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  1. Ex players and that

    I think you've nailed it in the first paragraph.. Dieng is a league 1 player no matter the position. The fact he can do a job in 2 positions should see him have a steady career at this level. I'm not sure he's been catching at Bradford for a while has he? Has he had injuries?
  2. Ex players and that

    Absolutely everyone is entitled to their opinion. Possibly one thing that can harm a player is that they can play more than one position especially at Latics, see Kieron Lee. You never get to see where they are at their very best.
  3. Ex players and that

    I love Fane! He has a non stop engine & wins enough tackles for 2 midfielders. He is rapidly improving his distribution & is still learning. He has far more chance of playing at higher level than Dieng which he will if he keeps working at it. I liked Dieng but always thought he was pretty average. Never got the love in especially as a centre half. He was constantly out of position which the he recovered most times but he couldn't do that at the level above were many tipped he was going. I said rhe same about Kieron Lee as a right full back & took loads of flack for that. Just my opinion....i was right on both occasions though 😂 Lee proved his class in the position we should have played him in.(typical latics!)
  4. Ex players and that

    If you ignore him constantly being caught out of position. It's a wonder he hasn't played any games at centre half for Bradford? He was an ok centre back & an ok midfielder....nothing more.
  5. Eoin Doyle

    Just because he got caught doing drugs at Sheffield Utd doesn't mean he wasng feeling at home & enjoying his football there. He had a decent time there including a great cup run to a Wembley semi where he scored. I just believe you shouldnt take a moral stance on any footballers & their lifestyle choices/mistakes if you're then only going to bin those beliefs because he scored 15 goals a season 5 years ago for your team.
  6. Holloway Off?

    Can he be considered reliable?
  7. Eoin Doyle

    Ha! In that case let's not judge anyone for anything other than what they did at Latics!
  8. January transfer window

    Anybody else seen about Ryan mac to Milwall for 200k? Seen it on Twitter so not reliable
  9. Eoin Doyle

    I'm sure being caught with drugs in his system TWICE & a huge ban has nothing to do with the view he's unreliable. Any of those 1 in 10 strikers get a 12 month ban when their club paid them a good wage. Massive difference between being a regular scorer & reliable.
  10. Eoin Doyle

    I don't doubt what you've been told but they haven't even appointed a manager & are totally adrift at the bottom. They club is in disarray & many bury fans think they've given up and are preparing for next season due to the easy appointment of Lowe who as new manager was sent off last week at Plymouth for a shocking tackle. They are destined for lg2 & despite the wages they might throw at him does Doyle want to step from the Champ to a lg2 club that is throwing cash they don't have at a failing project?
  11. Eoin Doyle

    Gut feeling or any substance to it?
  12. The Loanees

    He just needs game time. If he was so good at Fylde then 6 months in league 2 could do him the world of good if someone will take him. I worry that many seem to see George & Stott should be playing now when they arent near resdy. Only National League sides like Fylde, Ashton & Stockport seem interested in using them consistently. At this point I see George as good enough to cover a few games. He needs more development. Maybe a reserve team will help.
  13. The Loanees

    It's good to have a squad but if you don't have a reserve team for the squad members to consistently play football it can have a detrimental effect.
  14. Jack Byrne - Returning?

    Just seen another tweet from him. He seems to base everything on the fact Corney has no money.
  15. Jack Byrne - Returning?

    That link won't open for me but don't you mean Bryan? Byrne almost done isn't it?