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    Another silly comment(they are mounting up) when you look what is available to Wild it is actually a decent point against a good side.
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    I remember a time that our away support has been shit both in numbers and vocally and that was on a regular basis and I applaud anyone who travels the length and breadth particularly this younger generation who've had very little to cheer, always gets me how some of our fans get all precious about how someone else is behaving or are perceived as an attention seeker, live and let live is my motto. If a camera followed me round on some of my away trips as a teenager I've no doubt I looked like a bit of a balloon at times but it's part of life and there's not one person on here playing judge and jury who've not done anything they regret, young lads full of alcohol acting like dicks shocker.
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    Firstly it’s pointless talking about where we used to be in the football pyramid and where FGR used to be, it’s about the here and now and simply put FGR are above us in the table and backed by a rich businessman and we are not! When you consider how FGR were able to bring on Doidge, who has been playing championship football and McCoulsky who they bought yet we only had 6 subs, two of whom were Youth players it tells you what PW had at his disposal compared to Mark Cooper. Off the back of two good wins in the league and the brilliant FA Cup win, games where the players put a right old shift in added to their position and run in the league and our lack of players I’d say PW actually did a good job and it’s a good point! Its clear for all to see we need a new striker, if not two in my opinion and a replacement for Lyden (Sylla did okay but still think we need someone in the Lyden mould, energy, legs/workrate) Positive performances IMO from Iversen, Edmundson, Hunt when he came on but most of the French players were off it today, even Missilou who was outstanding against Fulham. Onwards and upwards and the trip to Macclesfield and hopefully put one over their mad manager!
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    From you. I’m taking that as a compliment.
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    Stay off the pop. This was a well thought out and relevant post.
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    No biggy anyway. We'll be quids in as soon as someone realises Michah Richards' true worth. Any day now.
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    As a decent generalisation a better paragraph would be ‘Oldham fans are narrow minded, deluded and quick to jump to incorrect conclusions. They then actively abuse and boooo in order to help them be able to say told you so. When players then move onwards and often upwards they can be then heard to say well he never did that for us.’ Obviously not all of us are like that, but that is how we are often percieved by oppo fans and sometimes even our own players.
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    Hello again,many thanks for all your input so far Latics fans.It became obvious very quickly that all the players from the match should feature in my painting and this part features the next 5 sketches,if I have made any obvious errors,I apologise in advance. Another thing that is obvious is how concerned most members are re the precarious financial situation of this forum. With this in mind I have offered the original of my new painting to the forum to auction to raise funds.The original painting will be A3 size and painted in watercolours,I will show the whole piece painted as it is done up to finishing.If anyone wants to place a bid you can either bid on the threads or private message me and I will keep everyone updated and keep you anonymous. The money will be paid directly to the forum and I will post the original in a cardboard tube. please visit my Latics page for more details https://sites.google.com/view/davidjwalkerart/to-the-ground-paintings/to-boundary-park-oldham-athletic/oldham-athletic-paintings
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    If they sent that to me I'd tell them to sling it, leaving wet paint all over the place and then having the audacity to bill a customer whose walked it in. Knowing he'll pay it as he doesn't miss a game is a bit of a cunts trick regardless of what you think of him, counter claim would be going straight in Monday morning if I were him.
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    Was always going to be a tricky game that after what happened Sunday always difficult to come back to normality after the high the players had against Fulham. Forest Green best away side in the division decent manager and play good football, yes we got lucky they tore us apart first half but we were showing glimpses that we were still dangerous on the counter. They didn’t take there chances and at HT Pete Wild changed the system with O Grady coming off for Hunt and it worked as we were the better side second half, we created some good chances with some nice play, but the final ball was wrong option every time. Edmunson was our best player I think clubs will be definitely looking at him now. Sylla seemed to settle into the game as it progressed, early days for him yet with it being his first game in English football. Baxter had a golden chance at the end to win it but lacked the composure to finish it. All in all a decent point IF we beat Macc next week, hopefully another decent following will spur us on to win, but won’t be easy Campbell has made them tough to beat. We bought ourselves another week with this result to hopefully get a couple in a striker is priority as we lacked any threat up there yesterday, and defiantly need a CB as no cover unless they recall Stott who’s doing well at Stockport. Also hopefully some more clarity on the manager situation we need to make the right decision as there is still a good chance of sneaking a playoff place.
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    Good job there’s not a twat tax affixed. That would bankrupt the prick
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    Is there any plan to take a look at the catering at BP? It’s really starting to grate on me in the last few home games. It might not seem too important in the grand scheme of things, but its the little things that help the overall experience. I presume its the same in every stand although I stand to be corrected, but in the main stand there are 3 pie options (my figure would probably suggest I love pies, but I hate pies) and that is it for hot food. I have been to over 100 grounds and that is by far the worst choice I have come accross, and its not good enough. Why can’t we have the standard burgers and hot dogs like we used to? I used to spend about 8 quid at home games on a drink, hot dog and programme, now I spend nothing. The signs are all still up from last season with pictures of hot dogs etc. Also the cold drink option is a piss take, Fanta, Diet Coke and water were the 3 options today. Last season we had Coke, Coke Zero, Oasis in a few flavours etc, how hard is it to get a few different options? For a professional football club we are miles behind in so many areas it’s scary at times. We have the menu printed on a piece of A4 paper stuck up in the food stall ffs. Sorry to rant, but I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now.
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    10th clean sheet in the league on Saturday for him in 25 games. Connor Ripley seemed unbeatable and had one of the best seasons we've seen a goalkeeper have to keep 18 clean sheets two years ago. Which is a club record. Daniel only needs 8 from the last 19 games to tie that. Not far off on current form. I know we're in a division below but didn't think he'd be anywhere near that record. Been a class addition, hopefully we can get promotion and keep him for another year.
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    I think we share a sense of humour. Well, we have to share it, because you haven’t fuckin got one.
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    Our away support was fantastic before that group of his. Our away support is fantastic now. Our away support will be fantastic long after them lot have stopped going. Sorry, not buying it, that the group with a drum add anything that wouldn’t have been there anyway, certainly at away games where our support has always tended to be brilliant.
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    All this talk of “experience” well a lot of that experience could be “failed” experience. Yes it could be a gamble appointing someone not experienced in senior football like PW but at the same time, that enthusiasm, passion and desire to do the job and fresh ideas might be the positive that outweighs the negatives of lack of experience. I get sick and tired of the lists of managers that gets trawled out when a job becomes available, why not get some new fresh blood into the game
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    Really? If fans have gripes, isn't it for the Trust to put them forward?
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    And so the insults start flying. What happened to debate and opinions without all this "I'm right, you're wrong" bollocks, which always descends into getting personal. Come on lads and lasses, aren't we supposed to be grown up adults? Or are we?
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    It was never going to be easy today (yes, ok, I predicted a 2-1 win; more in hope than expectation). Losing Surridge and Lyden [plus O'Grady at half time] was always going to kick us up the arse. PW had no choice but to work with what he had, and what he had was down to the bare bones with only 6 subs and two of them were yoofs. Any manager would struggle with a scenario like that. What did you expect him to do (not aimed at anyone in particular) in those circumstances? Throw caution to the wind and go all gung-ho? Make no mistake, whether you like it or not, FGR have some decent players and can afford to pay for better than we have at the moment. Just because the only signing we've made is Sylla doesn't mean we're not bothering, or fucking about as some would have it. How do we know how many players/agents/managers we've spoken to with a view to get new blood in? We don't. There's no denying we need bodies in sooner rather than later and, if there's no movement in that direction over the next week, I'll be worried too. In the meantime, just be grateful we didn't lose today. FGR have turned over some decent teams in this division. They've won at Exeter, they've beaten Tranmere, won at Carlisle, won at Newport. They're no mugs. Let's see what happens over the next 7 to 10 days, eh? Then we'll start getting all narky.
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    Of course! we are ex Premier LEague. They are Non league. Sides should roll over. 🙄 Am I happy how far we have fallen? Ridiculous thought. But we are where we are right now. We didn't even have a striker on the bench for FFS, they have a significantly bigger budget, they are above us, they showed what they are capable of in the match, it would be a tough ask for any manager to sort the team for today, a poor performance after a real upset is very common in football, we are down to bare bones in the squad, AL needs asking questions asked why he fied with no back up plan, and his recruitment policy. I'm talking about PW personally. He held his own under very difficult circumstances thatnearly all the managers over the last 25 years would have lost.
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    How is it silly? Put what ever negative bias you have for me aside and focus on the facts. We’re low on numbers and our captain was actually calling the shots. We will get more injuries. We we need bodies and a manager. This isn’t hard to grasp. We’ve got away with it today. Let’s make sure we’re ready next week
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    Posted Tuesday at 12:24 PM 1500 would be an achievement You’ve got all your bases covered Kus...😀
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    Sorry Glossop. I was at work this morning, and your personal jibe at an alternative view made me laugh, so I only had time for quick a response. You’ll be pleased to know that i do understand and I didn’t tell anyone it was wrong, I challenged an opinion. On a forum. Do you understand that? Do you also understand you have no right to know what private businessmen do with their money? You/I cant change or influence the owner. It’s ‘his club.’ Doesn’t mean I don’t care. It means I understand what I can effect, which is enjoying the football and hoping for the best.
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    Just on a side note there is a bucket collection outside the ground tomorrow for a group of local scouts who have all been selected to take part in the world scout jamboree in West Virginia in July each scout has to raise £4000 So please let’s support them