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  1. Mine arrived this morning. Amazingly quick thanks, some stuff especially govt can take months.
  2. At the risk of repeating myself, lying is the only thing they’re really good at. They live in the present – just get out the quick glib soundbite, and on to the next question. The unfortunate thing is that it has no consequences at all, unless you can get them into a criminal court.
  3. Just a few hundred yards from my house today the Cops have been out blocking the road causing 1-2 hour delays and fining 1000€ to anyone who couldn't produce either an employers work certificate or supermarket receipt. They're going to make much more out of this lockdown than they ever did with traffic fines.
  4. Undoubtedly the press could and should do much more. Even The Grauniad is holding fire, except for a couple of articles from Marina Hyde and John Crace. The only biting criticism I’ve seen of the UK govt is in Private Eye, but the questions that get thrown on the virus update sessions every day, as mild and as rarely answered as they are, would have no chance of even being asked here.
  5. Update from Spain, where we are close to 20,000 deaths, the highest number in the world / million of population, and that after the govt fiddles the numbers. As in the UK only deaths in hospital are counted and the virus has ripped through care homes killing thousands that don’t figure. The only thing politicians anywhere are good for is spinning porkies, but at least in the UK you have a reasonably independent press that is allowed to question their decisions and actions directly. Not so here where the only questions permitted are the ones from friendly govt subsidized sources. The TV stations are also in the govt’s pocket, so the disastrous handling of the crisis isn’t questioned. The Communist vicepresident has said that an independent press is “ a threat to democracy” sic, and is doing his best in stopping anything being published that doesn’t follow the govt line. The cops are out fining people who step out of doors min 600€. As there’s little traffic they’ve got the helicopters out searching the hills for people walking their dogs too far. Venezuela here we come.
  6. Some strange choices though: Sean Gregan over Alan Groves? Ludicrous to an old timer like me - even Andy Goram should surely come before Gregan?
  7. I posted a week ago that the UK govt’s bum laissez-faire policy was going to lead to disaster and this is being proved true. Piffle has ummed and ahhed and lost a precious week in which the genie has well and truly got out of the bottle. With all the evidence of what had happened beforehand in China. Italy and Spain this is truly criminal behaviour. This is backed up by the many behavioral scientists who have questioned the appalling delay in the govt response. https://behavioralscientist.org/why-a-group-of-behavioural-scientists-penned-an-open-letter-to-the-uk-government-questioning-its-coronavirus-response-covid-19-social-distancing/ What I could never understand is that everyone believed the spiel that they were doing everything to delay the upsurge of the curve when they were doing exactly the opposite. Unbelievable and criminal conduct. Mark Chater Behavioral Scientist expressed similar in Radio 4 Any Questions this Friday/Saturday. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000gc5r -
  8. I’ve listened to just about every argument available and it still seems to me that the UK took a punt on a bum laissez faire theory which had already proved disastrous in Italy and Spain. There was a massive rise in cases, one of the reasons being that this virus can be passed by people without symptoms. Health services quickly couldn’t cope, and now we’re in lockdown. In the UK it might just conceivably be mitigated by cultural differences – less physical contact socially, less kissing and hugging etc. The stand offishness of the average Brit could be a big advantage, also the fact that people tend to act in a more disciplined way than here in southern europe, and will probably take self isolation more seriously.
  9. Personally I think the policies the UK govt have adopted over “herd immunity” and “flattening the curve, “ strategies are seriously misguided. Virtually means do almost nothing short term. Exactly the same as in Italy and Spain which quickly saw the rise in cases jump exponentially, compromising the health service (which here in Spain is far superior to the NHS). This quickly made both govts change their policies resulting in the Italian clampdown, and a state of emergency here. Though there seems to be signs today that de Pfeffel might be about to change his tactics.
  10. My last two games were in 2015 when I was over to bury my dad. Since ifollow started I’ve seen every game, but obviously it’s not the same. The enthusiasm that I started the 2017 relegation season with, I managed to keep until the start of this season. I was even planning to catch a couple of matches as I’ve more time to make the trip, now I’m retired, but the absolute shambles of this year has put me off, and I for one have become much more emotionally detached, which is probably apparent in my posts.
  11. Taken out of context it really does seem that the judge came along hoping to see a hanging, and decided to leave everything up in the air 😅 to see if he might get the chance at a later date.
  12. I take your point, but we never really have had time to assess whether Egert is crap or not. Of course as you rightly point out it doesn't seem to make much difference as far as team selection is concerned.
  13. Well beaten in the end there lads. Promising first half poisoned by that poor goal, and then annihilated in the second for not having a central defender on the bench, Nguessan at right back, and that ludicrous NFL style penalty from Sylla.
  14. More or less sums it up except that they have some big fast lads up front who are always going to cause problems, and we have Zeus in goal to help it in.
  15. So given Wheater's long time back problems why isn't Egert on the bench?
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