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  1. When I was little my Dad rang the club and asked if there was a tour round the stadium we could do (we struggled to get to games as we lived in Yorkshire). It was during 89/90 season so he expected there’d be a few others there too as we were told to come at a certain time. My dad, me and my sister arrived and met the community officer (was it John Platt? He was brilliant) who said it was just us. He gave us a tour of the ground and even into the chairman’s office. Mr Stott was in there and was very welcoming and said we had access all areas. Was a lovely gesture and meant we could walk across the pitch during a 1st team training session. Joe Royle came over and chatted to us for a bit. I was totally star struck. We were a proper fan first family club when he was in charge so he’ll always have my gratitude for that. RIP and thank you 💙
  2. Is it available online in full with the Barry Davies commentary?
  3. It feels like each year for a long time it’s become exponentially shitter to be an Oldham fan. Apathy has properly set in with me in these last couple of seasons given all that’s gone on, but sat here listening to that with my 2 year old lad on my knee has reminded me what it’s all about. Creating special moments in time you’ll remember forever.
  4. Please stop. Large parts of the world are in lockdown and we’ve not had a year of it yet. You can’t compare those numbers at all. How many deaths would there be without lockdown? What you have said provides zero perspective at all.
  5. Saw a video (think it came from channel 4 news) which highlighted how completely not like flu this virus is. Apparently if someone has flu they give it to 1.3 or 1.4 people on average. Then if those 1.3 people give it to 1.3 people, and so on, by the 10th stage the initial person is responsible for 14 new cases. This virus is much more contagious and you're apparently likely to give it to 3 people. If they give it to 3, and they each give it to 3 and so on, by the 10th stage the initial person is responsible for 59,000 new cases. Staggering numbers. Stay inside where possible.
  6. Some baffling stuff on here. Especially the notion that the media is scaring people unnecessarily and that those scared are in some way to blame for believing it. Are the media scaring world leaders into the sort of unprecedented extreme measures they’re taking?!?! Good luck to everyone on here and their families, especially those on the front line putting themselves at risk for the benefit of others. And to those still insisting that it’s some sort of big overreaction... you can hold whatever opinion you want, just please stay indoors with that opinion wherever possible. Just in case the world medical and scientific community might know more than you on this.
  7. Please listen to this, and anyone else sharing the same view that it’s no big deal... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p0877mb2 It’s a long call, but might help make people aware exactly how serious this potentially is.
  8. As far as I understand it, in Italy there aren't enough ventilators available and doctors are having to choose who gets one and who dies. Does that happen with the flu? Also, aren't the current forecast deaths based on there being a widespread global lockdown of sorts? What would the forecast deaths be if everyone just carried on as normal? Maybe they should release those figures to try and keep people indoors and not interacting with everyone they see in pubs and cafes, putting more at risk with their irresponsible and selfish actions.
  9. Millennium bug wasn’t a problem because a huge amount of work went into making it not a problem. Brexit - we’re in transition. We’ve not left properly yet. “Wash through relatively harmlessly” - 288 dead in Spain today. Biggest rise of deaths in UK today.
  10. Sorry, I don't understand what point you're making? The government should be putting together a plan to make sure that people aren't put in the awful position you describe. And to help small businesses/self employed to try and get through this. While at the same time telling the billionaires who are asking for handouts to protect their industries to fuck off and pay for it themselves. But I can guess how those things will play out. But I don't see how footballers being forced to play for our entertainment has any relevance to that?
  11. So are you saying that footballers/coaches/physios etc should be forced to play football and risk catching the virus? Or should the games be played and the players have the choice of playing or not?
  12. I'm not sure what bit seemed like a wind up? General advice seems to be social distancing, avoid shaking hands etc but some are expecting 22 sweaty footballers to be running around touching each other for our entertainment. They may have vulnerable people in their families that they don't want to put at risk. Why should they be expected to do so just because some people don't know what else to do with their Saturdays?
  13. But they might have kids who have respiratory problems, or elderly relatives who may rely on them that they would pass it on to.
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