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  1. He's not my type
  2. Unchanged
  3. BBC live from Hyde utd for the draw, interviewing Kelly.
  4. I said at half time that we might have a problem towards the end as we wouldn't be able to keep the high work rate up for 90mins. We did (helped by the right subs at the right times) and the Gardner one is a good example, as well as Jack Byrne who was still chasing down and winning 50/50 balls in stoppage time, despite Blackburn's best efforts to kick him off the park all afternoon.
  5. I feel a bit sorry for Banks, he wasn't even in the squad today and he's still getting a load a stick.
  6. Every player was excellent today... But anyone who doesn't give Jack Byrne MOM, freedom of the town and a free go on their missus, doesn't even like football! FACT
  7. Simply Simply Loveleh
  8. The Mirror says under FA rules, he would have to end his involvement in Salford City before he could take over as manager.
  9. Moisley: "fuckinell Simon, were getting panned here re. these late wages, we need a distraction" Corney: "give me half an hour.... Hello is that sky sources?"
  10. Sky sports say Steven Pressley also interviewed with more to be held next week.
  11. It's definitely Frank Sinclair and Greg Wallace
  12. I heard he's close to securing a top deal on a thousand of these...
  13. Sounds like a rumour made up on here (or Twitter...) Nixon's probably had a look at Abdallah's website and the first out of work (active) manager he's come too, stuck it in the paper... That or had a DM off Ibby
  14. He might play an itsy bitsy teeny queensy part in the game.