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  1. I don't really follow any other results these days but when we sold Andy Goram in 87 I followed the results of Hibs for some reason and continued to do so for years after he'd joined Rangers.
  2. Expectations? Same old shit different season! Blind optimism after this season ends followed by realisation that we are skint and only bringing in foreign trialists while rumours of unpaid wages surface at the end of every month. We'll finish slightly lower than this season and will have 3 more managers including Wild as Caretaker again with a 1st rd cup exit. CANT WAIT!!!
  3. Sad news as apparently former Latics defender Peter Skipper has died at just age 61.
  4. 3 wins, 2 against sides above us in the league fighting for the same spot It isn't happening and will be over after Exeter.
  5. 3pm but think it may have been a new year game. Wright (2) Bunn, Flynn & I think the other was an OG
  6. Chuckle banned me from his Facebook group after I pointed out that he had on more than one occasion posted racist and homophobic posts only to remove them. He then sent me 20 to 30 abusive private messages on messenger. Such a classy guy! Man of the people!
  7. Who is this? Just an Oldham fan with a top job or one of the potential investors?
  8. Not making excuses just things I've seen over the last 5 months not just in the last 5 weeks. No reserve games, injured players and players dropped not playing games for weeks at a time plus whether some Oldham fans want to believe it or not but playing Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday, Tuesday on sapping pitches does not help and has been mentioned by lots various managers at one time or another. When was the last time we won 3 games on the bounce Tues, Sat, Tues at this time of year? Yes we aren't good enough which is the main issue but why some Oldham seen intent on ignoring all the issues while just wanting to blame the manager is turning into the new 'typical latics'.
  9. Scholes inherited a poor, unfit squad that blew its load against Fulham and Doncaster and now due to a long season and heavy pitches cant get it up for lg 2 anti football matches. Where is the surprise? Next season will show a big difference imo
  10. Id suggest most of this squad knows their days are numbered in the summer (either because of the chairman or the manager) and are not arsed as they believe they can get better deals in the summer. most of the rest are not good enough to play the way the manager wants, Baxter can see it and his frustration is clear. Combined it adds up to a shit close to the season. Roll on next season with renewed optimism, a new pitch and more dreams and hope to be crushed crushed.
  11. Whoever is running the youth system should be suspended shortly for bullying then...
  12. It even says in general in the quote ๐Ÿ˜‚ it means he can do better than Oldham hence the pay & the fans comments which he is currently doing no? Bunn put Surridge against him twice but yeah no pace, he just didnt get a kick in 2 games but that was all Bunn not Surridge or even Gerrard.๐Ÿ˜‚ I wonder why I'm posting on this board far less frequently these days, thanks for the reminder.
  13. What do you mean? Really? ๐Ÿ˜‚ I was speaking in general but if you dont think 4th in the league, paid every week/month on time where the fans love him isnt better then you're a typical owtbs poster. Yeah I bet he wishes he was still at Oldham. Yeah all Bunns fault!
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