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  1. i wonder if Al would sack Dino if we have a poor December? These coming are must win games and games we should be looking to take maximum points from.. Who knows? Its also crossed my mind about Dino joining back up with Westley at stevenage?.
  2. ive never stated him being manager of the month.. i like Dino.. i just think he has some big games coming up, needs to start picking some points up.
  3. i would say that 2 winnable games coming up, if we dont get 6 points from them i would start to question Dinos ability..
  4. im still of the opinion that to really get the best out of an Wilson type player he needs to have a target player at the side of him..keep playing one up front in this tin pot league is laughable..
  5. I haven't gone today but from the radio commentary sounds like missing someone to hold the ball up up front, its coming straight back and that is going to be our downfall today..
  6. No i was on about Akpro the forward we brought in last week ..very similar names
  7. I would like to see Ankpo(.is that how you spell his name?) and Desire up front today, playing a traditional 442.. i would like to see how Desire plays alongside a target man, he got unwarranted abuse against Burton playing against a big center back with poor service.. so yes love to see how he gets on alongside our new signing.
  8. i remember seeing Fane away at Wigan , had an absolute shocker , had the ball, dribbled with the ball , tried to pass it to an Oldham player failed that simple task , passed it to a wigan player who went up our end and scored..no big loss with him moving on as i would rather have McCann in our midfield
  9. yes fully deserved today, sets things up nicely for Burton at home next Saturday.
  10. We were hard to play against by the sounds, Stopped them playing . Hats of to Dino making the most of the squad he has to play with
  11. fantastic result is this ! Another game unbeaten and a clean sheet away from home ! And McCann has been a fantastic addition to the squad..Hats of to whoever signed him 👏
  12. yes will take this if we can play out last 10 mins... been a decent performance
  13. we really dont have much choice until jan.. To similar are Desire and wilson ..
  14. but fldo you remember Andy Rhodes save at the Chaddy End? Worldie top corner i think it was against Rocastle ?? could be wrong..
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