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    Morning Latics. Well here we are again at last, after our non-league hiatus. I've had a read through the thread, and even the familiar bickering and insults are a pleasure to read, signalling a return to normality for us, whatever that is. Are we rivals? Well, geographically, that's probably stretching it a bit, but over recent years, barring the last three, we have kind of shared similar histories of stagnation and slow decline, both struggling in the shadows of glamorous neighbours. Our encounters tended to be feisty and passionate, with the added spice of Ronnie Moore cranking things up even further, and certainly for me, fixtures against yourselves were always enjoyable, as in many ways, our clubs were on a par, and I think there is a begrudging respect that as fans, we have chosen to stay loyal to our roots rather than take the all too familiar big city option with our allegiances. In short, we kind of get each other, even if there is some hostility / resentment, for whatever reason. What was the conference like compared to league 2? Well, now we are out of there, hopefully for good, I look back with some fondness, but the reality was it was mostly a wretched but humbling experience, as we had to accept that we were playing the likes of Maidenhead, Welling or Braintree because we deserved to be at that level, as did they. Broadly, you can split the conference into 3 categories: ex-league teams fighting to regain former glories, good honest non-league teams who have achieved 5th tier status on merit, and horrible vanity projects. Apart from the likes of Wrexham, most clubs saw us as a big fish, with their trips to Prenton Park as one of the season's highlights, so inevitably parked the bus, tried to frustrate us, took gamesmanship to a whole different level, and wanted to leave with a point in front of their 15 supporters. When our relegation was confirmed after losing at home to Bury, whose fans were dancing on our pitch taunting us, celebrating their promotion, apart from family and personal stuff, it was probably the worst day of my life. Conversely, our promotion last year in the play-offs, especially in overcoming the total adversity of circumstances on the day, probably eclipsed any of the successes I have ever experienced as a supporter, and I am in my mid 50s. Escaping was just so vital. Had we not gone up, there was talk of budget cuts etc, and I fear we could have become another Wrexham, so the euphoria was immeasurable and tears of joy were shed. One of the delights of being back in the EFL is that we are no longer in the peculiar situation of being considered "Giants", and teams come to Prenton Park not to show us any respect, but to try and win. Believe me, that is so refreshing after the Conference. Anyway, enough of all that. Really looking forward to Saturday and all that it entails, as two proud but bruised old clubs lock horns, trade insults, and resume normal service after several years, with all the passion and shennanigans one would expect. See you Saturday!
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    I think that most of us know, K_I_G, that your posts are designed to provoke a response. And you probably believe that the more contentious or ridiculous the post, the stronger the pushback will be. And this obviously gives you a kick. You seem to revel in our current position and look for any opportunity to provide an example of ‘how far we’ve fallen’. Almost as if you get some sort of warped pleasure from our current status. The majority of Latics fans are painfully aware that we are now playing at the same level as, and losing to, teams such as Newport and Stevenage. Rather than use the number of tickets sold (almost 1100 tickets sold with two days to go) as a negative, why not look at it as a huge positive? Despite all that we have been through, there is a strong and loyal core of fans who continue to provide excellent support to the club away from home. I’m not sure if there is anyone, who either reads or contributes to this forum, who takes you seriously any more - if they ever did that is. I realised this a long time ago; I’m just waiting for the day when you do.
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    Going back to the OP I've said this before on here but my daughter has CP and we've always been very happy with the response from Latics. She was a mascot against Forest in about 2006 when she had only just learned to walk aged 6 and was very wobbly . Bloody hell Eardley walked down the steps with her as the teams came out and held everyone back so they came down at her pace. He was a 20 year old captain and I will never hear a word said against him after that. She's been to about 10 away grounds including big clubs and little clubs and always been well received with everyone knowing what they should be doing. Accrington were the best where i thought they were going to hold up kick off until she got to her seat - they gave us the owners car park space. Only one was crap. 'No you cant have a car park space as we have none for away fans and you'll have to park on the street and make her walk' Yep, that's you Dale. Well done Latics fine effort.
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    I can’t really fault him in that interview. He accepts responsibility for his mistakes...he also clearly has a big problem though with Wellens for last year. Sounds like Wellens was very demanding. Very honest I thought. Give the fella time, try not criticising every thing that happens or he does/doesn’t do and let’s see what happens. Show him and the club a bit of respect. The thing that drives me to ‘defend’ him the most is the total lack of respect from some for a man that has, at great personal expense, tried to help us. He isn’t trying to piss us off, he isn’t thinking I’ll spend loads of cash to purposely fail and annoy fans. He’s trying. He’s failing sometimes yes, but he will learn.... or he won’t. Let’s see. Its not not like we have options.
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    Finally, after four and a half years, we meet again. At one point during our stay in hell I thought we'd be more likely to play Hyde United in a league game. The 'we'll never play you again' shouts probably held water. Of course it's a rivalry! The games from when Ronnie came in and Ian joined in, to the end of our League One stay were as competitive as anything, and had some ups and downs for both of us (the 1-0 last minute when you lot went top in front of a wild BP was a sickener, but we also ruined Big Joe's day a couple years later). We both had quite a few boring seasons in that time and the games against each other added a bit of spice to the season. Mark Allott when he spent 5 minutes with us before we replaced Ronnie with Barnes even commented about how intense the games were and said that at Oldham the games against us were the first ones you lot looked for. But, it's a competitive rivalry. From the first game Ronnie took charge of against you on the first day, you beat us 7 times, we beat you 6 times, 3 draws. Part of our stay in hell saw us take on Wrexham and Chester. Two very small fry teams stood next to us. But you lot were always legitimate, and often outperformed us, even if we had the edge at times. Whereas with them two we were clearly in a different league in more ways than one. We rested McNulty and Banks tonight for Saturday, hard to know what to expect but our home form suits the way we play- we try and play on the front foot with energy and a bit of speed. On the road we've been caught out, but we've made PP a strong foundation. Not seen much of you but Callum Lang sounds like the danger man(?) Anyway see you Saturday.
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    Absolute shite. We don't need to accept being treated like cattle for attending a football match.
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    He fucking is not.
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    So from the interview; he’s resolved 90% of the off-field issues, pumping in £200k a week (still don’t understand this), cannot talk about certain things as it’s legal (Rhodes dismissal or suing Corney perhaps?) and very close to bringing in a new assistant manager. If we were in such a mess off the field, which I don’t doubt, then it will take time to resolve and things are happening but “slowly, slowly”. Playing devil’s advocate here but perhaps AL is doing things right i.e. making us a debt free as possible (or less likely to being liable to creditors) first and then strengthening further on the field second. We fans are frustrated as we want success now but AL wants us to be more financially sustainable first. The one thing we can all agree on - if AL wasn’t here we’d be folded by now. I’m prepared to give him time even if it means a second season in L2. All I’m asking for is a little more openness and communication. If he’s genuinely here long term, genuinely fell in love with OAFC and genuinely looking to get us into the Championship then what’s the harm is not sharing his plans with the Trust at the very least? Why wasn’t that interview firstly held with the Trust or even with the Trust there too? If he wants us to trust him then he needs to trust the Trust.
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    Kettling supporters outside of the ground,, denying them toilet facilities by shuttering the away end exits behind them, and taking no account of the more vulnerable, away fans, seems to be a bizarre decision by Merseyside Police to say the least. If they had specific info that things were likely to go off outside, surely they could have just held the away fans back in the stand or the concourse, as is normal practice elsewhere? The impression I got was that the policing inside the ground was in itself excessive and led to tension being ramped up further than it needed to be. There will always be a few on both sides who maybe take things too far, but what I saw from the JK Stand to your left was the kind of boisterous atmosphere we have missed so much whilst down in the abyss, and little more than that. I think Merseyside Police have some serious questions to answer about the kettling decision, which seemed at best insensitive and impolite, and at worst, potentially dangerous.
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    If you look for their results first because you hope they've failed, then I don't think you have moved on...
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    I think Lee Sinnott's credentials have long been established, his track record is second to none. Alan Howarth literally worked at the club and has stated it us not how he was treated but what he saw happen to others. I am not saying be unquestioning and obviously there can be 2 sides to a story, but to dismiss them both out of hand is very premature. AL is showing signs he wants Trump levels of subservience, respect and loyalty. It may or may not work, but we are in choppy waters and most of the financials have yet to be revealed. Sticking your fingers in your ears and shouting " La l a la" is not going to make it alright. Firm and fair objectivity is needed.
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    Have just listened. Mike Minay asked a couple of my questions.... sadly he didn’t quite deliver them as they were intended, nor did he follow up like I would’ve wished & so they didn’t illicit the responses I was hoping for. I guess we also have to respect the fact English is not Abdallah’s first language - and his English has a lot of room for improvement - albeit I think it’s got marginally better this last 12 months. Having said the above, my take on it is that he was so underprepared for what he was getting himself in for, that much of the mess that has ensued afterwards is down to him learning some very basic lessons - that one would reasonably expect a proficient businessman not to have to learn - on the job.... and he’s been stubborn & not listened to others giving sound advice along the way. The main thing I will take from the interview, is that he’s asking us to wait for him to learn everything himself before he knows what to do - and that’s if he learns them correctly & subsequently makes the right decisions. He seems to be placing a fair amount of blame on Wellens for some of the more extravagant player recruitees in Jan, which I find mildly disingenuous. I still don’t see why it took him weeks to sack him following relegation however & Mike Minay chose not to push that with him. That aside, because of the way FFP works in the lower leagues (I think it’s called SCMP - Salary Control Management Protocols), I’m assuming his explanation about ‘still having to pay debts from last & the year before’, relate specifically to him having to balance the income/cost ratio more aggressively this season to get us back on an even keel - partly due his own misplaced profligacy & partly down to his shoddy due diligence / Corney’s undoubted inability to tell the truth. However, I’m cutting him a lot of slack by answering this for him. He could do worse than to employ a native English speaker who was proficient in business administration/management, who could answer this more articulately for him - however I think that’ll be unlikely. In short, one might hope therefore to see some funds released in Jan, or more likely next summer. No-one will convince me he has yet devised a suitable medium/long term Plan. I don’t even think he’s capable yet, such is his underpreparedness and seeming inability to delegate to anyone else. What I did get from the interview however, was his passion & - taking his words on face value - commitment. His passion/impulsive nature got him into this mess, as there is no way any sound business man - without being a lifelong Latics fan - would’ve taken us on without the land & fixed assets he does not own. For this much at least I guess I should be grateful, for we were close to being liquidated under the previous admin. I felt his personality come through a little in the interview. I liked his joke about not being 15th if he was picking the team. I feel more compassion/empathy towards him as a result, I just wish he’d hurry the fook up & work out what I deem to be obvious.
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    Genuinely cannot understand anyone who says we settled for a point. We kept going at them right to the final whistle. Also, whilst it was a monumentally stupid decision not to send that corner into the box when fat bastard was off the pitch, that’s no fault of Bunn’s.
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    It was a fair result, although if there was a likelier winner it was probably you. There weren't many chances, but you had the best one with Surridge and Scotty D stood up to him and from there we gained a bit of momentum ourselves and could have had another one after we scored, but we were dead on our arse in the last 5 minutes and you could have nicked it with a succession of corners and set plays but ultimately it petered out to the draw. Ollie didn't have his best day you'd agree, he played on emotion and was trying too hard and let your taunts get to him. But that happens, see Raheem Sterling vs Liverpool etc. Hopefully by the time we head to ISZ we'll both be bang in the playoff fight and there'll be a lot more riding on it than it was today. But after being 1 down till 70 mins I can accept the point. You do have some good players there, would have thought you'd have a few more points than that based on today.
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    Boundary Park is the ideal ground to go to for those who struggle with queues and loud noises..... (and before anyone jumps down my throat my son is autistic and though he copes better now I was very, very wary of taking him into any busy environment for many years.
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    I can't believe all the adulation. They should've been called Scouse cunts and told to get fucked a long time ago.
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    Decent summing up that Andy. Albeit, from the angle of cutting him a lot of slack. At times, it literally felt like an interview of him just repeating "we work hard", "we work very hard", "mistakes have been made", "for the good of the club", "we try to fix things", "we work hard"....he probably said the words "work hard" about 50 times. Soundbites won't get him far. I found very little actual substance in all 25 minutes of the interview tbh. It was a very Corney-like interview. His answer to the question "fans have no confidenice in your ability to run Oldham Athletic" was "If I'm not here, the club doesn't exist anymore" was pure cringe. An owner that has to (supposedly) remind the fans of this is already on a slippery slope. I'm surprised he didn't add "be thankful we're not Stockport." A couple of snippets that stood out was that he said he liked to go and watch the players training. You can see where the inference that he meddles comes from. And I thought it was an eye-opener about him saying that now we are in League Two he can't just go to Ligue One clubs and ask for players. I do think that was his plan all along at League One level....using his contacts to bring over some young promising French players on loan but now we've been relegated, it's left his plan in pieces. Both that and having to pay for all the surprise pop-up debts Corney hid away. I have had a lot of sympathy for AL over the first 6 months what with Wellens utter incompetance & the mess the previous owner made. That sympathy has fast depleted though for various reasons. This lack of a plan of sorts (outline, not anything detailed) is the biggest concern because we all know we've very few assets. So we're being asked to believe in blind faith. When asked by Mike Minay "are you looking for help, extra sponsorship, looking down avenues like that to bring in better revenue for the club?" all we got in reply was "I'm here to work hard, we need time and we will get there slowly, slowly but we are gunna get there." Mike presses further "how far are we away from being a sustainable football club" and AL replies "we are gettng there, slowly slowly working hard with the foundation, I keep repeating foundation because I want to start from the bottom and rebuild it slowly, slowly." There is little evidence of this foundation being set. I was told that our Club Secretary left the club over the weekend (on good terms, I'll add.) It's extremely worrying at present and feels like we are getting empty words to fill the vacuum. All we can do is sit tight and see if AL does manage to set this foundation in place to build from. I'm not bought by this 25 minute interview of mostly waffle and charm offensive though. We've seen that all too many times before. Walk the walk please, Abdallah!
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    I like the guy from what we have seen so far. People are very quick to criticise without knowing the full facts, time will tell. He's given more statements in the last 6 months than corney did in the previous 5 years. Also you can tell he's at least thinking about the fans with the Royle, Frizzell, boundary park namings. IMO it's more likely that in 7 years time we'll be in the championship with Abdallah as opposed to the corney era I never felt we were anywhere near progressing and there was never any chance of doing so. This guy may make rash decisions from time to time but I think he'll have more ambition to take us up through the leagues than Corney had.
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    They could pay me the tenner and they can still shove the competition up their arse.
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    The ref was terrible, looked like 2 handballs in the run up to their goal and was generally hoodwinked by their tactics throughout the whole game. Speaking of their tactics, I can't believe, given the behaviour of his team mates and manager, that Akinde didn't go down when clean through and being dragged back by Edmundson. Would have been a definite red. With Miller, personally I think strikers should be allowed to challenge the keepers in a 50/50, but they're quick to send players off for that these days. It's a debatable one, but we'd have no chance in an appeal. As for the game, I thought after a ropey start where they caused us problems (especially Akinde) I was quite surprised by their tactics. It wasn't aimless hoofing, but it was very direct. Clear plan to load the box with crosses (must have been listening to our GK coach's interview) and bomb balls into the channels. Once we seemed ok at repelling it I thought they'd try something different, but no. Some top notch shithousery too, reminded me of a few games against Sheffield United. I never understand why refs fall for it either. Great call to put Surridge on after the red card, he was a constant threat. And I thought handled himself well as the loan striker, with Lang running off and around him. We played to his strengths too rather than expecting him to win aerial battles. Hopefully this outing will give Bunn the confidence to play him and Lang together on Saturday. I don't think he needs a 'big man' along side. Maouche was very good on the ball, as was Nepo who showed some class touches. Lots to be pleased about, with some neat passing football on occasions and also the effort and commitment which was great, heads didn't drop after the red, they just kept pushing forward. But despite all that and getting a point against top of the league with 10 men, it felt disappointing as we should have won it really - more chances missed. Start converting and we should start climbing the table.
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    I didn't want to sound patronising (patronising is when you talk down to people).
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    The only firm that were up for trouble outside the ground was the plod themselves, absolute shit houses the lot of them and the bollocks they are spouting trying to justify their neanderthal behaviour is frankly embarrassing, so what if a few of our fans have had a drink a bit of a sing song at halftime and enjoy an away day, as far as I'm aware none of that is a crime.
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    He stays fit, and we win the league by April.
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    Another occasion when people might want to make their own entertainment
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