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  1. I`m assuming it's all "tongue in cheek" by andy then? If so, I took the bait 😉
  2. Great lads the Eintracht fans - had a drink with them at Rochdale away a few tears back and again in the Farmers Boy "on the hill" another time. Hope they continue to come over to Oldham.
  3. No - I don't follow individuals - I just comment as I see it. Why ?
  4. Trouble is Fred - we'd raise about £100,000 - seriously. It's a non-starter.
  5. Right........ we've just witnessed some of the most drab football in years (last season) with teams that wouldn't look out of place in a pub league - and we were still miles off being good enough. It looks like civil war is looming between the owner and the FLG (and Lord knows what the consequences of that will be), we've treated loyal club servants like Peter Clarke in an appalling manner, witnessed an ever faster management merry go round, season ticket sales are down, you can't sit in our shiny new stand for pre-season friendlies (and let's see what happens when the season starts!)........... I could go on and on but it's ok.... I`ll take your word that things are better.
  6. We were relegated to the "4th division" under AL. Things are far worse now than ever they were under Corney.
  7. Paul Murray - class act - always thought he'd be good management material one day. A very warm welcome back. These are strange days indeed at BP!
  8. I will always support a FLG with honourable intentions. It's vital, however, that we know what "the end game" is (pardon the pun) i.e. the upcoming meeting is crucial. It mustn't just be about the intended purchase etc. - it must inform us as to the final vision they have in mind. That way, they may well be able to unite the fans as nobody has been able to throughout the past few horrible years. I assume they read this board. PLEASE ensure your communication is crystal clear and no "cloak and dagger". If you want to oust AL - tell us how you intend to do it - and the vast majority will then probably back you and take some pain along the way.
  9. This has the potential to become an absolute nightmare. My assumption is that 1) there was, at some point, a fall out between Blitz/Gazal and AL 2) with good intention, the FLG exploited this and approached Bltz/Gazal 3) Blitz/Gazal consider it better to "sell" to the FLG (maybe with a sprinkling of ulterior motive too) 4) the plan is for the FLG to raise the necessary capital in order to eventually purchase the whole ground/land etc. If 4) comes to fruition, then AL is left very vulnerable e.g. the FLG could charge inflated rent to AL in order for his team to use the pitch and ground, thereby forcing AL out. Now, at first sight, that might all sound good BUT beware bruised ego. If there's one thing that AL will detest (culturally) it is being seen to "lose face". If he digs his heels in and/or goes legal - well, who knows what the outcome might be. Unfortunately, little old Latics are smack bang in the middle. My niggling worry is this; I have heard it mentioned a few times (particularly by Trust people) that some wouldn't mind Latics going down to "non league" and starting afresh. I say NO, NO and thrice NO - would be disastrous in my opinion. This is going to get very ugly - not at all good for Latics in general.
  10. If people genuinely want to see Chris Taylor back here - then we are really doomed. He was a "flash in the pan" when younger and we should have cashed in when decent money was reportedly being offered for him. Decent lad and all that but absolutely no use to us now.
  11. Agree - there would have been a relatively simple professional negligence claim against advising lawyers. Compensation would be considerable from such a claim. It might be in the pipeline of course and we have nowt to worry about.
  12. Reminds me of the time a few years back when I explained to my doctor an embarrasing problem of me becoming "aroused" when I saw myself in the mirror. He said, "That's an easy diagnosis - it's because you're a cu*t" 😶
  13. Surely, if there's one thing that watching football for many years has taught us it's this; pre-season friendlies give no indication whatsoever of the season to come. It's merely "easing back into it" (particularly this early!). You don't need to be a manager, scout, coach, genius (or "pre" any of those) to know that we need a quality centre back (maybe 2), someone who can score regularly and a couple of quality midfielders to stand any chance of seriously competing this season. Not difficult really.
  14. In my opinion, the bit in bold is the main problem. I make no apologies for saying again that the 3% shareholding (actual monetary value now admitted as nil) is a millstone around the Trust's neck. Get rid, become independent and you are allowed to be much more of a "fans' voice" and a force for change in troubled times. In more benign times, you then revert to a position of full support.
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