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  1. As you say potentially great news. I think perhaps there have been so many false dawns that people are understandably "holding back" until something concrete actually materialises. Utmost credit, though, to all concerned in these negotiations.
  2. Harry makes a very good point. Never underestimate the cultural differences either. The way we conduct, and expect business to be conducted by others, can be distinctly different to the way it is done in North Africa or the Middle East.
  3. Most talented player we've had in quite a long time. Just needed somebody to manage him properly in my opinion. I know a lot thought he was just self-destructive but who knows? Infinitely better then anything we've got now.
  4. Hi underdog - hope you're well. I`m not on twitter or anything and can't seem to get the link to work for a ticket for the fans' meeting. Is it ok just to turn up please? I'd love to come along and meet you all - and partake with all the other fans.


    Thank you



    1. johnboy


      hiya.having probs with my e-mail.would wish to attend meeting.can you arrange a ticket.iam a trust member,joined at the band club event last july.have actively supported latics for 60 yrs missing lest than 25 home games.you know it makes sense!-regards johnboy

    2. underdog


      Apologies John. 


      I have only just realised I have this facility. Can you give me your surname and I will put you on our list



    3. johnboy


       john shepherd.i had a chat with you at the agm last summer.always helped Franny,broady and adam on the pa for 18 yrs for free.ta jjohn.

  5. In our hearts, I think most of us feel like that 1955 but we do have to tread carefully. It's alright aiming to get the owner out but without someone ready and able to step in, it's also very risky for the future of Latics. We have a largely creaky old stadium that costs a fortune just to maintain - I would hate us to cut our nose off to spite our face - all options have to be considered very carefully.
  6. underdog, sound advice for sure but just to put things in perspective most circumstances of directors becoming personally liable revolve around wrongful or fraudulent trading i.e. there has to be a conviction in court for these offences before a director can become personally liable. There are literally thousands of company frauds that have been committed (never mind just wrongful trading), sometimes involving tens of millions of pounds - and still there is often no conviction for wrongful/fraudulent trading. I won't bore you with the reasons why that's the case but what usually happens is directors are simply disqualified (i.e. from being directors again) for a period of time. Director disqualification does not make someone personally liable per se but, thereafter, acting in breach of disqualification does. Director's Liability Insurance wouldn't be worth a fig in the event of wrongful/fraudulent trading as it's an automatic "get out clause" for the insurer. So, (in essence) the Trust rep's position on the board (or indeed a non exec position) should be pretty safe providing they personally exercise due care etc. etc. Don't forget either that Latics isn't a PLC with lots of shareholders - it's a private limited company and 97% of the shares are owned by one man from memory - and the majority of fiduciary duties of a director are to the company's shareholders. This is an important factor when considering fiduciary duites. Duties are also owed to creditors, HMRC etc. but I don't think this is as big an issue as is being made out providing the indivdual exercises good morals and due diligence (I know, I know!). This isn't designed to discount you - it's designed to give you "the other side of the coin".
  7. Aside from everything else, a few observations:- 1) As others have said, it does appear to be a snub in the direction of the Trust. 2) A genuine question for the Trust. Communications broke down irrevocably with Simon Corney; do you think you are at the same stage with Abdallah Lemsagam? (and I realise the Trust position has not yet been taken up on the board and the given reasons for that). 3) IF this position/s had been offered immediately, or shortly after, commencement of Mr L's ownership then it may have had merit. In light of recent events and reaction, it would appear to be a desperate measure to placate fans.
  8. Look forward to this - see you there. P.S the link isn't working on my PC - is it ok to just turn up please?
  9. I was out for a few beers in Marsden one day and bumped into an elderly chap who told me his name - but I can only remember his surname as "Sivright" from memory. He said he used to play for us "back in the day" and gave an account of why we changed to a tangerine strip. He said it was because the manager at the time was a member of the Orange Order in Northern Ireland. I can't remember the name of the manager he quoted (perhaps Mcilroy - I did have a few that day!) but anyone know if there's any truth in what he said? He seemed genuine about the account.
  10. I don't know whether I'm a bit psychic (!) and had a premonition of doom, but this is the email I sent the day before PS quit! I just sent it to the email address featuring on the club website and put "FAO Abdallah Lemsagam" in the heading. I`ve not had a reply as yet; I eagerly await one 😟 Dear Mr Lemsagam, I hope you are enjoying spending some time in our lovely town of Oldham and that the weather is not upsetting you too much! I have been a Latics' supporter for many years and I really do appreciate the situation you inherited on purchasing the club. I am, however, for the first time in many years, considering not renewing my season ticket. My reasons are:- 1) The standard of football is currently poor i.e. our own performances and in this division generally. 2) The matchday experience at Boundary Park is poor - I could list many reasons why. 3) Most importantly, I have no idea what our plans are. The fans are the lifeblood of the club and good communication is vital. I was pleased with the appointment of Paul Scholes but he has inherited a very poor squad indeed and we all know a mass clearout of players is required at the end of this season. IF an announcement were to be made regarding, for example, the fact we intend to invest heavily in the summer in recruiting players, sorting the pitch out etc. I would have no hesitation in renewing my season ticket. In the absence of any communication, we just seem to be drifting into football obscurity. I am not a fan to heckle or moan but there really does need to be some channel of communication in order that the fans can see a bright future. If not, I fear that fans will desert the club in their droves. "New manager bounce" should have seen us on the fringes of the playoffs - for whatever reason, the positive response from the team to our new manager has not happened and we look awful at present. I really hope you do take these comments on board; you need the support of the fans and communication is vital. Yours sincerely
  11. Well....... from my perspective (and the others involved as far as I know) it was never an "investigation into Corney" but, yes I/we did meet with him, Mark Moisley, a fellow called Mr Gee from memory and the company accountant in order to put some questions from the fans. He was very open and honest in his answers - and we get a good insight, even so much as to see evidence of what players were being paid per week (to quash the rumours we were paying peanuts - we definitely weren't). There was a full report of the meeting posted on here by another user. Anyhow all that's history now, those wanting Corney out got their wish and he's gone................ and doesn't our future look so much rosier 🤕
  12. Hi Dave - I worked many years in finance and dealt with insolvencies and subsequent claims for prior credit card purchases under S.75 Consumer Credit Act. Basically, if someone buys a season ticket (or even just paid a "deposit" on one and paid the rest by another means) costing over 100 pounds then they are protected by the credit card company (actually the merchant acquirer underneath but that's all a bit technical) if the supplying company becomes insolvent and fails to supply the services paid for (in this case football matches). I can't see why Latics would not allow credit card purchases - if they don't it's likely because they don't want to pay the commission due to the credit card company (although they could easily pass that onto the purchaser). If they won't take credit card payments any more (as you've stated), that's a worry because it means merchant acquirers think there is too much risk associated with the retailer (i.e. Latics). Another interesting one - particularly as tramfixer says he purchased by credit card 2 weeks ago. The protection afforded by credit cards only applies in the event of failing to supply product/services, faulty goods etc. - now you could argue we've not had any decent product for years!! - in all seriousness though, to clarify, paying on credit card doesn't give you an automatic right to a refund simply if you change your mind. That depends on several factors, terms and conditions of sale etc. Hope that makes sense - I`m just in from the pub! Goodnight
  13. Jeez - 12 players offered new deals. That speaks volumes. We are in the old 4th division - look totally inept - and someone thinks we have 12 players who should be offered contracts. Laughable. Without sitting and thinking too long, there's maybe 6 at the most I would keep out of the whole squad. In addition to an ineffective bunch of forwards and weak midfield, I think our defence is awful and also needs a complete clearout. Remember, it's the 4th division - just go and watch some of the goals we've conceded and you will realise Edmundson isn't some fantastic young prospect - he's bog standard. Clarkey's been great but age has now overtaken him. Our best left back has been Nepo - says a lot about the others (including Hunt - absolute lightweight). It needs a wholesale clearout and I was really hoping Scholes would have done that in the summer. Now what?
  14. Corney Kept us in League 1 Had an "open-door" policy (certainly with fans) Treated staff well by all accounts Lemsagam Presided over our relegation to League 2 Will he have an "open-door" policy - apparently not if what we hear from the Trust is right (though they did say the same about Corney) Anecdotal evidence suggests some staff may not have been well treated
  15. I never said that. I said, "Am presuming that most of the time Trust board members attend home games". A perfectly valid assumption of a person who wants to be on the board of a fans' group i.e. he/she are a fan themselves. Of course I realise they can't be at every home game but, for sure, if they are not a regular fan, they should not be able to represent fans. Let's leave that point, otherwise we'll be getting into statistics for Trust Board attendance at matches. Thanks for the welcome back. It's not been for the want of trying but every time I have tried to join the site, it's been knocked back - until the recent PS saga when my attempt was finally accepted - for which I am grateful. Don't take anything personal, underdog, I`m sure you are a lovely person. All I`m doing is challenging - something the Trust should have been doing a lot more of (in my opinion) over the years. When things are fine and dandy, it should be a supporting organisation. When things aren't, it has to be a challenging one. It can only do both when it is truly independent. I`ll comment no more - good luck with organising the troops.
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