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  1. Pine villa started 125 years ago today. Guessing that's why the reveal is today and this coming season is the celebration
  2. Bolton and Salford after him so I would guess we did offer but he wants to go and ramp his wage up at Salford or play in a shiny stadium in bolton
  3. I've not seen the results of the vote, so can only assume that fans voted for blue to be home kit. I wanted red and white jus for a change but ah well
  4. Agreed but it's a nice to have somethin at least to look forward to like a new kit and maybe a special one at that
  5. On a statement last month it said the kit would be available at the end of june. Were at the end and not even a teaser 🤦‍♂️
  6. I seem to remember there was just a circle of writing around the badge that year
  7. Its Al's responsibility from 1pm onwards on matchday. Probably arguing over who has to plug in the CCTV 🤦‍♂️
  8. Blitz AND al asked for extension and now STs r goin on sale. Pretty sure none of that would have happened if the ground wasnt as good as purchased. And if not then its admin which will mean the club and ground r together anyway
  9. Its exactly the same as the courts report? Nearly word for word. Sum paid off and extra time to finalise an agreement which both parties have asked for.....
  10. It also says they are completing the safety regs asap. To be fair to AL it's a good statement. We have all been asking, has the debt been paid, has the stadium been bought, has the safety cert been fixed, has bassini bought the club. Answers everythin and no matter what anyone says about any owner, Im Glad to have our stadium back under the clubs brolly. The only question I want answering is hows it being paid for. His own money that he didnt want to use? Or a Loan?
  11. Maybe west ham have given him 25 mill too 😂
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