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  1. palmer1

    Mods - Tarky

    My point is players who are binned off or told to leave dont normally command any fee, especially then. There was a doubt about Warhursts fitness due to asthma but both were well thought of by many at City. Irwin was binned off by Bremner for free.
  2. palmer1

    Mods - Tarky

    Both Barrett & Warhurst joined Latics for a fee.
  3. palmer1

    New Manager Thread

    In some instances I think it's fair to say that can be true. However you're talking about someone who was a main stay in the engine room of the most successful team in the country for over a decade. He decided when he was finishing on his own terms. That isnt the case for average footballers at massive clubs, it just doesn't happen.....then he decided to come out of retirement & went straight back to the top level of football. Either way it's all nothing to do with if he can manage. However everyone one we hire will be a risk. Imo the pros out weigh the cons when risking Scholes. On and off the pitch.
  4. palmer1

    New Manager Thread

    With respect, what a load of bollocks! Did Adrian Durham post this! Stop listening to talk sport! Scholes was known as a world class midfielder all around the world well before he retired & was a different type of player to the 2 mentioned.
  5. palmer1

    New Manager Thread

    He done an amazing job but to appoint Wild would be a mistake in my opinion and as someone who has a steady job at the club and has for a decade it wouldn't be right for the fans to turn on him which will happen... let him be part of the 1st team coaching staff keep learning and maybe hell be ready for it in the future.
  6. palmer1

    New Manager Thread

    Scholes now joint favourite with his odds slashed from 14/1 in less than a day says to me there has to be something in it to me. We all love Wildy for what he has done these last few weeks but I dont personally think it would be the right thing to do by offering him the job permanently or even until the end of the season. Jump on the good feeling at the moment in the club & around football for us today. Appoint Scholes which would bring tremendously good publicity to us (something we haven't had much of in recent times) & practically guarantees another 150k+ when BT and BBC are fighting over us to put our 4th Rd win at Old Trafford on live TV. You know it makes sense. 😎😁
  7. palmer1

    New Manager Thread

    You'd guess so but he has applied before with the same circumstances in place so maybe not or he's willing to give it up.
  8. palmer1

    New Manager Thread

    4/1 gone 3rd fave ahead of Pressley.
  9. palmer1

    New Manager Thread

    Down to 5/1... Someone is putting money on him!
  10. palmer1

    New Manager Thread

    Yes and probably would have got if Wellens hadn't gone on a 7 game unbeaten run.
  11. palmer1

    New Manager Thread

    Scholes odds have been cut in half. Has he been interviewed this time?
  12. Just like Nazon! People have seen him play so some are delighted he's coming back despite him being very greedy and little bit shit. Al this Ranger nonsense is from a dodgy tweet from someone who makes up rumours. Has anybody actually seen him at the club?
  13. palmer1

    Peter Clarke

    I think its safe to say that is your name is brought up in this kind of discussion then you must be highly thought of and have been an excellent servant to the club. The parameters have certainly changed over time as players in the lower leagues move around far more often these days so over 100 apps at any lg1/2 club at his 36/37 especially is an achievement. Good Servant, Cult hero to many but a promotion away from Club Legend imo. Definitive Legend status may not be far away hopefully...
  14. is he? or has that come from that no source rumour twitter handle ?
  15. The official club line seems to be Captain, Leader, Legend... Is Peter Clarke an Oldham Athletic Legend? if so why?