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  1. Yes Maouche my MOM as well. Back to his elusive best with a sustained level of activity not seen in a long time. Is this a feather in Dino's cap?
  2. Wood’s face that day was a dirge, but he didn’t foul him once, which was always Woody’s weakness – he was far to clean. If it had been Maurice it might have been a different story. I think it wasn’t long after that that Tommy Docherty said “ oh yes that Leighton James is deceptive – he’s slower than he looks.”🙂
  3. My best memories are from the seventies as well. Left the country in 78 but I never lost interest and always managed to get to a couple of matches a season. Ifollow has been a godsend even with all its problems I can see them all.
  4. Well he’s better than Iacovitti and Nepo was a complete disaster at Macc, so yes I too think it is our best option. As for Tom Hamer. Even in his present stage of development I think at right back he defends better than Mills, but there’s not much in it.
  5. Agree he made 2 good saves, and is much improved from when he first joined us, but his positioning is often poor, and he still hasn’t learned how to set up a wall. Obviously Woods also has weaknesses, but I still see Zeus just as backup.
  6. No don’t be sorry for your comments. You can be sorry for being picky and stating something I haven’t written if you like. At Macclesfield and other recent games the team has been running around like headless chickens, keystone kops football, which he had glossed over. Last night his comments were closer to reality than they have been in a while.
  7. Nah. No gems of wisdom. Team working well for him. Should have won the game easily. Unforgivable misses etc Nothing that clearly flew in the face of reality as he has been doing of late, and comments I can more or less agree with. Now if he drops that manic loony smile / grimace that he always puts on at the start of his pre match I might warm to him a bit more.
  8. You obviously haven't seen much of us lately. As Waits said: Segbe has the IQ of a fence post. Would have liked to have seen Wilson in that one on one with the keeper. Zeus is a poor keeper who occasionally makes good stops. Thought it was his best game in a Latics shirt. At present he's definitely our best left (wing) back. Some positives. We were far better organised in midfield and defence than of late and kept our shape better. Nguessan did OK. Piergianni's and Wheater working well together. Dino post match seemed to be closer to reality than usual.
  9. It's way past masochism with me. Since its inception I've watched every one of our last 117 league games live on Ifollow Lately I've been losing the will to live - not even the wins cheer me any more.
  10. Agreed and more or less how I saw it on ifollow. It's true he was industrious, but what exactly did he achieve? More or less the same as Jones who'd just been coasting for 72 minutes - nothing.
  11. Looked like handball. Lucky let off. I would never have dropped Woods in the first place.
  12. Tired legs and injuries, blah blah blah. Bodies in for the weekend............... hopefully. When he first came he was always profoundly and deeply affected by getting beat. Now he just skips through it.
  13. Agreed. I'm concerned as well that he's implying that McCann is off this month. That would be a disaster as his presence today might have salvaged something from the trainwreck.
  14. I'm watching on ifollow. May just have been onside hard to say - same about the handball shout. As for the pen on Maouche he'd already lost the ball when he went down - trying too much as usual. Really poor from Zeus for their first. Poor defending for the rest. We've been unlucky not to get at least one.
  15. Cost us a lot of goals this year from poor positioning, ball watching, and daydreaming, but our left side is weaker without Stott as both Wheater and Hamer drift to the right. Smith gets back a lot to help but when he’s switched wings Morais doesn’t always have the energy.
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