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  1. If the players and staff are not paid on time again this month everything the trust say about 'clean slates' and 'bedding in periods' will mean nothing to anyone.
  2. Ashton United friendly

    Take into consideration who would be voting on these things and take with an extremely large pinch of salt.
  3. Wow, tell me something I don't know. He can post what he wants and block who he wants for uncalled for abuse, he doesn't block for a differing opinion as im not blocked and ive disagreed with him on a lot of issues regarding oafc. However his opinion on England has fuck all to do with Oldham or its takeover, Latics fans are obsessed with him
  4. Where? you said he brought up Oldham. He didn't... He can have an opinion about England without it being about his job. England last night were not great and he wasn't the only person who tweeted it. Its easy saying he shouldn't rise to it as you rise to him by posting on a thread that has fuck all to do with him. Take your own advice.
  5. No he didn't, a fan mentioned us first. I doubt he even wrote the word Oldham or oafc.
  6. Hilarious! Mike tweeted about England poor performance last night which if you watched you'll know we were shite for a good hour and Oldham fans responded with tweets about negative Oldham tweets and brass bank stories. They tried to get a rise out him and when he replied like wise people bite. They abuse him on twitter (like its a badge of honour to be blocked for calling someone an nonce or a cunt) and threads are hijacked in his name on here and he was talking about England not Oldham. Some proper sad bastards about!
  7. Club Website

    The media team are put together some excellent content recently, do they strike you as lazy? Also do you think it their only job at the club to change the shite website so sad bastards can't look for mistakes? It may be amateurish but that's how it is more than likely due to the previous 12 year plus regime . When we have more staff to cover every role that may change. Until then hes called Frankie Bunn, just ask if you forget!
  8. Club Website

    or time or possibly man power.
  9. tw*ts trick but...Bravo sir!
  10. It's been happening for quite a few years, one of the issues used to be the attitude of some who used to post on another message board & thought what they had to say was better than everyone else. That's stopped for a while to be replaced by the current lot who belittle everything said, hijack threads & offer insults because they cant cebate an issue properly. Looks like we have both now...Yay!
  11. I think he insinuating that the club saying funds have been transferred is more lies
  12. The change was the reason for the delay last month wasn't it?
  13. 18/19 Kit Launch

    I thought the same. Sports direct really couldn't give a fuck & guarantee they have been produced in low numbers. I really like both kits. Matching the 81/82 season.