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    I heard he's on gardening leave
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    It’s embarrassing points scoring off fellow fans. We’re all blue but part of the reason why we’ve been shit for years too busy jacking off trying to show a fellow fan up instead of channeling their energies into calling the people out that have run the club into the ground. How many of these cyber gobshites actually go to games or would insult their fellow fans face to face? Seriously, if I was Ackey, Stevie J et al and had seen what this once brilliant board had become - instead of putting my own money in to allow this bitching, I’d pull the plug! Let’s all grow the fuck up and pull together and cheer the lads to safety and hopefully a bright new dawn come August...
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    Genuinely can't believe that people can get this angry from an online forum. Remember, we're all on the same side. Chill out. Life's too short.
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    I hope the OP doesn't mind me bringing this into the mid-late 80s. My first year was 86-87 and our most successful year in 13 years. The next two seasons were a struggle at times before excellent second halves of the season saw us pull into mid-table by scoring plenty of goals - not too dissimilar to this season being that we couldn't defend for toffee with a keeper that was pretty inconsistent for part of that time in a young Rhodes. The pitch wasn't an issue as we were on the Plastic Paradise. The team evolved rather than revolved through the door. Of course we sold to survive, in those first three years alone we sold McDonough, Futcher, Goram, Henry, Linighan, Flynn, Wright etc.. but we also replaced them with similar if not better Ritchie, Wright, Rhodes/Hallworth, Barrett, Warhurst, Bunn and brought through youngster Nick Henry. There was a sense of trying to build a future, the team could be guessed walking over Chadderton Way with my dad (Somehow the programme was always wrong though!) Dad was always very frustrated with our attendances in the mid-late 80s, we fluctuated between sub 5,000 to about 8 or 9 if Blackburn or Sunderland or similar where in town. But often when Plymouth or Swindon arrived the town seemed to desert us en masse..Dad would shake his head and say 'Does this town want a club? We're the most entertaining team for miles yet they still don't back us, but they come crawling out of the woodwork when we have a big game'. He was right, perhaps a bit harsh, but he was equally frustrated as he struggled in and out of work during the glory years and he would often have to queue up at the crack of dawn due to not having a ST back then - 'Bloody band waggon, jumpers he'd moan!' As a fan during those heady days, it all felt like a dream, there's never been a sense of entitlement from me, although the years after relegation from the top flight and the first three or four in this league I felt as a club we deserved better. And we underachieved massively, it was like the club accepted it was forever to be shit. We were badly let down by Stott and co, who arguably have more to answer for than Corney and his chums. If we'd brought in investment as the Premier League dawned, who knows? Having said that the council equally let down Stott and co, with the Sports Park 2000 failure. Who knows where we'd have been in a state of the art stadium, not the Blue Peter version suggested at Failsworth. Do I expect more now? Yes, prior to arriving in this league we were in the top two divisions for 23 Years very much punching above our weight, however by the late 70s we were battling it out in the top half and save for 83/84 and 84/85 we were troubling the top half year on year. That's not punching above your weight, that's a well established second tier team. We blew the golden goose by not investing after the Great Escape in '93. We limped along and cut our cloth too fine. The advent of Bosman and the increased power of the PL has killed smaller clubs like us, forced to be grateful for the minute crumbs flicked from the top table means we have to rely on loanees. We can't produce too many home grown players as it isn't cost effective given that the bigger clubs can snap them up and pay minimum compensation. The TV deal and solidarity payments to League One clubs are minuscule and in prior times would relate to a starvation wage. Without real investment the club is going nowhere. However, investment does not guarantee success but investment in infrastructure is a beginning. My biggest issue is the way the club has been run in the last 10 years, so many clubs perceived as smaller than us have built teams on shoe strings and had success, Colchester, Southend, Burton, Luton etc.. have all had their days in the sun. We've simply been told to be grateful for survival in the third tier, with no hope of a challenge at the right end since 2007. That for a club of our size and potential is criminal, we have no divine right to be successful but surely we have a divine right to be allowed to compete? The infrastructure of the club has been allowed to rot, ok the stand has been built, but that it has transpired is not FULLY benefiting the club. Previously we had directors like Norman Holden and Peter Chadwick, local men made good - directors who would put money in when they could. The local links have died in the boardroom, although the appointment of Mr Snoddy may be a return to that. When I first started to come to games in the 80s the club had a real identity, we played in blue and white no gimmicks. Home fans were in the Chadderton Road Stand, we played two up front and set out to win EVERY game, bog rolls greeted the team onto the pitch and the whiff of tobacco, bovril and piss purveyed every sense. The Old Chaddy End was a thing of beauty, the wit, the moaning, the clinging or sitting on the fence. Many a late winner was sucked in. Arriving home to Sholver on the 404 and Grandad had made his meat and potato pie, arriving home to a lovely warm house. If we'd won he'd greet us with "What a team!" if we'd lost 'Wouldn't pay 'em in washers'. Sadly we will never return to those times, what I hope we get under Mr Lemsagem is investment in the infrastructure and we are allowed to build the club again so that at some point in the next two or three years we can have a bloody good go at promotion again. We can all remember some of the good times, wouldn't it be great of some if those young lads that go everywhere could enjoy a bit of success - a promotion season?!
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    I do think that it's always good to make as many assumptions as possible, and to have strong opinions about things on which we have no knowledge at all. Additionally, it's fun to write off players before we've seen them play (or, failing that, after one game). The guy is 22 and got into a PL squad before injury. Maybe he will do OK?* Or perhaps we should stick with the old Latics supporters' motto that "there's no F in 'chance' ". NB: Future performance is not guaranteed. This does not affect your statutory right to moan incessantly.
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    Very public spirited of you to come on here and cheer us all up a bit.
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    Who cares about the performance 3pts was the main aim and we got it.
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    This'll be a long one. A brilliant away day. Forest in the cup was the best I've witnessed but that was not far behind. It was a pleasure to be part of that away end. As for the game, it left me a bit breathless to be honest. Very high energy throughout and while we were under pressure at the end, we had chances to win it too. First half was pretty even with both sides looking decent, with the exception of the Duck who provided two moments of sheer inspiration. Second half started a bit slower but after Mulgrew's classy free kick they stepped it up a gear and showed the quality that they possess, Armstrong's off-the-ball movement and finish is better than League 1. It's disappointing to lose a two goal lead but I would've definitely taken a point at the start and there are good signs as we embark upon (sadly) another relegation battle. Placide - I like him. Ripley has better goalkeeping attributes and less mistakes but I love the way he gets our attacks started from the back. He might not be 100% reliable for a relegation battle but I'd definitely have him in a rebuilt team next season regardless of where we are. What a save at 2-2 as well. Dummigan - He finally seems to have found his feet. I would be very happy with him at right back next year as I think he'll kick on again. Gerrard - vital for our relegation battle. He's very good in the air and has the nous to lead our back line. Bryan - has the pace and ability on the ball that Gerrard doesn't but, as expected from a converted midfielder, isn't quite good enough in the air. Moimbe - clearly good enough for this level on that showing, but a stupid tackle for the 2nd yellow. Deserved to go. Byrne - a less creative but much more disciplined performance from him, positionally he supported Dummigan on defence a lot more than previously. Can't remember a player we've had who has as good a close control of the ball as he has. Gardner - risky but I love some of the turns he does to get out of trouble. I'd call him an all-round decent midfielder for this level albeit unspectacular. One negative though is that he lets player run past him too easily. Fane - the perfect foil for the other 3 midfielders. Yes you don't want him to thread a through ball (or any ball really) but every midfield needs a player who breaks up play as well as he does. He could get by in the Championship surrounded by decent creative midfielders but looks like he'd struggle in the Conference with the wrong players (looking at you Green and Banks). Pringle - the Chris Taylor of this year's run-in. Neat, tidy and smart with the ball and will stay disciplined for the team's shape, but disappointing because we know what he's been able to do previously. Lacks pace and confidence at the moment and was our weakest starter, but I'd keep faith in him as the balance that he offers to the midfield will be important. Davies - played really well. On that showing I'd trust him over Holloway who might be stronger but doesn't know how to use his body as well as Davies does. His role in the team will get the best out of the Duck and Doyle. The Duck - hopefully that was a glimpse of things to come. The first goal showed his trickery whereas the second goal showed his pace with the ball at his feet and finishing. Their defence looked terrified of him for that 2nd! He needs to learn to read play a bit better as he missed opportunities to run into space when the midfield were looking for him, but he looks like he'll fill a Doyle-sized hole in the short term. Wilson - can't think of a more reliable sub to bring on. Holloway - not a composed performance (that miss at the end would've sent the away end crazy) but put in a shift when we were down to 10 men. Good back up for Davies. Obadeyi - last year he looked like one of our better players, this year he looks off-the-pace and sadly not good enough. Wellens - could've changed things earlier, but he clearly has a good idea of how he wants us to play. Unless we have the money to challenge at the top of the league and can bring in a manager of that calibre, I'd happily give him time to develop. Ref - there were some annoying smaller decisions but I thought he got the big one's right. Although 8 mins added on wasn't good for my heart! Blackburn - Mowbray comes across as a decent bloke but I don't think he gets the best out of the quality of players he has. The thing that impressed me was how balanced a team that first XI looked. I'd trust that team to keep us up. We are a bit ropey at the back compared to last year but have more than enough going forward. Davies and Holloway as target men and Doyle and Duckens to play off them, that's an ideal squad of strikers we have there. Looked at our run-in for the first time today and despite having Scunthorpe and Wigan away in March, it looks quite favourable. This squad is much better than the previous 2 seasons (Clarke and Ripley apart) so it would be sod's law if we did go down. Finally, I'm not as worried about us going down as previous seasons because I think AL has the financial backing to make us competitive even if we went down. But what I would miss is big away days like these. The fans make it an unbelievable occasion and we wouldn't have quite the same buzz in the 4th tier. Onwards and Upwards
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    Rigsby, can you please explain why you need to make the same point so many times. It's like having a mosquito in the room. A negative twat of a mosquito at that who appears to positively enjoy wallowing in our defeats.
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    For goodness sake give the guy a chance!!! This is his first day and he’s already being ripped by some and others questioning his commitment and motivation. So many people on here wanted Corney out. Those people have now got their wish so at least back the guy and let him show what he wants to achieve with the club. I honestly think that some so called supporters are professional moaners and they wouldn’t be happy no matter who was running the club. 😡
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    Some things are worth moaning about. Like the misappropriation of fans scoreboard money and spending a further £100k+ on something with no obvious benefit to the club when we couldn't pay the wages or the tax or a whole lot of other things. I think you should review some of your posts on the subject and show a bit of humility to be honest.
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    Just wish that some posters to this forum would stop using the term ‘our fans’ when expressing a view (positive or negative) about the club. (And this is in no way aimed at you directly Mr palmer1) I know that it’s just an expression but it tends to lump us all in the same 🚤 when clearly there is a huge range of opinion on this forum. ’some fans’ or ‘a minority of fans’ is far more accurate. Just saying.😀
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    I think he comes across as frustrated! He's at club that couldnt do business for 3 weeks of a 4 transfer window! Which couldnt register players when they'd signed. He has a goal keeper who doesn't stop shots, a defence that makes individual errors constantly and has been criticised for playing one up front despite all other options being not able to play 90 minutes more than once a week. A team that creates a tonne of chances most games but misses the target and then drop points to sides that hit the target once ot twice and always score. I think if you are aware and don't ignore all the attributing factors including his fucking assistant quitting and the training ground being flooded this last month plus he's come across unbelievably well! Or you could ignore all that and look at, ignore his actual words and the facts and try to read his body language instead. 👍 Edit; please dont tell me he knew what he was letting himself in for when he took the job because I'm sick of hearing it & and it's bollocks!
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    I doubt many managers got all the players they wanted. Whatever the situation with French Lads etc Wellens should be bigging up the squad we've got and looking to move forward. Try and win instead of making excuses for losing.
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    Whilst these are interesting questions and ones which we would like answered, I’m not sure the opening introduction is the time for them. How about we welcome the guy with a smile and go from there rather than badger him for previous people’s mistakes, assuming the worst. People need to stop being so cynical and suspicious and wait to see what happens. We’ll know soon enough.
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    I am bemused by the sudden one man hate campaign without any clear examples as to what previous misdemeanours have taken place.
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    I've binned a shitload of posts from this thread. Don't be a dick when posting on OWTB please.
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    Since when did a manager actually telling people how it is and what happened become a bad thing? social media is constantly talking about lack of communication and lack of transparency from people within the club and when someone finally explains why something didn't happen (transfers) in detail he told to 'shut the fuck up and get on with it!' 'stop moaning!' An agreement to get a defender (a friend as well) is made only for a championship club to take him on the final hours due to league position would piss anyone off I like Wellens and like his interview style. He doesn't stand fools and im sure he gets frustrated which shows sometimes (Shez was the same) but wouldn't you if youre being met with nothing but road blocks constantly and then answering the same questions over and over again everyday ? He is getting on with things but if the club or Wellens had said nothing there would be rumours we did nothing to get people in and how shit we are. Sometimes they cant win
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    If Ladapo is the answer then don't even bother asking the fucking question.
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    I don't understand this notion that coz he got the team wrong on Saturday it has changed peoples minds on if he should stay. So he got it wrong...A young manager, devoid of players, scratching around to try and resolve a poor run gave a different system a go and quickly admitted it was wrong by making the subs he did. If we were in Burys position I'd be understanding of peoples complaints, but Wellens inherited this situation. There's plenty of time to turn this. Let's also not forget, if Dummigan does his job properly for both goals, then we potentially win that game 1-0 on Saturday. My biggest issue is we keep playing a lad who is costing us week in, week out as he can't head a ball, tackle players running at him or stop goals coming from his area all season. He shits himself a bit like Paul Black used to on the left. But then...who else is there to play??? And that most certainly isn't Wellens' fault. Rumour has it that 2 new FB's from AL's contacts are about to arrive. Fingers crossed they're half decent coz both Wellens and the team are screwed if not. If we are apportioning blame to the predicament we currently face, in my opinion, Wellens is at about 20% at the moment.
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    1. An indisputable fact.... and for which I congratulate them. However, we came f'kin close in '94 and were unlucky not to have had a crack in '90 too. I can say less about 1913..... but that's 3 times we've been close to a Cup Final. They've made the Semi's twice. 2. Since they've been in the Football League [1978], of the 39 seasons, we've averaged more fans than them on 21 occasions, to their 18. They've basically won every year from 2000, we won every one prior to that. They topped 19k the year they won the cup, we had 15k in our first season back in Div 1. They've stooped as low as 1,700 in 1995. The lowest we've seen is 4,300. I'd say it's pretty even over the course of time, they're just doing better than us right now because they've had a sugar daddy who's pumped a load of money in to get them there. Let's hope Mr. Lemsagam has a plan to get us competing again once more and we might see the fruits of that.....
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    That's not a nightmare - we're still living it.
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    Many fond memories of the early 70s especially.Great team and what a legend Sir James Frizzell was to OAFC Best of all by a mile was the friends I made and the whole of Saturday was spent together starting off in the Mess House. I will most likely have a drink later this adternoon with Jim Bowie at our local pub.He looks really well for his age and great to talk to. It's like having a second family being an Oldham fan and I can fully relate to most of the comments made on this thread.
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    Striker scores 2 goals created by himself and is described as ineffective... ... what
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    I don't know, wood hurts.
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    Here is a thought give the lad a chance rather than being utter numpties and writing him off before seen him even play. I haven't a clue if he is any good but don't try and convince me he should get abuse for signing and wanting to do well. Latics fans are fickle buggers. As for Wellens not wanting free agents why say it if just a way to make him look daft.
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    Fucks sake. First win in weeks and the first click on OWTB I see is a tit-for-tat in low-grade name calling. Have a look at yourselves.
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    You have actually watched a football match, haven't you? A Latics match, of course.
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    He managed to stay fit for Dundalk. RW said the training pitch is very boggy and has caused him to pull his hip flexor twice. How about we sort our shambolic training facilities out first before we write the lad off.
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    “Doesn’t have a plan b” is just one of those cliche’s every fan uses to describe a manager they want sacked, but the fact is taking off a midfielder and sticking on another striker 25 minutes into the first half is executing a plan B. He made a change and our performance improved significantly because of it.
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    Not a dickhead, just don't like simple twats calling a respected journalist and unswerving Latics fan "full of shit". Or, for that matter, people whose main recourse in an argument is to just throw out insults. You cunt.
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    I may well be in the minority but I like small/local teams to do well. Obviously not at Oldham's expense, that goes without saying. But, maybe I am a romantic at heart, I love to see the Davids do well against the Goliaths. I am old enough to remember (and to have been there) when we had our great cup runs in 1990. It seemed as if the whole country was behind us. I don't begrudge Rochdale anything...so long as we finish above them in the relegation scrap.
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    I started going to games in 1962 as a four year old and have a good insight into what went on into late 70s as both my late uncle Scott brother Gordon and his dad William Bloor directors through that period and before. My dad did signs, decorating for club for nothing whilst working at Platts, my grandad doing welding, locksmith, wiring, safety barriers all for free whilst working at Oldham Council and later Giles Shaw. William in particular put lots of money into club in relative terms to today and was the person who wrote the cheques from his own pocket to stop the club closing. Came close many many times. Gordon also worked hard but having moved to Thornton he got involved with Blackpool until Oystons started playing silly buggers. Still helped out with £ at Oldham quietly through another director. He provided houses for players on Garden Suburbs, Shaw, Hollinwood, Lees and ex players property jobs often for life remember Jimmy Naylor on Chamber Road in Shaw lovely bloke, family employed many in summer months in building industry, paid debts for gambling and cars etc. BUT got slagged off regularly along with other directors. All local people but still got abuse. Billy Dearden worked with dad at Platts early on and worked a Sat morning and played in afternoon at times walking over to club with fans. Pitch wise I remember the road burners being used as cash flow was the issue to get game on also remember oil drums with fires being used regularly in 60s. Scott loaned club lads and equipment cement mixers, tractors etc from the building side and did his best with little money to use within club. Got dogs abuse so walked away after one ignorant sod had a go at him a day after he had paid circa £24,000 to get a player out of a threat (gambling) to have his legs broken. Gordon also took Groves to Blackpool as he rented a shop off us and in with some dubious car dealers who acted like Mafia. Alan wanted a way out of Oldham. Playing wise I would take the Fryatt, Shaw, Stainrod, Groves, Whittle, era for pleasure over expectation. Frizzell worked miracles and great fun supporting the club, perhaps age related but Premiership always felt temporary and ££ dependent. Stott however messed that up by wanting FA Power. Others struggled on. Once M"""""e arrived AKA Twatman the decline sad yet some truly amazing fans who have stuck by the club. The future with City and United £££ back in day would go and watch an odd City or United game today wouldn't go near the greedy division. In reality we have punched above weight many many years and the real older end would have split support between Rugby on a Sunday. Some of best games that stick in memory pitch was shocking, 7-1 v Plymouth the stand out. Cup game v Cambridge played midweek afternoon in pouring rain during power cuts. The balls as mentioned ridiculous looking back when wet and bet many ex pros yet to pay that price.
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    I don't think that should be tolerated...
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    Has Pringle disappointed? He may not have lived up to the hype from some Latics fans (does anyone?!) but he has been solid and his delivery from set pieces has been excellent at times.
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    In the event of your passing we'll all chip in and get Holloway to lead a minutes applause.
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    Excellent after he came on tonight.
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    We all bow down to your greater expertise 😂😂😂
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    Immense yet again. Considering he should finish on 17 or 18 goals I can’t see past him for player of the season if he keeps doing what he’s doing
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    8th I think. Corney panicked we might make the play offs so sold him for £50K.
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    Aware that I'm sceptical of Placide's qualities, it's always good to remember that we could still have this clown in goal...
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    FFS he's just taken over and the knives are out. If some players (not all) haven't been paid, do we know for certain if its cash flow or simply an administrative error resulting from change of regime of the takeover. Sensationalism. The EFL are much more stringent now on the fit and proper test so I don't have any concerns. We're offering a fee for the likes of Devante Cole then that suggests we have an increased budget and finances to buy decent players at last. Byrne, Doyle, Bryan and the others recently won't come cheap either. Perhaps we simply got outbid and Wellens had all his eggs in the one basket on targets. I think it'll be a different scenario come the summer with or without Wellens.
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    I genuinely think our luck has run out, we look tidy enough but very toothless. The rot set in against Rochdale for me. We struggled to break them down and only the brilliance of Doyle was the difference. Rochdale stifled us and closed us down, when teams do that we look pretty with our tippy happy passing but lack the final ball and any sort of penetration in behind. Wimbledon closed us down and defended for their lives - it was enough for a point. Apart from an awful Northampton side that stood off continually and had the 2010's version of Perry Suckling and Andy Gosney (Kids ask yer dads) in goal we have really struggled to create and lacked real fluency. People are mistaking bouts of possession for pressure. Keepers making save after save is pressure, playing 98% of the game in front of the opposition is not - its simply too easy for them. Wellens needs to go direct, being a horrible team will be what saves us - fleetingly we did this at Shrewsbury and it brought about Davies' one on one and the equaliser through AAH. The pitch at BP is an embarrassment and Corney's legacy of under investment in the basic tools of the job, any pass bobbles massively negating the effectiveness of our passing game. Losing key players to injury has played its part as has losing the loanees, They've come back to a manager and team under pressure and with a great deal of off-field uncertainty. Bryan looks short of match sharpness and Byrne looks subdued. Gardner has been poor for weeks. BUT my biggest concern is the goalkeeper, the manager has alluded to this in his interviews on a few occasions 'any shot and it's a goal' and I agree. The guy is entertaining but we need a goalkeeper not a sweeper. January alone you can argue that he was at fault for the winners at Shrewsbury and Charlton, one of the Leicester goals, Peterborough's opener, the second at Shrewsbury in the cup and the second goal yesterday. He's costing us points, will Zeus be any better? Not so sure, but I'd be looking at a new goalkeeper not arsed if he's good with his feet I'd prefer a solid shot stopper. I agreed with binning Clarke - what about offering him a player coach role in the summer? He's articulate the fans and players respect him - but Gerrard concerned me with his lack of communication yesterday, he's the senior pro in that team and he needs to step up for his manager and his manager needs to ram that point home. Nepo is not a fullback he doesn't defend, tackle or properly go for headers BUT he can cross a ball. Play players to their strengths. Dummigan seems to be a bit of boo boy, but often he is massively isolated at RB and left with 2 on 1 time and again going forward he needs to work on his final ball. BUT the issues from the summer have haunted us all year, poor keepers, No LB, no pace at CB, few goals from midfield and no variety up front. I don't buy Doyle being the be all and end all. BUT having movement up top is key, too often Davies and AAH run the channels then stand with their finger up their arse. To only have one or two in the box yesterday time and again was criminal and back to the bad old days of Penney and Robinson. We have a big squad and a lot of players are underachieving. Wellens needs to take them out and have it out with them, he also needs to stop blaming individuals in his interviews - it's a fast track to losing the dressing room and that'd be a massive shame after the togetherness we showed through late Sept - Early Dec. Bringing a left back in this week and others will help the situation but signing players in groups and being brought into an already over bloated squad - many the owners choices that simply aren't good enough is plain daft. The players that come in need to improve us and Wellens must be given a free hand. What I don't want to see is a foreign coach parachuted into this sorry situation. If that happens we'll be down by Easter. However, I think Wellens needs an experienced no. 2 for now or a Director of Football to allow him to concentrate on coaching. AND I would consider Clarke into the management team in the summer. So for now I wouldn't sack Wellens - last week I was 100% behind him but after a mostly poor performance at Shrewsbury (i'm not having we played well when most of it was tippy tappy going nowhere) and the rubbish we served up yesterday through his crap team selection and obsession of square pegs in round holes I'm down to about 80%. We need 4 points from the next 9 minimum or he has to go sadly. I didn't want Shez to go but we HAVE to stay up. He has my backing - for now, ask me again at 9.45 on 13th February.
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    Any grown man who ever says this is instantly a prick.
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    Wiuld like to show my heaetfelt gratitude to the previous owners.... https://goo.gl/images/7kYRfq
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    A lawyer dies and goes to heaven (unlikely I know, but bear with me). St Peter says "We are so excited to see you here, it's the first time someone had died and gone to heaven and they've been over 1,000 years old". "Oh" says the lawyer "I'm very pleased to have a place in heaven, but I need to let you know that I'm only 63." St Peter looks puzzled and heads off for a while, saying "Just let me check my records." 10 minutes later St Peter is back. "Sorry about that." he says "My fault, I was looking at your Billable Hours report."
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    To be honest Lags, my opinion of him dimmed dramatically following the Chedgate shitstorm. That whole clusterfuck was entirely driven by his long-burning desire to do what he perceived was good but which everyone knew was a PR nightmare and with warning signs about what would come plastered all over it. It's all common knowledge. Sure enough, Judas Johnson tainted himself with his little Machiavellian game but the ball was put in play thanks to Barry's schmoozing to Ched for months before. That whole period was like a series of Roman tragedies often with Barry at the helm (blaming the fans for not coming etc.) He probably does do a fair deal of good behind the scenes, but to me he simply used the Trust to jettison himself to a position of power on the board and once there appeared only every now and again to snipe at fans with genuine "What the fuck does he do?" questions.