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  1. I've got a revolutionary idea, it might sound crazy but here it goes: why don't we just sign a half decent striker? Or how about we don't play Macclesfield's top scorer on the left wing? Shock horror
  2. 1 league goals in 4 games. Bringing on a centre half with 5 mins to go to secure a point at home to fucking Exeter. "Championship in 5 years", "League one in 3 years" stop dreaming. Felt sorry for Segbe, ran all evening, maximum effort, looks genuinely buzzing to be here. The way he celebrated getting a corner with 10 minutes left says all you need to know about his attitude, starting to really like the lad. Problem is he got absolutely no service, he needs another striker alongside him to get the most out of him. Scott Wilson was absolutely horrendous when he came on, even though, granted for some reason he was stuck out on the left wing. We're in trouble. If AL and his brother are picking the team we're in trouble full stop. If it is Banide picking the team we're in trouble aswell, bringing on Sefil, Wilson on the left wing, Segbe up front on his own all game when anyone with any sort of football brain could see we needed to get someone up alongside him, Iacovitti as starting centre back when we have Stott on the bench. It genuinely boggles the mind the decisions getting made regarding squad selection. Zak Mills needs to start on the right next wing with Nepo on the left, I thought Branger was awful last night. Didnt look interested at all. Wheater was a boss, if it weren't for him we'd have lost that 2 or 3-0. Woods I thought was decent too. We need another striker or 4, because there's not a single goal in this team anywhere. Biggest positive is this Fage lad. Saw him at Bradford and saw him last night, this young lad can play.
  3. If I remember correctly, because it's a Tuesday night game, I believe it can be streamed on iPlayer for a tenner, a fiver if you have a VPN and set your location to Canada
  4. Would say in the last 5 years I've been to about 90% of home games and about 10 away games in total. Never seen anything quite as bad as yesterday. I remember being 3-0 down to Peterborough at half time a few years back and it was better than Saturday
  5. That was the worst performance from an Oldham team I think I have ever seen. That Sefil and Iacovitti are absolute dog shit. Worst defenders we've ever had. They all deserved every single bit of stick they got at the end. I think my throat was hurting the amount of booing I did at the final whistle, and I'm not a big fan of booing but boy did that performance warrant it. Fage was decent, Azankpo at least put some effort in, but they are a team and the team performance was fucking dire. I actually feel sorry for Banide. There's no way he's the one that's picked Sefil and Iacovitti. Or if he has, he needs sacking immediately. The major problems we face are because of our inept brothers in charge at the top, but I don't feel sorry for the players. Only ones who looked like he wanted to be there was Fage and Azankpo. The attitude from the rest of them absolutely stank. Why is Maouche our captain? Where do we go from here?
  6. Can't see where the goals are going to come from and this has got to be the worst defence in league football history. As it stands can't see us picking up a single point against anybody at all. We played better when we were 3-0 down and then 4-1 down to Peterborough a few years back. I Honestly wouldn't mind if every single one of this starting 11 is released. Embarrassing. One of the worst performances I've ever seen. We've looked like a Isthmian side except for a 15 minute spell in the first half. Not fit to wear the shirt, any of them, as far as I'm concerned. I Honestly can't believe Sefil and Iacovitti are technically classed as professional footballers. What a joke we are
  7. Zeus resigns, what an absolutely pointless signing. Waste of a wage.
  8. Although would love these 2 to sign, absolutely no chance, they will have floods of offers from League 1 clubs. Saying that though, we did sign Wheater, he could have easily gone to a couple of League 1 clubs I'd have thought
  9. Might aswell be a friendly for me this. Not interested in the slightest, haven't been interested since they allowed these Premier League youth teams in this competition, and won't be interested until they are removed. Probably won't even keep an eye on the result if I'm honest
  10. I'm guessing one of them is Lang, with Roofe signing for Wigan there's no much room for Callum at the club, only thing I'm surprised about is If I were Wigan, I'd want him in League One on loan, he's had two full season in league 2 with 2 different clubs, bit daft if he comes again for a third spell in the same league
  11. Yep, he would be an amazing signing.
  12. If you are suggesting that Lang would be anything but an amazing signing, you need to give your head a wobble. He gave us much, much more than goals during his spell here.
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