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  1. PPG has been used to decide matters elsewhere in the English football pyramid as long as we've had one, and it's good enough for nearly every single European league that's made a decision. It's unfair, but it's the least unfair option. If he's so offended by the playoffs taking place, I'd rather just promote the top 4 on PPG straight off and get rid of the whining drama queens. "Expel a club from the EFL", seriously!
  2. https://twitter.com/RichJolly/status/1264126356008427520 Great stat
  3. I'd missed that - thought he was underused when with us, good for him.
  4. That game completely finished Seb Coates' Liverpool career too. They'd spent £7m on him and he was constantly bigged up to be the long term plan at the back for them and Uruguay. Then Smith and Simpson made him look a complete headless chicken for 90 minutes. Never seen anyone sprint faster off the pitch at the end. He barely played for them again before they shipped him out to Sunderland.
  5. Agree about the red and white one for the anniversary, I think it makes sense to go a bit out of the ordinary for the anniversary. But absolutely not for the red and blue hoops. The only thing special about that shirt is that it's the most minging one we've had in 124 years!
  6. "Remember, I played a whole season without a conventional striker." Oldham did that for about a decade.
  7. Coronavirus is just a massive Bury plot to avoid being relegated from the league.
  8. Classic goal. https://gfycat.com/piercingheartyappaloosa
  9. Oh, that's fine then. Trying to inflame a tense situation by starting another race riot and then leaving Oldhamers to deal with the consequences is shitty behaviour. It's bad enough between fans, but dragging people in who have nothing to do with either team is not on.
  10. 1, 3 and 4. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/this-britain/petrol-bombs-in-race-clash-5364858.html A particularly shitty episode in the history of a club with a particularly shitty history. I don't remember any apology from the club at any time. In fact, they tried to kick it all off again the following year. A club mainly known for a minority of "fans" rather than anything on the pitch. Oh and Toddy Örlygsson. He was decent.
  11. Rumours that the FA are considering two options for non league: either declaring the season completely void, or awarding promotion/relegation based on points-per-game. If it comes to that for the other leagues, I'd prefer the second option. No option is fair to every club, but it's the least worst option. We've completed most of the season and it's unfair to ignore the success of teams at the top and reward the failure of the teams at the bottom. Let's face it, who wants to go to Stevenage again when you can go to Costa del Barrow?
  12. And just to put into context: a mortality rate of "just" 1% gives you roughly the same number of extra UK deaths as the whole of World War 2. Even if 93% of us get off scot free.
  13. Just repeating this for the hard-of-thinking who still have their heads in the sand. Look at the graph where we are in March. Yes, there aren't many cases yet. Lockdown is happening because of where we are going in June, not where we are now in March. Let's assume the percentage needing hospital treatment is only 1% - that figure's well below what we've seen elsewhere, but let's be cautious. They're talking about 70-80% of the population getting infected. That's about 40,000,000 infections in the UK. That's about 400,000 needing hospitalisation, all within 4-6 months. There are only 170,000 hospital beds of any type in the UK, and most of those aren't free or suitable for this condition. So most of those "needing" hospital aren't going to get the right treatment, increasing the chance they will not survive. That little red line at the bottom of the graph is what the NHS can cope with, by the way. The other factor is how many people will die from other factors because hospitals are overwhelmed. I wouldn't plan to need a cardiac bypass, kidney transplant, emergency caesarean or urgent tumor removal this summer, because the chance of having enough healthy surgeons and nursing support are slim to none. People have relatives with asthma, cystic fibrosis, COPD, leukaemia, heart issues. They are right to be concerned, scared even. They are not fucking drama queens.
  14. The government follow the best scientific advice? You might want to ask David Nutt about that. How many extra have died thanks to them ignoring his advice on drugs? The global scientific consensus on this epidemic doesn't seem to line up with whoever the UK have consulted, either. This country has had enough of experts, remember. In many fields.
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