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  1. Probably for the best. We'd only embarrass ourselves as usual.
  2. Ill have to have a look at who our starting 11 are. Nevermind league tables.
  3. Reminds me about the time Shrewsbury played Mansfield around 2002-2003. Shrewsbury, Oldham & Stockport verses Mansfield & Forest. Crazy times
  4. Never City. Oldham were always known as a rent-a-mob though
  5. Back in the day when teams thought Oldham were a no show then get ambushed in Manchester.
  6. To get over the high fence was an achievement on its own!!
  7. I'm not disagreeing with you, just pointing out we had a small but hardcore group who had links with Combat 18. So to expect an apology from Stoke at the same time we weren't blameless is hypocritical.
  8. One of favourite Stoke matches (for comedy value). I'm sure it was live on ITV. https://youtu.be/Hu28EYMj5Wg
  9. To be fair Stoke only contributed to an extremely tense situation at the time. The riots were going to happen regardless. I remember after a home match around the similar time, some Oldham lads went to the petrol station on Rochdale Rd, filled up a petrol can and set the flats alight opposite The Trap Inn. Fire engines came but luckily nobody was injured.
  10. I remember seeing that place getting smashed up during the weeks running up to the Oldham riots. Food looks good now though.
  11. Nobody knows if they have had it or not because we are aren't allowed to go to the GP.
  12. I've not been this season. Would you say this team is good enough for a top half finish if managed correctly?
  13. Why would anyone over the age of 12 give a fuck.
  14. About 30 of us did the same in the Coach and Horses!!
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