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  1. It's not a plan. It's a broad outline of recent history and future ambitions. The important bit is the reference to detailed annual plans. This is presumably where we will see things such as deliverable objectives for the season off the pitch. Facilities/new pitch/sponsorship etc. On the pitch, people just want to see us winning, it's a simple as that. If we were winning games and challenging for promotion but Abdallah was still in charge then the vast majority wouldn't really care how he was doing it.
  2. Inconsistency isn't just a trait of the 'foreigners'. There are plenty of others in the current and recent squads that blow hot and cold (mainly cold). Big reason for being where we are.
  3. Trust takes more than 24 hours to publish some minutes... outrage. Club to take 6 weeks to appoint a new manager (again)... no bother. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Daily payment limits for bacs transactions can happen. But for payroll? Bizarre if true.
  5. Isn't it fair to question the budget issue? If, as read, it’s bring doubled then that is exciting news. If it’s being increased by an unconfirmed amount/percentage then that’s pretty meaningless. So the distinction is important isn’t it? And isn’t it also fair, given everything that’s gone on, to be skeptical about any increase? Hardly “lazy insults”
  6. Giving AL the benefit of the doubt, that surely must mean on the administrative side. Although given recent history who knows?!
  7. Which should mean that the playing budget for next season is double what it was for this season. But could mean that the club is simply guaranteeing that it will be better than this season. Quite a difference between the 2 though.
  8. Since Dave Penney, we’ve appointed 12 managers on a full time basis and 10 of them have been first timers. The other 2 are John Sheridan. It really might be time to start finding some budget for the role.
  9. Fair enough. Thought he'd just been a coach before. 5/23!
  10. Is the last time we appointed a manager with experience that had no proper link to the club Dave Penney in 2009, 15 managers ago?! In fact, if my calcs and Wikipedia has it right, since Royle left in 94, the only managers we've had that fit that description are Warnock, Talbot, Ronnie Moore and Penney. 4 out of 23 managers.
  11. Wind up is being very generous. "The Executioner" opens new accounts quicker than I can block them to troll on the #oafc. I'd be surprised if he was actually a trust member in the first place.
  12. It really isn’t given how much it costs to set up a club. And it wouldn’t be Oldham athletic. Its easy to snipe from the sidelines, or to praise from the sidelines for that matter. The difficult bit is sticking your neck on the line to try and do something about it. There is no one solution or path that will please 100% of fans. But what I’m sure would be welcome if those with differing views and opinions could come together to try and offer constructive suggestions as opposed to the twisting of words to reach some sort of sensationalist conclusion.
  13. But the meeting happened Friday, it's now only Sunday on a bank holiday weekend. If someone had come out of that meeting Friday and quick fire tweeted off some bullet points, there would have been plenty of people jumping down their throats either demanding further detail or having a go for not being professional enough to release the information correctly. I really don't see the problem in waiting a few days for them to put together their summary of the meeting and potential next steps or whatever. Yes we're all keen to know what is happening, but why does everything have to be instant? "Refusing to say what's gone on" is a bit of a melodramatic interpretation.
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