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  1. Sven Goran Eriksson? Sven Goran Fucking Eriksson? Is this a wind up? šŸ˜‚
  2. Latest Twitter rumours are: Danny Rowe happening, sorting out fee Lee Erwin Ollie Palmer Krystian Pearce I'd happily take all four. Erwin didn't rip up any plants (šŸ˜‚) when he was last here, but he's better than any of the shite we have at the moment. Palmer and Rowe - can't see them both signing. I'd prefer Palmer myself, as I can just see Rowe becoming the latest victim of the Striker's Graveyard that is our club. Pearce would be a great signing to play alongside Wheater
  3. People clamouring for Sheridan back after his showing at Chesterfield are just as deluded as big Deluded Dino in my opinion.
  4. Didn't got today but glad of the win, glad Segbe got on the scoresheet. Onwards and upwards I hope
  5. Not bothered posting in a while due to my general apapthy regarding my support of the club at the moment, but really? What utterly random timing. A full 6 days after saying in a statement they were fully behind him. I expected to see that he'd resigned when I clicked on the link on Facebook but nope, sacked. And nepo to Chesterfield aswell? What the fuck is going in? Genuinely believed he was one of if not our best player
  6. Pretty sure Segbe scored against Liverpool, unless you're just going off league.
  7. Absolutely baffled that we've signed 2 wingers we didn't need and didn't sign a striker. Everyone can see we need a striker. If the people in charge of these signings can't see that,they have no business being near a football club. Really can't put into words the frustration in feeling that we haven't signed a striker. Expected 1 deadline day signing and it to be a striker. I can't get my head round it, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Am I on my own here? It's fucking freaking me out that they can't see we needed one. Do they pay attention on game days? Do they even give a shit? Surely it's not good business sense to not score any fucking goals. Can they not see this formation we are playing is not working? I feel like bashing my head against a wall I feel I'll get more luck What the fuck is going on.
  8. "Delighted to announce" they must smoke some strong weed in that media office
  9. This absolutely stinks of Wheater back to Bolton. If it happens we are well and truly fucked
  10. Hi can we have some goddamn transfer rumours in the transfer rumour thread? All this bickering is childish, not to mention off topic.
  11. Pretty annoyed with this signing. 12 clubs at 23 years old, released by FC United after a month, their fans are laughing at us signing him on twitter they can't believe it. Not played more than 10 games for anyone in his career. Absolutely pointless. Waste of a wage. Can I get a contract? I've got over 200 caps for Springhead
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