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  1. It is published on the website. The time gives people to sign up to support it, it has more weight the more people back it.
  2. It was always there, just not the clearest. We may make some slight changes after taking on feedback though.
  3. We've stated numerous times and in numerous places that it will be peaceful and non-violent so the steps taken would be within reason.
  4. The day is finally here and thanks for being patient. Sorry for all the cryptic messages over the last few weeks but we needed to build up some interest while we got things moving behind the scenes. Please check out our website at www.pushtheboundary.co.uk where you can read our statement to you, the fans, find out who we are, our objectives as well as lots more. The 4 of us will be at The White Hart from 12 on Saturday if you want to meet us for a chat etc. There is much more to follow...
  5. There are worse I am sure. But you really don’t stick in our situation.
  6. Not the be all and end all but Push The Boundary has over 500 twitter followers less than two weeks after launching. Wont apologise for promoting our cause. We need numbers to have any effect. Get behind this.
  7. Nothing off the table, within reason. ’we’ is not the few of us that are putting our heads together to try and coordinate something. Protest of any sort only works with numbers behind it. Five or six people taking action won’t get us far and if we don’t get the numbers this will peter out quickly. Have to stress that protest is also not just about what happens on a matchday. It’s much more than that.
  8. Protest takes many forms and needs to be varied. Clear messaging and requests are necessary. We are already in protest mode (look at our crowds) but the owner needs to hear it more clearly and more loudly. He needs to be made to feel uncomfortable about what he is doing to this club. He is getting away with it at the moment i’d say. He may not care and may ignore us. But having gone down the path of trying to charm fans and claim he is in it for the good for the club etc he will look bad if he does ignore us. I and others are not prepared to let the club just disappear without making a stand.
  9. And to add that ‘getting involved’ may mean little more than putting your name to something. We need numbers to follow the cause not to organise it. If you have the time and inclination to post on owtb then you have the time and inclination to protest.
  10. Ok, protest (in what ever form that takes). There isn’t any coordinated action from fans. We would like to address that.
  11. Nothing to do with wiseowl. Serious question. Do you support action of this type?
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