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    Thanks for the messages everyone, it means a lot ❤️ Love, O4U junior
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    Once again, thank you for all the messages. They've been making us smile all day. What a guy to have influenced so many people
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    Exciting times ahead for the neutrals.
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    When I heard of O4U's passing yesterday I came straight here. The board was, as always, awash with people arguing about petty things. People winding each other up. Arguments over agreements. Slander, even. I walked away. Last night I had some beers with a few other Latics fans and we made a toast to O4U, talked about what a great contributor to life he was; positive, intelligent, humble, accommodating, considered, learned, many more things which it seems would make him feel very uncomfortable to have said of him. We missed having him there in our group, despite it being a place he'd never been. Today I came back. There's still all of the same factionalism and bitterness towards each other here, from people no less capable of being like O4U than Dave himself was. Why not stop and think when you next comment if it's the kind of thing O4U would have said. Have you taken a moment to reflect on it, are you making a positive contribution to the world, to OWTB. Or, are you thoughtlessly reacting only to make yourself heard, to make the person you are speaking to feel worse, not better. You'll be missed O4U, as we are deeply and sincerely worse off without you.
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    Currently a very angry message board somewhere in France bemoaning the signing of shite #EnglishLads.
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    He held out as long as he could , to look at myself and my brother. He didn't want to leave us, but he left nothing unsaid and with wonderful memories. That's all I could ask for and he gave his all to give it
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    I am just coming out of my depression of relegation. To help me decide to recover or slash my wrists again. I thought I would look at a few facts (Oh! sorry this is a OAFC fans website…. FACTS!) of relegated teams from League 1. I looked at all the League 1 (or equivalent) relegations over the time Oldham were in L1 (21 years for those that may have forgotten), to review the chances of return to L1 or oblivion. Below are the results of my review. A) There has been 84 relegations (4x21) There has been 54 clubs relegated during that period. ie some clubs relegated multiple times. C) Of the 84 relegations, 53 of them returned to L1 (63%) D) Of the 84 relegations, 20 dropped into non league (24%) E) Of the 20 that dropped to non league, 13 of them returned to to L2 (65%) F) 5 of the relegated clubs (9%) have since gone on to reach the premiership (Blackpool, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Huddersfield and Swansea) G) 12 of the relegated clubs (23%) have since gone on to reach the championship (the 5 above plus Brentford, Luton, MKD, Peterbro, Plymouth, Rotherham and Scunthorpe) I looked more closely at C above to find how long it took to return to L1 c1) 20 of the 84 relegations returned to L1 after 1 year in L2. (Blackpool x2, Bournemouth, Brentford, Cardiff, Chesterfield, Coventry, Doncaster, Gillingham, Hartlepool, Huddersfield, Luton, Northampton, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Swindon x2, Walsall, Wrexham and Wycombe) c2) 6 returned to L1 after 2 years. (Bournemouth, Brentford, Bury, Chesterfield, MKD and Rochdale) c3) 6 returned to L1 after 3 years. (Cheltenham, Crewe, Gillingham, Northampton, Peterbro and Stockport) c4) 4 returned to L1 after 4 years. (Chesterfield, Plymouth, Portsmouth and Swansea) c5) 5 returned to L1 after 5 years. (Bristol R, Port Vale, Scunthorpe, Southend and Wycombe) c6) 5 returned to L1 after 6 years. (Bradford, Bristol R, Plymouth, Rotherham and Wycombe) c7) 3 returned to L1 after 7 years. (Northampton, Notts C and Southend) c8) 1 returned to L1 after 8 years (Carlisle) c9) 1 returned to L1 after 9 years (Bury) c10) 1 returned to L1 after 10 years (Luton) c11) 1 returned to L1 after 15 years (Oxford) I also reviewed D above to find how long it took a L1 relegated club to fall into non league d1) 4 of the 84 relegations dropped to non league after 1 year in L2. (Chesterfield, Luton, Stockport and Tranmere) d2) 3 dropped to non league after 2 years. (Leyton O, Rushton & Diamonds and Torquay) d3) 4 dropped to non league after 3 years. (Bristol R, Cambridge, Hereford and Wrexham) d4) 2 dropped to non league after 4 years. (Hartlepool and York) d5) 3 dropped to non league after 5 years. (Dagenham & Redbridge, Mansfield and Oxford) d6) 3 dropped to non league after 6 years. (Carlisle, Cheltenham and Grimsby) d7) 1 dropped to non league after 13 years. (Macclesfield) e1) Of the 20 that dropped to non league. The 7 that have never returned to L2 are: Hartlepool, Dagenham & Redbridge, Hereford, Leyton O, Rushton & Diamonds, Stockport and Wrexham. e2) The 13 that returned from non league were: Bristol R, Cambridge, Carlisle, Cheltenham, Grimsby, Lincoln, Luton, Macclesfield, Mansfield, Oxford, Torquay, Tranmere and York.. Note. Wycombe has been relegated 3 times and promoted 3 times whilst Oldham were in L1. Whilst Luton has dropped all the way to non league and returned to L1 in that time. I did not stop there. I then looked at all the League 1 relegations in 21st position over the same period. Again looking at chances of return or oblivion. Below are the results. H) There has been 21 relegations I) There has been 20 clubs relegated during that period (Bournemouth relegated twice in 21st position) J) Of the 21 relegations, 14 returned to L1 (67%) K) Of the 21 relegations, 5 dropped into non league (24%) L) Of the 5 that dropped to non league, 4 of them returned to to L2 (80%) (Grimsby, Tranmere, Torquay and York) M) Of the 4 that returned to L2, 2 have returned to non league (Torquay and York). I looked more closely at H above to find how long it took to return to L1 j1) 6 of the 21 relegations returned to L1 after 1 year in L2. (Bournemouth, Brentford, Cardiff, Doncaster, Hartlepool and Scunthorpe) j2) 2 returned to L1 after 2 years. (Bournemouth and MKD) j3) 2 returned to L1 after 3 years. (Cheltenham and Gillingham) j4) 1 returned to L1 after 4 years. (Chesterfield) j5) 2 returned to L1 after 6 years. (Bristol R and Wycombe) j6) 1 returned to L1 after 7 years. (Northampton) I also reviewed I above to find how long it took a L1 21st positioned relegated club to fall into non league k1) 1 of the 21 relegations dropped to non league after 1 year in L2. (Tranmere) k1) 1 dropped to non league e after 2 years in L2. (Torquay) k2) 2 dropped to non league after 5 years. (Dagenham & Redbridge and York) k3) 1 dropped to non league after 6 years. (Grimsby) So what conclusion have I come too? The Latics have a better chance of being promoted than relegated from L2, but promotion needs to be done within 6 years at the most or any momentum is lost. If slipping into non league is going to happen, it is most likely to happen in the first 6 years, but the probability is small. There is very little difference in results between clubs finishing 21st or in the bottom 4. My thoughts are that we will have a better season than the past 5, and we will spend more time in the top half than bottom half, finishing in the top half. So I will let the wounds on my wrists heal, but renewing my ifollow subscription may be a bridge too far (I have a week to change my mind). I hope the Happy Clappers and the Negative Nellies can get something out of this, so as to come to their premeditated conclusion. Oh! I nearly forget the Spelling & Grammar police. I sure they well do well out of this also.
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    Throw some suggestions in the ring, it's okay being critical of every tiny step the club tries to make but at least balance your argument with some constructive feedback. Without being a parent to a young child I do know they have a free matchday club, bench buddies and as far as I'm aware Boundary Blues is still going strong with plenty of activities going on in the family section of the RRE on match days. Many people work hard sometimes for free in these areas and rather than shoot down their efforts it's only fair that you give a balanced view of what your actually trying to say.
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    I’m at a loss how folk are complaining about the squad. The lot that turned out last season were shit, that’s why we got relegated, blame anyone and everyone, bottom line is those wearing the blue shirts at Northampton were poor, only exceptions were Hamer and Edmondson. I know we had 46 games and behind the scenes turmoil but it came down to one game, I was at Sixfields and felt devastated at the end due to the lack of effort, one game we needed to win and 8 outfield players didn’t give a toss. So Id rather see a unified team than a collection of overpaid individuals who don’t give a shit Actually quite positive about the upcoming season and confident a couple more additions to the squad will give us a competitive edge. So all those that keep moaning about the squad, give your a head a wobble, we are in the 4th tier, average 3000 fans and don’t have a billionaire owner, keep the faith and just maybe Frankie gets a tune out of the players more so than Wellens did
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    I keep my dad informed of goings on at Latics that aren't in the public eye, such as Gerrard's alleged attitude to a family with young kids watching, and he mentioned something from when we'd just signed Graeme Sharp. Must have been a friendly, and Sharp was unhappy about something and started swearing his head off. Which, you know, would probably be less of an issue now but it's irrelevant to the story. My dad being my dad wasn't pleased about him doing this in front of my then-12-year-old sister, and said so as the team and Joe Royle were going off. The next Junior Latics meeting, Joe recognised them when they went to get his autograph, apologised for the language, and said he'd reminded Sharp of his responsibilities as a role model and Oldham player! As well as speaking to the kind of guy Joe is, it shows how important attitude was to him, and that it wouldn't be surprising in the slightest if Frankie Bunn has inherited that sense of attitude being important in his Oldham team.
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    If we had the foresight and funding as a club to pick these lads up for 250k to 500k and develop them there is money to be made. Just shows the likes of Byrne and Co what they are missing out on if they keep their head down and crack on with what they are paid to do instead of behaving like self righteous bellends.
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    I would like to applaud the opening poster for not naming this thread, "We should of stayed up".
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    Ish Miller? No - we must have let him go..
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    Hope the fans back him, hes a young kid a long way from home, lets show him our support, we will be a big part of his development so hopefully it works for both parties.
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    Thanks for the reply. We'll have to disagree about his qualities as a player - it seemed to me he got plaudits for doing the absolute basics I'd expect from a chunky centreback and was generally poor. That aside, I think we're all guilty at one time or another about being willing to overlook some less attractive off field behaviour for the same of having a good player on books. Absolutely not wanting to go over them again, but Lee Hughes, Chef Evans etc, and many more who we've known weren't angels. I'm coming more to the view that it isn't worth it, and in fact I'd pick character over ability in a close race in my work life. However, when a player who isn't all that carries on as if he's an exceptional talent that should be able to do as he pleases, he can fuck off. I should say that as much as the Twitter stuff is unprofessional, the real life stuff is more serious IMO, and it's not internet gossip.
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    Some of the comments on this forum are laughable at times. I know its all opinions and banter but for god sake when you start showing ignorance and total disrespect to the person who brought the best times this club has ever seen then you are either a young fan who needs to educate themselves about our history and learn some respect or even worse you are old enough to remember those great great times but feel the need to be a total tool and forget what this man did for our club. It wouldn't surprise me if some of our so called fans see Joe Royle as the man who got us relegated from the Premier League and started our decline. Negativity is rife on this board and in the ground, I've had lots of arguments at games with negative tools who Boo and berate players for the least thing and that is tiresome. I'm not a total optimist but can't be arsed listening to whining miserable people who only ever concentrate on the negative aspects of the club and expect we all should be the same. Well I'm sorry for showing some optimism, hope, excitement about the coming season. I'm a fan and want the club to succeed but you have to be realistic. I want us to walk the league etc but I don't expect it. I expect the players and management to give 100%, that's what we want as Oldham fans, is it not ? Joe Royles team individually wasn't the best team but they always had great spirit and comradery and they got on a roll and never gave up. Show the man respect !!
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    Whilst opinions are what makes football you have to wonder at times. Frankie Bunn a striker of some quality and years of experience as a coach with a positive reputation in the game is assembling HIS and Rhodes team within the limits of a Div 2 club that has been shafted daily for years by those closest to its running. Frank has signed up a young striker hes seen in training and clearly feels he can make him into a squad player worth having. Here is a thought lets see what happens before we write him off playing for a management team who appear to value hard graft and self discipline within a team ethic. Clearly dont want players who are gobshite unprofessional and billy big ball attitudes when careers say not actually that good. Would I prefer a Doyle of course I would but we cant afford it can we getting rid of the deadwood and finding a balance that works will allow Bunn Rhodes to stand a chance. I am totally gobsmacked people have looked to stick the boot into AL from day one. Ok he may prove to be a disaster but that would partly be down to saint Simon who some are now almost defending as some kind of hero. He really wasn't and the North Stand proves his business acumen and understanding of area is not all that clever. AL needs to sharpen up and prove he has the skills to run a club, but still have a problem with the shit that radiates from the club with a self fulfilling prophecy feeling on a daily basis.
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    FFS do you ever stop whinging Ryan ! Give it a rest lad or my head will be in the gas oven before a ball is kicked in anger . No matter what it is there is bugger all you can do to change it , so give us all a break and shut the fuck up moaning !
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    You're obviously not married.
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    One of the more reasoned posters on here. Would bump into him regularly in Tescos. faced his situation head on, lived every minute he had left to the full and is a much braver man than I could ever have been in dealing with the fate that awaited him. A true inspiration. The Latics family diminishes further. Good night God bless Dave, thoughts with Chris and the rest of his family.
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    Nice to see that everyone is happy with this. So far, he's only been seen in a couple or so friendlies. There would be a reason he wasn't in the squad on Saturday, but you would imagine Bunn and Rhodes have seen enough to warrant him having a one year contract. Here's a radical idea; let's see how he performs over the first month or so of the season and then decide whether he's crap (or, actually, quite good for League 2), unless you've already made your mind up, of course. He didn't relegate Chesterfield on his own. They were just a crap team.
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    It's embarrassing that we have to share a division with these. Why can't they be a proper club and not pay tax and sack their best players?
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    I presume Davies was happy to sign the deal we put in front of him and also the terms of the contract he signed to be an OAFC player? On that basis he should of cracked on doing what he was being paid to do and not start feeling sorry for himself because the club weren't prepared to give their top scorer away for buttons. Let's face it if AL had let Davies move on for peanuts he'd of been crucified for that as well in the long run.
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    No. We should build a team around committed and professional players. Glad to be rid of those people who seem to think they are superstars already when they are actually pretty shit at their jobs.