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  1. This is the sort of thing any football club should be able to do easily We need to get back to this sort of community club reputation that we used to hold if we ever get the club back
  2. Have seen the programme before, sad to relate it spent far too long on the Reds recovery under Tommy Doc.....should have stayed on the demise for me lol
  3. RIP Ian Stott Chairman of Latics throughout our glory days of reaching Wembley and returning to the Promised Land of the First Division the end of the 1990/91 season. Not sure if maybe he should have been more proactive in trying to ensure we stayed at the top table instead of administering cuts once we started struggling and the Dream faded but not the time to argue now. Thanks Ian Stott - sleep well sir
  4. Did you seriously expect them to be prepared on time Underdog? Isn't it this FY accounts that the club has promised with be full accounts and not just abridged? Incidentally whilst all this COVID-19 is going on, surely its an opportunity for the Financial Director to actually get the accounts in order...………...
  5. agree Alan, 0 deaths or as near to it as possible would be the best result for any club in any season heard that some talk within football that maybe season may resume end of May - I for one think that is highly improbable and of no importance if we cannot be assured that there is no risk (or as little risk as possible) to staff, players and supporters in any resumption
  6. I for one would love this season to be brought to an end Bosh, it felt like a truly long season when it was halted due to the virus. It seems about 3 seasons ago since Laurent Banide was sacked. I have hated pretty much all the season although in fairness, the last 3 home games I have seen (was away for Forest Green game) were decent from a Latics perspective. I understand the sentiments about completing the season but for 85% of clubs (ours included) it would make more sense to call a halt now. I might not share the same view if my team was top or bottom but as its not...……………... If this postponement goes on for another 12 weeks, it would mean returning at the end of June and then trying to complete a further 2 months of the season thereby taking it to end of August. That would mean this season lasted a full calendar year and then there would have to be a break of maybe a month to start next season. I think it is doable if the number of fixtures for 2020/21 are reduced to maybe 36 and the League Cup and Leasing.com cups were dispensed with altogether. I am not convinced all the EFL clubs will survive this crisis even if football was to resume in a few weeks but we wait and see with hope and trepidation
  7. sorry to hear that BP, condolences to all his friends and relatives
  8. Good to hear you appear to be on the mend pal, are your nearest & dearest ok?
  9. good luck to you and your wife Bristol - keep safe
  10. cheers Adam, much appreciated. The trouble is we could be in for the long haul here and some supporters may not have access to a decent support network
  11. sorry Adam, not really in response to this post but contacting you as I know PTB appear to be far more organised/ proactive than other stakeholders at Latics From your database of fans, can we get a message to our supporters to ensure that as many as possible are adequately supported throughout the current coronavirus? Maybe we could then see if we can help meet any needs identified. I expect nothing from the club - more an organisational thing than anything else - but have seen other clubs supporters starting to take action Willing to help out fellow Latics' fans if any in need
  12. This season I have been much less likely to travel than in previous seasons because I am afraid I have been caught up in the general malaise around the club and am no longer prepared to blindly follow a completely haphazard and random team selection/ leaderless outfit masquerading as a professional football club. I still wish them well and want them to win but I cannot drum up the necessary enthusiasm to travel all round the country these days - will happily return to that state of mind once the club has had a clean sweep of both this and the previous owners, was hoping it would have been this Friday gone but not so am keeping my powder dry so to speak. Anyway I digress - in such an abysmal up and down season I actually have a very good away record watching the not-so supers (1) Carlisle L0-1 - dogshit (2) Port Vale D0-0 - tour of the great lakes of Staffordshire, ropey game, nearly as hard getting home as getting there (3) Newport W1-0 - £29 return on train, professional display, poor game, well deserved win; well impressed by Newport in-ground facility for away fans and helpful stewards(?) (4) Morecambe W2-1 - Boxing Day football fix, low OAFC turnout, barely deserved 3 points but gladly accepted (5) Macc D1-1 - seduced by pub haven that it Macc although not as many pubs open as in previous years, crap game, nearly won but they got late equaliser (6) Salford D1-1 - dreadful first 70 mins but decent finish by Rowe and much better after the Pyros, take a point so not had double done by plastics (7) Orient D2-2 -low quality but quite entertaining and always enjoy a trip to the Os My league record away P7 W2 D 4 L1 F7 A6 (8) Gateshead FAC W2-1 - Battered by non-leaguers but 2 good finishes and Zeus inspired victory (doesn't sound right) Was all up for going to last 4 away games if AL&MO had gone, will still travel if things take a turn for worst if we lose -12 in admin In such a wretched away season, so glad I have missed the constant cave-ins
  13. I feel the same mate, I have no faith at all that the current leadership can improve anything at OAFC given their tenure to date. This season in all likelihood we will finish in our lowest position since 1969/70 and the worst in my 50 years of watching. The team has improved of late (won 3 of last 4 home games) but its been a shocking season all in, recruitment recently appears better but only time will tell if this is going to be a constant from hereon in. Off the field has been an utter shambles and I await the rest of the season in trepidation.
  14. absolutely delighted with the lads performance today, showed quality to rise above all the shit around the club at the minute and demolish an opposition. Thanks fellas, enjoy your weekend, you may have nigh on 3000 Latics fans cold but very delighted and warm inside
  15. Against the backdrop of the deafening silence from the leadership at the club, there is the small matter of 3 points on offer against Newport County today. Whilst there appears to be an issue with late payment of salaries, its a good opportunity for the players at the club to show their mettle and give 100% for the shirt and hopefully register 3 points against a side that are struggling away from home this season. The players as well as the manager, staff and supporters of the club realise we are facing an uncertain future at BP but the players can only enhance their prospects of a move elsewhere (if that's what they are after) or a new deal at BP in the event that the club remains a going concern. Appealing to all fans today, whatever their stance on the off the field stuff, to roar on the lads to 3 points and give them all the backing we can.
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