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  1. Northampton.

    Wasn't there today but was the same at the last Saturday match, display oven was faulty.
  2. Club statement HMRC raid

    Far too many trying to make a silly point on this thread.
  3. We're just waiting on news, have you heard anything? I'm a bit worried the takeover has fallen through so if you have heard anything, you must tell us... Come on, Gimme hope Joanna!
  4. Rochdale (H)

    Doyle up for goal of the day on sky sports news, currently 4th (out of 4) in the vote.
  5. Ex players and that

    http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/15643674.Dyche_reveals_Clarets__failed___300_000_Tarkowski_bid__but_defender_is_a_bargain_at_10_times_that/ Little bit in the Lancashire Telegraph re. Tarky... Dyche tried to buy him from us for £300k but couldn't afford the fee and ended up paying Brentford £3mil for him... How much did we sell that clause for again?
  6. Where did I say that?
  7. It's not just us, another local club having problems with paying the wages (for about the 6th time I know of in the last 18 months)
  8. Ousmane Fané

    One of my best mates emigrated coz he was chasing Ozzy Fane... I wonder if he knows he's now in Oldham?
  9. Doyle/Byrne Value

    I heard a couple of people mention this at the match last night, willing to match his Preston wages apparently.
  10. Doyle/Byrne Value

    A bit of a debate over on the PNE forum about whether Doyle should be given another chance in January or sold... http://www.pne-online.net/forum/showthread.php?104269-6-in-7-for-Doyle
  11. Placide

    I'd have thought that was Abdallah's plan, especially if he's buying the club only (i.e no land/stand etc.)? Bring freebies over from his contacts/agency, they do the biz, he then sells them and make money on them to cover costs/profit?
  12. Bury (H)

    Baffling, he was running it for them!
  13. If/when Corney goes.

    Can we have a sweep for the new excuses the "not going again till corney fucks off " brigade will come up with when they still don't turn up?
  14. Bury (H)

    Free entry for under 16's tomorrow, just turn up at the turnstile, no ticket needed (any already purchased will be refunded) https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2017/october/23102017-under-16s-free/
  15. Our front two.

    They were saying on GMR the other night that Wellens doesn't/didn't want to play with 2 upfront, he'd rather play 4-2-3-1(iirc.) but he couldn't drop either Doyle or Davies with the form they are in.