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  1. Dino is ramming it home to Mo and co that their recruitment has been shite, three academy players on the bench and one if them being a 15 year old who gets on the pitch..We have 30 odd pros on the books and only about 5 that can play football
  2. Hopefully Dino will be the one manager that gets time, he has openly said a couple of times already that there are bad players in this squad..(which blew my mind yesterday when he started Vera, is he one of the better ones) The passion we all want from him is there but will working for the Lemmys take his drive and ambition away. January will be the sign of how much control Dino has, there should be plenty of players getting shipped out..
  3. Id love for somebody to buy the club from AL, i honestly couldnt say id prefer the FLG because although i understand a couple of them are fans i dont know who else is involved and if they have the funds to sustain a club that hemorrhages money.. We get crowds just over 3400 on average and at least 2000 have already fully paid up through purchasing season tickets, that money would have been spent before the season started.. We’d all love a new mega rich owner where money to him isnt an issue and he just loves the game of football but realistically that is never going to happen, the club is now in line sadly with the rest of the town..its tired, suffering and needs more than ever an injection of cash from somewhere..
  4. The day of shelling out the £’s for us fans to see no progress has now become too much, i was contemplating going to Mansfield yesterday but for me and my daughter it was £59 on the train and £39 to get into the ground..put on another £30 or so for food and drink and its an expensive day, the cost would never bothered me before and supporting my team was my sole objective but now with this crap team thats been assembled that has no quality, fight or passion for the badge im thinking why should i fucking bother.. We have no connection to this club anymore, this isnt our club and our views and wishes arent listened to..This club is only going one way with these pricks incharge and by continuing to sign unwanted french 5th division players we will never get any better.. Our club is a laughing stock, managers coming and going every few weeks and the constant suffering we as fans now have to endure..At least before Bury died they all celebrated a promotion..
  5. We are shite, we as fans know we have been shite for sometime, the owner and his dillusional Brother are clueless...What do we have to look forward to?? finishing second to bottom in the worst league ever.. Why would anyone want to pay on the day and support that, its our club which has been taken over by complete fucktards and we will never get any better until they all are removed and we start again... Lemmy, you and your 20 odd foreigners please get the fuck out of our club and take that fat piemunching copper with you..
  6. So with Barry previously claimed he wasnt privvy to any dealings or decisions Corney and co made.. Does the fact that he was present at the Council meetings when funds were agreed to be donated to the club to fund the North Stand make him accountable as the only man currently still present at the club who could give an answer. Where did the millions go you piemuncher?
  7. Oh and if the Fylde player Barry Owen mentioned was Danny Rowe then his own club will have to be held accountable, i know from somebody who is good friends of Rowe’s that he was asked to be kept informed of all bids in for him in the last transfer window as he was open to leaving, he was not told of ANY bids so stayed..
  8. Dino speaks very well and his passion for the game is evident however what happens when he tells Mo to fuck off?? He already recognises we have bad players and he wants a smaller squad with better quality.. Barry came across as a complete bellend (again), absolutely clueless and he should be removed immediately..i’m sure players like Maynard and Mayor will love the fact he was discussing their wages at an Oldham forum. Adam spoke well and definitely has the gift of the gab, clever bloke and you can see why AL gas employed him.. Mo, well what can you say about that dillusional clown, he believes he has done a good job.. Abdullah, he has admitted to being the one who got rid of Clarke as he was on £2300 per week and tapping up Dino when he was still manager of Stevenage despite wanting Ryan Lowe..
  9. Are we debt free or is it still almost debt free??
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