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    There is a load of bollocks being quoted on this thread. Let’s put some things into perspective. Number one first 9 games under Shez we limped to 5 points. Wellens took over and next 9 games we returned 18 points. Then injuries set in . Also the new take over took forever and over the Christmas/new year period Wellens had to deal with a player embargo. Our best loan players went back to their parent clubs and the team lost confidence. Then after the embargo was lifted we find that Doyle has a blood clot and he is out for at least 13 weeks. Then he looses Rob Hunt with an 8 week injury. The weather has been exceptionally bad and the worst winter for many years. The pitch has suffered and therefore our passing game could not continue on such a bad surface. Matches where postponed due to the weather and international call ups and we have no place to train properly like some other clubs eg Fleetwood/Bury. So we play one week and find the next it’s postponed. Therefore we loose continuity. Now our centre back and captain is injured. Many an experienced manager would have folded completely under all these unforceable circumstances. Wellens has kept going from one crisis to the next and should be applauded for his commitment under such duress and bad luck. For god sake stop asking for him to be replaced. Give the guy our utmost support and if he keeps us up give him a chance to rebuild in the summer and hopefully next year we won’t have as many destabilising elements for him to contend with. Keep going Mr Wellens some of us are behind you. Give the guy a chance and remember he will make mistakes he’s a young manager learning the ropes. For one I think that he’s doing a decent job considering what bad luck he’s had to contend with in his first few months of management.
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    What makes me laugh the most about these arguments were posters are happy for Wellen's to get potted and are not willing to give any leeway for the circumstances or the conditions he has been working under are highly likely the first ones who screamed for him to get the job after a wining run and are the first to cry when we have a brand new squad because the club aren't creating any consistency from year to year. They were the first to say Clarke was done but now use loaning him out as stick to beat RW with. We have a potentially decent squad that needs additions. We potentially have a good manager who is learning and who most likely does know his best team and formation, due to circumstances he cant play it. injuries, fitness etc We have a shit pitch, no training facilities from one day to the next, we didn't pay players for most of the season on time and a takeover was hanging in the air for months and his assistant fucked off within a month because of all this but hey...he knew all this when he took the job didn't he?
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    No one has suggested that by wanting to keep Wellens they want to keep the current form. Or that they’re accepting mediocrity. Or defending bang average. No one has called Wellens a miracle worker or fucking Jesus. Some of my reasons for wanting to keep him on are: - potential style of football (not just the first 4 games, longer than that) - affinity with the club and fans - his desire to build for the long term - he’s well connected and seems to be able to attract decent players Finally, I’m willing to cut him some slack for our recent form not only due to the very real negative factors he has had to deal with (as have other managers before him), but because he’s only been a football manager for 6 months!!!
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    If our back four was half as good at being defensive as some posters we'd be pushing for the play-offs
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    What the fuck have we turned into? Not in my fucking name.
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    Quite a deyres comment in itself that. View a new thread, let it get to about 34 posts, read the thread, pick up the general consensus, deliberatley say the opposite. Pretty much how it works.
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    .....think they're being held in a room with Omrani and Maouche and told to sew owls onto the free season ticket scarfs.....
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    I've hidden the majority of this thread, I'm afraid. With no confirmation of what Philliskirk's suspension relates to, speculation is best avoided. I'll leave the thread open, but please consider posts on this subject carefully.
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    You ever played football? Having someone who can break up play like him is a huge weight off other shoulders. Don’t think there is a player that will cover anywhere near as much ground as him. Just because he isn’t drilling in goals and spraying 40 yard passes doesn’t mean he isn’t effective in what he does for the team.
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    If Fane scores a late winner I’m on the pitch
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    Eaves sounds like a right knobhead. You didn't get any sort of reception because no one at Latics remembers a single thing about you, other than you made us a couple of quid. No one's questioning where your loyalties lie because no one cares.
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    My take on things from the free seats: https://davestringertravels.com/2018/04/08/the-directors-box/
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    Glad I've stayed off the messageboards over Easter. I detect a hell of a lot of shit about the manager has been spouted...but massive thumbs up to Smiler for this post. I remember the days when Shez was a young manager and the general consensus was that being a rookie he needed 2 or 3 seasons. Dickov got similar good-will until it ran out for some. Fuck me...this has been one of the most ridiculous seasons starting with having no keeper 24hrs before the opening game and has seen all sorts of shit and curveballs thrown at the management team including having a bog for a training pitch for most of the season. It's a miracle we're not in Bury's position given the start we had and what's happened since. I have the odd gripe here and there over Wellens but any reasonably minded fan would put that down to naivety and the situations we've endured this season. He's finding his feet and doing a decent job while do so. With Adballahs support, next season (provided we keep winning this relegation battle) he will be looking a moving us up to the next level which realistically should be top 10 while nibbling at the playoffs. Sadly, some cunts want Rome built in a day. Let's get back to remembering how we all felt in Shez's 1st season after Ronnie and accept mistakes will happen but that given a chance, progression can too.
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    So should a Wellens out thread be started every time we concede a goal? Was a ridiculous post and deserves ridicule.
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    Well said. Someof the comments are akin to Arsenal fans on 606. I really find the glee with which some of our fans grasp the opportunity to slag all and sundry after a defeat away to the best team in the division very strange.
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    No we haven’t been “really really poor since then” or Blackburn and Scunthorpe wouldn’t have happened - we’ve been inconsistent which we should be very much used to. We were fucking awful today but did anyone really expect anything from Wigan away? And my point is I never understand football fans having this idea they can accurately call someone’s performance in a job they don’t do and have no idea about. If Richie Wellens came to my office and told me I wasn’t doing a good job I’d tell him to fuck himself - as I’m sure you would. and no I’m not happy with relegation but as you say it’s not the end of the world. Today is done - I’ll look to Monday and enjoy the rest of my extended weekend
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    Thought Tarky had as good an England debut as I have witnessed.One thing that stood out to me was in the tunnel pre-match he spoke at length with the mascot, a real two-way conversation which must had made the little lad's night. It's a refreshing change from the usual premiership footballer's pathetic attempts at "connecting" with fans. As my Grandma used to say " It's nice to be important, but important to be nice". Anyway Tarky has confirmed my impression that he's a thoroughly nice lad and I hope he goes far !
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    I think that we should use somebody else for the team talk tonight.
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    The point I make is that attributing the blame solely to Fane is the easy option. No mention of Hamer’s mistake and no mention of Gardner getting in the way, it’s all down to Fane. For some it’s his fault that we are in the position we’re in, no one else. We can all microanalyse an individual’s performance and at the moment there is a number on here who cannot wait to pick Fane as the man at fault. He has his limits as a footballer but he also has his strengths. Everyone has his/her opinion, that’s what this board is all about. Mine is that Ousmane is a vital member of the team and starting without him at the moment would weaken the team. That’s all. 😊
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    That's generally how it works.
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    We don’t entertain anybody
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    You mean the one who had a striker alongside him who would pass the ball?
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    ....leaving him out after the Wigan game to teach him a lesson, fine - if Richie was going after the reaction that brought about his winner v Blackpool...... it worked. ....leaving him out again is nonsense. He - and Doyle - are our best players...... and Richie needs to set the team up to suit them both. For me, that means playing one of Davies/Holloway up top with Doyle and letting Byrne play through the middle......
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    Shez had less backing? Who brought in Byrne, Kean, Doyle? Who had the pre season to put the squad together? Shez left us this current situation cut adrift at the bottom. He worked miracles previous years but left us in the shit this time for ever reason. Infatuated with defending the average? Its funny because all I do on here is tell people to strive for more but I don't make judgments to quick. I certainly don't go from 50/50 to 60/40 and the too all out 0/100 Wellens out in 8 pages of a thread after 2 draws and zero movement in the table where we haven't even dropped into the bottom 4 but I won't talk negativity in Oldham fans. I can see potential in Wellens and I you think I'm deluded because I try to take all things into consideration before forming an opinion on players and managers then so be it. Ive backed my opinion against most on here many times and im generally not far off. Time will tell on this but I can say one thing for absolute certain, sacking a manager every season or in this case far less is fkn stupid and won't bring any kind of success. We've been doing it for 20 years...hows that worked out?
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    Apparently he's put a bet on himself that he will be gone by Christmas!!
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    A supporter! That’s who. You don’t think Hamer, Hunt, Gerrard, Placide, Gardner, edmundson deserved a round of applause. Then you know fuck all. Some of those kids at the back deserved a standing ovation. It was all on RW this tonight. Got it wrong yet again! FFS some of our fans.
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    He doesn't really belong anywhere near a football pitch, yet he is probably our Player of the Season by some distance...
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    There's no way we have 10 footballers in that team.
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    It’s just the constant having a pop at fellow fans, acting as though we’re any worse than any other club. Of course it’s a shame but it’s par for the course Away atmosphere is better than the home atmosphere. So what? Fans have little to celebrate year upon year, it’s hardly a surprise or a something to be derided when they express a pride in their loyalty
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    No. Just drawing both of those would probably be fine. They are against relegation rivals away. It’s our home games we MUST get a win or two from. I’ve renewed. The division we are in is irrelevant, as it should be for every season ticket holder.
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    Yet you probably loved Lee Hughes and celebrated his goals, a lad whose self control was on a whole different level. Give the lad a break he's been carrying the rest of the team for the past month, nobody is immune from making mistakes and this lads no different.
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    Depends what you mean. He is one of my favourite ever players, I love listening to his press conferences, but the football has been crap for ages and we should be higher than we are. His failure to recruit an aggressive leader, whilst filling the squad with shite like Benyu and Pringle in January, his obsession with sticking our most creative midfielder out wide, which then leaves us with poor shape because said midfielder always comes inside looking for the ball, has me worried for the first time in 19 years that we might go down...
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    Doyle needs to play with Davies (love him or hate him) because that's what worked pre-Xmas. Again, love him or hate him Davies has goals in him. Would also be an idea, expressed elswhere, that Byrne should play central.
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    How long is “stable”? Surely it has to be more than six months. Wellens is learning and has made mistakes - but he’s also made good decisions. I’d be disappointed if he wasn’t given an opportunity to show that he has learned from mistakes .
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    Bit surprised that many thought we were terrible first half. It was a dreadful game but we were muchthe better side and we had some semblance of a shape. Fane was positive in his play, can't see why he was slated.
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    I think Shez was lost with the takeover and random Frenchies. We were right to change things when we did. Wellens needs to get more out of what should be an effective squad, but isn't.
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    I’d be willing to bet he has more clue than you, me or anyone else on this board. yes we were shit but we’ve also been immense under the same manager. if we go down we go down it won’t kill anyone
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    Course he will but I’d guess he would prefer to play here with this group of lads who appear to have become very close mates. Then factor in Abdallah has probably already told him his plans for next season which, if he’s paid money for Byrne and agreed a fee for Doyle, look to be bloody exciting times for the club!
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    The writing was on the wall with starting Davies who won absolutely nothing and yet again the opposition gains the early initiative. That selection was down to RW alone. The whole team looks disjointed and has done for a while.
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    Probably as gutted as the next Latics fan. Just cos you support someone as manager of the team doesn’t mean you take pleasure in how utterly shite we’ve been especially of late and when I say probably - I mean definitely cos I know I’m completely fucked off, and the prospect of Latics being in the fourth tier for the first time in my lifetime is not something I relish
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    Can't be, Smoker would have been in the home end.
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    What like £25 for two games😂 49 wins in 4 seasons and serving up shite year after year is why we struggle to get fans into the ground. Reduced price offers are a total waste of time.........winning a few more football matches might just be the answer.
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    Poor team selection again, how McEleney started after his weak display in the previous game is beyond me. You want battlers in the current situation and we just haven't enough of them IMO, and that's a big problem for RW.
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    So we have blamed the officials, the pitch, last Wednesday it was the wind-there could not have been a nicer day to play today. But somebody keeps getting off lightly with his team selection.
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    1. Style: He's brought in, or trying to, a way of playing the game in a fast, high-tempo fashion with the emphasis of possession, but using that possession in a positive way. 2. Media : He speaks openly in the press, which I find personally refreshing. I have never subscribed to players not being openly criticised. Some players react to criticism well, I give you the reaction of Jack Byrne. He was dropped after the Wigan game, then came on as sub against Blackpool, scored, then went over to Wellens with a look of 'take that and shove it where the sun don't shine". Wellens said that's the sort of reaction he loves. 3. Recruitment and Contacts: He was a top quality player and was well-respected for it at the clubs he played for, so I believe other clubs will look favourably on him, because of the way he played and the way he wants his team to play. In my opinion Doyle, Byrne and Bryan all returned, because of these factors. We have also got Big Al's contacts from his days as an agent to add as well. We need to give a manager a decent run, we can't be going through managers at the rate we are and still expect success. The points League One forever makes concerning facilities, takeover, etc. are all valid points, which means that if Big Al can improve these elements then surely Wellens can only get better. I say say stick with Wellens and let's do something we've not done for years, which is to have some real consistency and stability at the club
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    Wait a minute. Robinson: W3 D10 L11 = 19 points from 24 games. Wellens: W10 D11 L10 = 41 points from 31 games. Both roughly a point a game?? I've got to call you out on that one. Secondly, now is not the time to wonder if we have the right manager or not. A new manager would make pretty much zero positive impact and is much more likely to have a negative one. If we go down from here then we have every right to be calling for his head because we should still survive from the position we are in, but not while we have a reasonable chance of surviving.
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    Except 3 months wasn't anywhere near long enough to judge any of those managers. Just because the previous owner repeatedly made some ridiculous decisions doesn't make it an appropriate policy going forward.
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    Well I’m hoping that will turn out to be a useful point towards safety, but everything is a bit stuck in limbo at the moment. It was a fair result in my opinion, both teams had one great opportunity each which was scrambled away, both teams showed glimpses of quality but for the most part it was very nervy and, as my girlfriend put it, uninspiring. Placide – a fantastic stop on the goal line in the 2nd half, solid otherwise with a few risky moves that he pulled off. Hunt – good performance, decent at the back and supportive going forward. Had a stonewall penalty appeal turned down. Difficult angle for the ref but unforgivable that linesman didn’t see it. Edmundson – was worried about him not being experience enough for this relegation battle and even more worried when he was the more experienced of the centre backs! But full credit to him he didn’t put a foot wrong and looked the part at this level. Really hope he kicks on from this. Bryan – not much he could do before going off injured. Moimbe – clearly a good player for this level. A bit lucky with the high boot not being a red, in no way was it intentional but it was late and a bit reckless. Worth a contract for next season. Fane – he is what he is. Powerful, athletic and good at breaking up play. Terrible on the ball. Surrounded by the right players he’s fine. Gardner – good enough but barely. While he doesn’t really put a tackle in, he’s good to have late in the game when defending the counter attack because he’s strong and athletic enough to cover. Going forward he’s decent on the ball (see the ball to Hunt for the stonewall pen) but Byrne often puts him to shame. If we are going to push up the league next season then I’m not sure he should be first choice. Obadeyi – I can see why Wellens picked him as it kept the balance of the team right and he wasn’t a liability in defence, but sadly he isn’t good enough and I doubt he’ll be here next season. Byrne – Doyle is our most important player but I find it a pleasure to watch players like Byrne. Sadly today he dropped too deep for the position he was meant to be in which left Doyle a bit stranded up front on his own. Unlucky with the shot blocked on the line as he did pretty much everything right. McEleney – there’s clearly a player in there. He has the close control, vision and drive to be a good attacking midfielder and did a good job helping Moimbe and then Hunt. But unfortunately he’s not up to speed with this level yet and I’m surprised he stayed on for the full 90. Doyle – I would’ve taken McEleney off for Doyle late on, even though Doyle was pretty ineffective due to Byrne and McEleney dropping a bit deeper and Obadeyi being wasteful. But with Holloway coming on you keep your goal poacher on the pitch, no matter how they’ve played so far. Subs: Hamer – Is he 17? Didn’t look like it on that showing. 2 dominant headers in the first half, a crucial tackle in the second and not being a liability in any way is very impressive for a league debut. Was a toss up between him and Edmundson but because it was his debut he was my MotM. The Duck – clearly he’d been told to get the ball out of his feet and just run by Wellens. He will be hit and miss but his pace with always be a danger to the opposition defence. If we play the same formation on Wednesday I’d start him on the left and get him to cut inside. Holloway – didn’t have much time but was a nuisance for the time he was on. Wellens – he set up the team in exactly the way I would’ve done. Poor play in the final third let us down rather than bad tactics. It would be a failure if we went down but if we stay up I’d happily give him the chance to show what he can do next season. Oxford – a bit non-descript really. Played in a similar way to us, I reckon with players like Mousinho at the back and Thomas and Obika up front they’ll have enough to stay up, but like us if they don’t win either of their next 2 home games then they’ll be right in the thick of it. We clearly have it in us to win the rest of the games we play this season, but the next 2 give us a great opportunity to gain some breathing room ahead of Rochdale. I think the shape of the team worked well yesterday but hopefully Doyle will get more support against Walsall. Either by Byrne playing closer to him or with a change in personell. Edit: While Hunt's in the 2nd half was a definite pen, I thought Moimbe's in the first half was borderline but he probably went down too easily.
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    Personally think there's a decent player in there. A full pre season with us could do wonders