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  1. I said after Saturday that vera wud disappear after his hissy fit. And mills is injured or else hed be straight in
  2. Your correct. Macc fans say he only did the job playin off someone. I agree we need a striker but my opinion is we need mills back in and a LB more. We don't struggle massively to score but all the goals we conceded come from our full backs fuckin up. Especially LB. Low balls in to the centre from the FB not doin his job. Countless times we've lost points from goals from those positions
  3. Hes played half his career at LB. He left America. And their season is different to ours. Most clubs will have had the foresight to actually sign who they need during the window
  4. Played a lot at left back. Hopefully he wud fit in there
  5. I don't think Vera will feature for a while, if again! Was speaking to a mansfield fan on way home last weekend and he said vera threw a massive hissy fit at being subbed. Was kicking the hoardings, threw his shirt and dino was fuming apparently
  6. It will be pointless. Whatever he says and however he says it, pro AL fans will b saying see he's telling the truth and anti AL fans will say oh he's lying again. We will only know for sure in a season or two when we r doin well or still doin shit
  7. Branger is out for a few weeks. Mills and woods touch and go
  8. For a start it's a pointless game that is more of a hindrance to our season than a help. Secondly, we r playing with a GK hu has played 1 senior game before today. A striker with his first ever professional start. A CB only his 2nd start in 2 years. And three others hu aren't first 11 players. Against a team in division above. Nothing to get angry about at all
  9. We need to learn how to make proper subs. Last few home games have been the same, 60-70 mins on the clock and missiliou, Morais and maouche all shattered coz they run flat out. Which helps the team and have given very good performances. But u have then got to take them off to give us fresh legs in the middle! Goals we conceded r from midfield runners with our midfield lagging behind. It's not rocket science. Managers are scared to take off their best players but they're not the best if they can't run
  10. We are playing Cheltenham next and I would easily bet that we would score as we have scored 2,2,2,3 in the four games up until Carlisle....
  11. Conor Wilkinson had a very good morning on 'You Know The Drill' scoring for fun in the drill on Soccer AM
  12. Conor Wilkinson jus ripped it up on YKTD on soccer AM!
  13. Even in league two, the game is a hell of a lot quicker and sharper than euro leagues. Very slow and probably quite deep defences that he's used to. He will get the hang of it. The amount of corners, free kicks and especially throw ins that he wins high up the pitch due to closing down is as good as a hold up player for getting up the pitch in my opinion
  14. Only when unchallenged. Not a coincidence that every time they got forward it was down his side
  15. If Ur gunna make a shit joke at least get the dates right šŸ™„
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