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  1. Good god i miss the days when all we talked about was how shit we were agenda or not the vast majority of “in the know” are talking bollocks and as someone who’s worked there that is FACT
  2. I didn’t think I would ever see a more inept CB performance than Burgess v Carlisle then the Gods gave me Sefil
  3. I was about say he was a (shit) goal keeper but think that was John
  4. yeah Im sure someone money laundering has included it in the monthly staff bulletin 🙄
  5. true, Shez was still manager on it about 4 months after he was sacked
  6. I didn’t know who he was either - apparently he is one of the admins of that deluded facebook group and according to the tweet (that i now cant find) sits with Bazz and Mo
  7. Mike Halliwell on Twitter reckons he went down out of concern for Fage before “rushing” to hospital... He went off 30 minutes prior to this photo! Mo on the bench and Vera starting was a huge two fingers to the fans after Thursday from the Lemmys IMO.
  8. And all 3 would struggle to get in out worst 11 of the last 20 years says it all about 🤡 recruits
  9. Was aimed more at the Trust board members who post on here (used to) apologies
  10. Pointless keeping this going really - not seen any of the Trusts mouthpieces for weeks
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