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  1. I'm on the dino out side of it. But I have to agree he hasn't made hamer poor. Hes been average at best all season. But I will add that we all thought edmondson was average until last season so theres hope yet. Rumours of league 1 teams sniffing around so hopefully he comes good and we can get a few pennies
  2. I generally find that u can literally walk up to anyone in a latics shirt on away days and theyl welcome u in to their group. Good set of fans weve got
  3. If ur in a group its b easier to get a taxi n chuck a couple quid in. Traffic will b a nightmare on a bus lol
  4. Pretty sure any league 2 club wud have zero chance of signing him permanently so the fact weve up'd the money to keep him is the best we could hope for
  5. We all know that we could call it 411211 or something stupid, but we all know that dino will go for his usual 451 going in to 460 when defending an 4501 when we are attacking
  6. Segbe will be on the wing unless we play a CM on the wing
  7. It's people like you who make people go to games. Your piss poor imo. I'm far from an AL supporter, but the things I read on here have made me wanna go more because your so extreme with your views. If someone doesn't boycott then you start name calling and pointing fingers. That's what put a lot of people off the coal line because they were forced to strike or be called scabs. That's basically what your doing. Which makes people think your just as bad as AL. If people wanna watch the game, let them watch it. If people wanna boycott let them boycott. No need to comment in a negative way for what people choose to do
  8. I'd much rather have missiliou than jones. For me jones hasn't offered anything goin forward or backwards. Missiliou needs to get his match sharpness up again but hes still a box to box player who would make some difference
  9. Apparently we tried in the summer to buy him but fylde said the offer was offensive it was that low
  10. I'll be honest I've never seen him. Had to ask about him. So all I've seen is stats. But it's all non league level
  11. Weve had a few before like Rhys Murphy. I've a feeling that if he does splash the cash he will be all queensy menig again. When it doesn't work he will say oh I bought u all a present haha. Good on him though if he does get it done
  12. Hes also only 6 months left on his contract and is only hitting 1 in 4 this season. Good signing but wouldnt want to b parting with more than 100k
  13. Bassini has no money and has been bankrupt twice and banned from football once. Nearly every business hes been in has been put in to liquidation. And was blocked from taking over bolton due to having no money lol. So more chance of AL changing his approach and splashing out than bassini paying money lol
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