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  1. Ex players and that

    Tarkowski only a reserve for the England world cup squad.
  2. Southend

  3. Season tickets 2018/19

    Can't be that shite, what about the 2500 "not going again till corney fucks off" brigade. Surely they were first in the queue?
  4. Wellens.

    Mike Phelan was there yesterday. Wasn't there talk of him coming in as Wellens assistant when he was first appointed?
  5. Gillingam (h)

    A bit of Shirt pulling according to radio manc
  6. Bury (A)

    According to the TFGM website they are running mate (From Manchester to Bury and back), I posted on here earlier in the week and that it was replacement bus service thinking it said 11:30am but it's not till 11:30pm 👍
  7. Bury (A)

    Apologies, could have sworn that said 11:30am last night when I checked
  8. Bury (A)

    Appologies Ignore me, trams fine from Manchester to bury
  9. Patrick McEleney

    "He's a top player and I watched him loads of times when Graham Barrett (agent) told me he was going to come here. I look forward to playing with him." He was first linked with us late November and officially signed late December, his season finished in October? Has Byrne had Paddy's YouTube highlight video on loop, or was this move on the cards a lot longer than we thought?
  10. Reading that, Couldn't you just change Salford to Oldham and Koukash to Blitz?
  11. The Pitch

  12. January transfer window

    Did we ever officially sign that Jean Ambrose?, He's a CB isn't he? He arrived with the other #frenchlads at the beginning of the season and I'm sure he sits in the main stand some match days.
  13. January transfer window

    Main stand Lights are still on and plenty of cars parked outside
  14. Ex players and that

    Rhys Murphy signs for Gillingham.