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  1. palmer1


    I used Windscribe for the first time yesterday. First 20 minutes were a bit bumpy but no issues after that. Does anyone know how to get I follow on a firestick?
  2. palmer1

    Transfer Rumours

    So if we don't invest in more players it's because the owner doesn't want promotion? This is why Ive stopped posting as much on here. Same shit, different day.
  3. palmer1

    Transfer Rumours

    Corneyesque?! The point is sort out his fuck ups! Clear his debts hence we're doing that and being sensible. Hope for investment? You already have it (see above) but we won't be putting ourselves back into a position like Corney left the club. This isn't championsio manager!
  4. palmer1

    Transfer Rumours

    We'll be mid table. This is a season of stabilisation. We are are not breaking the bank and doing things sensibly. The sooner the fan base realise this the happier they will be rather than the usual over inflated expectation of expecting/demanding to win every single game. But I agree a couple in would be good for us.
  5. palmer1

    Transfer Rumours

    If the league is as bad as everybody keeps saying then he doesn't need to.
  6. palmer1

    Jack Byrne ❤️

    Gone yes but do you actually know why?
  7. palmer1

    Jack Byrne ❤️

    Really? Who?
  8. palmer1

    Jack Byrne ❤️

    Jack Byrne our only superstar midfielder in the last 20+ years in league 1 who had his attitude questioned by 2 former clubs, constantly by his ex manager, his current manager and the fans for long spells all while getting relegated to the 4th Division. Move him on and forget about him. More trouble than he's worth. From what I've seen the only other 'professional' that has come out and defended him is that fat fuck at Carlisle.
  9. palmer1

    Statement by Chairman

    One is a saleable asset the other is a fat fuck in Carlisle. You don't sack your (debatable) best saleable asset if you really don't have to.
  10. Just quoting this so you see the notification and have to come back into the thread im bored...
  11. Has that panic button moved closer yet? Look forward hearing the view of the trust sometime in the next few weeks.
  12. palmer1

    Anthony Gerrard

    I don't follow most clubs so have no idea what their fan base is like on a Saturday or on social media. Only idiots mistake lack of form for lack of effort though. I see plenty of Oldham fans use that one a lot.
  13. palmer1

    Anthony Gerrard

    over recent years Oldham fans have always been 'what have you done for me lately' kind of fan base. Turn at the drop of a hat!
  14. 1 You'll have to remind me how he slated him as I honestly don't recall. If it was he isn't doing his job properly then as 'a winner' then how can that possibly be? 2. You'll find to b a winner you do actually have to win something hence people calling you a winner. A winning mentality takes you only so far. In this case league 2 and what looks like a pre-season suspension. Charlie Sheen had a winning mentality just before he was sacked from a million dollar contract and was diagnosed with HIV - WINNING! Byrnes problem isn't talent, its mentality which is far from winning and application when things don't go his way. He could potentially throw away a superb career. its up to him
  15. I agree with some of the above apart from 2 things. 1.You have no proof of mismanagement just that Jack didn't like playing in a certain position. Sometimes we have to do things at work we don't like, that's on Jack. 2. To be a winner don't you have to win something?