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  1. Gaz_Oafc

    Bradford FLT

    We've played some lovely football tonight.
  2. Gaz_Oafc

    Latics Website

    Sam will probably read this thread and say... Thanks for your FANTASTIC support...
  3. Gaz_Oafc

    Behind closed doors

    I think it's disgusting that the moderators allow such vile language on a football forum, given the amount of money they get paid to moderate it......
  4. Gaz_Oafc

    Behind closed doors

    So Ibby was right then, we've got Jordan Pickford on the bench.
  5. Gaz_Oafc

    Behind closed doors

    Errr excuse me, but it's Jonathan (Jon) Paul Macken to you... In any case, it's Steve Marlet who's on trial.
  6. Gaz_Oafc

    Newport (H)

    Thought Newport did a typical away job on us. Solid and organised in defence, soaked up whatever pressure we threw at them then nicked one when they could. Something they probably trained for all week and executed it perfectly.
  7. Gaz_Oafc

    Anthony Gerrard

    Should have celebrated Ramadan himself instead of joking about it... fasting would have done him the world of good!
  8. Gaz_Oafc

    Crawley (h)

    That Ollie Palmer has been getting rave reviews for them and was linked with a move away before the deadline, even though he only signed recently. I know im only judging him after one game, but George Edmunson made him look absolute dog shit.
  9. Gaz_Oafc

    Crawley (h)

    There must be some sort of clause in Graham's contract that says he has to make an appearance. Hamer should have been on from the start.
  10. Gaz_Oafc

    Crawley (h)

    Didn't realise how much lower the standard is down here compared to league 1!! Thought George was excellent today!
  11. Gaz_Oafc


    Thought this was going to be about Bobby Madley and his alleged antics. Woof.
  12. Gaz_Oafc

    Ex players and that

    Lee Erwin set to sign for Iranian side Tractor Sazi F.C
  13. Gaz_Oafc

    Transfer Rumours

    We got beat 4-1 apparently
  14. Gaz_Oafc

    MK Dons - Starting X1

    What actually happened to the lad stretchered off? Didn't even look like our player (O'Grady?) touched him?