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  1. Brilliant video that - tears in my eyes thinking i have seen all those moments since 1970 and looking at just what we have become
  2. Is there any major distinction in results between those surveyed who are members of the Trust and those who aren't? I don't think many of the respondents would doubt that the Trustees do give up their time freely to try and make improvements but I for one feel that they have been badly let down by a member of the Trust Board - sadly a reasonably common occurrence throughout the Trust's history
  3. We have fallen massively behind clubs in the locality who are run on crowds much lower than ours (maybe not next season), we have never in my time been run by such a shit regime (and thats saying something) who have managed to lose 25% of its real hard core support over one season and i suspect may lose at least the same again this season. Added to that we have lost sponsors, we have a massive turnover of staff off the pitch (think only Roy is there from before and he is unpaid), we seem to have endless problems paying players and staff on time, we have no training ground of our own, the owner surrounds himself with sycophants and thats just the start. I think if football hadn't been curtailed for league 2, we would have finished lower than 19th (although our home form had improved, our away record had declined and we had some difficult games ahead) and i think with this regime in charge, i expect bottom 4 again and crowds around 2,000 the norm. In terms of finances, goodness knows what the accounts for 18/19 will show but i have no confidence that they will be prepared accurately given the state of 17/18 Wonder what others think?
  4. I think you are being too fair Al-bro..... he had been advised by the Trust what he was buying and in fairness, it is up to him to be familiar with the requirements of running the club. The frightening turnover of staff off-the-pitch (can understand on the pitch a our level) is an indicator of just what a shit show it has been from day 1 under this owner and his regime
  5. I do think AL has been dreadfully badly advised and the removal of this Board member would have some positive impact upon club and supporter relations however given the complete shitshow that AL has overseen over his tenure, i feel that he is more than capable of making truly dreadful decisions himself. He has surrounded himself with acolytes and no one seems allowed to query anything that happens at the club. The club has an atmosphere like North Korea, it is in the worst state i have ever seen over my 50 years of watching them (more importantly to me in a worse state OFF the pitch!!!) and we have fallen so far behind other league clubs who are historically significantly below OAFC in the pecking order.
  6. In all honesty, i think the shareholding has become an issue anyway and unless we hold a 51:49 shareholding like clubs do in Germany, the Trust are powerless to effect positive change. I do value the work that you and Philippa and some others have put in to trying to hold the owners to account but through the years, the Trust has experienced regular mishaps and people jumping ship which has led to a great decline in confidence in it as a body. I do not think that the Trust representative on the Board has helped at all and i suspect many share my opinion.
  7. I have no faith whatsoever in the club's leadership Underdog and note that they refused the offer from a very qualified specialist to provide an overview of the club's accounts free of charge. Whilst the club does not have to produce audited accounts, it gives some assurance to stakeholders that they have been reviewed independently and show a true and fair view of the state of the club's financial position. The fact that Philippa had to obtain a revision of the 2017-18 accounts speaks volumes for the club!! I believe that the shareholding is really irrelevant as it does not afford any assurance that the club is operating either in accordance with the club's own articles or any best practice.
  8. Thanks Singe - and the club doesn't feel the need to have the accounts audited or at least subject to independent scrutiny
  9. Sounds like a proper Latics centre half lol. Played 10 times in 1970/71 and i think that was it for him at BP. 1970/71 was my first season and like many, i cannot recall big Arthur playing
  10. Latics did actually win it every single month Bob, quite ridiculous really but we did. Points were awarded for goals scored and there were deductions for bookings/ dismissals - we only had one booking all season (Arthur Thomson)
  11. Same here Wozzer Devastating news, RIP Big Jim Fryatt - thanks for all your service to OAFC and for the enjoyment you provided for many
  12. This apart from Edmundson instead of M'Voto (although liked the big lad) and Surridge instead of Smith.....
  13. There's a whole generation who cannot remember it Dave - I am sure we will end up in last place lol
  14. Quincy ME might have been some use in tackling a global pandemic Big Dog, not sure Queensy Menig would be
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