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  1. Get Iacovitti off. Just isn't League Two standard. Know a few others mentioned it but he was so poor for us on Saturday and partly the reason they scored. Noticed Orient started putting the ball down our left wing eventually, helped them create some good chances. Can't afford to have a hole in the back given the situation we're in. Even brought a Liverpool fan with me for the protest who spotted how poor he was. When we beat Morecambe at home he constantly kept hoofing the ball down his wing to the opposition when in reality he had time to keep his head up and find a pass. Really poor performances from the guy and I'm genuinely shocked at this point he's still out starting LB. Maouche made a difference (don't shoot!), Akpa Akpro seemed to tire but might be general fitness, Smith was brilliant, Segbé seemed to bring a bit of life back into the attack (if that overhead kick would've gone in this entire board would be complementing how he runs around so much) and Mills had a really good game. Mills/Smith combo seems to work well. Also AL out.
  2. An Abu Dhabi-based company has bought Charlton. Picked the wrong "Athletic". Possibly one less club being ruined by a careless owner. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11684/11873187/charlton-athletic-owner-roland-duchatelet-sells-club-to-abu-dhabi-based-consortium
  3. Our ideas of a goalscorer are probably the same just the reality of what that supposedly is at Latics right now is either Wilson or Segbé (and there goes my happiness for the day). The fact is he's netted elsewhere fairly regularly. He's keen, pacey, likes to be hovering around the net. Every time he's scored that's where he's been. My gripe is why aren't we playing him there? Why is he on his own when it's clear he can't physically handle the opposition's defence? Have him trying to beat the offside trap, the target man from a supporting striker or just hovering in the box waiting for a bobble/rebound. I can't understand why we're not changing things up up-front. That's literally how we beat Newport this weekend.
  4. Don't agree at all that he's "awful". I agree with those saying his positioning can be poor and when challenging for the ball he usually comes out second best but I feel it's down to the formation he's being played in. He's netted 4 times for us so far this season: Liverpool U21s, Walsall, Fleetwood and Morecambe. All of which didn't come from some long shot or some intricate dribbling from him. Liverpool U21 was a worldy chip as the last man, Fleetwood was parked in front of the net and so was Walsall. He's the player you want parked in front of the net or ready to run on a through-ball which isn't his role at Latics. He's currently a lone striker who's small up against a line of League Two defenders. It's visible that's just not him. Feel this is why he runs about a lot trying to compensate. If we had 2 strikers or a midfield that could feed the ball better with him as the last man I feel he'd be in a much better situation. He can score; he's proved that elsewhere, albeit at a lower level in France. His pace and finishing are wasted in this current formation. Really rate the guy. Plus his dedication is admirable.
  5. The usual clowns on Twitter shouting about a groundshare with Rochdale. When did our rumours become so mediocre?
  6. As said above, brilliant stuff. Hats off to you guys for organising this as well as everyone taking the time to fill out the survey. I have an inkling - based on how I gauged their perception of how well they're running the club - that they'll go straight on the defensive instead of actually doing anything with the numbers (shock). Where you've raised the percentages of fans' greatest concerns, AL will just want more granular detail; he isn't going to admit defeat. His only approach so far is that he's put money into the club therefore why is he to blame. If there's no immediate answer, he'll just shrug his shoulders. Perhaps it's something to consider as a more granular survey on what exactly is bothering us will cut to the chase -- especially considering the fan forum approach became a bit hectic. If the answers are there, what else can he say? Can't believe we're in a situation where we're having to do this...
  7. Still says "League One" in the top corner if you buy a ticket from the site. No hope.
  8. Agree with this. Think PTB is a great idea and your mission statement seems solid. However, considering the current state of affairs surrounding the club and other groups is so cryptic, transparency and clarity is going to be your trump card - even if you feel you have repeated the same thing over and over again. KTF.
  9. Found this on YouTube which answers a lot of my questions but what a cracking documentary. Back in the 92-93 season, interviews with JR, the players, local fans and follows us throughout that season. Great insight.
  10. So many posts that deserve a thanks in this thread. Some absolutely brilliant reads, definitely restores some form of faith in me towards Latics having heard about the good old days - even if those days are dead and buried in a grave marked "Property of Brassbank". I genuinely cannot imagine Oldham being that type of club, i.e. good, and watching those types of games week-in, week-out. Must've been a heartbreaker once we get relegated from the Prem and things started to take a turn for the worst. What I'd give to be walking down Sheepfoot Lane thinking "we can win this" up against a decent side. Does make me worried how my generation and beyond are gonna be enticed into coming watching Latics play on a Tuesday night whilst we're producing the standard we are. It also gives me a much better idea as to why so many older fans are so upset. My generation has little to compare our current state to so why should we care? Anything can happen. Who knows what the next 12 months hold? Good job my other teams Notts County, Bury and Orient weren't affected by my curse. Hang on...
  11. The AL regime is feeling like our version of Brexit right now and for us younger fans it's a big low point (quite literally and I can give you 88 reasons why). I'm in my mid-twenties and went to my first game back in 2003: Latics 1-7 Caridff -- Andy Goram ruined my childhood with that performance. I've absolutely no memories of us doing well besides the odd cup run or play-off push (QPR, Blackpool), just a relegation now etched into my memory. My generation are all in the same boat though so it'd be good to hear what it was like back when we were a top flight time (I'm talking mainly during our spell in the Prem). Make me dream of a Latics not plagued by Barry Owen's presence. How busy was it around BP? Were all the pubs full? How often would you go to watch Latics? Where was best in the ground for atmosphere? What was it like when big teams came up, i.e. Man United, Arsenal, Chelsea? What was the anticipation like for those fixtures? Was there any belief we could've stayed in the Prem? Were people actually... Gulp... Happy with the club? Would be good to hear what it was like when we were decent. Plus I know this forum is full of old codgers so there can't be a shortage of tales.
  12. Sadly much easier said than done with Latics. Would you suggest we just keep hoofing it until it eventually lands in their box? Also they don't play for our entertainment. It's to tire out the opposition, find a gap. In theory, at least.
  13. All these years listening to people at BP moan about how Latics play hoofball just for people to moan when they start passing it along the floor... We have mismatched team this year; of course we're not gonna be doing well. Sadly it isn't the 89/90 season but rather the lowest we've been in umpteen years (wiping my tears as I'm typing this). If we started hoofing it though we'd have lost that Morecambe game. They were worse than us but they couldn't keep up with our passing. When it was 2-1 they started carrying the ball more when we hoofed it and looked dangerous. Yet passing got us the third. It wore them down, made us look like we knew what we were doing. If we had a different midfield, i.e. not Maouche because he can't carry the ball or out-strength the opposition, we'd be in a different situation. Added strength as well as being able to feed the ball forward would see us convert chances. But we don't have it this year (yet. Interested to see what the transfer window does for us). It's no wonder we miss sitters because our strikers' chances are so few and far in between. We know they can do it but who's feeding it to them? Anyway, it's not like passing it around has ever been adopted by an entire country to help win them the World Cup or their clubs the Champions League. Wait a minute...
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