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  1. Every time they make a run, Mo, they turn around and cryI ask myself why, oh whySee, you must understand, they can't play a 3 to 5So I'll be gone by NovemberSaid I'll be gone by November, I'll be gone by NovemberYo, tell my Al, yo, I'll be gone by NovemberI'll be gone by November, I'll be gone by NovemberYo, tell my Al, yo, I'll be gone by NovemberJanuary, February, March, April, MayDino had you cryin', so he couldn't stayBut I'll be gone by November, I'll be gone by NovemberAnd give a kiss to my Chaddy
  2. He looked past it a couple of years back. Likely signing with that history? Definitely!
  3. "Decent supporters" 🤣 Who knew Mary Whitehouse was a Latics fan?
  4. Something a bit different for next season, well done to them. Completely stupid that the EFL will make them dig their 4G up though. If it's good enough for the FA Cup, Champions League and international football, it should do for L2. Certainly better than some of the sandpits and mudfests that pass for "grass". On another note, if Callum Roberts has a clause releasing him from Notts County after failing to get promoted he would be well worth a look. Definitely an entertainer to bring the crowds back.
  5. We are about 23 years into some 5 year plan or other
  6. Should be alright for a season in L2 given what's been said about him. Glad to see we are focusing on the back line.
  7. You never know what you'll get with a new manager, but I find it easier to think about watching Latics next season knowing we won't have any more of Maamria's clueless, negative Northern Premier League style of football. At least there's a chance it'll be entertaining. No doubt after ten matches I'll be disappointed, but the chance is there.
  8. I agree with all of that. To be honest the biggest warning sign of all was Maamria being brought in as patsy with no previous record at all.
  9. I fully get the dissatisfaction in general, but I find it bizarre how many people are claiming this as the final straw, of all things. This is Maamria we are talking about. How many of you have forgotten one of the worst performances ever seen at Salford, with him having a go and blaming the fans after? Hanging on at home for a draw at Macclesfield when they were unpaid? Going to Stevenage and playing for a 0-0? This had to happen to give us a chance of staying in L2. Whoever is signing players and picking the team, those performances alone deserve the sack - never mind the negative football all the rest of the time. Plenty of events before this were far more egregious - from the North Stand saga to the treatment of Scholes. This at least makes sense long term. If you've got this far, this is a weird reason to pack in. (And the "there was nothing on the website for four hours" - come on. Do you want to get info from the ITK early or not? It was Friday night in summer. Chill and remember when we had to wait for next Monday's Chron to get info if you didn't want to spend £5 on TeamTalk...)
  10. Banide got 11 matches, so do we reckon more or less than that? Given the nonexistent squad, I can see a dodgy start leading to him being gone before that
  11. I think your bog standard League Two manager would have gone for more than a draw at Stevenage. I haven't seen any other League Two managers going for stupid kick off routines where we concede and free kick routines that a school team would be embarrassed by. Eleven back defending a corner when we are chasing the game - what's all that about? It might be forgiveable if the football was good, but it was turgid negative bollocks. He's so tinpot non league it hurts.
  12. Manager merry go round: not good Maamria as manager: also not good DM is to tactics what ML is to scouting. He's really no great loss. His successor is on a hiding to nothing, but I doubt we'd get anyone worse unless Darren Kelly came back.
  13. Didi de Fouquin-Chambles might be our next manager
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