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  1. That was my thoughts for the home for the returned scarves, thought Latics might get some good publicity by donating them to the homeless. I would in truth rather cut out the middle man and give my scarf directly to the homeless but I appreciate the idea of returning them to the club
  2. Does anyone know Richard? At the Fans Forum, many of us were asking who he was.....I would have expected that someone from amongst those present who I know would have known him, at least by sight if not necessarily by name. I have certainly no recollection of ever coming across Richard at home or away games throughout my time watching them although obviously he could be a regular attender, just someone who maybe I haven't come across
  3. That would be my first action if I was losing customers hand-over-fist, go back to my information and see who appears not to have renewed and contact them to find out why - not difficult assuming the club has a database - not 100% sure we are probably that organised mind
  4. It what I would expect of a competent business trying to identify why it is losing customers. I agree that they are not competent - complacent yes
  5. I do think it is something that the club should have done off their own backs given falling attendances, general unrest etc. however AL and his cronies are in complete denial of any mismanagement (no matter how well intended or otherwise) on their part. The PTB sharing their findings with the club is an attempt to provide the fans (both those who still attend and those who don't) opinions in a factual and non-accusatory way. I do agree that its at the point of no return with AL but this appears to be a last ditch attempt to give him the opportunity of at least understanding supporters' concerns.
  6. Agree 100% - just what we need as a fanbase - a dream maybe but surely worthy of support Why would anyone not want to see the club function as a proper community club that knew its place and its importance to those who followed it - usually 4th in the pecking order in Greater Manchester after the big 2 and Wanderers.... would love to reclaim that spot but more important to reclaim our own identity
  7. I was disappointed Fervid - not about the lads who looked an honest bunch - more in the lack of cohesion and organisation against a better prepared Curzon side. Actually enjoyed watching a good honest game free of cynicism and self-interest (* behind the scenes) - always prefer the youth games to the first team ones under this regime
  8. I suspect Dino was to be fair however some "in the know" fans had been waxing lyrical about the quality at our disposal - exaggerated on last nights showing I am afraid
  9. It is BP but as Dino has started blooding our youngsters in the first team, presumably he would have to have some confidence that some were nearly ready. On evidence last night, I would suggest not although I do live in hope. I would take 2 from the team to develop into first teamers (like what we used to expect and generally got). Their crop looked a lot stronger physically, better organised and better prepared - all a bit disconcerting really. Will go and watch the Nash against Burnley and see how they look against a Premiership team Academy (one run by Tony Philliskirk)
  10. What are you on about fervid? Always take an interest in our Youth team as it is a potential source for first team players and it has been a great source over the last few years under Philliskirk, looking a bit barren at the moment. FWIW I really enjoyed the game as stated above, two sets of players competing in a decent game fresh from cynicism, cheating etc. and was a good spectacle for the 400 or so present. I think the word's got round that Curzon are on to something as a lot attending in home colours. Truthfully wouldn't mind attending at the Nash again, place to go for a pint on the terraces - homely atmosphere - they are at home Saturday v York, I might have a bit of that By the way - I have watched OAFC youth team away for a few years - went to Port Vale and Sheff Wednesday away in 1970s before we were good No one creaming themselves over defeat for our youth I assure you
  11. Difficult to tell Monty but there was a right crowd on - suspect was 400+. Reading social media it sounds like there were maybe 100+ Latics although they were all spread out, I saw maybe 20/30 people I knew
  12. Thought there were more players in Blue tonight that I would have been interested in than our lot BP - definitely second best on the night. Last time I watched the Youth team they were first year playing against a very good Bury team of second years - we lost 0-3 and in truth were outplayed but I wouldn't hesitate to say that the oafc squad I saw then was a long way better than this one. Definitely another area where the club has gone backwards.
  13. Attended tonight hoping to see the much vaunted Latics youth. Had concerns about Curzon after they had beaten Blackpool in round 1 but thought with 3/4 lads having recent first team experience we ought to be able to make round 3. Latics started well and McKinney scored a cracking goal but Curzon rallied and equalised from the spot before going in front. Latics centre half equalised with a towering header from a corner but Curzon's lively forward won the tie in the second half and deservedly so. In truth, this youth team does not strike me as being laden with first team potential and in truth is much worse a side than Abdallah et al inherited. I am now looking desperately for anything at all that Abdallah has improved in his 2 years reign at the club, I am not proud to say I cannot think of a single thing anywhere at all in the club. In terms of the current crop of youth, I have no problems Dino fielding some from time to time to top up his first team squad but in all fairness, that speaks volume for the complete lack of quality in the rest of his squad rather than our youngsters being ready for the first team. The kids would never let you down but I am now no longer under any illusions that the youngsters may be the salvation we are all looking for from Abdallah's tenure.
  14. 1979/80 to 1988/89 inclusive - one FA cup win - v Brentford home w2-1 - Wayne Harrison scored Fucking grim record that lol
  15. Does anyone remember the days when we used to treat the FA Cup with disdain/ dismay and absolutely no interest? When we were in the (old) Second Division and joined the FA cup at the 3rd round - our cup runs were really cup walks and our only interest was who would have the dubious pleasure of being the team to administer the knockout blow to our less-than-doughty Cup heroes? We were always amazed when we won at least one cup tie a season in those days Whilst its been dross watching Latics over the last 15-20 seasons by and large, to be fair we have had a couple of decent little cup runs, something really denied our older fans bar of course the pinch me season and the 1994 FA Cup semi
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