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  1. Andy Lochead now he was an old fashioned no 9 , scored some great goals for us usually at the Chaddy End usually diving headers , I used to stand “ on the boards “ at the back of the Chaddy, had some cracking “ derbies “ Bolton Blackburn Burnley
  2. Showing your age now , used to maintain that switchboard 70’s and 80’s then this thing called privatisation kicked in , still vinyl has made a comeback wonder if PMBX 4’s will ?
  3. It was cold think Mick Wadsworth was in charge , certainly been to Barrow with MW i/c
  4. Yes I was in my early teens , Bob Ledger by the way one of my early idols
  5. Yes the disco carriage wasn’t exactly “ Manumission “ but a novelty at the time , what year was that then , I am feeling old
  6. Anyone remember going on “ The League Liner “ to Bournemouth I think , train complete with disco carriage , hired out to different clubs
  7. Seem to remember Bolton, Burnley and Blackburn all getting “ You’ll never take the Chaddy “ used to stand right in the middle wasn’t there a disused exit up there
  8. Joe and the lads casually watched some of the game in the small main stand lounge before deciding come on we better go before jumping on The Mostonian coach ( think it was )and trundling down Broadway, no Lowry Hotel that day , no nerves either . This thread brings back some memories and a big smile
  9. Having a declutter, found about 20 issues of “ Beyond the Boundary “ fanzine ! great reading , first one says it must be a long time since we had 2 players in the full England squad as Jobbo and Earl Barrett were in that week , Happy Days , not going to get much work done and these are not going to get thrown out . BTB was produced and edited by Pete Mason , Kaptain Klueless and Brian T Green First memories getting the “ Soccer Special “ from Middleton town centre up to BP , away days on Yelloways then Barlows coaches , Jim Fryatt scoring diving headers at the Chadderton End , the local derbies against Blackburn and Burnley when there was always a bit of a “ rumble “ then we move on to the Big Joe era , Meat Pie Fred remember him in the Chaddy, could go on , the state the club is in now so tragic
  10. This is so sad , seems a long time since we went 20 or so away games undefeated and went oh so close at QPR in the play offs
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