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  1. At the risk of creating a “Vera’s law” it was shit goalkeeping 😂
  2. I’d get some sleep if I was you, going to be a late one for your alter ego 😉
  3. Splitting hairs? insulting someone by saying if they had one more brain cell would make them something that doesn’t have a brain to have cells is Irish by anyone’s standards... (im from Irish stock before anyone says Im racist)
  4. Hate to tell you but vegetables don’t have brains
  5. They ammended the original article about tickets still being available- after the were told it still had coach tickets to buy on twitter that is
  6. Of course he and the Lemmy brothers never ever discuss his agency’s players and OAFC and of course it’s not allowed - the EFL has a stringent Fit and Proper Person test - ask Bury
  7. He has another brother - Omar who runs the agency side of the “nothing to do with running OAFC” business
  8. And in 12 months time when we are in exactly the same position again, history will repeat. considering the club has no staff or squad its not like they are going to be able to start playing games straight away is it? can you really start a season with about 10 postponements? watch them get an extension to the transfer window too
  9. Mods can we delete this before Baz & Mo see it and think its a good idea?
  10. Its been cancelled due to lack of interest. (Wonder if they can do that with the season)?
  11. People said the same about Chelsea for years. you are right but at that level there’ll always be a Trump level basket case to take it on
  12. Yeah I get your point but in all honesty buying your way is really the only way now (providing you can sustain it) Bournemouth, Brighton, Leicester, and certainly City. None of them would have got anywhere near the levels they are with out the significant investment that started for most when they were at the same level as us
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