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    I've been through some rough rough times over the years and that isn't just from watching latics...I've had 3 bouts of depression - i'm also a reformed gambling addict after blitzing the best part of £30k in about 2 years. Speaking to people about all of this changed my life for the better and whilst there were a couple of relapses in terms of having to go back for further counselling, once i'd made the first step things were so much easier. Even on the relapses, I knew i could get better and rather than wait, i immediately got on the phone to my Dr. I haven't really had to many interactions with this with my closest friends but I have spoken to work colleagues and members of my teams that have told me they are experiencing issues. I agree with Beag - things will improve when people at all levels talk to their friends, their peers and their families..... If anyone is struggling with anything and has no-one to talk to - drop me an IM....I'm not mental expert but i'm a good listener ☺️
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    You fucking mental bastard!!! 🤪🤪🤪 I've lost count of bouts, relapses and zombie periods. First would've been when I was about 7, the latest one lasted about 10 years, I functioned, excelled in some areas but my life was crumbling and came to a head on 16th December 2016 with the end of my marriage. It took that to remove my head from my arse and get help again. These last two years have been the worst of my life punctuated with some of the absolute best as small acts of kindness from friends, colleagues and strangers nearly broke me but helped with the on-going recovery. Fuuuuck, I didn't intend to come out about this today, especially not to you lot but sod it, if Gambly McGee can share then I too can share my depression, anxiety and a bit of PTSD creeping in like the cheeky wee scamp it is. I've been doing well recently, I saw my doctor last Thursday and discussed dropping down the dosage of my meds, less than 24 hours later things got pretty bad and certain options became viable solutions, took till Tuesday night to get back to what passes for an even keel these days but I got through those minutes and they eventually turned in to hours and then became days. The nervous energy and adrenaline expended this week has taken it out of me so I've taken next week off work to give me time and space to return to stability. Like Fruitygoo I'm not a bad listener, far from an expert but happy to help, it takes my mind off my shit for a bit. The NHS is also there, you don't get carted off to the loony bin straight away but your GP is probably the best place to start. Most likely they'll tell you how to engage with your local mental health services and prescribe you meds which initially make you feel worse but in time, once they've become established in your system start to help with the immediate crisis and help you to function and get through the stage until talking therapies, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or whichever treatment the mental health specialists think is the most suitable for you needs. All of this takes time and is hard. No magic cure and you have to commit to recovery, some days it's a step forward, other days (weeks, months) it is 8 miles backwards but as a friend says, just keep swimming. Some days you need to lie on your back and float for a bit but just keep swimming. You've got to do it everyday, that's the hard bit. But it does get easier.
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    There was once a fairly long running thread dedicated to the errors and cock ups on the "fishul". It's been a while since anyone added to it. So I think it is now time to give praise where it's due. In addition to being the match day announcer at BP and commentating on away games, Sam has, IMO, been doing a cracking job on the website. You don't see the constant errors that used to be so prevalent; there is more news content and new features; match reports, both home and away, are usually up within half an hour; we now have manager's pressers in two parts, adding that little bit more to it; player interviews on the last and upcoming games. It's possible there are other areas that still need a bit of a facelift but, all in all, I think it's a job very well done. Thank you, Sam.
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    At a fans forum Ronnie Moore asked the same question to the audience, "Style or results". No hesitation, I vote results any day of the week. If you're winning games you can start to worry about style, when you're not winning you've got enough on your plate trying to fix that. I'll take ugly, hard fought tense results over playing nice flowing football but losing. Agree that the two aren't mutually exclusive but at this level we have to have a degree of realism, results breed momentum, both ways. A few of our players seems to be developing a decent bond with their teammates, passing the ball into space for them to run on to, understanding whereabouts each other is on the pitch, holding the right line and turning defence into attack and we're not out of September. I'd love to go to BP on a Saturday knowing that we've got good players who stick to the system who will play the ball in the right areas and look good doing it but we're a 4th division side trying to arrest a decline many years in the making. At the minute I'm happy with the players giving it a proper go, listening to the manager, z rowing it at the back and playing football in the opposition half. If the results come, then we can make tweaks to the system to 'entertain' a bit more. Nepomuceno's goal the other week came from a lovely flowing move, his running through the middle, no look pass out to the wing, continue the run and slot it home, lovely goal! I'll happily take "worst team I've ever seen" from every opposition fan as we leave with 3 points, if you want entertainment, go to the circus, as Ronnie was fond of saying. And until there's a column next to points and goal difference that says "Style" stick to ice skating. I hope we get into a system that eventually does deliver goals, wins and entertainment, but that's at least a season and a half way, for now, steady the ship and start to build.
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    My 2p, for what it’s worth. I’m not going to go on too much about this, as I don’t want to sound condescending. Also, hearing what other people have gone through can be so valuable to people, so I’d rather that take front seat in this thread. Everyone is different, but some general advice: -Don’t be hard on yourself for struggling. It’s part of the complexity of the human condition. You’re far from alone. Mental Health problems are so very common. -Asking for help is not a weakness. It’s a difficult thing to do, and shows strength. -If you need professional help, that’s ok. Ask for it - that’s what the NHS is there for. Healthy Minds is the usual NHS first port-of-call. In some boroughs you can self-refer, or ask your GP to do it for you. -Use your natural support. Make the people around you are aware you’re struggling. Work out a plan of action if things get really bad. Tell them what you need from them. Some people won’t be helpful, but some will surprise you. Give people a chance to help - they can’t help if they don’t know what’s going on. -Medication isn’t for everyone, but don’t totally rule it out. Talk to your doctor about it. Take as prescribed, and if it doesn’t work, there’s other types you can try. -Keep structure to your life. Force yourself as much as possible to keep active. Exercise if you can. -Take time for yourself and be kind to yourself - but try not to let this turn into self isolation. -Know that you can change, things can change, you CAN cope, and things CAN get better.
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    Whilst public figures speaking openly about their mental health issues is a massively positive step I believe the bigger changes will come about when your average Joes are able to start talking about their experiences in the same way people are able to do with physical or other issues. It's not going to be easy to start with as most people don't know how to respond to someone who says they've got or had depression beyond 'But you're ok now?' or hiding the sharp objects from view. The information available to the general public about depression isn't great and this is only one of many types of issues that are covered by the label 'Mental health'. For some people living with mental health issues it is incredibly hard for them to want to engage with the patchy support services available to them due to the stigma attached to people who have to tread that path. Self referral processes can further delay people from getting the help they need. Often they exist undiagnosed and untreated for years as their condition worsens, their thoughts, behaviours and actions may push loved ones away as it becomes difficult for friends and family to know where the personality ends and the illness begins which further worsens the affects of their conditions. It will take some brave lads* to take that step and start talking about their conditions, it will also take some just as brave lads to let them speak openly, listen sympathetically and without judgement. Don't be scared of asking dumb questions, many people will happily answer, most ill people can't wait to bore you with all their health complaints and those with mental health issues are no different, but maybe not all the time, when they want or need to talk they will. *(I know many women are affected, caused a few myself! The demographic of most of the members of this board is largely in the group that would benefit from a more openness around mental health.) The are far better qualified people on here to discuss this topic, some even get paid for it. People generally do not ask to get ill in any shape or form, within our little community on this board we've seen our numbers affected by cancer, heart issues and all manner of distressing but safe to talk about health issues. Those living with mental health issues didn't chose to do so either but one small thing may have just tipped them over into the mental health community or the chemical imbalances in their brain since birth may have taken decades for the consequences to become apparent and present themselves as a mental health issue. A 'How you doing?' text, call, visit...etc.. helps anyone with a medical issue, with some mental illnesses a small act of kindness like this can be life changing and might pull someone back from the brink or provide a few moments of relief and a break in the dark clouds. Being able to talk about your mental health issues is one thing, being able to listen to someone else talk about their mental health issues and engaging with them is another, once this step is taken it will be easier for all society to deal with mental health issues.
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    I have no desire whatsoever to fall out with you BP and I enjoy your contributions generally speaking but can't help but be surprised that someone who has grown up in a town like Oldham and spent not just his leisure time but also his working life around the game of football would be sufficiently offended by the word I used to respond as you have. Also, setting aside the language, I'm also a bit taken aback by you taking issue with my tone. I like to think I'm respectful of other members, even when I disagree with them.
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    That goal at the end empathises everything about peter Clarke! A leader and a Born winner! We wouldn’t have gone down last season with him, rather than gerrard! He would have got us that final win, he would drove us over the line!
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    I’ve (somewhat hurriedly, as I’m working) binned the majority of this thread since the one man show has been done to death. On the basis that people may genuinely want to discuss the issues raised in the article about Cotterill, I’ve left what remains of the thread open.
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    Do you know what else makes me more forgiving of the playing style on offer? The PR. There is a feel good story on the fishul frequently. (Graeme Sharp item today) Broady last week appealing for and promoting the club for sponsorship. They promote the home games- they reinforce it with quotes from Bunn about how important the fans are. They advertised the trust gig at the Milan bar. There feels a genuine concerted effort from the club. It may sound trivial to some, but it was one of my gripes for years at the club- no matter how bad things might of been behind scenes at least make the minimal effort to appear together. I honestly don’t think you can underestimate the marginal gains in everyone feeling good about the club. Long may it continue.
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    Unbeaten away still. Swindon have scored in every league game this season before today. Robbed at the end. Have to be a miserable twat to be unhappy with a point here.
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    This is such a stupid comment. Making yourself look clueless tbh, hope youre drunk and/or tired.
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    Been proved right again. . 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Thought we were wank????????? What a shit result for the, #weredoomedlads.
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    I have put loads of effort in on this event to see if lots of interest. I am trying to arrange something a bit different for the near future which club have provisionally agreed to. If any ideas or suggestions don't be afraid to comment or approach me
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    Nobody. Fucking. Cares.
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    I find this hard to believe. Jack Byrne using a semicolon?
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    My philosophy - on a similar mantra to his - is: I'm not a football fan. I'm an oldham fan. I couldn't give a toss who.wins the premiership or the fa cup. The cup only matters while we are in it. Don't think I have watched the final in the last 20 years. As for the prem I couldn't even name an 11 in the correct positions
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    I think it's disgusting that the moderators allow such vile language on a football forum, given the amount of money they get paid to moderate it......
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    No they take over towns
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    I don't say this lightly - but I wouldn't advise joining Prediction league in this instance.
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    If you can’t be happy about a point when you’re 2 goals down with 5 minutes left then football aint for you.
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    Perhaps you dived in too quickly huh? Defensive mistakes sure, but what a spirited fight back. Support your team, always.
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    Thought a point was the least we deserved. We dominated possession, we had more shots, when we upped tempo they struggled. Passing could have been better, especially first half, wasn't picking the wrong pass for me by and large it was that the pass was slack, it was on but the ball was left short or too close to their player but it was the right ball, played badly. We were our own worst enemy for their goals but we're in the 4th division and a lot of lesser, for want of a better word, teams in this league won't have the wherewithal to take advantage but we need to sort that out. Despite the fact we've only taken 1 point from 6 against them if Newport and Colchester are a measure of the strength of this league given their early positions then we more than matched the pair of them and I'd expect us to be at the business end of the table rather than not. Surridge a Division 4 Shearer, like that whoever said it and yes they did time waste but remember folks one mans time wasting is another mans game management.
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    It takes guts to come back from 3-1 down with 7 minutes to go against the side 4th in the league. At 2 down this had an all too familiar ring to it but that almost felt like a win today in the circumstances. We gave away 2 daft corners that lead to the first 2 goals. But we kept going and with Surridge who is now joint 2nd top scorer in the league we always have a chance. I know their is a clamour to get Jose to start at the moment but for now Id keep him on the bench for now and in time he will start but I dont think its yet. I also think Miller showed he could be an asset from the bench. Was expecting a victory at the start of the game was expecting defeat with 7 mins to go so I will take a point.
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    It’s a football message board BP, not bloody mumsnet.