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  1. He was at a couple of our games this season, although probably just to check on Dearnley. Apparently sacked by Utd for playing horrible football and failing miserably with their u23 team despite having some highly rated players at his disposal. (Sounds like their 1st team)
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1131333/Rangers-transfer-news-George-Edmundson-Oldham/amp Edmundson rejects new deal with us, Rangers have £400k bid turned down but think it's a fair offer and won't increase it by much. Hull and Peterborough have also failed with offers and Derby Stoke and Wigan are interested.
  3. Alan Nixon linking us to Jamie Devitt. Carlisle midfielder I think.
  4. Iacovitti? Just said his goodbyes to Forest.
  5. Looks like one of those "compo face" articles the MEN is full of... "Boy kicked out of school for having his hair cut too short, parents demand answers (and compensation)"
  6. Lescott has a cushy job for City looking after their loan players, and is coaching with England u21. Must be mad to want to give that up to come and work for us for a couple of months.
  7. Anyone checked Junior Luamba's ID? He looks about 35.
  8. Scholes to become United's director of football according to today's Mirror...
  9. Really enjoyed that today, we could and probably should have had 5 or 6! Thought everyone put a shift in, but Nepo & Maouche were outstanding.
  10. 140 bets over a 3 and a half year period.
  11. Bury case adjourned til 15th May on the basis of payments coming from the EFL and season ticket sale money coming in. Sounds like Chris Brass has accepted a payment plan of some sort but HMRC have piggybacked on to the hearing for £277k. Talk amongst Bury fans on twitter that they need gates of 7500 paying £20 each for each of their last 3 home games to survive... Not sure if players/staff have been paid either... Sounds bleak
  12. Bury were worse than us for paying their wages late under their previous owner. Didn't seem to make the headlines though.
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