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  1. League Two Consequences

    You only just figured that one out? The English league is not geared towards the 'underdog' The rich get richer while nobody gives a shit if the poor live or die... See the government of this country for further examples.
  2. Wellens

    Thinks it may have been said but id be amazed if Wellen's is in charge next season in lg1 or lg2. No matter what your thoughts on what he has or hasn't had at his disposal this season I personally feel it will be harsh to get rid but AL will bring in someone new I feel. Mike Phelan was apparently spotted at BP last week, will he be an assistant to a new man in charge or will League 2 not be the 'right time' again?
  3. Ex players and that

    fixed that for you...
  4. The Duck

    Coming up with that nickname was 'whipping' a player when he didnt prove himself totaly incompetent once in a while I miss him...
  5. The Duck

    So you think he's 'whipped' because I didnt ignore blatant errors that were costing us points? I would think it was no matter what he did he can't win and I'd keep slagging him. Has that happened? 'whipped' was Connor Brown territory because he was total shite!
  6. The Duck

    Nope! Pointed out his mistakes when conceded poor goals, when he didn't actually stop anything for approx 8 games (can't remember exact), that cruyff turns don't win football matches, that he had great distribution, that Ripley was a better keeper imo and that he should be doing better. Of course0 you know this Harry because despite one person on Twitter taking what seems to be a personal offence for not praising him every time he fkn blinks, it's nothing but true.
  7. The Duck

    Of course I'm not blind... The below is from my original post after Blackburn, anybody want to tell me where I went wrong? As frustrating and selfish as he is we've had few weeks of consistent goals. Let's hope it continues, we need them. 'IMO he is a talented lad and given time he could be excellent for Wolves but for us I see someone who will be frustrating most of the time and other times he might 'do a Blackburn'. We need more consistency for the run in. I dont think he will be a good partner for Doyle as he likes to keep the ball and will need a foil like Davies to play off. I also don't think he works hard enough without the ball and the goals don't keep coming fans will turn. He doesn't run the wide channels which Byrne finds infuriating. He does head direct for goal which I love but that's not always an option'
  8. The Duck

    What a load of bollocks! Name me one other 'whipping boy' who I've criticised for work rate. In fact name me any player who ive whipped that didnt turn outto be dog shit! My main criticism of Naz wasn't because he didn't run and it's proved to be the case with more and more fans noticing it every week.
  9. Wellens.

    New flash: We're a stop gap for every player at the club! 98% wont come and watch us on a day off though. Also it isn't blind support to take all things into consideration . You may think changing manager every few months is healthy for the club and the path to success personally I don't. The last 2 managers who were actually given time to learn from their mistakes on the the job and actually improve? Joe Royle & Jimmy Frizzel. Now I'm aware the game has changed and social media plays to much of a roll in the a managers life span at a club but at a club like our does that seem like a coincidence?
  10. Wellens.

    He didn't say he supported us, he said after 2 spells as a player he had an affinity with us. Not many of our players ever were Oldham supporters. He was spotted numerous times in the crowd while employed elsewhere. Players will 'fuck you off' for more money and better prospects ala Doncaster or a longer contract & the promise of pay not being missed every other month ala Shrews. I'd say it worked out to be the right decision. Even avid supporters would have done the same. Unless they were a idiot of course.
  11. Wellens.

    What? Every time? He means his 1st spell
  12. Wellens.

    We were bottom of the league with 1 win and we almost blew that at Bristol. Cut adrift may be a bit strong but 3 points away from 20th would see us down. How far off safety were we? I have no record but several wins were needed from memory? He may have kept us up but it certainly looked bad and at Rovrum many accounts pointed to players giving up on him. For the record I wanted Shez to stay also. And sorry Paddy if we can't mention the circumstances RW works under in this thread we certainly can't mention suspensions under Shez.
  13. Wellens.

    Shez had less backing? Who brought in Byrne, Kean, Doyle? Who had the pre season to put the squad together? Shez left us this current situation cut adrift at the bottom. He worked miracles previous years but left us in the shit this time for ever reason. Infatuated with defending the average? Its funny because all I do on here is tell people to strive for more but I don't make judgments to quick. I certainly don't go from 50/50 to 60/40 and the too all out 0/100 Wellens out in 8 pages of a thread after 2 draws and zero movement in the table where we haven't even dropped into the bottom 4 but I won't talk negativity in Oldham fans. I can see potential in Wellens and I you think I'm deluded because I try to take all things into consideration before forming an opinion on players and managers then so be it. Ive backed my opinion against most on here many times and im generally not far off. Time will tell on this but I can say one thing for absolute certain, sacking a manager every season or in this case far less is fkn stupid and won't bring any kind of success. We've been doing it for 20 years...hows that worked out?
  14. Wellens.

    Funny old game... When Shez was fired we were bottom and many thought this was our year for the drop. Wellens takes over and was tasked with having a go at keeping us up. He performed so well when he took over that his own great performance is being used as a reason to get rid of him.
  15. Wellens.

    Luck plays a massive part in football Dale are below us for a reason, they can't beat teams like us. Nobody said the tactics were good or right. I am simply summising what RWs mindset may be heading into games and its not the same as 30 games ago.