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  1. I really hope the self-centered twat reads that and understands the discontent of every fan and what is expected of an owner.. Post of the year Dave πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
  2. For the first time ever i find myself not even remotely arsed who is going to get appointed, whilst that prick is running OUR club then nobody will ever get a say in how to run the footballing side..
  3. Clarke will be a decent manager somewhere imo, he has shown time and time again that he is a proper old school leader.. Being manager for us though that takes a different make up of man, only a desperate lunatic with the ability to do as he’s told due to the clowns interference need apply..you will be given a 3 month contract and if your very lucky you might even get paid, you will need to learn french quickly because thats the first language at the club..
  4. Tomorrows game wont financially affect him because the tramps will have around 1700 fans there
  5. Slowly slowly killing the club, im undecided what to do next season to renew mine and the daughters season tickets..Im not going tomorrow as im still fuming and fucked off with it all but i know when the time comes and im sat at home on saturday and oldham are at home its going to piss me off more that i havent travelled over for the game.. To get him out we need to starve him of any income, there is a reason why the renewals began early this year and its all for him to fleece what ever he can out of us mugs who actually give a fuck about our club.. He is that self centered and cocky he will turn up at the game tomorrow and just shrug off any obscenities coming his way, he really does not give a fuck about the club or anybody who is part of it..
  6. Scholes is the first manager we have had who doesnt need to manage for financial gain, he told the bellend he would walk if he interfered and thats exactly what he did..Although his managerial record wasnt great Scholes had contacts and could have brought in some decent fresh faces in the summer, instead he will be now judged by his record with us managing the rabble AL brought in.. The club was apparently almost debt free he told sky sports on the day of Scholes’s appointment and now we find out that the same weekend we had the gas and elec cut off for non payments of bills, i dont believe a word that comes out of his mouth..
  7. He has applied for every job going, surprised he’s still trying..Desperate man
  8. Bet the tramps are loving this right now before Saturdays game
  9. Brassbanks frontman will not co-operate with anyone, his mission is to kill the club and then sell the land..
  10. Hence what i said when he was first announced as the new owner, why oldham? What are his motives behind biying a club he had probably never heard of? Is he just the front man and put inplace by brassbank? Nobody seems to give a fuck that the club is dying, the crowds will dwindle and the the land will be sold..
  11. Im sure you will get a good discount at Ann Summers when buying 3000, let us know how you get on πŸ˜‚
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