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  1. That's a lovely button you've got on yourself sir, at no point did I say everyone needs to greet this positively. I was pointing out that there was practically no response whatsoever, total apathy, undeserving of comment good or bad. If this had been potential bad news with no details to back it up people would have been all over it. I'm far from positive about everything and I've not been on any "tinpot" courses, but I'll be sure to stop by next time your "how to speak to people like a condescending p***k" course rolls into town!
  2. This seems like a great initiative. I think it paints the perfect picture of our fans when news like this is largely ignored but as soon as something negative happens it forms a 20 page thread almost overnight. We love to wallow in misery!
  3. Doesn't really achieve anything by doing it as we would definitely be selling either way. I'm sure some of the player's sign on fee is forfeit too if they submit a request...
  4. Stockport County aren't far away used as a warning but you're happy to start again below them?
  5. Nepo's full name is a bit of a gobfull!
  6. No bank would take OAFC's account with our financial history. We'll be stuck with the whatever bank we have.
  7. I suppose it could be that he's transferring the money in from a bank overseas, some banks limit the daily transfer amount on that. But surely he should have the foresight to transfer it in advance over a few days....
  8. I was implying that the bank couldn't release funds outside the company's credit limit (as in they actually don't have the required amount in the bank). Sorry I was a bit vague.
  9. Unless they're drawing it against an overdraft...
  10. I took it to mean youth team management.
  11. An allocated Q&A session a few days before each Trust meeting would be a good policy (possibly via Facebook). The trust could then discuss issues at the meeting and issue a formal, planned set of responses.
  12. They've been used for a long time to protect sensitive business information in situations like acquisitions or mergers. That's why one was used during the acquisition of BP and I suppose the trust could be viewed as having "merged" with the club. The ones usually used to protect the rich from scandalous situations are gag orders, which are enforceable by the courts. NDAs aren't generally enforced, it's usually a case of the "deal" being taken off the table if sensitive data is leaked.
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