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  1. What if it was done at half-time. Cross pitch or walk around pitch (is that more legal?) en mass into the N Stand from Main Stand/RRE, protest for 5 mins, then return well before 2nd half is due to start. What would be the repercussions? Game called off/abandoned - offending supporters banned from ground - club fined... Or maybe the threat of it would spark some action into ALMoBO to sit down with the OEC and sort out the sorry mess without the OEC having to sign some stupid document 1st.
  2. I would rate Nepo as 1/10 accurate crosser - Latic's crossing accuracy stat for Crewe was 0% from 9 crosses. I'm not fussed about the low number of crosses for Sat seeing as we didn't have the kind of player on the pitch who could take advantage of them, but 0% is shocking. And don't get me started on Hamer's long throws, how often does a Latics player ever get on the end of one or on the headed clearance of an opposition player?
  3. Could he administrators just free the players from their contracts to save on wages?
  4. A better line up but I'd prefer Maouche to either Missile or Sylla.
  5. I'm very glad PTB is around, mediation is exactly what's needed in to resolve this dispute. Regarding your comment on further protests "We have seen comments around another protest for the upcoming Mansfield game and we are always looking for ideas and suggestions to challenge the ownership and running of the club." This may sound like a crazy idea but how about getting the council to close the North stand so that 1000+ fans are pissed off with the club.
  6. Should do. All tickets sold and the-capacity is just over 5K
  7. I see BO has been doing an excellent job for the club as safety advisor..
  8. Does the cost of employing a proper Safety Officer to replace BOs "expertise" in the role, outweigh the good feeling that would be generated in the club's staff and fans, if BO was sacked from the board and banned from the club?
  9. Dearnley was getting into positions where I hoped Rowe would be.
  10. Has something changed at Stevenage?, They streamed their Tues night game vs Northampton for £10 earlier in the season. https://www.stevenagefc.com/news/2019/september/watch-live-stream-stevenage-vs-northampton-sky-bet-league-two-efl-english-football-league-tuesday-17th-september-2019/ However even if it's not available live tonight, the video of the full game + Latics commentary should be available to watch on Wednesday, here: (on Wednesday it should go straight to the video) https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/matches/fixtures/first-team/201920/january/stevenage-vs-oldham-athletic-on-16-nov-19/?autoplayvideo=true To avoid seeing the score on this Broadcast video page you'll need to cover the screen up with something for a few seconds till it settles on the video (it's momentarily shown before the video sorts itself out) - oh and don't look at the stats during the game either. There is free online a matchday programme here: https://issuu.com/hashtagdigitalmedia/docs/sfc_v_oldham_14-01-20?fr=sYjdlNjY0ODg5NQ
  11. If you're an ifollow subscriber and don't mind watching the video of the game non live and want to watch without finding out the score, I think this will be the link that will take you straight to the game (think it's available to watch from about 1am early Sunday morning on-wards) it's the full game broadcast video with the usual Latics commentary with Roy. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/matches/fixtures/first-team/201920/january/macclesfield-town-vs-oldham-athletic-on-11-jan-20/?autoplayvideo=true To avoid seeing the score on the Broadcast video page you will need to cover the screen up with something for a few seconds till it settles on the video (it's momentarily shown at the top of the screen before the video sorts itself out) - oh and don't look at the stats during the game either.
  12. I guess. He must have a very physical presence and a knack of getting in the right place at the right time.
  13. As a defender I'm surprised Piergianni 's scored so many, according to the official he's only 6ft. However with his knack of goal scoring he will be a useful player to push up-front for the last 5-10 mins when we're trailing.
  14. Que puns and a carpet Co. advert on the perimeter boards in lieu of payment.
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