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  1. Mysterious! Maybe it disappeared after they equalised.
  2. The pensions things is still going on. They weren't paying contributions, then they changed provider. The new provider sent letters to those in the scheme as recently as last month telling them no contributions had been made.
  3. I don't think we'll hear much from club, trust or FLG as it would definitely be met with negativity. Maybe if we win tomorrow?
  4. Would it matter? He'll still have his boys in the team.
  5. But they want to keep dealing with the dishonest parties? They clearly weren't being ripped off by FLG last season, but want to deal directly with Brassbank, who we're ripping them off...
  6. It is clear, I appreciate your patronising response. Could find all this out by meeting them instead of all this "leaked" letters bollocks. Agree to meet them and have the first point of the agenda be for them to provide their credentials, if they don't have them call off the meeting until they can provide them. Instead of dragging your arse to the detriment of the fans.
  7. There's nothing to talk about. FLG believe one scenario to be true, the board believe another. Neither have any evidence either way at this point (even to the point that the club letter asks FLG for evidence after saying they've been told not to deal with them). The whole thing is a shambles and it's because the board aren't speaking to FLG.
  8. Maybe the ones who only arrived this season should get a chance to be shit first....Azankpo looks like a handful and seems to love it here.
  9. Doesn't the open letter by the FLG say how much it makes on the boxes?
  10. Azankpo seems like he might be the type, we'll just have to wait and see!
  11. Guess we know why this statement was put out. They knew today's shitstorm was coming and wanted to get ahead of the game...
  12. I didn't see any 3 year deals and from what I've heard the wage bill is actually lower than last season with more players so some of them must be on peanuts.
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