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  1. Its rotten now from top to bottom, not an ounce of quality and a team which will be shot of any confidence, because of AL they are lambs to the slaughter as they are only playing to their potential.. We are currently a team without any structure, balance and no leader.. Fans fighting amongst themselves at the end and apparently somebody knocked out infront of his young son is well out of order, the anger should be towards AL and his brother..We was here well before them and we will be here long after they fuck off, its now a time we all need to stick together..
  2. Nicky Law is a level above anything we have and he will control everything in the middle and our players just dont have the football nous or intelligence to track him..
  3. We are shit from top to bottom, its now becoming poisonous and theres no coming back from this for dodgy Lemmy and his brother..They need to get the fuck out of our club and take that mediocre shite of a team with them, i’ve never seen a squad this weak and the majority of the shit that has come over from France has already surrendered.. This season is going exactly the way we all thought it would, ive never been as negative before we have even kicked a ball, this team isnt Oldham Athletic it’s just a Lemsagem 11 with the hope of one of them getting a transfer to earn him a few quid..pissed off..
  4. Jan Siewert has been sacked tonight by Huddersfield after another defeat.. Who will be next in the sack race? I reckon Darren Ferguson at Peterbrough, another couple of defeats will see his arse twitching..
  5. He’s a cock, he also tried bringing Jill Neville into the argument saying she could provide proof players have been paid..Rumours are flying about that she has this afternoon quit after being there decades..
  6. Elias Sorenson gone on a season loan to Carlisle from Newcastle, wasnt it him who BP recommended to us
  7. I advise anybody to be careful what they say about the current regime on a message board, this was once a tactic used by the Last owners at Blackpool to infiltrate the message boards and then take certain fans to Court..sad state of affairs if it was to happen here.
  8. Issues being? Not one of us on this message board have a clue who is telling the truth.. The FLG has asked for meetings which have been ignored and it’s now being played out on social medial which has become petty.. We are a laughing stock but its the fans that suffer, no food kiosks, no lighting and damaged toilets.. Our support has become divided and it seems you have been forced to choose the FLG or Abdallah, does anybody believe a word that comes out of Abdallahs mouth? Until these two parties meet and iron out their issues then the fans will continue to suffer. Why are the club only now after 18 months since AL took over are beginning to question what they paid rent/Lease? Who completed the due dilligence and why wasnt these concerns raised before the purchase was made then?
  9. I’ve not once suggested the letter is fake, i said it seems strange that somebody that has had an account for 2 1/2 years only decides to pop up know in the last few days and has this leaked letter... With everything that has gone on at the club in the last couple of years i’m almost certain he/she would have passed comment on one of our many issues..
  10. But he has never posted anything before the last few days and mysteriously pops up with a leaked letter from oafc , i must be a cynic but does it not seem a little strange to you..
  11. They have kids coming through that are better than Gardner and a quality player in Dempsey who never gets a look in..
  12. Nepo and Missilou should be our first names on the teamsheet..
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