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  1. Just like Kow calling him a liar because of what he apparently meant rather than what he actually said 😂
  2. With an experienced head pulling the strings in midfield and a finisher capable of playing up front alone we might be pushing play offs. As it stands we might just “be reet”. Nice one.
  3. It’s ok to admit you’re wrong from time to time.
  4. He didn’t say they were sat outside for the whole of half time. He said “during half time”.
  5. I would think that the majority want him to learn from his mistakes. My problem with him is that I can't see where he is learning. Is there one single aspect of the club that is currently flourishing or at least on the up under his ownership? I am genuinely looking for positives but am struggling.
  6. I don’t think I’ve ever stuck the knife in to shez. Love the man.
  7. I don’t think you can compare the two situations. Especially not to conclude that one is therefore better than the other.
  8. There were financial issues where the players weren't getting paid, but Lowe galvanised them, kept them focussed and got promotion. Which is very much to his credit. But the key point here is... he wasn't told who to play and where by the chairman.
  9. I've no idea who or what else I would have done differently. I'm not a football manager and I wasn't watching them in training. Wellens said "It’s difficult when you wake up on a Saturday morning and you do not know who’s available and who can’t play" and "I had afternoon meetings with the chairman, discussions on who to play and not to play and certain players who had been signed and certain agreements with their parent club where they had to play." Whether you would have changed anything or not doesn't really matter - there's your interference. Also, Wild has said there was interference. Scholes said don't interfere or I'm off, AL interfered and he left. He/they have been doing it from the very start. And now look where we are.
  10. Wellens isn't blameless. But of your bullet points, 1 and 3 seem to be at odds with each other. Also you're saying there's little evidence that the team selection was interfered with during the run in when we're having a discussion about an article quoting Wellens saying exactly that. Form started to dip toward the end of December, the takeover was finally completed in January. The more AL was involved, the shitter it got overall. The working conditions weren't conducive to a successful team and were the major factor in our relegation and are continuing now with our current situation at the bottom end of league 2. The responsibility for that is the owners', no one else.
  11. Agreed BP. Wellens, Wright, Jewell, Doyle, Hunt, Lyden... 4th in table and scoring freely.
  12. Indeed. He was a young manager thrown into his first job. Of course he was going to make mistakes. But the football in those first few games was fantastic. Until ‘the boss’ thought he knew better.
  13. 9 I think. If we started against Grimsby with Woods for Zabret and Wheater for Sefil from last nights starting 11, you could argue that it wasn't our best XI, but would many argue that it was a reserve team?
  14. Wheater and Woods in my opinion. 6 of those who featured last night, featured against Plymouth on Saturday. And Smith-Brown and Vera have featured regularly this season. I guess it's all about how you define reserves. A few changes to the last team isn't a reserve side for me. Especially when you've got a squad of 30+.
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