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  1. Received my refund in my bank today from my season tickets, i will still go to away games and i will be back at BP as soon as the lunatic fucks off..
  2. I bet he’s gutted he only ever bought the Oldham badge and a squad worth £3 now
  3. So as the owners of the premises the fan led group can charge numbnuts whatever they like rent and make things pretty hard for him
  4. There will be a statement tomorrow when yhe retained list is announced and we have no players left other than Abdallahs boys.. Amongst all the madness at the shenanigans at the circus Billy is a good bloke and sorted out the refund.
  5. Becoming disillusioned with it all Billy, how do i go about cancelling my season tickets and receiving a refund..Thats if your still in a job pal
  6. If its true what im hearing and he’s been fucked off it will be the biggest pissboil of all of the clowns decisions to date
  7. Barnsley in the promotion season, open terrace and was about 6,000 there.. Man City away as kid - Roger's hattrick Liverpool - first game in the top flight Everton - Neil Adams last gasp two goals 2-2 and everyone bouncing in that wooden stand 1993 Huddersfield demolition job 3-0 in 2006 Leeds - had Chris Taylor first goal scorer and 2 nil, then had to walk to the home side to collect the winnings after the game 2008 Fulham - Never expected that turn out or result Exeter/Newport ????
  8. sorry Billy I didn't explain properly, I bought my tickets on Tuesday but it wouldn't allow me to buy standing
  9. Hi Billy, How come when I bought my ticket and the 2 kids online it said there was no standing available so I had to pay £45 for 3 seated tickets but ive since found out theres plenty of standing available..Was there a problem with the eticket site?
  10. Decided to go, last away game of the season for me..A nice long drive which will hopefully be worth it..🙏🏻
  11. Yes he was, he’s a teacher at my daughters school in Fleetwood and still ended up being a liner at a fleetwood town game and flagging for a pen in the last min
  12. The FA have a sense of humour putting Ben Toner (bent owner) in the middle 😂
  13. Not there today as i’m on my way to London for a meeting but im hoping for a comfortable 3-0 win and AL to get plenty of shit..come on you beautiful blue bastards!!!
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