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  1. I have also changed my view on this. I was of the view that we had to finish the keague for integrity reasons but now I accept that even if we did, there would be no integrity. If the league was to resume in say a month, come the end of June all clubs with nothing to play for would allow all out of contract players to leave and then finish off the season with youth team players.
  2. Assuming we still have a club at the end of this it will be very interesting to see what impact the break from football has on our fans. It is clear that we were on track for the lowest level of season ticket sales in a generation when the season was suspended. It is quite possible that a taste of what it is like not to go to football on a Saturday might help flog some tickets once things 'go back to normal'. Alternatively fans may decide they haven't missed it and walk away completely. I can't say that I am missing it. I am missing many things including meeting up with friends at the football but I am not missing watching Oldham Athletic. The timing of this pandemic has left the club in a bizarre position because of the adjourned court hearing. We have bo idea who, if anyone, will own the club going forward. If Abdallah had the money required to buy the ground (well, you never know) a month ago it certainly doesn't mean that he necessarily has it now or will have it in a month's time. Likewise, Simon Blitz was apparently prepared to fund us through administration. I bet he's counting his lucky stars that he didn't get stuck with that liability and we can't rely on the fact that this offer will be there going forward. There are much bigger things to worry about right now but the future of our football club has probably never been more in the air including in 2003.
  3. How is a noon kick-off on a Monday supposed to help provide us with our football fix? Abdallah out.
  4. The letter made me so angry last as it shows utter contempt for those who bought season tickets in that Stand this season. For some reason, though, I keep coming back to that rogue bullet point. They decided to make a list but could only come up with one thing. “Put some bullet points in the Nat, it’ll look dead professional” ”But I can only think of one thing” ”Sod it, put the bullets in anyway”. Here’s just a few other things they could have added under “what does it mean?” We will hardly sell any season tickets Abdallah will have to plough even more money in next year as revenue drops again We haven’t made any concerted effort to resolve the issue and have decided that we don’t care about the impact on our fans/customers We are putting our spat with the former owners above the fans
  5. They referred to “can/will”. I suspect that they were more referring to will. It is probably fair to say that nobody will purchase the ground whilst there is some ongoing concern over the legality of past transactions. Would you buy a house if someone else was claiming that they already owned it? Most people would wait for that to get settled before parting with their cash. I was also drawn to the comments about AL converting loans into equity through the share allotments. They refer to the share issuance in 2018 which is indeed listed on Companies House as having taken place on 24/01/18. This was the issuance of 100 shares being 97 to AL and 3 to the Trust which doubled the share capital to a nominal £200. In the accounts for the year ended 30/03/18, however, this additional £100 share capital is missing from the balance sheet. There is also no increase in the share premium account. Based upon the comments in the response to PTB, share capital should have gone up by £100, the Share Premium Account should have gone up by £999,900 and Creditors (AL’s loan account) should have dropped by £1m (give or take £3 depending on how the Trust paid for their additional shares). I can only assume this to be an error but if there is a £1m increase to the share premium account floating around somewhere it is quite a big error. Whilst taking on board Shahid’s comments about Accrington only submitting small company accounts to Companies House and not including a P&L, I think it is a push to refer to this as “same as us” considering we submitted abridged accounts with only a fraction of the information that Accy included. I may be wrong but I thought that Holt had also published a very detailed P&L elsewhere (maybe Twitter).
  6. I am surprised that the individuals signed up to PTB and even more surprised that they are looking to take the opportunity to publicly state that they did so. Signing up was a way of stating that you agreed with what was in the original letter. I find it refreshing that the people we are talking about did agree with the letter.
  7. Bradford want £100k for Doyle yet we have 2 or 3 players worth £500k+. Difficult to believe we aren’t storming this division really.
  8. No. That’s to Euston. There is no benefit to pre-booking The onwards travel from Euston.
  9. Even if this was relevant it completely contradicts what the manager said on the podcast.
  10. I have no idea how many people have signed up but based on the support this seems to be getting from people on here and elsewhere you would imagine that by next week they could have two or three hundred names to add to the signatories of this letter. That has to help the credibility of it rather than it being just from those who have launched PTB. It seems a sensible approach.
  11. Unfortunately the previous posts are correct. I also held shares in Oldham Athletic Football Club Ltd and attended the AGM each year until the company went out of existence following Moore's exit. The new company that was formed is a separate entity to the previous one with new shares.
  12. Last week we won but probably deserved to lose. This week we lost but probably deserved to win. Whether you want to concentrate on performances or actual results we are looking at one win out of our opening six matches. That has to be a concern.
  13. We have had no success whatsoever for the best part of 3 decades. I wouldn't be too worried about coming across as feeling entitled to be honest.
  14. I presume you mean me Tracy. The independent supporters club ran in the mid 90s. It was founded and run by John Stanley who is sadly no longer with us. It primarily ran away travel and social events. John had his run-ins with the club (well Alan Hardy) but it didn't actively get involved in club politics. Stop the Rot, and latterly SAFE (Save Athletic's Future Existence) were the groups who actively protested to get rid of JW Lees and got involved when things were falling apart under Chris Moore. When the Trust first formed, it was really a follow on from SAFE. There are still quite a few from STR and SAFE who still go to games on a regular basis but plenty more who don't. For what it is worth I think there is an opening at the moment for an independent group but I think there is a lack of consensus amongst fans as to what the right way forward is. This makes it very difficult to form a cohesive group. The Trust is currently in a very difficult position with a director on the club's board and another director working with the FLG. It can very easily get ripped apart and I am not clear whether Darren speaks for himself or the Trust when he engages on Social media. As a director of the club I understand his positivity towards what is going on but as a director of the Trust, that worries me. It is right that the Trust uses its position to try and effect change from the inside and that to be challenging the ownders publicly makes that difficult. This is where a new organisation working in parallel with the Trust could be very powerful.
  15. Champions - Plymouth Dark Horses - Swindon Relegated - Macclesfield and Cambridge Tics - 17th Tics Top Scorer - Wilson Tics Player of the Season - Nepo Banny to last the season? - Yes
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