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    One of our shorter embargos...
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    This appointment is crucial. Get it right, and we should be looking for top 7, maybe even top 3. The standard in this League is nothing short of abysmal. Over to you, Abdallah...
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    Not sure why people are saying us training on xmas day is a factor in us getting beat today. This is not a new thing? Most clubs train on xmas day, and have done for a long time. The majority of them will have been home not long after noon. They are professional athletes who earn a very good living even at this level. Absolute nonsense using that as an excuse as to why we were crap today. We have nurses who will have worked 12 hour shifts yesterday, some of which will earn as little as 20k a year, and we have people thinking our lot are hard done to because they trained for a few hours. We lost because we were crap, simple as.
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    Here's a funny story. My brother, his two sons and their cousin - United fans all, sadly - want to go to Fulham v United later this season, in the away end. Fulham will only sell online to customers with a purchase history. They thought they'd cracked it by buying 4 tickets for the Oldham game at £10 each (£5 for one of them), no plans to go to the match. A cheap way to ensure United tickets. Fulham have now told them that the Oldham game doesn't count for purchase history 😂😂😂 Laugh? I nearly cried.
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    I’m sick of us sacking managers.
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    He wasn't too upset he'd had Nepo to score at anytime.
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    Hello, In an ongoing attempt to reduce overheads and prevent us from getting our pants pulled down on cost, there may be temporary loss of service over the next week or so as we make the first of a range of changes to protect the forum for future use. Hopefully most of the changes will go unnoticed, that's the plan anyway - however if there are any significant developments we'll let you know as soon as we can. Thanks, Matt.
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    Think he's had as many poor games as good games this season, but he chips in with some very important goal, is the best leader we have had since Duxbury, (according to many people in the game), is one of the most consumate pros in the game and, a couple of months ago, he went to Lemsagam and said to make sure everyone else at the club is paid before he is. The term "legend" is a bit overused, but he's as close as we've got to one over the last 10 years or so...
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    I've been his biggest critic, but he's been great recently...
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    Good video with fans singing he's one of our own to Pete Wild. Can only imagine the pride he was feeling after seeing his hometown club win 4-1 away with him in charge. That feeling will take some beating I imagine
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    I've said more things on other threads but I'll keep it simple here. Thanks Frankie, you weren't the second coming of Christ (nor the fourth coming of Shez) but you did OK in a difficult environment and while you couldn't stop the rot, you at least slowed it down a little. Good luck in the future.
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    Ridiculous! Literal meaning - inviting and deserving ridicule! One disastrous result and we dump the manager. Same team as most of us would have picked, players can't be bothered to put the effort in, and the guy gets sacked. On behalf of most reasonable fans I'm appalled and wish Frankie all the best for the future - you deserve better!
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    We're a small club with a budget and experience peak times very rarely so don't have the infrastructure to cope. I'm sure they're trying their hardest, unless you want to queue down Sheepfoot Lane again...
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    Maybe the bloke with a terrible injury record isn't up to 5 games in 16 days. Those pretending it doesn't matter if he goes or even telling him to go (taking the rumours at face value) are chatting absolute shite. Same defence mechanism/vitriol that was used to say it didn't matter when LJ left. He's our top scorer and a cut above this level. He'd be a massive loss.
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    I'm not happy with this. Yesterday was shocking and those players showed no effort, desire or fight for the club, us fans and more so the man who has to defend them after every game. Yep some poor signings and tactically beat at times but we needed continuity. Things before yesterday were settling or it seems and we felt a decent second half of the season was on the cards. Good luck to a lovely fella who loved the club and us fans. Players and owner should hang their heads in shame. Ashamed of my club.
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    I actually thought we came out the more confident team, knocking it about well, sharp movements, nice touches etc. Carlisle barely touched it the opening ten, problem is we didn't do much with it either. Then became the crossing...well fuck me. 1 cross after another overhit, under hit, just terrible. Surridge as good as he is, couldn't get the ball under control and looked like someone who knows he won't be here in a couple of weeks... Their 1st came from the first real attack but they clearly had a tactic of let oldham piss about with it, get it off them then sprint to the goal as there was 5 Carlisle players in the box when the first went in. 2nd was a howler from Iversen, he has to catch that I'm sorry. He's flapped it right to their player who has passed across to a team mate to an open net. I left once the 4th went in, I was embarrassed. I hope the rumours of unrest aren't true, but if AL didn't go in the dressing room after Exeter, I wouldn't blame him if he did after today. I certainly would! Absolutely shambolic result that today. If he did go into the dressing room after Exeter then that's ludicrous, we didn't even play badly. IMO, we where the better side but came up against a very good midfielder in number 8 and the best striker in the league. That today however was simply not good enough. The Xmas day stuff is a load of bollocks as well. Most teams are in Xmas day, a Tranmere player took a selfie of him at training having a laugh, they won 3-1 today, has fuck all to do with it. We got stuffed by an average team who had however clearly watched us, seen we like to knock it about but once we lose it, know that if they attack us directly we capitulate. Especially down the flanks.
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    Rack us one up mate
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    I like that we left 2 players on the half way line when they had a corner. Wild can have a 3 year contract for that.
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    I think some of the comments calling him a raffle winner were a tad disrespectful. He's fortunate to be in the right place at the right time and if today was the only game he'll ever manage in the pro game then it's something he can always look back on fondly. Hopefully it inspires him work his way up the coaching ladder and become the best he can be, wherever it takes him. Fair play to the bloke, I'm chuffed for him today. It must have been a daunting task for him today, not just only to gain the fans respect, but to manage a host of seasoned pros who might have been sceptical of this guy's ability to take charge for the day. I'm glad they put a shift in for him.
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    Putting everything else aside, we have an Oldham fan managing the team tomorrow and quite probably leading them out in front of 4,000 Latics fans at a Premier League team in a weeks time......what a brilliant reward for his ten years service to the club
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    That's your choice and I understand how you feel. I'm now 74 years old and I've supported Latics since my very first game as a six year old. It's in my blood and it has never ebbed away, despite the dark days of having to apply for re-election (non League football was a real possibility), 2004 and all that. Quite simply, my love for Latics won't go away and I'll continue to support whoever pulls on that blue shirt. It doesn't mean I'm wholeheartedly behind the regime that runs the club. I'm as pissed off with a lot of the shenanigans as you are, but I won't desert the football club that has been in my heart and soul for the thick end of 70 years. You might think I'm mad for doing so, but we all have our choices to make. I've made mine, you've made yours. That's your prerogative and I won't castigate anyone for going down that route. I'm simply asking that as many as possible get behind the players and let's see where it takes us.
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    There's a great deal of passion running through posts at the moment and that is totally understandable. However, let me just say this with a cool, clear head. Please forget about boycotting games as some have suggested by saying vote with your feet. I think some have said they won't now go to Port Vale and Fulham. Some may feel that they've had enough altogether. Yes, things are not looking great at Boundary Park right now but, surely, this is the very time that the players of YOUR club need all the support they can get. None of us want our beloved Latics to slip into deeper trouble and, even, oblivion. Nobody wants us to do a Leyton Orient or Chesterfield and it's the fans who can be such a huge help in keeping us going. None of those players who walked off the field at Carlisle would be proud of what happened. On top of that, they've lost the manager that they seemed to be very happy with. Morale will be low now so, instead of not bothering to go, turn up as usual and show the players that they have your support. What you do to show your displeasure with Lemsagam is a different matter. Have a protest outside the ground, make banners, chant what you will, but show those players in blue that you care about your club and get behind them.
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    Not disputing he's a nice guy but the fact remains we are unbeaten in everything but the piss pot trophy - without him, held on with ten men against Lincoln - without him and more than likely would of taken care of Hampton before his lung busting run - without him, it's nice that he could burn of a plumber who'd probably been at work all day in the lead up to the goal but he was also responsible for us not getting a grip of the game by turning the ball over time and time again in dangerous areas of the pitch, is it coincidence we look a ten times better team without him in there? Where are all those who claimed how much we'd miss him now he's out, admit it we're not missing him are we.