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    There is a load of bollocks being quoted on this thread. Let’s put some things into perspective. Number one first 9 games under Shez we limped to 5 points. Wellens took over and next 9 games we returned 18 points. Then injuries set in . Also the new take over took forever and over the Christmas/new year period Wellens had to deal with a player embargo. Our best loan players went back to their parent clubs and the team lost confidence. Then after the embargo was lifted we find that Doyle has a blood clot and he is out for at least 13 weeks. Then he looses Rob Hunt with an 8 week injury. The weather has been exceptionally bad and the worst winter for many years. The pitch has suffered and therefore our passing game could not continue on such a bad surface. Matches where postponed due to the weather and international call ups and we have no place to train properly like some other clubs eg Fleetwood/Bury. So we play one week and find the next it’s postponed. Therefore we loose continuity. Now our centre back and captain is injured. Many an experienced manager would have folded completely under all these unforceable circumstances. Wellens has kept going from one crisis to the next and should be applauded for his commitment under such duress and bad luck. For god sake stop asking for him to be replaced. Give the guy our utmost support and if he keeps us up give him a chance to rebuild in the summer and hopefully next year we won’t have as many destabilising elements for him to contend with. Keep going Mr Wellens some of us are behind you. Give the guy a chance and remember he will make mistakes he’s a young manager learning the ropes. For one I think that he’s doing a decent job considering what bad luck he’s had to contend with in his first few months of management.
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    I don't post much at all, I am just a reader these days. I used to post on our previous forums but due to one thing or another I don't anymore. But Today I am posting this, don't really know why just need to get things off my chest. I have supported this club since my Dad, Brother, Uncles started to take me in 1976 as a small lad. Stood at the top of the Chaddy I grew up a lifelong Latics fan. I witnessed frightening crowd disorder through the 70s & 80s as a child, youth then into my adulthood. Although never involved in any of this directly, the banter and buzz of match days and the build up during the week at school and then later at work gripped me and latics became my life. I have seen latics in Division 2 / Championship whichever suits, enjoyed life in the old Division 1 / Premier league, league 1 / Division 3 and now sadly League 2 / Division 4, I have been to the real Wembley twice seen epic semi finals with Man Utd, other great cup runs, fantastic away days where we really did take away big numbers, great times beating Man City, Leeds & Everton to name a few. Ive been lucky enough to enjoy all of this. I remember as a young lad my Dad & Uncles who had supported Latics also all their lives would always come across to me in a in a negative way, all doom and gloom about the present but full of great stories of the 50s / 60s watching us. My dad was lucky enough to see us under Big Joe and winning Promotion to the promise land. I have seen us have many different rivalries, my early days would be the likes of Blackburn, Burnley, Leeds, Man City, Bolton, PNE & Huddersfield. Things changed after the Premier league and new rivalries over the years have been Tranmere, Stockport, Wigan, Blackpool, Bury, Barnsley, Rochdale. We will be adding some new ones next season, sadly. I have had many heroes in a latics shirt, Vic Hallom, Kenny Clements, Rodger Wylde, the brilliant Simon Stainrod, Tommy Wright, David Eyers, Andy Liddle, Legends like Palmer, Ritchie, Barlow, there are many many more. All these people at some part of my life have filled me with joy, hope and tears. I can no longer attend as many matches as I would like due to location and work, my Dad and Uncles are no longer here and I sometimes wonder what they would think of our club and the major decline in fortunes. It saddens me to see where we are now, it saddens me to see on other clubs forums the sheer lack of acknowledgment of us in promotion discussions, talks of budgets and signings. Even now as new members of League 2 we are looked down at by the likes of Lincoln, Mansfield, Bury and Northampton. What has happened to my great family club that once had a great reputation, which was once well respected and liked by fans of many other clubs. So long winded I know and a bit of a ramble but the title says it all for me, we will always have Doom & gloom, reality checks, delusion, visions of grandeur, despair and sadness But we will always have the memories of the pinch me seasons, great players and managers of the past, our proud history, but most of all we should all be proud to be Oldham fans, with that comes hope, expectations and that dream that we will be successful once again. If that means we have to start from the bottom then so be it. For me, a great season in DIVISION 4 is better than 20 seasons stagnating in Division 3. I dont know much about our new owner but I have faith in human nature that he has good intentions and a will to make the club more successful than it has been of late. I know he cant feel the same way about our club as we do as we are all tied emotionally through our own stories and reasons for supporting the club. All I ask is for 100% commitment from the top through to the playing staff. Lets all look forward and try to be positive, this relegation coupled with our new owner could be the start of exiting times. For me, remembering the doom and gloom from my old dad & Uncles which were utter rubbish in all honesty because we went on to great things will always keep me thinking things can get better for us. Oh and Jose Baxter,,,, get in ........ best player in the division by far next year..... Good luck to all at OAFC, Owner, Trust, Staff, Management and Coaching staff and all present and future players. So remember the good times, accept the reality of now but live with the hope and dreams of better times to come. And Keep the Faith !!!!!
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    Mr. Corney owns a house. It's too big for him really. He likes the image presented by living in this house, but he can't really afford to pay the mortgage. He's in arrears and the banks are talking about repossession and so he keeps borrowing money from all sorts of places to keep the wolves at bay. Some [Necarcu and Mr. Blitz] secure their loans against his house, to ensure he doesn't do a runner. Mr. Lemsagam comes along and wants to buy Corney's house. They agree a sale price and Mr. Lemsagam's purchase is approved, searches complete and lawyers draw up the paperwork. Nercarcu and Mr. Blitz now want to call their loans in and the fact they're secured against the house means they can prevent Mr. Corney from selling it. Mr Corney will now have to pay these loans back, assuming he has enough to do so from the sale price he's agreed with Mr Lemsagam. Oh, and Mr. Corney still wants to live in the back bedroom when Mr. Lemsagam moves in.
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    I met you and your lad at some random train station after an away day and we had a OWTB related chat. You were a gent and your boy a credit to you. Genuinely heartbreaking reading that and there are no words in response to it that are adequate. I just hope things are as well as can be for you and your family and you can take some solace in the fact that your lad will get to see something better than he has. One thing I will say (having lost my old man who took me to Latics throughout my childhood); your lad will always remember the days out with you and it'll be a permanent connection. We might have been shit but he was with his old man. That's far more important than anything that happens on the pitch.
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    I heard he's on gardening leave
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    the source of the article was Corney. I hope you can understand to some degree, the nature of the person who in the end couldn't sustain us and has been fighting tooth and Nail with the Trust over the last few seasons to keep hold of what he could. That it has been a very hard slog on all the Trust directors. Your Trust rep took the face to face part of it all and I hope you can at least appreciate what a personal toll it took out of Simon Brooke. It was not pleasant at times and we did discuss as a Trust to write to the club to "remind" them of their zero tolerance policy with regards to bullying and equality and diversity in the workplace. We have been firefighting to some degree to protect the club's good name and those employed under that regime. I have no doubt in my mind that Corney had good intentions at first but hhe lack of resources open to him and living on a mouth to mouth existence could not last. Yes he did introduces us to Al and at that point the Trust decided not to jeopardise the negotiations, especially your rep who was at the end of it all . This is not over, I am sure There is fight left in our ex owner to separate us all. I hope we can all pull together now to drive our club on, we need to be strong. Now is the time for us all to take a deep breath, try to learn from teh mistakes, support each other . Al has offered a clean slate to some already, but he won't tolerate fools especially those that tried to exploit his good nature/good faith.. Now is the time to pull together your club, your new Owner and your trust needs you.
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    I thought Crewe were known for sticking it in the kids? (too soon?)
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    Good Evening Latics. Well, still feel emotionally drained after all yesterday's drama at Wembley, but just popped in to say that after 3 years in the non-leagues, it will be brilliant to cross swords with the likes of yourselves again. The National League was a humbling experience, and it was certainly weird to be billed as the "big club". There were some highs, new grounds to visit, but I can't lie, it was also heartbreaking. One of my biggest fears when we were relegated from League1 was that we were only one bad season from the trapdoor. However, I never for a second imagined it would be the very next season. I tended not to follow the EFL too much whilst we were down in The Vanarama, because it was just too depressing, so don't really know the circumstances behind Oldham's fall to League 2, but regardless, here's to better times ahead for both of us, and we can all return to the important business of slagging off each other's towns and bickering about who is better supported. I know it's all childish, but boy, have I missed it! Anyway, have a good summer, and see you next season.
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    It’s embarrassing points scoring off fellow fans. We’re all blue but part of the reason why we’ve been shit for years too busy jacking off trying to show a fellow fan up instead of channeling their energies into calling the people out that have run the club into the ground. How many of these cyber gobshites actually go to games or would insult their fellow fans face to face? Seriously, if I was Ackey, Stevie J et al and had seen what this once brilliant board had become - instead of putting my own money in to allow this bitching, I’d pull the plug! Let’s all grow the fuck up and pull together and cheer the lads to safety and hopefully a bright new dawn come August...
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    Nothing new really... * Very happy to be here, wanted the job(s) for years. Rhodes gave up the job at SW because he wanted to come back to a club he wants to do well for * Wants to put smiles on faces of people in and around the club. Players expected to play their part - only wants hardworking good people in the squad * over stretched ourselves last season with a squad of 35 budget is challenging so likely to go for players that are perceived as 'past it' or under 23s on Loan. This might change closer we get to season * looking for players 1-11 * Believes in win at all costs * Best XI out there all the time * chairman in dressing room nothing new Hoyle at Hudds, Sheff Wes chairman did it at times * Be crazy not to tap into AL's contacts BUT final decision is Bunn's. Liked the look of the two French lads but a Dutch lad on trial has been released - not good enough * Training morning and afternoon * Facilities will not be an excuse, they're ours what we are faced with and have to deal with and we get on with it * Clarke in his plans * New disciplinary regime in place said no fines so far but did say Jack Byrne will have to conform *Fane broken leg and dislocated ankle * Rhodes still assessing the keepers * Would like a reserve team but not enough players yet * Stott injured Gerrard carrying a knock * Three new targets in mind hope to see movement soon * Not allowed to comment on TP situation *young lad from Sheff Wed in as FT coach, new fitness and conditioner appointed today and brought an analyst in too. * Both admit limited knowledge of League 2, made lots of phone calls to likes of Martin Allen and Steve Evans Both come across well, Rhodes very articulate and likeable. A real infectious enthusiasm that if the players buy into who knows?
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    Probably because he’s fucked up, been punished for it and now they’re going to move on like adults
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    Genuinely can't believe that people can get this angry from an online forum. Remember, we're all on the same side. Chill out. Life's too short.
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    Let’s get behind him rather than sticking the boot in before he’s even got his foot through the door.
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    A lot of the French lads were Muslim, interesting that we're going for Catholics at youth level.....
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    Well my post has caused quite an eclectic mix of responses. On the whole a positive mix but you get a sense of infighting between certain members of this forum. I didn't post what I did to get back slapped or cause a stir of emotions. I just wanted to voice my love for the club from past memories, present woes and future success, hopefully !!! I have been 150miles away now for a number of years and spend most my time surrounded by Man Utd, Liverpool, Everton, Newcastle and the odd Carlisle and newly founded Man City glory hunters. You see most people where I live follow their chosen clubs from success or because it sounds good to say you support Man City, in their opinion. These people dismiss me when I say I support Oldham, it is normally the end of the conversation unless I carry on to listen about their premier league and european adventures. But I look at these people who are friends and colleagues and think they have no idea what it is like to support a football club, they just chose to do so, like we would choose a new pair of trainers. I did not choose to be an Oldham fan, it is in my blood and a generation of my family and friends have done so in the past and will continue to do so. The same as , Rochdale, Bury, Tranmere etc, we all hurt for our clubs and we also feel great pleasure also at times and through the years. We are a different breed, most of us, if like myself were born to support our club no matter what, no matter who owns us, the state of our ground ( which is a great ground, no matter what anyone says ), what division we are in, who the manager is and no matter how inferior we are supposed to feel in the shadow of the bigger clubs who surround us. I support Oldham and i am proud of it, I am proud of Oldham as a place, is it a dump, maybe in parts, but so is everywhere else. I live minutes from, the coast, Mountains and Lakes, it is nice yes, but I am also minutes away from dumps also. And as nice as it is up here, I enjoy nothing more than driving around Saddleworth and other nice areas of Oldham, in fact driving all over Oldham fills me with great memories. I then come home to Cumbria and its nice, thats all, its not Oldham and never will be. Always be proud of your roots !!! Let people say what they will about our club and town, what do they know, its not in their heart like it is in ours. Just laugh at them they are just narrow minded. So we should all get along for the greater good of our club, show AL how much this club means and stop fighting each other, we all have different opinions and thoughts, dont waste energy arguing on here, put that energy to good use, save it up over the summer and support the team with all your might in August. The Chaddy used to suck goals in, i'm sure of it !! As for KEEP THE FAITH, it is just 3 words, but they are what I chose to remember to stay positive, use what words do the same for you, please dont wince at the sight or sound of it though, I had great times keeping the faith !! Thats it, have a beer or a glass of wine and remember we will have a great season.
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    I hope so.... then we can have a debate over who’s the better manager, Whittaker or Wellens....?
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    Good way to end it, summed up your standpoint and reasonings succinctly. Couple of weeks into feb would probably be a fairer time to leave it until tho. With regards the underlined comment, I haven’t met AL but I have been ‘in the room’ a couple of times and he seems to me like the anti-agent. He seems humble and honest and events do seem to have shown maybe some naiivety, but without this naiivety he wouldn’t have come near us. He has paid an asking price and he has covered debts that weren’t his to the tune of around an extra mill, paid money for Byrne, brought Doyle back even tho he couldn’t play and reduced the ST price for a period after the season ended. The approach has changed positively and, to me, this mowers story catching on sounds like the mutterings that hang around bitter people or jealous gossippers with an agenda.
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    When I said throw the kids in I didn't mean literally....
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    It’s an awful day. But as others have said, it’s been coming. We didn’t deserve to stay up, truth be told. Currently, I have two thoughts. First, while this is terrible, we have to stay positive. Look at the roll call of clubs in years gone by who’ve fallen into the fourth tier but bounced back. Wolves, Bournemouth to name just a couple. We do not have to be Chesterfield or Tranmere. Second, keep a sense of perspective. On the day we finally fell out of L1 Alex Ferguson suffered a brain haemorrhage. The guy who scored for Rochdale has beaten cancer twice. At the end of the day there are more important things than football.
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    "Amazing events unfolded at Sixfields as cheering started to ripple through the away support. The Oldham Athletic players, assuming Rochdale were losing, found fresh impetus from which they scored the crucial winning goal. However, after the match it transpired that the cheering wasn't prompted by developments at Spotland at all but by a supporter known only as LaticsGary being ejected from the ground after climbing atop the advertising hoardings, arms outstretched proudly displaying his erect penis......"
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    There’s a bit of a strange obsession with players being useless unless they’re complete. Fane - don’t care he’s a ball winner, he’s poor technically Byrne - don’t care he’s a big threat going forward, his tackling back is rubbish Davies - don’t care he’s our top scorer and scored more goals than most strikers for years. He looks lazy. Nazon - don’t care he offers a different threat with his direct running at defenders, he doesn’t score enough Its a team game. If the team is doing well then the inadequacies of individuals isn’t that big deal. Currently we’re on a good run. Hope it continues.
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    Decent swing. Perhaps too much pronation at the hip. Excellent on the greens. Better in the rough.
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    I hope the OP doesn't mind me bringing this into the mid-late 80s. My first year was 86-87 and our most successful year in 13 years. The next two seasons were a struggle at times before excellent second halves of the season saw us pull into mid-table by scoring plenty of goals - not too dissimilar to this season being that we couldn't defend for toffee with a keeper that was pretty inconsistent for part of that time in a young Rhodes. The pitch wasn't an issue as we were on the Plastic Paradise. The team evolved rather than revolved through the door. Of course we sold to survive, in those first three years alone we sold McDonough, Futcher, Goram, Henry, Linighan, Flynn, Wright etc.. but we also replaced them with similar if not better Ritchie, Wright, Rhodes/Hallworth, Barrett, Warhurst, Bunn and brought through youngster Nick Henry. There was a sense of trying to build a future, the team could be guessed walking over Chadderton Way with my dad (Somehow the programme was always wrong though!) Dad was always very frustrated with our attendances in the mid-late 80s, we fluctuated between sub 5,000 to about 8 or 9 if Blackburn or Sunderland or similar where in town. But often when Plymouth or Swindon arrived the town seemed to desert us en masse..Dad would shake his head and say 'Does this town want a club? We're the most entertaining team for miles yet they still don't back us, but they come crawling out of the woodwork when we have a big game'. He was right, perhaps a bit harsh, but he was equally frustrated as he struggled in and out of work during the glory years and he would often have to queue up at the crack of dawn due to not having a ST back then - 'Bloody band waggon, jumpers he'd moan!' As a fan during those heady days, it all felt like a dream, there's never been a sense of entitlement from me, although the years after relegation from the top flight and the first three or four in this league I felt as a club we deserved better. And we underachieved massively, it was like the club accepted it was forever to be shit. We were badly let down by Stott and co, who arguably have more to answer for than Corney and his chums. If we'd brought in investment as the Premier League dawned, who knows? Having said that the council equally let down Stott and co, with the Sports Park 2000 failure. Who knows where we'd have been in a state of the art stadium, not the Blue Peter version suggested at Failsworth. Do I expect more now? Yes, prior to arriving in this league we were in the top two divisions for 23 Years very much punching above our weight, however by the late 70s we were battling it out in the top half and save for 83/84 and 84/85 we were troubling the top half year on year. That's not punching above your weight, that's a well established second tier team. We blew the golden goose by not investing after the Great Escape in '93. We limped along and cut our cloth too fine. The advent of Bosman and the increased power of the PL has killed smaller clubs like us, forced to be grateful for the minute crumbs flicked from the top table means we have to rely on loanees. We can't produce too many home grown players as it isn't cost effective given that the bigger clubs can snap them up and pay minimum compensation. The TV deal and solidarity payments to League One clubs are minuscule and in prior times would relate to a starvation wage. Without real investment the club is going nowhere. However, investment does not guarantee success but investment in infrastructure is a beginning. My biggest issue is the way the club has been run in the last 10 years, so many clubs perceived as smaller than us have built teams on shoe strings and had success, Colchester, Southend, Burton, Luton etc.. have all had their days in the sun. We've simply been told to be grateful for survival in the third tier, with no hope of a challenge at the right end since 2007. That for a club of our size and potential is criminal, we have no divine right to be successful but surely we have a divine right to be allowed to compete? The infrastructure of the club has been allowed to rot, ok the stand has been built, but that it has transpired is not FULLY benefiting the club. Previously we had directors like Norman Holden and Peter Chadwick, local men made good - directors who would put money in when they could. The local links have died in the boardroom, although the appointment of Mr Snoddy may be a return to that. When I first started to come to games in the 80s the club had a real identity, we played in blue and white no gimmicks. Home fans were in the Chadderton Road Stand, we played two up front and set out to win EVERY game, bog rolls greeted the team onto the pitch and the whiff of tobacco, bovril and piss purveyed every sense. The Old Chaddy End was a thing of beauty, the wit, the moaning, the clinging or sitting on the fence. Many a late winner was sucked in. Arriving home to Sholver on the 404 and Grandad had made his meat and potato pie, arriving home to a lovely warm house. If we'd won he'd greet us with "What a team!" if we'd lost 'Wouldn't pay 'em in washers'. Sadly we will never return to those times, what I hope we get under Mr Lemsagem is investment in the infrastructure and we are allowed to build the club again so that at some point in the next two or three years we can have a bloody good go at promotion again. We can all remember some of the good times, wouldn't it be great of some if those young lads that go everywhere could enjoy a bit of success - a promotion season?!
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    Do wonder if some on here actually support OAFC or just addicted to serial moaning, depressed or just enjoy spouting shite. Argh must all be moronic accountants whose clients include the "Staff" as to keep claiming you know the salaries of each player is tedious and extremely unlikely. Because someone in the gym reckons they know or a club insider wants to be clever with his pals does not make it true, accurate or likely but often taken as such. Does Nixon work in the club these days as appears to have a hotline and unhealthy interest in OAFC. Do we really think Bunn and Rhodes are thick enough to sign up to the roles without the freedom to operate as they please within reason. A recent appointment will surely meet with each and every player and get a feel for are they up for a challenge. Transfers will happen but crikey lets be honest if 95% of players left would it really matter as they are the ones that stuffed up. Personally I never want to see some near the first team again. Wellens will say a lot in time but he achieved what many clueless idiots failed to achieve relegation. Only fair to give the lads chance to put things right but the doomsday mentality will not achieve anything at all.