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  1. AL paid three million quid for a Football League golden ticket. How much could he realistically get back if we got relegated out of the league?
  2. EFL to appeal the decision made by the independent commission they set up. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50516578
  3. I genuinely believe you could play nine of those players against eleven week in week out and still win League Two.
  4. It’s all about viewpoints but I don’t agree. Plenty of people have stopped attending and a further £5 reduction isn’t going to twist their arms. Maybe in your case it would but you can’t say with confidence that there are ‘plenty of others’ like you. Certainly not enough to make a positive financial difference to the club. For the record, I’ll be going to match, I do want a change of ownership and I do support PTB.
  5. I really don’t think a £10 price point would have made much of a difference. At least it’s cheaper than usual and we’ll get to see a team from a higher division. 😔
  6. But if the Lemmies are looking for a way out, wouldn’t an FA Cup windfall allow them to exit more easily?
  7. It’s at home. After seven successive away draws that lifts it above shit for me.
  8. I don’t know about late payment of wages but the St John’s Ambulance crew have been sat in front of the (now) away dugout.
  9. Shit, you know it’s bad when this kind of reminiscing doesn’t throw up shouts of ‘living in the past’!
  10. Back in those days the internet was still in black and white and only on for three hours a day. When we’d finished with the computer we’d all stand up and sing the national anthem.
  11. Didn’t Tommy Wright score a ‘Van Basten’ volley in that game?
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