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  1. losesome - I have a nice, 5 bedroomed country property for sale for £1M - it's called "Woodlands". Now, you will be buying the "name" of the property, together with 3 rescue cats that live in the garden and a rabbit (complete with hutch). I`ll retain good title to the bricks and mortar and surrounding freehold land and will only charge you a peppercorn rent for the first 12 months. We'll then have a chat next year about the subsequent rent you can pay to me for the privilege of residing at Woodlands and feeding my pets. Of course, get your solicitor (Bodgit & Scarper) to check things through first and then wire me the money next week. Nice doing business with you.
  2. Sorry but, in view of some of the optimism on this thread, am I missing something dramatic that other people have read in the statement? Personally, I find it very difficult to look beyond the above 2 points contained within the statement. It's as though he's saying he didn't know about the land/stand separate ownership issues !!! I find that almost impossible to comprehend and, if true, raises huge credibility issues. The rest is just standard stuff we've heard before at various times and may partly have been produced to answer the Trust's previous question around a SWOT analysis etc. As for possibly 3 years to get back to where we were when he bought us - thanks a million - really, thanks.
  3. Good update from the Trust - thank you. Just a pity about the glaring ambiguity regarding the "100% better" budget. Reads to me like it's layman's terms for "much better" rather than an actual doubling of the budget. Clarification (in due course) would be welcome.
  4. Agree Harry but therein lies the problem. Your second post immediately cancels your first i.e. Brown would not fit into the latter category. In fact, not many would. You are, by default, limiting your "talent pool" to select from.
  5. Spot On. Would be a waste of time appointing a manager in a "normal sense". Most have quite inflated egos and would clash very quickly. The carousel would just carry on turning ever faster. There needs to be complete honesty from the owner with whoever he is going to appoint e.g. "you must expect owner/others involvement in team affairs" That said, it still might not work - I`ve said it before and I`ll say it again; don't underestimate the "culture clash" too - we may well struggle to pin any of the usual applicants down for any length of time before clashes, and departures, occur again.
  6. lol - forgot all about that sort of stuff - honest ! 😊
  7. Jeez - shows how low we've gone doesn't it, when people think Sol Campbell would be ok as our manager!
  8. Talking of french connections, would we be happy to see a former Latics french player, Julien Baudet, return as manager? (I think he's got some management experience now from memory). I liked him as a player and, from distant memory, he was adored at Crewe, where he developed really well under Dario Gradi.
  9. Commendable decision Underdog. Will stop the incessant questioning via here - I know from experience, that it's impossible to communicate to the satisfaction of all via this message board. Some don't grasp the context of what is said, others disagree for the sake of it, some do it out of mischief and there are a few genuinely malicious people too. Everyone now knows where to go for Trust updates - well done. First signs of a professional and properly thought-out "communications policy" from the Trust.
  10. Shrewd move - granted. Always a few hundred part timers will get down to the ground when it's free or next to nowt though - they actually make me puke.
  11. Peter Clarke - the word inspirational is much over-used these days - but Clarkey, it's very apt for you. Despite age starting to catch up with you, you have given your all to the cause and remained stoic throughout some very difficult times with us (including being unceremoniously packed off to f - in tosspot Bury). Anyone with the slightest football brain would have ensured you stayed on in some capacity at Latics - in fact, they would have bent over backwards to ensure you stayed on. The fact that hasn't happened shows a) not a lot is known about football at our club by the decision makers and b) perfectly the direction we are heading - and it's certainly not upwards. Thank you for your massive contribution and the very best of luck wherever life takes you.
  12. Re. 2 - my understanding is that the Trust are not directly linked to the proposed ground purchase. More that they are acting in an advisory/consultative/broker capacity on behalf of the fans' consortium that are exploring the deal. Apologies if I am wrong on that point but it is an important distinction to make.
  13. Again - shows what a funny old game football is and how different people see different things. Fane - for me, a great player for breaking up the play (and initially some great bursting runs forward - had that coached out of him by those coaches much wiser than me) - genuinely think he'd have been a real asset at this level. O'Grady - wouldn't pick him for the pub side I watch - seriously.
  14. Lol - hope not - he was a Police Constable for years - Shaw beat bobby for a long time - he's actually a really nice fella and Latics through and through - does seem to have been beguiled somewhat by "the eastern promise" though.
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