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  1. Try cheese dip. Cover thin slices of cheddar with milk in a frying pan and heat gently until the cheese has melted. Delicious mopped up with buttered, white bread.
  2. Entertainment? Doesn’t sound like League Two to me.
  3. Bet Baz would still be there, getting the pigeons kicked out for cooing near him.
  4. Who went into the family business selling furniture.
  5. Come on AL, sack Barry, put your willy away and show us that you really can do things proper round there.
  6. The decision makers at the club must be confident of success in this North Stand stand-off because they’re committing commercial suicide with the fans.
  7. He worried me at the recent(ish) meeting with the fans that he didn’t know what fixed and floating charges were.
  8. What Branger was expected to bring to the party after so much time out is beyond me. Not the game to bring him on to shore up things.
  9. After watching what was unfolding in front of me during the last 25 minutes or so, I can’t agree with that. I’m not suggesting throwing everyone up top at 1-1, but camping in our own half for a third of a game, allowing Crewe to gain the momentum was poor and unnecessary. Things may well have been different without the keeper error setting the ball rolling.
  10. We wasted plenty of time, hence seven minutes of added time. I, along with every other fan in that stand we’re sick of it. As others have said, we had nothing to lose going for it, Crewe did. Game was there for the taking but big arms bottled it.
  11. And we’ve got a sell-on clause to fret about for the next couple of years.
  12. Yes, but you have to purchase a ticket from the office.
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