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  1. Well said, and thats what my opinion is , we have gone backwards under Dino.
  2. ok shall i just fall in line and continue to blame the owners ??
  3. Cant keep blaming the ref.. We got beat 1-0 i think we only mustered 1 shot on target all game, we are bloody clueless going forward..
  4. Socking... The buck stops with Dino.. 1 win since he took over as manager and that was a Benide side.. still going for a 5 midfield a 1 upfront at home against Macclesfield?? But i had a feeling Macc were going to score ..Personally i wonder how long it will be before we have a new head coach in place because in terms of performance we have gone backwards under Dino.
  5. I must say we seem to have gone backward since Dino took over..His win rate between us and stevenage is 1 in 12.. I do Dino is given time to put his own stamp on the team but this remains to be seen
  6. Just seen a still shot from the oldham bench on Saturday and as clear as day you can see Mo sat on the bench.🙄🙄😫
  7. John Dreyer ex Southport Assistant manager, He was with Dino at southport
  8. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Dreyer_(footballer)
  9. Yes great atmosphere yesterday from half time onwards, few fans getting abit rowdy with one another first half.. but on the whole top away day.. The game for me went as soon as we went down to 3-1..Very little the manager can do at that point to influence the team felt for him yesterday, because it was his last game in charge for stevenage before he got fired..I do wonder how long he will keep remaining positive and upbeat if results don't change because his record so far is not very good.. And how long will it be before Al contemplates bringing a new man.. but happy to see what happens now his new Assistant is with him
  10. Unfortunately for Dino this isnt his squad of players, He hasnt any choice but to pick 11 out of this large squad, personally i have mixed feelings over Dino, but im happy to give him benefit of the doubt until he has had a transfer window to bring his own player, if he is allowed to...
  11. I dont think Dino is going anywhere for a while, His new Assistant manager was with him yesterday spoke with him outside the ground, he knows work needs to be done in certain areas , and they need to get better.Also he is fully away that we need a target man and in this league you need one.. Fitness is an issue also
  12. Zeus is nothing more than a back up keeper, anticipation is poor along with decision making.. Would go with woods who i was critical of in preseason..
  13. Zeus anticipation is crap ..Decision making is poor , the defence are not comfortable with him..A back up keeper at that..
  14. ok mass conspiracy here its Al and Mo again.. Lets be honest all 3 of our keepers are crap.. Dino semed pissed of with proceedings on Tuesday..
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