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  1. I wasn't trying to be negative I'm simply asking what are identity is and what exactly we lose with this takeover?
  2. With investment maybe we can tell them to do one?
  3. What is to say we won't produce youth products with more money to develop them? We can't afford other clubs cast offs of a certain level anymore, with investment we may. Is that our identity? Producing and selling youth, half of which don't teach our first team?
  4. Out of interest what is our identity that people seem to raise concerns about losing. We are Oldham Athletic which won't change. We struggle year after year in the 3Rd division. We struggle financially year after year. We have a club legend in charge who in several spells player or manager has never won a thing (I love him by the way) We were good in the late 80s early 90s We hate City & Utd and dont want to feed any bigger clubs. We have a decent away following which seems to give half our an fans a hard on for some reason. Our home fans constantly chant about what a shit hole Oldham is! So what identity do we lose if this takeover happens?
  5. My favourite on there is Passittogordon who watched Latics regularly all over the country for years up until the big money takeover. He only stopped because of the 'bile spewed about City.' Someone needs to point out to that absolute thunder cunt that like many he was an Oldham fan who jumped on to City's gravy train!
  6. It's seems one on there believes all our success in the late 80s early 90s was due to using 'city youth'. It seems barrett and Warhurst who they didnt want wont promotion alone. Beginning to hate city as much as Utd. Arrogant twats!
  7. It was a throw away line in a newspaper article last week, Latics were used as an example... Now it's a rumour and everyone has a source. Load of bollocks!
  8. How many goals have we conceded from corners? I can't think of one although I may be mistaken?
  9. Good for him... Be sure to point out when he doesn't score for a run of 6, 10, 15 or more in a row won't you?
  10. Gunnar Halle and Tore Pederson will have played together for Norway
  11. Lol yeah that's it! For the record I did actually laugh out loud at that. Thank-you
  12. So just to clarify nobody knew of a potential takeover? nobody broke the news first? Nobody was told about it by their 'source' except for maybe 2 saying they were told to keep it quiet (mentioned after the event obviously as we know everyone keeps secrets well) Now some have a source telling them that Shez isn't buying his own players. Nobody been told to keep this a secret? funny that! For those 'reading between the lines' when it comes to information they think they know about the club. If you look for only bad things that's what you will see.
  13. Jack Ruddy from Wolves...