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  1. He cashed in the final Edmundson payment early so it was a reduced amount and sold that kid to Brighton.
  2. Wheater said his extension has been triggered on his insta.
  3. They've just updated. Already over 300 signatures and survey responses!
  4. Different terms doesn't mean worse terms. Also FLG didn't just say small price rise. They mentioned the fixed income from kiosks which actually benefits the club as it's fixed at a higher amount than they would make on most matchdays if they where on price per sale basis.
  5. Apparently it will better streamed on Facebook.
  6. Banide's comment in his interview was a new one on me. "We had the bread in our hands but we didn't eat it". He also kept repeating that we can't stop playing on 70 mins.
  7. It got the attention of the board and the attention of the media, so it wasn't totally pointless either.
  8. 30 people, less than 3000 home fans. That's more than 1%
  9. How will the protest remove the talent from the club?
  10. This thread isn't about transfers any more!
  11. Anyone heard anything? Seems like we're looking done for this window! Hopefully not though...
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