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  1. With all the warning signs flashing, how is "sack the board" dumb? Does the poster not think that anybody else could actually organise the club better than the current incumbents? Warning signs (none to do with the actual 11 players on the pitch not Banide the coach) Nepotism at the top - owner signs his own brother to be sporting director Recruitment & selection - where do we start? Only players we sign are either players we have had before or from AL's brother's agency. Squad of 34 with no reserve league. Most of which are actually lower quality than necessary to COMPETE at league 2. Coach not involved in most of our signings (if any at all) Debt free - Owner claimed 100% debt free/ then 95% debt free but cannot be substantiated and accounts that are publicly available suggest still insolvent and 2 floating charges are outstanding Liaison with supporters - no relationship with Trust to speak of/ not complying with EFL compliance Club reputation in community - good community trust at club (nothing to do with owners) but allegations of not paying creditors - coach firms/ Hotels etc. - loss of sponsors - how is club standing in terms of its reputation within community? Treatment of staff / players - many stories of lack of care towards playing staff - Fane/ O'Grady/ Coke all banished - many more - Davies/ Byrne/ Gerrard/ Clarke - unsubstantiated but no smoke without fire and on balance of probability - major off the field issues with playing staff Turnover of staff - massive turnover of staff off the field - staff getting gold clock for staying a month (okay exaggeration but definitely issues) Pension contributions - non-payment widely recorded Apathy is the main problem we have amongst our supporters base - it brought down Bury FC to all extents and purposes, no one heeded the warning signs. The same and others are there at Latics (the list above only scratches at the surface) and may well bring down us if we do not pay heed as a supporters base - Trust led or not. Do you really believe that Mr Lemsagam will listen to supporters and moderate his behaviour sufficient to enable us to be well run??
  2. I believe that the protest should have been organised by the Trust and others (not on the protest) who spoke to me at the protest felt the same.
  3. I assume your mean owner mate. No harm in asking other clubs for advice/ opinions though in case it comes to pass that the owner either walks away or runs out of money - either is not out of the question I expect
  4. Some people are so myopic they cannot appreciate the bigger picture. Best leave them to their own tunnel vision and try and elicit support from the wider football family who appreciate the value of football in the community and the structure of the EFL
  5. Sorry Yarddog, I am not Danny mate I saw the message about Fuckwits and thought you were being disrespectful to those who protested, sorry mate didn't realise it was ironic
  6. Apathy is the problem - look away if you choose to but don't start fucking moaning when it all goes tits up and Latics become extinct under this shower. Its not very nice to protest but sometimes people have to to get the message across. If you are prepared to turn a blind eye to this leadership - your choice.
  7. Bollocks to what paper anything is written in but what do you not understand about protesting? The fans who put their head above the parapet and chose to demonstrate were basically only doing what should have been done last season but the fans took their eyes off the ball when we got those 3 successive wins that put us in touching distance of a play off place. The season quickly petered out at Exeter and look where we are now. A clueless leadership (being kind that) and a team consisting of a number of players who sadly are not up to the level of Division 4 (in old money). If this shower are either not replaced or not supplemented by some investment quick (on and off the pitch) we will be history this season. Why does the media think that Latics are in crisis? Not because a few lads walk on Boundary Park asking quite reasonably what is going on at the club. No our issues have been widely documented before - no idea what evidence anyone has got but its not difficult to see that there are major issues at BP. Now is the time to get the EFL to look at clubs in crisis (not just us) and see how safe we are before we become another club expelled from the EFL. In my opinion the Trust has been negligent in heeding the warning signs and should have been leading this, not a few hardy souls who care enough to rise above the fucking apathy that has descended around Boundary Park
  8. So who was taking the team talk then? I heard that Banide & his assistant were sat on the bench at half time - so that leaves Abdallah and Barry
  9. I live in Unsworth and my son and his fiancée live in Chesham - 6 of us. Must be more - see the odd latics shirt knocking about in Bury/ Prestwich (then I realise I am walking past a mirror!!!)
  10. As an Oldham supporter, I have just been down to Gigg Lane to pay my respects to Bury Football club where 3,000 sold down the river by a narcissistic chairman who brought a billy big bollocks mentality to what was a lovely community club. When he went he was followed by a Chairman who has courted controversy and ultimately delivered the last rites to what was a good club. I first went to Gigg Lane in 1972 - saw 4th Division Bury FC beat 1st Division Manchester City 2-0. Went with friends who supported City so I was quite delighted to see the Super Whites upset their famous neighbours. Went to the next round too, watched Chelsea win 1-0 and Peter Bonetti stretchered off. I went to Gigg Lane again to see the Bury FC v Middlesbrough tie in 1974/75 - Bury coming from 2-0 down to win 3-2 after I missed the first two goals queuing to get in. That night I recall seeing 17 different teams' scarves and also saw a few regular Oldham supporters there. First time I saw my beloved Latics at Gigg Lane was in August 1974 when we drew 0-0 there in a forgettable league cup tie, Bury won at the home of British Football 3-2 in the replay. We made our next visit there the following season when both teams were in a higher Division. Our neighbours beat us 2-0 again - another of our league cup walks. I made intermittent visits to Gigg Lane in 1970s and 1980s, mainly to see Oldham in pre-season friendlies but caught the odd Cup game. I always enjoyed Bury, it had a good family atmosphere in those days. My life changed forever when I ended up going out with a Bury lass - started attending Gigg Lane more regularly although obviously my team was the Oldham. I recall a chap called Michael collaring me one day saying "You are not a Bury FC fan are you?" "No I responded - Oldham" to which you responded "Thought not, you are far too vocal". Saw a few cracking games at Gigg - beating Wrexham 4-2 at home in a second round cup tie, a 4-4 drew with Hudders after being 4-0 up at half time and probably saw all Bury FC home fixtures in the play offs. I was there when Bury were humbled by Blyth Spartans in the FA Cup but the supporters were magnaminous in their praise for their plucky opponents. I also was one of 9000 present when Bury FC defeated the mighty Millwall 2-0 to win the league under Ternent with "Rocket Ronnie scoring". It was a fabulously sunny day, befitting of a great occasion. The following day I was at Boundary Park watching Oldham go down in an uncovered stand when it was hailstoning!!! Very appropriate. The last few visits have generally been watching as an Oldham supporter and my last visit was under Paul Scholes when we lost 3-1 (could have been 10 at least) and witnessed our first league defeat there since 1967/68. In the later years, I felt that the club had changed, it wasn't as welcoming as it had been for the first 40 odd years I had dropped in. But lets not focus on that, far greater happy memories of Gigg Lane as a neutral on many occasions, as a BFC supporter with my other half on a fair few and as an opposing spectator. I loved the old Boys Stand, loved changing ends at half time, loved the old Main Stand paddock. Loved the social club, enjoyed the banter with Terry Robinson and Neville Neville. Happy memories of meeting some great people, genuine, football loving people like myself. Met Neil Clark, Baz Warburton, Michael, Mervyn, John , Derek, half the Bury FC fans team, Michaela who always thought I was a Shaker. o To all good decent Bury FC supporters, I was devastated for you , still am - so I hung a couple of scarves in your memory and fond memories of a great old football ground. I hope somehow you still survive, I really do. I can't comprehend how you must be feeling but I am feeling empty as a member of the footballing family who loves the game more than anything. Somehow I hope you will stay at Gigg Lane and enjoy football there again as a Bury fan. God bless - there but for the grace of God
  11. Carried out a survey on Oldham Athletic Fans Group Page - 45 respondents. To the best of my knowledge, not seen any other survey so may be of interest. To be fair, I was quite surprised and quite pleased that 45 people responded to my survey about Oldham Athletic and the future. I pulled it after criticism that it was set us as an anti-Abdallah survey (if it was, It was not intended) Anyway just sharing my results as I have nothing to hide For those 45 who chose to respond to my biased survey, the responses were as follows:- (1) Do you regularly attend Oldham home games? Yes 82% No 18% (2) If No to Q1 - would you consider returning to watch home games Yes 94% No 6% (3) Are you satisfied that the current owner is running OAFC in the best interests of the club? Yes 27% No 73% (4) If No to Q3 - what concerns? Financial Management 28% Recruitment of non-playing staff - ie sporting director 19% Recruitment of players 28% Treatment of players and staff 11% Other 11% (5) Would you consider taking action action if you feel owner not acting in best interests of the club? Yes 70% No 30% (6) If yes to Q5 - what actions? Boycott as individual 22% Boycott as group led 0% Attend town centre or equivalent meeting 20% Protest BEFORE the game 37% protest AFTER the game 9% (7) Are you confident OAFC will still be in EFL after next 3 seasons? Yes 42% No 58% (8) Are you confident that OAFC will remain solvent for next 3 seasons under current owner? Yes 47% No 53% (9) How confident are you that OAFC might be able to have a brighter future under new owner? Very confident 13% Quite confident 24% Neutral 40% Confident they wouldn't 11% Not at all confident - this would be end of OAFC 11% (10) How would you feel if OAFC would fall out of the EFL or be liquidated in next 3 seasons under this owner? Devastated & blame current owner 64% Devastated but accept natural end irrespective of owner 27% Others 9% Absolutely no idea what use this is to anyone and am sure some will criticise its findings but I am publishing responses for the 45 respondents - make of it what you will. #nothingtohide
  12. Think that might have been my grandad, he persuaded me that Oldham were "good once" so I believed him and joined the cause - sure I saw him laughing outside that day as he hadn't attended Boundary Park regularly in years! If it was true what that old timer/ my grandad said - what about Carlisle's main stand that extends past the pitch at one end - is this because there was no threat of war with Germany when it was built?
  13. Forever Bury asked for volunteers to come and clean the stadium on Tuesday with the presumption that the deal on the table would go through. Sadly it didn't and others were either rejected or not deemed suitable so the end came. My other half is a Shaker who was going to go down today IN THE EVENT that the Doncaster game was to be played. Forever Bury guilty of either over-optimism or not thinking things through properly. Well done to all who volunteered from Bury and elsewhere - sorry it was all in vain
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