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  1. Haven’t seen any on here apart from some bias reviews from good ‘ol Frankies6 But... There is definitely a presence on Twitter and Facebook who are happy with our latest performances.
  2. Early twitter rumours suggesting Dino’s been shown the door.
  3. This is a good point. Whilst a pocket of the fan base have been lauding these draws, we have some exceptionally tricky ties coming up. It won't be pretty either. If Dino is still here he's going to be playing for 0-0's.
  4. Banide’s team actually tried to play football.
  5. Lottery winner that lad. No wonder Non-League teams told Burnley to get stuffed.
  6. That was shocking. Such a disorganised bunch. Really frustrating when we face poor opposition who are there for the taking, we end up doing everything wrong.
  7. These are shit, as is the rest of the division,.
  8. Bored of referees showing clear bias against us. There's never any consistency in the decisions.
  9. We were well on top for the first 10 or so and now we're all back to normal.
  10. I hope so. I’m not confident Dino is going to get the best out of him though.
  11. I like the signing of Rowe but for me there’s still a long way to go for the ownership to get me back on side. I guess i’m slightly disappointed many have downed tools over one signing, and they may even hop back on the bandwagon if Rowe doesn’t perform today.
  12. Mad how desperate everyone is just for a taste of success. Signing an out of form non league striker is enough for most folk to see them come back. Lol.
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