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  1. Bottom half. I’d take the well run one. It’d have much more chance of promotion from its division in the short/medium term.
  2. The fan bit of my post was irrelevant really. I’m not talking about fan cooperatives just one run by a fan or someone with some sort of affection/affinity with the club. Or not, just a club run well in a family and fan oriented, forward looking way.
  3. Not a realistic hypothetical. A better one may be... would you rather be a badly run club with no morals in the bottom half of league 2 or a fan-run, well respected family club in the conference?
  4. I wouldn’t class it as a fight back given some of the childish language used. Are the FLG going to get their hair pulled next Saturday?
  5. Shitposting. Think that's what the kids call it. Gives them lots of lols or something.
  6. Completely agree. If we were ambitious, well run, had impressive facilities, had a familiar/successful manager, and there weren't uncertainties about the owner or how club is being run then we would probably stand a better chance of signing players of that standard. For me a serious offer isn't just cash, it's being able to offer all those things too.
  7. As much as I'm sure they love Ryan Lowe I reckon a serious offer could have tempted at least one of them to not move hundreds of miles away. So my guess would be no, we absolutely didn't give any of them a serious offer.
  8. I based calling him proven on last season's promotion and the general response on twitter of bury fans who all seem to rate him. So I might be being generous to the lad. But there is also a broader point to make that it'd be pretty poor if we couldn't tempt any of Bury's promotion squad to stay local.
  9. Proven league 2 player signs elsewhere. Random unknown overseas player signs for us. I am shocked I tell you. Shocked. For the record, I want the new lad to do well obviously and wish him the best of luck. Here's hoping we've unearthed a late-developing diamond.
  10. I’m married to one and used to live there. But after all the sporting related heartbreak I’ve had from England and Latics over the years I couldn’t give 2 ficks 😂 And as I said to my missus, they can have the rugby one in a couple months time. What a sensational piece of sport that was. Stunning game.
  11. I will still never understand how that even happened. 1) surely someone in or close to the club could have found out off Tarky himself if he was likely to go. 2) If Brentford were willing to buy it out then it's only because they intended to sell him fairly soon. Just awful awful business.
  12. Bowyer vs Banide. Bradford giving it a good go at going straight back up.
  13. A free pass? The two situations aren't in any way comparable. AL has been in charge of the football club for how long now and all we've seen so far is a relegation, multiple employee complaints, our lowest finish in 40 years or something, and an underwhelming squad head off on a pre season tour. The fan led group have had ownership of the OEC for a couple of weeks (actually, has it even gone through yet?) and have released a video of the renovations to the top floor for a new supporters bar. Why do they need to put out more of a plan at such an early stage? And why would we need one? They aren't involved in the football club, which is why we're all here, not to know the ins and outs of the workings of a conference centre. You're trying to generate some sort of hypocrisy where it doesn't exist.
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