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    I don't post much at all, I am just a reader these days. I used to post on our previous forums but due to one thing or another I don't anymore. But Today I am posting this, don't really know why just need to get things off my chest. I have supported this club since my Dad, Brother, Uncles started to take me in 1976 as a small lad. Stood at the top of the Chaddy I grew up a lifelong Latics fan. I witnessed frightening crowd disorder through the 70s & 80s as a child, youth then into my adulthood. Although never involved in any of this directly, the banter and buzz of match days and the build up during the week at school and then later at work gripped me and latics became my life. I have seen latics in Division 2 / Championship whichever suits, enjoyed life in the old Division 1 / Premier league, league 1 / Division 3 and now sadly League 2 / Division 4, I have been to the real Wembley twice seen epic semi finals with Man Utd, other great cup runs, fantastic away days where we really did take away big numbers, great times beating Man City, Leeds & Everton to name a few. Ive been lucky enough to enjoy all of this. I remember as a young lad my Dad & Uncles who had supported Latics also all their lives would always come across to me in a in a negative way, all doom and gloom about the present but full of great stories of the 50s / 60s watching us. My dad was lucky enough to see us under Big Joe and winning Promotion to the promise land. I have seen us have many different rivalries, my early days would be the likes of Blackburn, Burnley, Leeds, Man City, Bolton, PNE & Huddersfield. Things changed after the Premier league and new rivalries over the years have been Tranmere, Stockport, Wigan, Blackpool, Bury, Barnsley, Rochdale. We will be adding some new ones next season, sadly. I have had many heroes in a latics shirt, Vic Hallom, Kenny Clements, Rodger Wylde, the brilliant Simon Stainrod, Tommy Wright, David Eyers, Andy Liddle, Legends like Palmer, Ritchie, Barlow, there are many many more. All these people at some part of my life have filled me with joy, hope and tears. I can no longer attend as many matches as I would like due to location and work, my Dad and Uncles are no longer here and I sometimes wonder what they would think of our club and the major decline in fortunes. It saddens me to see where we are now, it saddens me to see on other clubs forums the sheer lack of acknowledgment of us in promotion discussions, talks of budgets and signings. Even now as new members of League 2 we are looked down at by the likes of Lincoln, Mansfield, Bury and Northampton. What has happened to my great family club that once had a great reputation, which was once well respected and liked by fans of many other clubs. So long winded I know and a bit of a ramble but the title says it all for me, we will always have Doom & gloom, reality checks, delusion, visions of grandeur, despair and sadness But we will always have the memories of the pinch me seasons, great players and managers of the past, our proud history, but most of all we should all be proud to be Oldham fans, with that comes hope, expectations and that dream that we will be successful once again. If that means we have to start from the bottom then so be it. For me, a great season in DIVISION 4 is better than 20 seasons stagnating in Division 3. I dont know much about our new owner but I have faith in human nature that he has good intentions and a will to make the club more successful than it has been of late. I know he cant feel the same way about our club as we do as we are all tied emotionally through our own stories and reasons for supporting the club. All I ask is for 100% commitment from the top through to the playing staff. Lets all look forward and try to be positive, this relegation coupled with our new owner could be the start of exiting times. For me, remembering the doom and gloom from my old dad & Uncles which were utter rubbish in all honesty because we went on to great things will always keep me thinking things can get better for us. Oh and Jose Baxter,,,, get in ........ best player in the division by far next year..... Good luck to all at OAFC, Owner, Trust, Staff, Management and Coaching staff and all present and future players. So remember the good times, accept the reality of now but live with the hope and dreams of better times to come. And Keep the Faith !!!!!
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    I thought Crewe were known for sticking it in the kids? (too soon?)
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    Let’s get behind him rather than sticking the boot in before he’s even got his foot through the door.
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    A lot of the French lads were Muslim, interesting that we're going for Catholics at youth level.....
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    Well my post has caused quite an eclectic mix of responses. On the whole a positive mix but you get a sense of infighting between certain members of this forum. I didn't post what I did to get back slapped or cause a stir of emotions. I just wanted to voice my love for the club from past memories, present woes and future success, hopefully !!! I have been 150miles away now for a number of years and spend most my time surrounded by Man Utd, Liverpool, Everton, Newcastle and the odd Carlisle and newly founded Man City glory hunters. You see most people where I live follow their chosen clubs from success or because it sounds good to say you support Man City, in their opinion. These people dismiss me when I say I support Oldham, it is normally the end of the conversation unless I carry on to listen about their premier league and european adventures. But I look at these people who are friends and colleagues and think they have no idea what it is like to support a football club, they just chose to do so, like we would choose a new pair of trainers. I did not choose to be an Oldham fan, it is in my blood and a generation of my family and friends have done so in the past and will continue to do so. The same as , Rochdale, Bury, Tranmere etc, we all hurt for our clubs and we also feel great pleasure also at times and through the years. We are a different breed, most of us, if like myself were born to support our club no matter what, no matter who owns us, the state of our ground ( which is a great ground, no matter what anyone says ), what division we are in, who the manager is and no matter how inferior we are supposed to feel in the shadow of the bigger clubs who surround us. I support Oldham and i am proud of it, I am proud of Oldham as a place, is it a dump, maybe in parts, but so is everywhere else. I live minutes from, the coast, Mountains and Lakes, it is nice yes, but I am also minutes away from dumps also. And as nice as it is up here, I enjoy nothing more than driving around Saddleworth and other nice areas of Oldham, in fact driving all over Oldham fills me with great memories. I then come home to Cumbria and its nice, thats all, its not Oldham and never will be. Always be proud of your roots !!! Let people say what they will about our club and town, what do they know, its not in their heart like it is in ours. Just laugh at them they are just narrow minded. So we should all get along for the greater good of our club, show AL how much this club means and stop fighting each other, we all have different opinions and thoughts, dont waste energy arguing on here, put that energy to good use, save it up over the summer and support the team with all your might in August. The Chaddy used to suck goals in, i'm sure of it !! As for KEEP THE FAITH, it is just 3 words, but they are what I chose to remember to stay positive, use what words do the same for you, please dont wince at the sight or sound of it though, I had great times keeping the faith !! Thats it, have a beer or a glass of wine and remember we will have a great season.
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    I hope so.... then we can have a debate over who’s the better manager, Whittaker or Wellens....?
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    Good way to end it, summed up your standpoint and reasonings succinctly. Couple of weeks into feb would probably be a fairer time to leave it until tho. With regards the underlined comment, I haven’t met AL but I have been ‘in the room’ a couple of times and he seems to me like the anti-agent. He seems humble and honest and events do seem to have shown maybe some naiivety, but without this naiivety he wouldn’t have come near us. He has paid an asking price and he has covered debts that weren’t his to the tune of around an extra mill, paid money for Byrne, brought Doyle back even tho he couldn’t play and reduced the ST price for a period after the season ended. The approach has changed positively and, to me, this mowers story catching on sounds like the mutterings that hang around bitter people or jealous gossippers with an agenda.
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    When I said throw the kids in I didn't mean literally....
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    Life is just another slow death march to the same old outcome. The difference being that Latics produce the odd moment of fun. Your comments don't.
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    Going to buck the trend a little here. Almost to a "man" posters have been saying they're underwhelmed with this appointment and wanted everyone from Scholes to Pep as our boss "but will get behind Frankie". I like Bunn as a person (although I've never met him); he's an experienced coach at league level; experienced manager (albeit not at league level); has an affinity with the club (which could be an important link between the supporters and Abdallah's new regime); and is apparently well respected in the game. As for not being able to gain the respect of some of the self-centered little pricks who engineered our demise last season then all well and good. If they'd shown half the courage and determination Bunnie showed playing when half-fit and injured during our golden period we'd be playing Sunderland this season not Forest Green Rovers. I for one will back Frankie Bunn as our manager without condition and hope it results in an enjoyable season, which is long overdue.
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    Its not the Trusts remit to know about personnel at the club. That's the business of the club We here to ensue the club's survival. The last 12 months we have worked hard to secure the ACV on the club, the first in the borough at the time. Attempted various fund raising to ensure the war chest is boosted, Been ever vigilant with regards to the change of ownership. What do you think we do?...seriously, what do think the Role of the Trust is and how we can monitor this with 12 volunteers who meet once a month for approx. 2hrs? Thanks
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    Can’t really blame him I know which fane I’d rather see in the communal bath.
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    I am proud of being from Oldham. I’ve lived elsewhere. I’ve never felt at home elsewhere so I’m back after 9 years living in big cities. And glad. And proud. I was always proud of the self-depreciation along with pride the town had. But in recent years the rest of Oldham seems to have lost pride in itself. It’s weird. And it looks like the club is following suit. This not ok. Some random scouse blokes on the train back back from Northampton were saying to some of our fans ‘Never be ashamed of where you’re from’ and they’re so right! I know Oldham isn’t utopia, but having followed Latics around the country, nowhere is. I’m not going to sit back and be happy while some mediocre footballer calls my home town a shit hole, as if that’s an ok thing to say. It’s not.
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    He did say for his kids ya pair of cunts !
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    I don't get the instant negativity at all. The bloke has barely had chance to fart in his office chair before people want him out. The bloke has been in and around football for a very long time. He's coached and developed his trade. He's not a shiney new rookie who has just passed his coaching badges. He'll say it how it is and he won't feel like he has to be 'mates' with the players because he is a few years older than them. He's old school, yes. He's not managed at league level but he is Oldham. He knows the club. He's proud to be here and enthusiastic. I'd take that over anyone who has no affinity with the club and in it as a stepping stone to another job. I don't see Frank doing that. He's got my backing and I'll be supporting the squad he puts out. Frankie Bunn's Blue and White Army.
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    Well there's some vitriol on this thread. Here is a man with 20 odd years in the back office working and learning from various managers. Has seen success and failure knows what contributed to both. Has a distinguished playing career and still holds a current goalscoring record. He's been interviewed for the job three times and been overlooked twice but come back a third time. He knows all about the situation at the club and has STILL put pen to paper for OUR club HIS club. He may not be everyone's choice but the man has some balls taking the so called 'poison chalice'. I initially felt the underwhelming surrounding what looks like a makeshift or cheap appointment. It really isn't, the man WANTED to represent a club he loves and for that alone deserves the backing of the supporters. He has mine ... Welcome back Frankie, prove your doubters wrong ... Make them eat their words and don't set unrealistic unachievable targets publicly ... JFDI
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    We have to have to little patience Folks. To add what LL has said, Al has had to pass the fit and proper persons test to own a buisness, kept us going before he bought us yes probably of over the £1 million Mark, had to pay a goodwill deposit for us to the EFL which was a six figure sum, paid for the players in January window, paid off sportsdirect, listened to and agreed to the season ticket offer, paid for the Trusts legal part of the shares to be honoured in the change of ownership, paid the bill that took us to court in April from ex owner paid for the removal of ex owner. He's engaging with our communities already by attending mosque , might not be to promote us specifically, but it might be a way eventually to continue/tap into a community to come into BP. I believe he's approached people already to join the new board and will hopefully have the skills if not the financial help to put a decent infrastructure together first. We need to get back to basics both off and on the pitch and it's not going to be an overnight job. The shock of us being relegated wouldn't have helped, I'd certainly give him time to recharge his batteries, breath and getthe right people in or back of holiday to lay decent foundations. I'm sure we will see things roll out in there next few weeks.
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    Going back a few years now, but we played Hereford (and lost 0-1) in the league on a very very cold tuesday eve and I was repaying some corperate hospitality by taking a colleague to see the mighty Latics and for a pre match curry at the Indian Ocean near Tesco. As we ordered our food two well dressed gentlemen sat just behing us. They were non stop taking about Oldham and the players, formation, how they would set it up, clubs lack of commercial activity the then chairman and how they would put it right. They talked with passion and sense and a knowledge I had seldom heard in my visits. We finished our meal and I finally got to look at the two and was immedialty star struck as Frankie Bunn and Andy Rhodes were sat behind me. That was 10 ish years ago and now they are the managerial dream team. All I can say is that if they put into practice what they discussed that night then we will do ok. They were not impressed with the manager (IIRC it was Penney) and they didnt have very nice things to say about the owners. They also (which I found odd) said they hadnt been welcomed the previous time. I cant remember the exact words but they kind of hoped that they could bypass any fuss by meeting Gordy first. Good luck to them. They at least deserve our full support from the off as they were 'dreaming' of this 10 years ago. I though that was just for us mere supporters to dream of and not the players who were here for the best of times and played at the very highest the club have achieved.
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    Or just quote the whole fucking thing so it is there twice
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    I reckon you've got a bright future as a Mike Keegan source.
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    Trust Statement from Facebook: In response to the recent article regarding the club, the Trust wish to reassure fans that we are fully aware of the real situation at the club and continue to closely monitor all aspects. As a Trust we have been given more access in the last 6 months since Abdallah took ownership, than we have ever had under the previous regime. Abdallah has been completely open with us since taking full control, and we continue to question, monitor and most importantly have an open dialogue with him. Abdallah is still finalising the transition of ownership, and dealing with the legacy of the previous regime, before he is able to roll out his own plans for the club. He has already shown his commitment to Oldham Athletic by investing considerable sums to cover many of these legacy issues plus the running costs for last season. The timing of this article and the one prior to our crucial final game of the season are not a coincidence. What’s most disappointing is, this is whilst employees at the club are working extremely hard in this crucial pre-season period to focus on making this coming season a successful one, as should we all. It is especially unfortunate that this article appears to be intended to create a feeling of negativity, in a week when we've had extremely positive news that the club have re-signed Jose Baxter and season ticket sales are higher than they have been for many years.
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    Mike I know you read this forum, why didn’t you have the bollocks to write this shit when Corney was chairman? You’ll always be a two bit hack. Oldham fan my arse you utter shit stirring Gobshite! Thanks Simon...
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    Frizzell, Royle, Sharp, Warnock, Ritchie, Wadsworth, Dowie, Talbot, Sheridan & Eyres, Philliskirk, Moore, Sheridan Again, Royle again, Penny, Dickov, philliskirk again, Johnson, Hoden, Kelly, Dunn, Sheridan again, Robinson, Sheridan again & Wellens, Frizzell was a legend yes but I was young when he was at his peak and my memory is a little vague other than we were as struggling team with low attendances until Royle took over. Ritchie signed some good players and I thought would have gone on to be a success as a manager at latics, sadly he didn't. Thats our list of managers in my time supporting the club. Of them only... Royle, Dowie, Sheridan have stood out if I look back as having any success. Royle needs no explaining. Dowie had us playing good football, signed some really good players for our level, some from non league and it looked like success was on the cards. Got us to the play offs. Sheridans first stint saw us playing good football and got us to the play offs also. These 3 were rookie managers, and all 3 have delivered the best football in my time supporting the club, in my opinion. The more experienced managers on that list who knew the lower leagues and who had been a success elsewhere delivered utter garbage if I remember. So Why the fuck anyone wants Paul Scholes is beyond BB80 Thats your opinion and your entitled to it and I respect that we all see different things in people. My opinion for what its worth and I apologize if its blindly positive and I will try not to write in poem to those concerned. Scholes would also, be a rookie manager. He is widely respected throughout the game and media for being one of the best modern midfielders of our generation, I also feel he was too. He speaks plainly without riddles, he says it as it is on TV and I would imagine he would take no crap off todays lower league players. There would be something mentally wrong for a player at our level not to listen, learn, understand and do as instructed by a manager of his standing, surely the thought of playing for Scholes would be enough to lift some players to another level. He would have lots & lots of contacts ( we've heard that before I know ) in the game and media. Most fans no matter what you read on here would be over the moon at the thought of this happening. And maybe unlike some of the past tripe, he would genuinely have an interest in wanting us to be back in league 1 at the very least. He lives in Grasscroft so hes local, he has supported us at some degree over the years and he would put some more bums on seats. He could also make player recruitment a little easier, most people have heard of Paul Scholes, lots don't know who AL is or even know much about Latics these days. So, its Paul Scholes, he may put more bums on seats, he may know a little bit about the game ( rookie manager yes ), he will have contacts, he knows our club and has an affinity with it, he could attract players, he would be a marketing tool and the thought of it happening would excite most latics fans. Or we could go for an experienced Darren Ferguson, Phil Brown type or others of the like on the list of would be managers ......... my opinion that's all
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    We have a squad (large one at that), I would hope they are being paid - that puts us in a much better position than last year but for me the more pertinent point is why as fans would you not have any hope for a season that is about a dozen weeks away from starting, I'm the most miserable pessimist on the planet at times but I can't for the life of me get my head round all the doom mongering that a few seem hell bent on and seem to get pleasure in portraying at the moment, nobody knows where this journey is going to take us but fucking hell turn it in till we have some idea.
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    Why, because of rumours on a message board?
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    A season of consolidation (or mediocrity..) in the division below where we usually aim for consolidation (mediocrity) might push many of our dwindling support over the edge. Wellens and AL should be looking for players now that are going to get us back up instantly. One season of consolidation leads to another and then another and then another and before you know it we've spent 21 years in the same division. None of this "aiming for the play-offs" bollocks either. We should be aiming to go straight up and settle for the play-offs if we have to.
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    I know, all you need to do is post something fucking ridiculous and people start criticising.
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    Least you fucking got one. Thank your lucky stars you're not one of John Sheridan's kids.
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    At the end of the day we are like employees to an employer, I am just a number at work, its taken me a long time to come to terms with this, I am only told what I am wanted to know , nothing else....... if I push for information I may find my employer is less willing and communicates even less........... so I play the game.... I suppose as fans we are similar,,, we are just the fans, we pay to support our club, we are told certain things and certain things are kept in house, fans at times get angry and vent towards players, managers, chairmen, this never really ends well in the end...... I think we need to stop listening to certain rumors, accusations and gossip. They just promote a negativity which doesn't help. Ignore them and wait a few weeks, give the club chance to sort itself out because I'm sure like any business everything doesn't run swimmingly well 24/7. We are a league 2 club now and we need to rebuild and the club does need to communicate better, yes but lets not put too much pressure on AL just yet. This will be his first pre-season, lets see what he and the management team come up with, frustrating yes because we all want to know now,,,, We have a right as paying fans to be communicated with I know this, but as I stated earlier, I feel as an employee at work I have a right to know certain things, I'm afraid life just doesn't work like that. We will know when they decide we need to know, and what we need to be told i'm afraid. So I will wait for any news of budgets, signings, lack of fuel for mowers and whether Jose has signed or not with excitement and anticipation. Until then I will enjoy summer as I said, drink some beers, go on Holiday and then look forward to being named league 2 champions at Prenton Park with the very last kick of the season. Thats what I'm dreaming of next season, that's why I am an Oldham fan and not a Man City fan, its the excitement of dreaming big but knowing we could also achieve nothing.
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    Can't say I am too excited about this and, for my money, it shows how out of touch Barry is with the fans that he thinks an appointment of a club "legend" (I use the term very loosely) will appease the fans. But, he has my backing and it is important that we manage expectations next season. I think the club is in so much of a state that promotion would be an absolutely incredible achievement. A season of consolidation, and sorting the club itself out, would be a decent enough season...
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    But he must have an absolute shit load on Corney and has let that go on for years but chooses to hang AL to dry at the first opportunity. Strange behaviour from a so called fan.
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    How about just employing who they deem the best man for the job
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    I like the statement; it's professional. A far cry from a childish Corney rant.
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    False rumours...? What a clown you are. I made this up? Took me 5 minutes to find these threads. https://rochdaleafc.fansnetwork.co.uk/forum/218749/page:1 https://rochdaleafc.fansnetwork.co.uk/forum/194102/page:1 https://www.fansnetwork.co.uk/members/rochdale/forum/220338/end-of-season-do--�65!!/#281 There are plenty of other similar threads there...and all over the forum mentions of #teamrochdale being a joke, including actual abuse from directors toward fans at games. I’m not saying Dale is a mess by any means, but to hold them as shining example of harmony between club and fans is rather odd. To suggest and act like we are the only club with fan and club issues is also very silly. You are are the one who is obsessed. You are just a WUM with nothing constructive or positive to say about a club you purport to support. You are pointless.
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    I've heard we're about to be fined for breaching the petrol cap.
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    Why does he need money? What's wrong with the club living within its means? - outgoings according to incomings and the club focusing on increasing the latter? Isn't that how Dale and Stanley are run? Bit navive of me perhaps but the club needs to put itself on a stable footing. I for one don't want to be in a position where the existence of OAFC is reliant on one person who has got us by the knackers and could pull the plug at any point. We need a more sustainable future than that. Isnt it the Trust's role to focus on achieving that? This is the basis on which it was set up and why it is represented on the Board of Directors
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    Jack Byrne is a shining example of how a bad team spirit can take you down, even if you have better players than teams around you in the table. In my opinion, catering for him in the team was one of the main reasons we got relegated. Had far, far worse players in a team than last season yet will to win and team spirit kept us up time and time again. Looked a million dollars until we made investment in him before acting like a spoilt child virtually the minute things began to turn to shit. Sheer brilliant on his day, but an utter shithouse. Pulled out of a couple of challenges in the 2-3 matches I saw in the second half of the season. Really can't abide that as a supporter, no matter how fucking talented the player is. Peterborough, or whoever is in for him are more than welcome to him.
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    He hasn't been helped by Wellens playing him out wide almost everyone is in agreement that, when he is played centrally, he is our most creative influence. Another argument for the case of Wellens losing the plot...
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    And puts to bed the myth that attendences would fall if we ever fell out of League 1, no reason with a good start that we can't attract 5000 + to home games next season.
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    Some of the reactions on this thread are pathetic. Good luck, Frankie.
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    Genuinely shocked that there isn't more bemusement at AL publicly slagging off the previous regime and then taking advice of a key component of that regime for his first managerial appointment/big decision.
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    Barry is so, so wide of the mark if he thinks the fans will be appeased by hiring a 'club legend'.
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    He'd love it if we went down again if only to say 'I told you so', fucking strange behaviour before a ball has even been kicked.
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    Paying all of Queensy Menig’s £11,650 a week This will now be touted as gospel. It is probably is the most sensational aspect of the article. So, I wanted to analyse whether it should be quoted as fact from now on. " It can be disclosed that Menig was paid a mind-boggling sum of around £11,650-a-week, plus accommodation a Manchester's swanky Malmaison hotel. 'I wanted to give the fans a present, to make them dream,' Lemsagam told Sportsmail. " "Insiders say the experiment in total cost around £500,000. The wastage continued. Deals for three key loan players had to be renegotiated in January. The weekly bill for the three, one of whom signed permanently, went from £3,750 to around £16,000. As a result of actions like the above, Oldham's wage budget abruptly spiralled from around £1.4m to a frightening figure approaching £2.4m. " Big budget, little budget. Taking a step back, how does a £2.4m wage budget compare? I will only state declared, and in League 1 the season before, because of the obvious different League budget in Ch & L2 2016/17. Source Lecturer in Football Finance. University of Liverpool. Not all clubs declared yet, including us. Club Posn Wage £ pa Av Wge pw Sheff Utd C 10.0m 5,178 Millwall 6P 9.4m 4,807 Scunthorpe 3 6.0m 3,084 Fleetwood 4 5.8m 2,975 Southend 7 4.7m 2,410 Coventry 23 4.5m 2,284 Chesterfield 24 4.4m 2,253 Shrewsbury 18 3.5m 1,796 Walsall 14 3.4m 1,736 Lowest was AFC Wimbledon (L2 previous) at £2.8m & £1,451 Avg So the quoted £11,650 is extraordinary in the context of L1. Sure, there will be players in that category, but very rare. Conclusion: It’s not mind boggling comparatively. The salary & perks The experiment cost £500,000. £11,650 equates to £605,800 per year. Or £454,350 since he signed 9 months ago on 6th Sept 2018. The cheapest night in Malmaison is £89, with an obvious discount if he was booked for the 9 months till June of a normal loan. So the possible £500,00 cost of QM stands up to scrutiny. AL would have been paying that for 3 months of the Corney era. He would know so is an obvious source of the information. The member(s) of staff processing wages would risk dismissal, so almost impossible they are the source. Conclusion: Had we paid all of Menig’s salary, it might have cost £500,000. The total Budget he next relevant paragraph says the budget has increased £1 million to £2.4m. In addition to Menig we also signed Kean Bryan from Premier League Man City, Jack Byrne from a then Championship Wigan, Duckens Nazon from Championship Wolves and Eoin Doyle & Ben Pringle from a Championship Preston. Avg Wage at Preston 6,469 (336,388pa), Wigan 7,976 (414,752), Wolves 13,575 (705,900) ( but Man City we will leave as their superstars will distort massively. Clearly, if AL funded Menig, then givent he timscales he also funded Placide, Omrani, Nepomuceno, Maouche, , De La Paz, Moimbe as the “French Lads”, and maybe McEleney, Benyu & Benteke and of course the aforementioned Bryne, Bryan & Doyle, whilst only losing Clarke, Green, Banks, Scott, Fawns, Mantack & Edmundson. It is safe to assume that Clarke and Green were amongst to the top earners, the others not so. However, Benyu, Benteke & McEleney have not been mentioned in either article so maybe the were funded from Corney wage bill? The net effect of all the deals is claimed to be an increase of £19,230 per week (ie £1m). So the other deals amounted to only a net £7,580 between them if we paid all of Menig’s salary The renegotiation of the Bryan, Bryan and Doyle contracts was protected, and clear they were a core spine fo the team. That is undisputed. We were beginning to struggle, and obvious that we needed them, especially the goals of Doyle. They knew our set up. Our negotiating position was not a strong one, it is not unreasonable to assume we paid over the odds. For example we signed Doyle on loan and paid his wages whilst he was injured. A very unusual situation. We even signed Jack Bryne in Jan, and so paid his full wage from Jan to June. The second claim is the bill for them increased from £ 3,750 to £16,000, and that amounts to £637,000, or 97,500 for the first 6 months to 318,500 for the 2nd 6 months = £416,000. So the 3 players and Menig’s 9 months is already at £870,350. £416,000 of the £500,000 is explained by Doyle, Byrne & Bryan The “present” quote could well be attributed to the signings of Doyle, Bryan and Byrne. Does: Placide, Omrani, Nepomuceno, Maouche, , De La Paz, Moimbe ( “French Lads”), McEleney, Benyu & Benteke = Clarke, Green, Banks, Scott, Fawns, Mantack & Edmundson ? We were on an embargo at the end of December and could not have any more players in without losing players The other possibility is that the budget increased to £1m but on a pro rata basis. Given that we are talking from June ‘17 to Jan ‘18 for the Corney era and the 1st transfer window and Jan ‘18 to Jun ‘18 for the 2nd transfer window and the Lemasagam era. The possibility exists that the Jun17 to Jan 18 budget was £11.4m but 750,000 for 6 months. The Jan-Jun18 budget was £2.4m but is 1.2m spend. Making the difference £500,000. £416,000 of that was for Doyle, Byrne & Bryan. Conclusion: It is more likely that the total was £500,000 for all the players for the rest of the season, not Menig alone. My Conclusion: We have not paid all of Menigs £11,650 salary.
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    The guy has been in full control of the club for just over 4 months. Speaking from professional experience, it is hugely unfair to expect the guy to have done much beyond working out where the shitter is in four months. It's no time at all. Give him a chance.
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    I think the statement is quite classy actually. It ignores the hacks sensationalist article that, frankly, is all over the place in its chronology and is based on rumours from apparently disgruntled ex players that he wont name because he is a typical modern gutless Journo. AL has said it was a mess, he has said he has thrown a lot of cash at it and will continue to do so until its on an even keel. I don't expect or want any more than that so I will take him at his word until PROVEN wrong. He seems decent so why wouldn't anyone take him at his word? He deserves that respect as would anyone else. Keegan proved fuck all with his wet rant other than he has to make a living and will write any old dross, some of it based on year old rumour... none of it evidentially current.
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    Lets all be honest here.......... Most people want to here what his plans are for next season, how much the budget is, who are we signing, are we going for it, are the staff getting paid, how much this, how much that etc, etc, etc........ Give it a rest eh !!! Its alright being exited bout next season and anticipating new signings, promotions etc..... but c'mon let it go. He said he's dealing with it and rebuilding the club.... Either believe AL or some DM journo....... if its the latter then its gonna be a long pre season for some of you. I'll believe AL and I will enjoy pre season hoping for good things next season...... I maybe wrong and we do dogshit.... Perhaps we should all go to the Ethiad instead,,,,, sure to be entertained there, multi million pound signings, new stadium, Europe...... No thanks, I'll be walking down sheepfoot lane to see the Oldham aces !!!!!!!!!! We are the fans but we are entitled to nothing, its life, like it or lump it.......
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    Seriously if you hear a rumour that we can't afford petrol for the mowers and believe it there is no hope. Here's something we do know as a fact. A.L told sports direct (apparently the biggest Sponsership deal we have ever had) to shove their money so we could call Boundary Park Boundary Park again. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be doing that if we didn't have 60 quid for some diesel.
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    Bought 2 season tickets .first time since the mid 90s Chance to relive my early days as a supporter although never saw them in old div 4 . My first game was 3rd div against Bournemouth prob dec 1972. Let the good times roll again.