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  1. Wearing a Chesterfield kit? the team he's been linked to most..
  2. Champions - Plymouth Dark horses - Swindon Relegated - Macc and Grimsby Latics - 16th. Latics TS - Wilson. Latics POTS - Nepo Banny - quit within 3 months
  3. That was my take on it. I don't know who he is though
  4. It was give to us by the Oldham Rugby. Possibly because we were skint.
  5. If youre going to commemorate our first season then surely for one season only you have red & white & navy shorts just like our first season?
  6. Why are we threatening to sue Peterborough? all seems very legit. If AL is in the right I guess we will here about it shortly right?
  7. Who is this? Just an Oldham fan with a top job or one of the potential investors?
  8. Whoever is running the youth system should be suspended shortly for bullying then...
  9. I think its safe to say that is your name is brought up in this kind of discussion then you must be highly thought of and have been an excellent servant to the club. The parameters have certainly changed over time as players in the lower leagues move around far more often these days so over 100 apps at any lg1/2 club at his 36/37 especially is an achievement. Good Servant, Cult hero to many but a promotion away from Club Legend imo. Definitive Legend status may not be far away hopefully...
  10. The official club line seems to be Captain, Leader, Legend... Is Peter Clarke an Oldham Athletic Legend? if so why?
  11. I think your remembering the league match a year later. Similar as they battered us for 91 minutes until Muggleston sliced a clearance (TWICE) straight to Super Sean who rolled the winner into a empty net.
  12. So if we don't invest in more players it's because the owner doesn't want promotion? This is why Ive stopped posting as much on here. Same shit, different day.
  13. Corneyesque?! The point is sort out his fuck ups! Clear his debts hence we're doing that and being sensible. Hope for investment? You already have it (see above) but we won't be putting ourselves back into a position like Corney left the club. This isn't championsio manager!
  14. We'll be mid table. This is a season of stabilisation. We are are not breaking the bank and doing things sensibly. The sooner the fan base realise this the happier they will be rather than the usual over inflated expectation of expecting/demanding to win every single game. But I agree a couple in would be good for us.
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