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  1. I think most fans by now appreciate what an awful mess we have become very quickly (and yes I know it's not been great for a few years prior - but nothing compares to this). A fair % will have given them the benefit of the doubt when purchasing season tickets for 19/20. The season ticket sales for 20/21 will probably reflect the true depth of feeling amongst fans now. Let's see what happens.
  2. The essential difference between good grammar and poor grammar. "Knowing your shit." "Knowing you're shit".
  3. I think the Athleticos are superb. About the only people that consistently try to create some kind of atmosphere at our graveyard of a ground. Mainly young lads, I think - and we need the youth on board for future prosperity (it will arrive again, one day). Tbh, I`m a little surprised they are still going as, when I last attended BP, they were very few in number. Good luck to them though.
  4. Bloody good idea actually - one for PTB with a % of the sale price of each shirt to charity ?
  5. I`ve reached the point where I`d like Blitz to press the "Administration" button ASAP, then buy the club from the Administrator and bring back SC to run it on his behalf until a suitable buyer is found. #dejavu
  6. Honestly can't understand why any Latics fan would hate City. When we were "bucket shaking" after the Moore debacle, the City fans were fantastic. We were at Eastlands when they played Arsenal and the City fans threw over £10k into the buckets and many expressed their fondness for "the Latics". Add to that the links with the likes of Kenny Clements, Roger Palmer, Jimmy Frizzell, Joe Royle etc. and I have a soft spot for them.
  7. I don't know the fella personally and don't follow the Trust because I think they are an unimportant sideshow but hasn't this been a recurring theme with Trust Oldham? (i.e. a Trust director gets elected onto the board of the club and then appears to "feather his/her own nest" and enjoy all the trappings that come with the position).
  8. I was worried that you might immediately comment if I did, fluffy old boy.
  9. Makes me sick to the pit of my stomach when I read about "our 125th anniversary celebrations" type stuff. The current regime do not appear to have a clue about what Latics means to people, our heritage, pride etc. and they treat fans with disdain. I find it all exceedingly disingenuous. Not a penny from me until they're gone.
  10. Fully agree with you, Harry. People should never underestimate certain "cultural elements" here. And before anyone starts silly assumptions, I simply mean the issue of "losing face". It's a massive thing in various cultures - if ever you've done business in certain countries abroad, you will appreciate the issue.
  11. Yep - the footballing facts since the new regime came in are pretty sobering reading, BP. We don't really focus on them too much because of all the other stuff going on.
  12. Your whole post read very well youngen. Oh, how I wish I could have some kind of "young" username again 💀 As you get older, you get more cynical generally. Personally, I think all Q&A sessions are largely a waste of time anyway. You see it all the time (e.g. politicians) - those in power field questions from those who aren't. It's all quite civilised, the power trippers feed a load of sincere sounding bullshit to the masses and everyone's happy. Until the next "Question Time" when a different audience asks all the same questions ... and so it goes on. It tends to merely feed the ego of those asking the questions (my MP listened to me... I was on telly etc.) rather than resolving anything. There are some exceptions - i.e. sincere politicians/people in power - but they are rare nowadays. It's the same with Latics and those in power as opposed to the fans. We've had Q/A galore - and what's changed really? We are way past the Q/A point in my humble opinion. Only direct (and some would say, drastic) action will achieve the change required at BP.
  13. To be fair to 1955, I think he was expressing the cumulative effect of everything that has gone on under the new regime i.e. his frustration wasn't particularly about what is, as you say, one minor isolated issue.
  14. Spot on - even if 2,000 Latics fans were interested; they'd be stumping up £3,750 apiece!!! Not a chance.
  15. Similar thoughts were going through my head too tbh, Harry (although I was mentally comparing with the suffragettes). We are a placid set of fans aren't we? I`m all for a peaceful mass protest, which doesn't give the authorities chance to particularly victimise individuals. I`d quite happily chain myself to the goalposts (as part of a mass protest) if it would help to jolt the club from its inertia. But as you intimate, Harry, we seem to be frightened of our own shadows! I still say the best message would be a virtually empty BP, but I`ve given up hope of that this season. Next season, though, if nothing's changed I think season ticket sales will be down significantly and arranging a "mass boycott" for a game might be much more successful. I honestly think a lot of people are currently of the mind "I`ve paid for my season ticket, so I`m attending".
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