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    Becoming a poundshop Watford unfortunately.
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    My opinion for what it is worth is that the Club will unearth potential jewels amongst the imports, be our players with a potential sell on value which may be a necessary evil, enable us to rely less on the loan system. It would also be nice if some could develop an affinity with us as they are not temporary on loan players and take pride in the shirt they wear
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    You weren't at Fulham then
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    "Voetbalplaatjessamenstellers" There comes a time when you have to stop asking Rachel for vowels.
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    30 freeloaders? Bloody French coming over here taking our tickets. This is why people voted the Tories in! Brexit!
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    Billy, thank you for commenting, it’s good to have ‘horses mouth’ information
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    Bit disrespectful to one of OUR players returning from a bad injury.
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    Wasn't long ago that people were complaining about bno feedback from the Club😁😁
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    Minute by minute update is done to build anticipation, and so that those that are on the fence about going might see the updates and choose to go because everyone else is Its also just good customer service and generates a bit of positivity The way I see it, doing a tweet that takes 30 seconds and gets a lot of retweets (thus a wider outreach) is worth it, even if some see obsessing over attendance (we’re not) “cringey”
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    Cheers! I’ll take any praise, even praise with clear sarcastic undertones.
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    Great. The more numbers we have the better. Creates competition and covers us for injuries. He's got his critics but he's a decent squad player in this league.
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    Yep. Basically the Hull physio had put his bag just out of reach so couldn’t keep Payton from swallowing his tongue and reach his bag. My Dad was in the old boxes above the main stand paddock so had a great view and rushed on to the pitch to help. It’s one of my first memories of supporting Latics. See
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    I personally would have appreciated what you did if it had been mine
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    I work in the Ticket Office and this is crazy amounts of pettiness 😂 his CSCS Card hardly reveals anything. Plus it was literally the only card in his wallet (that wasn’t his bank card) that had his name and photo on it. From kowenicki that is*
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    It was 1-1 as well.
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    Not been a bad day today until this.
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    Fixed that for you.