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  1. In the end, I don't think he'll want to be the PM who takes us out on a no-deal. Which means he'll be completely bent over in negotiations (as he was in the withdrawal agreement where he agreed to something that according to himself no PM should agree to). And because he won't want to go back on saying it'll be done by end of 2020 we'll end up leaving with a terrible deal. That and their record on pretty much every other subject being dreadful over their last 9 years in power. Get them out. https://getjohnsongone.com/
  2. We have too many in our squad who will have 4 and a half games where they're 4/10 and half a game where they're an 8. The chances of enough of them putting in their 8/10 performance in the same game to get a good result are pretty slim. Hence us being where we are.
  3. They're just so badly done! Reason alone to question the competency of those in charge of the club 😂
  4. Surely they're him though, not someone from the club?
  5. That ref decision... wow. Utterly staggering call.
  6. Stats for the decade would be interesting. Most appearances, goals, assists. Longest serving manager, most wins etc.
  7. Annoyingly I only thought of a question I would have liked put to the FLG the morning after the event! But it may have been discussed so I'll ask it now anyway... as the FLG don't have any current plans to pursue full ownership of the football club, have they had contact with any of the parties/consortiums that are looking at football clubs? The Dutch one in particular had been subject of a few strong rumours. No worries if I've missed the boat, but should you have any follow up discussions with them it'd be interesting to know if anyone is actively pushing OAFC as an attractive prospect to potential buyers.
  8. To offer a bit of defence to the trust here, they’re an official body who have processes to follow when it comes to meetings, minutes being signed off etc. PTB are an unofficial organisation who don’t have the same constraints. That said, what PTB have done so far is fantastic and is much needed action. So they absolutely have my support from afar.
  9. Ryan Lowe was manager when Bury were relegated. But they stuck with him. We all know AL was funding the club prior to the official takeover, but was he in the dressing room or banishing players to the youths then too?
  10. Crossed wires. Others seemed to be saying it.
  11. So a lone striker can work at league 2 then? I've not missed Swindon away since I moved to where I am now. I really don't fancy it this year. Look at what you could have won...
  12. According to sky sports Swindon play with a 4-2-3-1 line up, with Doyle as the striker.
  13. As I have no idea what the move was, let alone the counter move, I'll try and forget there was ever the chance of some action!
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