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  1. Its Al's responsibility from 1pm onwards on matchday. Probably arguing over who has to plug in the CCTV 🤦‍♂️
  2. Blitz AND al asked for extension and now STs r goin on sale. Pretty sure none of that would have happened if the ground wasnt as good as purchased. And if not then its admin which will mean the club and ground r together anyway
  3. Its exactly the same as the courts report? Nearly word for word. Sum paid off and extra time to finalise an agreement which both parties have asked for.....
  4. It also says they are completing the safety regs asap. To be fair to AL it's a good statement. We have all been asking, has the debt been paid, has the stadium been bought, has the safety cert been fixed, has bassini bought the club. Answers everythin and no matter what anyone says about any owner, Im Glad to have our stadium back under the clubs brolly. The only question I want answering is hows it being paid for. His own money that he didnt want to use? Or a Loan?
  5. Maybe west ham have given him 25 mill too 😂
  6. Or is he buying it so he can sell the lot to bassini?
  7. I agree but cant blame them. I've missed 3 games recently through working and I'm thinkin of not going back as we won 3-1, 3-0 and 5-0 in my absence haha and drawn or lost the games I've been to haha
  8. No hope at all then. I only know stuff that was in media from bolton saga last year so I thought at least he might have lost his money throwing it all into the club lol
  9. I know bassini has been bankrupt etc and is a tool, and was banned for fraud, but does anyone know how Watford did whilst he was there? Was the playing side affected or even the club financially or was it just him personally?
  10. They've already rejected him for bolton because he had zero money so I doubt they'll even give him the time of day unless hes suddenly become rich again
  11. Quite the contrary. It's the only thing I care about right now. Clubs goin nowhere this season. North stand up in the air. Protests. Owner vs stand owner childishness. ST sales are going to drop again. So a new shirt for my collection is all I care about
  12. Anybody ITK have any idea which kit and badge was chosen by us? New ST advertisement has a badge on it that could be a clue.
  13. I would go with Lee sinnott on this one. Dino could have the best team in the league, but with his tactics, and with his spudidness if that's a word, he would still fail
  14. I dont know if anyone has noticed this season, but one thing that was on show at crewe and has been all season that really riles me is when we have a corner and its cleared, our punt or header back in to the box never even makes it to the box and we are straight on the back foot defending a counter. Really frustrates me especially as when we clear a corner its straight back at us. We cant seem to keep pressure on
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