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  1. Reading that, Couldn't you just change Salford to Oldham and Koukash to Blitz?
  2. The Pitch

  3. January transfer window

    Did we ever officially sign that Jean Ambrose?, He's a CB isn't he? He arrived with the other #frenchlads at the beginning of the season and I'm sure he sits in the main stand some match days.
  4. January transfer window

    Main stand Lights are still on and plenty of cars parked outside
  5. Ex players and that

    Rhys Murphy signs for Gillingham.
  6. January transfer window

    If Ladapo is the answer then don't even bother asking the fucking question.
  7. January transfer window

    I heard he shit himself at the thought of playing infront of those 70,000 Oldham fans that didn't want him last time.
  8. Plymouth (H)

    He looked slower than Gerrard yesterday, not too sure how many fullbacks he'll be beating.
  9. January transfer window

    Yeah, watched a couple of highlight videos of him and he looks like an attacking left back with a bit of pace who's not afraid of a sliding tackle. Also puts some decent crosses in the box.
  10. Wellens Out!??

    Shez was there today
  11. Plymouth (H)

    Ben Pringle man of the match, are you having a fucking laugh? Got to be a piss take that!!!! And whilst bringing Nazons on was correct, taking Fane off was a baffling decision by Wellens. Oh and Dummigan had a TERRIBLE first half.
  12. Plymouth (H)

  13. January transfer window

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Yarsuvat On his way to us according to a foriegn article on twitter https://www.aftonbladet.se/sportbladet/fotboll/a/L0120V/avslojar-skyttekungen-nara-overgang-till-oldham
  14. Abdallah ain't gonna be able to flog the foriegn lads if they aren't in the shop window is he?