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  1. Any update or ITK knowledge on what our next kit will be like? Are we going with the Pine Villa stripes?
  2. Maybe we should gather as many dodgy owners as possible and just play musical chairs to decide who gets to screw us over. Not sure if that's already the procedure in place by the EFL though. This is an underrated post.
  3. Yet another clown potentially taking over the wheel. Still firmly believe we need to change our ownership style. Insanity is meant to be doing the same thing over and over again whilst expecting a different result. What we do, basically.
  4. Absolutely correct in highlighting clubs breaching this - RB Leipzig being the cherry on top. That doesn't mean we can't look at these alternatives and evaluate what might be best for our club, our future and how we can be more sustainable. As you pointed out, fans of those Bundesliga teams are actively protesting and looking for solutions (the recent empty ultras section by Eintracht Frankfurt was a great shout). We could possibly go into administration on Friday and fans seem to just be wanting another owner to swoop in and rescue us, just like Corney and AL did... Bury should've set off alarm bells ringing but it seems to have ultimately not changed anything.
  5. There are, I can't deny that. But there are cracks everywhere and more clubs are being affected with no signs of that slowing down. Again, most are operating on huge financial losses and we, along with others, are totally unsustainable. Does this seem like a lasting, long-term business idea?
  6. Yes, we definitely do. All clubs are operating on losses - some significant - and others are on the brink of administration, i.e. us. Do you honestly believe the future of modern football involves lower league clubs on a rainy, Tuesday night in a league where we're all just waiting around for some random billionaire to buy us? The big clubs are talking about forming their own European Super League. Who will want to watch Oldham? Not my generation (33% of PTB's survey was people who didn't remember Latics' glory days. That's our future fanbase). Also what people? You can't claim those two things in bold will solve the problem when it consistently doesn't happen - to take your own spiel: that's business. Leyton Orient, Bury, Bolton, Notts County, Macclesfield, Wimbledon... Oldham? To claim there's no going back just isn't true. There are plenty of fan-owned clubs in the UK alone approach the model from a different - often non-profit - perspective. Look at Germany. There are alternatives. I'd like to think we'll find one before houses are being put up on BP.
  7. Saw this on Twitter. For once, I am passing a bit of judgement on those renewing. Also shout-out to whoever left in that second bulletpoint... https://twitter.com/poppa_bear81/status/1232654304395300864?s=20
  8. Is there a bushy wig and red nose included in the price? Disenfranchised is the Latics word of the day.
  9. Breaking news: OWTB users disagree with other users. Jokes aside, I'm looking forward to seeing the kit/badge for next season. With it being 125 years, I'd quite like the red-striped kit with blue shorts/socks that was offered in the vote. Pine Villa init.
  10. Renewed at X4 the price sitting on the hill next to the RRE and promised to clap every time we lose because I love the club more.
  11. I think us moving away from BP would be one of the last nails in the coffin.
  12. Sorry but the more I watch this, I cannot see how this isn't suspicious behaviour and something foul isn't going on. This angle shows clearly how he pulls away from saving it:
  13. There's Dean Not-So Brill and there's pulling your arm back when the ball gets closer to it after fully extending it then acting only once it's passed you. Just speculating but it's not often I watch a replay and think "that was weird".
  14. Sadly that's the state of almost all clubs below the Premier League nowadays (and even some in it). PriceOfFootball does an amazing job of making fans aware of this. Nobody is making a profit; there's a constant reliance on owners to foot the bill. Football clubs have become so unsustainable that I think you'd be naive to think over the next few years other teams won't drop out due to financial difficulties/collapse. We're the perfect example: decreasing/aging fan base, lacking players to flip for a profit, high wage bills, money going amiss, internal politics, land/ground owned by third party, a decade since we finished top-end of the table, etc. I think as a whole, all lower league clubs need to take drastic action towards taking full or part ownership as well as steps towards purchasing their grounds - us included. PtB is fantastic but it's just a pressure group and the FLG, whoever they are, appear to be tackling mistrust and a lack of transparency with mistrust and a lack of transparency. Like almost all other clubs, we're just sat in the doctors waiting room waiting to be called up to see the next super rich owner who'll take us back to the Premier League. In the meantime, people are arguing about whether we should clap when we lose. I'm only expanding on the Rochdale situation you quoted really but I feel every fan of a team in the EFL needs to stop waiting for an article to pop up in a national newspaper before they feel only then are they "part of the club." Everyone is in danger and it takes one disgruntled/careless owner nowadays to get them there - sadly they seem to be growing in number. It was bound to happen as money speaks louder than words but I can't help feel there's a bitter sweet irony that we were one of the clubs wanting to break away and form the Premiership. I just can't see Latics surviving the next 5 years with the way the club and modern football is going.
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