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  1. The lack of fight from the team in the second half at Northampton did it for me. I still cannot understand why Wellens didn’t instruct Placide to go up for corners towards the end.
  2. Fringe players’ wages are higher compared to the halcyon days of football?
  3. I had to google that. Turns out a thread isn’t just for darning with.
  4. It could be argued that our August window recruitment policy thinking was driven by the EFL decision to reduce the relegation spots. (yeah, I know, I know!)
  5. Jesus, we seem determined to find a winger who can click with Vera.
  6. Not that I saw from the main stand paddock. Could’ve passed me by though. Like most of the match.
  7. Wilson worked hard but didn’t get great service. Too many long balls lumped to him. Could do with a goal to lift his confidence Nouble? Nah.
  8. I’m with maddog. You’re ripping the piss. Aren’t you?
  9. Media attention seeking. No right-minded football fan would take up such an offer.
  10. He (she?) was mooching round the family stand on Tuesday.
  11. We actually look like we could win this.
  12. It’s my first comment on the matter so not sure where you get ‘keen’ from. I’m just a little fed up with others who’ve got less at stake telling fellow fans what should be done to put our sorry situation right. I’ve watched our fanbase dwindle by thousands over the years. Must’ve hit the various owners hard in the pocket and look where it’s got us. Bottom of the football league.
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