kept us going under shitty circumstances made a few mistakes found us a new owner job done
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    People mentioning him in insulting posts on twitter again. We really do know how to 'support' our players at this club. Also, a few on here saying fane isn't good enough etc, etc. Some people need to stop going off their first instincts when it comes to a player. Everyone seems to want those they say are crap straight away, to fail. Instead of hoping they prove them wrong, it's fucking embarrassing. Just accept you get some wrong from time to time and actually support our players for a change. Just a thought, like. Rant over.
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    You'll be getting neither. You cunt.
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    Seeing you get banned for spurious topic creation.
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    So, after initially getting a 12 hour Twitter ban for telling him he dresses like a twat, I've got a week for telling someone about that ban. Still think he dresses like a twat.
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    Surely Dummigan isn't being criticised? Argument for MOTM for me.
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    Great result - worst performance under Wellens so far. Bury were quick to the ball and pressed us (same tactics we have employed recently?) and it seemed to get to us. We were still trying to play the way RS has got us playing, but you realise that quick one touch, occasional blinds, passes can go quickly wrong and many times tonight we gave the ball away too easily. But we also maintained our threat despite that, and were always in the game. Placide kept us in it with a few good saves, coupled with Bury making some poor decisions in the final third / poor final ball....and then... ...bang, last minute counter attack winner. They say good teams win when playing badly - which I am not sure we played quite ‘badly’ but we laboured tonight and could have lost / drawn with few complaints. But more importantly - RW has not only transformed our season in terms of results, style of play, confidence and belief. Something even more impressive than that.....he got Holloway to score!
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    Genuinely can’t believe the bloke didn’t get a gold brick - absolute gem of a man when I’ve spoken to him an a true loyal servant to the club
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    The midfield is working as unit Gardner, Fane and Byrne, They all have their individual strengths and weaknesses but they help each other over come them and since they have been picked as a 3 they have worked together superbly and carried the team dominating most games. Anybody wanting Fane out of the team at the moment because he isn't technically as good as Byrne and Gardner doesnt understand that its not all about the individual and are missing what he brings to the team. I bet good money that both Gardener and Byrne love playing with Fane as frustrating as he may be a times (his improvement is massive) as he shoulders the burden for them when they don't have or lose possession. His engine alone is immense he never stops running which helps Gardner more than anybody especially in the later stages of games. Id say that was very obvious if you watch the games but I forget where im posting sometimes
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    Note the spelling. None of this Dummingham nonsense please. As a side note though - he's had a real upturn in form, I've seen some critique his performance tonight but I actually think he did a very very good job, where he is outnumbered 2 to 1 each time because we're essentially playing without a right midfielder. That's three games in three that I've seen he's been up there in contention for MOTM just being pipped by other standouts. Like i say, just thought he deserved a mention because he seems back to his solid best hopefully. Bar the odd slip which he did make in all fairness tonight.
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    Could have been better. Could have been a hell of a lot worse. I dont get the personal stuff we often get in here. Speaks volumes about the people spouting it.
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    Absolutely part of the fabric going back to the 70s. Keeping it should not be up for debate. I would imagine you would be strung up from the nearest lamp post if you suggested to Everton they ditch z cars. It’s essentially the same thing, one of the few things that is truly ours.
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    It's never been personal, I want what he tells all and sundry he wants - the best for Oldham Athletic. Over the last 6 or 7 years - the best hasn't been Simon Corney he's kept us afloat - JUST! But surely now we deserve a time of looking forward. I'm still highly suspicious of who this takeover benefits. Just what is AL getting for his money? I believe the club can only TRULY move forward if the sale includes the ground. The land I couldn't give a toss about the club for 100 years sat on its land and if Stott had any modicum of ambition then that same land could have made us a real player in the 90s when we had the money to move the club forward, when SportsPark 2000 died a death they should have immediately looked at getting BP redeveloped, land prices were high it could and should have been done. Instead they chose to look after themselves and royally screwed up our day in the sun and potentially a legacy for generations to come. But that's another story. Back to Simon Corney and i'm sure he'll stay involved in some capacity I won't remember his time as chairman with particular fondness and I hope we can do our business out of the limelight. I hope the appointment of Wellens and AL's possible takeover bring everyone together and we move forward in harmony instead of the fractured fanbase we have become.
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    Ritchie/Bunn then later Ritchie Marshall are the best I've seen with a nice cameo of Ritchie/Palmer have been the best I've seen. Players who have hit double figures all comps in the last 31 seasons... 86/87 Palmer 17 Futcher 15 32 Goals Between Them 87/88 Ritchie 21 Palmer 20 Bunn 9 50 Goals Between Them 88/89 Ritchie 16 Palmer 15 Bunn 13 44 Goals Between Them 89/90 Ritchie 28 Palmer 20 Bunn 13 51 Goals Between them 90/91 Marshall 18 Redfearn 17 Ritchie 15 Palmer 10 60 Goals Between Them 91/92 Sharp 15 Marshall 10 25 Goals Between Them 92/93 Olney 13 93/94 Sharp 11 94/95 McCarthy 18 Ritchie 13 31 Goals Between Them 95/96 Sean McCarthy 12 Lee Richardson 11 23 Goals Between Them 96/97 Stuart Barlow 13 97/98 Stuart Barlow 13 98/99 No Player hit double figures 99/00 Allott 11 Whitehall 11 22 Goals Between Them 00/01 Duxbury 10 01/02 Eyres 13 02/03 Eyres 16 Wijnhard 13 Andrews 12 41 Goals Between Them 03/04 Vernon 14 04/05 KIllen 15 Vernon 10 25 Goals Between Them 05/06 Beckett 18 Liddell 11 Warne 10 39 Goals Between Them 06/07 Porter 23 Warne 11 Liddell 11 45 Goals Between Them 07/08 Davies 14 08/09 Hughes 18 Taylor 11 29 Goals Between Them 09/10 Abbott 13 10/11 Taylor 11 Stephens 10 21 Goals Between them 11/12 Kuqi 16 12/13 Jose Baxter 15 Matt Smith 11 26 Goals Between Them 13/14 Philliskirk 12 14/15 Forte 15 15/16 No one in double figures 16/17 No one in double figures 17/18 Doyle 9 Davies 7 Currently on 16 between them - just for the record, we hit our 16th League Goal last season on 28th January against Bradford City! My 32nd season this and in that time we've only not had a player hit double figures on THREE occasions. TWO of those have been the last two seasons...wow!
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    Not for me......I enjoy the atmosphere created by our away fans and can even put up with that b*stard drum when I'm a reasonable distance away but that idiot goes too far.....he ignores the game and goes out of his way to deliberately antagonise the opposition fans. Personally....he's an embarrassment!!!
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    "A bit of a coup"? It's not Robert Mugabe is it?
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    Ripley in goal. Johny centre mid when Byrne goes back.
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    I'm in the same camp as you. Some people cannot function without a 'drama' going on somewhere in their life and if there isn't one, then they fabricate one. I have friends and family in that frame of mind...my attempts to avoid them are usually futile. The club will announce one way or the other when they are ready to. Until then, let's concentrate on the football...or lack of it, in our case this weekend.
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    FFS......you are suffering from a severe case of hard of understanding!!! Last 4 league games under Sheridan - 1 point with Ruddy. First 4 league games under Wellens - 10 points with Placide. WHAT MORE F*CKING EVIDENCE DO YOU B*STARD WELL NEED???
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    Start charging him for opening a new thread every week. Starting to take the piss this now.
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    Must be a difficult decision for Clark to comprehend. Bury were unbeaten in over 48 hours when they sacked him.
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    If he'd had put it in the stand and a goal resulted from the throw in he would have got stick from some for panicking. It was a split second decision, some go right some go wrong. It's still my opinion a lucky bounce aided Scunthorpe. What would have been said if Dummigan's clearance had ricoched to one of our players who scored the winner?
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    Can't believe you have just used '1 at Rotherham' to try and back up your statement.
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    Just got an extra ticket for Scunny and was told that they are selling very well and interest is way above the norm. Could have 5k home fans this week with a bit of luck... not mind blowing by any means but definitely a step in the right directions!
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    Banks is one match away from suspension, obviously we don't want to risk him.
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    2-1 Latics with heart in mouth ending!! 4,576 attendance
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    Im really excited too, ive just started bringing my 4 year old lad and its been brilliant watching his face and seeing his reactin to us scoring and winning he is asking to return unlike my teenage son who was dragged and watched the tripe that was dished out over the lst 10-15 years
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    He brings 10x the amount to our play than you do to this forum.
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    Played 9 won 5 drawn 2 lost 2 playing the most exciting football since the Premier League and certainly since we droppped in this hell hole of a division.... only an Oldham fan could create such a thread off that I’ll panic when we are actually in the shit can we lock this?
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    Ruddy is absolute dog shite,I have seen better Sunday league keepers.
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    When you were a kid, did your brown and white hamster die and your dad bought a goldfish and pretended it was him?
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    Shez two biggest mistakes this time round: not playing Placide - most prob out of stubbornness playing gerrard with Clarke - most prob out of loyalty if he didnt do the above, he’d prob still be here
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    Fucking hell. The club don't have them, and I'm not giving up my adopted son. Are you bored?
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    Trying too hard.
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    1 goal every minute! That’s around 4,000 a season. Should be enough for promotion that.