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  1. Not making excuses just things I've seen over the last 5 months not just in the last 5 weeks. No reserve games, injured players and players dropped not playing games for weeks at a time plus whether some Oldham fans want to believe it or not but playing Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday, Tuesday on sapping pitches does not help and has been mentioned by lots various managers at one time or another. When was the last time we won 3 games on the bounce Tues, Sat, Tues at this time of year? Yes we aren't good enough which is the main issue but why some Oldham seen intent on ignoring all the issues while just wanting to blame the manager is turning into the new 'typical latics'.
  2. Scholes inherited a poor, unfit squad that blew its load against Fulham and Doncaster and now due to a long season and heavy pitches cant get it up for lg 2 anti football matches. Where is the surprise? Next season will show a big difference imo
  3. Id suggest most of this squad knows their days are numbered in the summer (either because of the chairman or the manager) and are not arsed as they believe they can get better deals in the summer. most of the rest are not good enough to play the way the manager wants, Baxter can see it and his frustration is clear. Combined it adds up to a shit close to the season. Roll on next season with renewed optimism, a new pitch and more dreams and hope to be crushed crushed.
  4. Whoever is running the youth system should be suspended shortly for bullying then...
  5. It even says in general in the quote 😂 it means he can do better than Oldham hence the pay & the fans comments which he is currently doing no? Bunn put Surridge against him twice but yeah no pace, he just didnt get a kick in 2 games but that was all Bunn not Surridge or even Gerrard.😂 I wonder why I'm posting on this board far less frequently these days, thanks for the reminder.
  6. What do you mean? Really? 😂 I was speaking in general but if you dont think 4th in the league, paid every week/month on time where the fans love him isnt better then you're a typical owtbs poster. Yeah I bet he wishes he was still at Oldham. Yeah all Bunns fault!
  7. In general that means he's probably a decent to very good footballer who will go on to betters times elsewhere. Some absolute shite have been held up as world beaters on here over the years, until a few months later when they're a hate figure.
  8. I agree but hes appointed Darren Ferguson 3 times. How forward thinking is he?
  9. I'm not sure Scholes has ever been a big enough Latics fan to attend 3 games on the bounce especially away games.
  10. My point is players who are binned off or told to leave dont normally command any fee, especially then. There was a doubt about Warhursts fitness due to asthma but both were well thought of by many at City. Irwin was binned off by Bremner for free.
  11. Both Barrett & Warhurst joined Latics for a fee.
  12. In some instances I think it's fair to say that can be true. However you're talking about someone who was a main stay in the engine room of the most successful team in the country for over a decade. He decided when he was finishing on his own terms. That isnt the case for average footballers at massive clubs, it just doesn't happen.....then he decided to come out of retirement & went straight back to the top level of football. Either way it's all nothing to do with if he can manage. However everyone one we hire will be a risk. Imo the pros out weigh the cons when risking Scholes. On and off the pitch.
  13. With respect, what a load of bollocks! Did Adrian Durham post this! Stop listening to talk sport! Scholes was known as a world class midfielder all around the world well before he retired & was a different type of player to the 2 mentioned.
  14. He done an amazing job but to appoint Wild would be a mistake in my opinion and as someone who has a steady job at the club and has for a decade it wouldn't be right for the fans to turn on him which will happen... let him be part of the 1st team coaching staff keep learning and maybe hell be ready for it in the future.
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