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  1. I know but if he has already signed he wont report back for training just yet, he will have a couple of weeks break... Surprised we havent announced the signing if its true
  2. They will still be awaiting his arrival, think Benin made the last 8 in the AFCON
  3. How i see it is we as fans will have a choice you either pay to do the hospitality in OEC with their profits going to pay blitz and co their rent and any other profits being split between the FG or you can sit in the RE or mainstand and contribute to the wages of the players and the running of OAFC... As much as i cant stand AL and the way he works we need to ensure that the money generated on match days are for the club, the FG will attempt to suffocate AL to force him out but my worry will be what will happen if the FG between them don’t have the funds to carry on with the day to day running of the club and we may then become a club owned by the fans but we could be finacially worse off than ever before..
  4. This club is rivalling Bolton and Bury for being a laughing stock.. Inhouse fighting with absolutely nothing to gain other than causing friction between supporters.. We currently have a piss poor squad, a lunatic owner and a set of fans wanting to oust him by owning the rights to our only decent stand.. I can see this being played out in court and until then all those who have already bought their season tickets in the Joe Royle stand will be relocated..
  5. I would love it all to turn around and for us to become successful and i honestly couldn’t give a shit who was running the club if it meant we all went to games to watch a team assembled and managed well to entertain our long suffering fans.. In the case of AL i really cant see this happening, he has done nothing but harm the club both on and off the pitch since his arrival and we are all becoming sick of the negativity and absolute bollocks he speaks when things are going tits up, he cant keep blaming the previous regime although Corney was a twat..
  6. Have we ever been so close to a season with this little optimism, the squad is currently at his poorest ever and we lack quality throughout.. It’s as if we are all just going through the motions and cant be arsed if the next season starts or not.. Never felt as down being an Oldham supporter of 36 years but i can only see it getting worse once AL picks his first 11 for the opener at fgr..
  7. Played on trial for Fleetwood Town tonight in a 1 nil win over Wrexham, not good enough for Abdallah though
  8. Is AL at risk of making us a professional outfit again by employing people who are actually needed to run a club, i wish her the best of luck.. she’s gonna need it..
  9. A decent right back but does that mean Hamer is on his way or worse still gonna be tried at cb
  10. So with his track record at hanging around clubs and AL’s influence i give him 3 months
  11. But ended up managing about 12 clubs in 10 years in the middle east
  12. Well that aged well !!!!! Now, who the fuck is the new bloke?????? Never heard of him..
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