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  1. Legendary. Drop us a line and i’ll let you know the deets
  2. Hola. I know the mods don’t like me doing it but I’m happy to provide coverage of tonight’s game.
  3. They've really nailed the recruitment this window.
  4. I’ve gone for no. If we end up in the National League we’re never coming back.
  5. @LaticsPete when you’re next at a referees conference can you ask why there is a clear and obvious bias to other sides that play Oldham Athletic. Whether it be 50/50 decisions or dubious penalty calls, they all fall against us.
  6. Really fucking bored of EFL referees showing bias against us. Is it a historical thing?
  7. Everytime I see highlights of that side from October-December I have to remind myself that the team on show got relegated.
  8. Big fan of Maouche loves a sulk but obviously technically better than League 2. He'll no doubt leave on a free and storm it at some other side next season.
  9. Plenty are big fans of the Orient trip. You'll definitely bump into some tics.
  10. Worth the entrance fee? M8, have a word.
  11. Haven’t seen any on here apart from some bias reviews from good ‘ol Frankies6 But... There is definitely a presence on Twitter and Facebook who are happy with our latest performances.
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