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  1. Was the company Vsport? co founded by Wesley Sneijder.. they were trying to put a bid together for blackpool before Simon Saddler bought them
  2. True, not heard a peep from them...are they brokering a deal as soon as AL is out? Unless the full debt gets paid then Blitz can still put us into administration and take the club away from AL
  3. Cheers, All sorted for this month then, AL must have emptied his piggy bank this morning to pay anything then if its true what there saying about Bassini not being involved..
  4. Adjourned until 21st April but can be brought forward to meet the 27th March deadline for minus points for administration to take effect this season... So we are all still none the wiser as to what the fuck is going on..
  5. I really hope they havent had proof of funds from AL and administration is now forced through...Where did all the news about the debts being paid come from?? A desperate AL or one of his cronies ?? time for him to fuck off
  6. That wont affect him but does us, as long as he can buy enough time to squeeze a few quid out of the club before he loses it..
  7. Lets not get to downhearted yet, theres a massive difference in AL saying he has the money to buy the land from Blitz and him actually paying it.. We all know he is a serial liar and we all know how desperate he will be to hold on to the club as he could lose it for nothing today if we enter administration.. This could just be a ploy by AL to get the court adjourned and will buy himself more time, in his eyes the only way he can get a return out of oldham is to sell our better players but he cant do that until the transfer window opens again so him buying more time makes sense..
  8. How many years was the Trusts ACV status granted for? Surely the only way he can recoup his (loan) or Bassini’s money would be to sell land, at least the trust have first refusal if it’s still valid..But it will be at an over inflated price to cover what they have paid out..
  9. In a strange twist, AL has sold 51% of his shares to the FLG to enable him to pay his debts and the FLG have now bought the ground from Brassbank.. ok we can all dream..
  10. A picture of Fat Baz eating a Meat and Potato Pie off AL’s bare arse cheek
  11. Not good news if we are stuck with the bellend running the club, i was hoping he’d be gone so i could come back 🙈
  12. The worrying thing is that the EFL will see his ban as time spent and he will be free to become involved in a club again, he had been given the go ahead to takeover at Bolton IF he proved he had the funds.. AL has pulled a masterstroke by bringing him to the table for the meetings yesterday, if AL claims he is about to sell the club to Bassini and all debts will be paid to Blitz then the Court hearing will probably be postponed as talks are ongoing and an administrator cannot be appointed midsale..
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