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  1. Southend close to agreeing a permanent transfer for him according to sky sports.
  2. Gaz_Oafc

    Ex players and that

    Big Utd fan isn't he? Would he go there?
  3. Gaz_Oafc

    Simon Blitz

    https://m.facebook.com/687181608/posts/10156634721476609/ Don't know if it works but this links to his Facebook, his video on the pitch at FT
  4. Gaz_Oafc

    FA Cup 2018-19

    Fucking boooo
  5. Is this the lad you let the club know about recently BP?
  6. Gaz_Oafc


    He's been linked to Rochdale this morning, although Bradford fans reckon he's nailed on to them!
  7. Brilliant, he comes across really well!
  8. Missilou excellent so far.
  9. Not sure, but if we sell them we'll be sure to make a prophet!
  10. Gaz_Oafc

    Notts (H)

    Thought we played some nice stuff and controlled the game well. Yes they were crap but I thought that was partly down to us.
  11. Gaz_Oafc

    Frankie gone

    Doesn't Gary Bowyer tick those boxes?
  12. Gaz_Oafc

    League 2 activity

    They've paid their wages late as many, if not more times than we have over the past couple of years. A Bury fan I work with is suspicious and reckons it might be some sort of debt shifting exercise linked to their now former owner.
  13. That explains the bitterness towards the club then! Funny how i only hear the one sided dig at the club and they conveniently leave out that bit eh!
  14. I know one of Buckley's relatives, they are less than complementary about us from his time here.