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  1. Steve Evans will be Paul Scholes all over again. Walk out the minute the chuckle brothers stick their beak in.
  2. "The crux of the matter, BBC Sport has been told, was Lemsagam's interaction with Oldham's first-team squad.... It is understood harsh words were exchanged on more than one occasion. A relationship that needed to be strong gradually worsened."
  3. We've been ShitStorm Athletic for so long, that I'm not even arsed anymore. That's the sad thing.
  4. "Oldham Athletic are disappointed by Paul's decision to resign and surprised by the reasons he has given," Lemsagam told Sky Sports News. "The club gave Paul all the support and autonomy that he asked for. He did not raise his concerns at all, informally or formally, prior to his resignation. He gave no opportunity to address any issues at all, simply resigning by text and then refusing to discuss matters. "Management is a difficult job and we would have worked with Paul to find solutions, had we been given the chance. We wish him well and thank him for his contribution. We will start the search for a new manager immediately." Sky Sports News has also been told that Oldham have today received as many as a dozen applications to takeover as manager of the club.
  5. Yeah Barry is the one to contact, he'll sort it. As has been said, they've probably forgot to switch the ANPR camera off. ** Thinking about it, the hospital parking office had been shut (due to sickness I think) so this is probably why.
  6. Absolutely awful. Our keepers just got MOM at home to fucking Morecambe... Kevin Ellison is about 58 years old and took the piss, out sprinting our players time and time again... We had two defensive midfielders and their right back strolled through the centre of the pitch whenever he fancied it.
  7. So that WAS what happened then! I was sure thats what happened initially, but then when the ref gave a free kick, I thought I must have been wrong!
  8. Sky sports reporter to Scholes: So Paul, are you enjoying it then...? Scholes: No 😂
  9. Thanks for the stream Kusunga (and to those who contributed) 👍
  10. Apparently the only restriction is that he cannot sign players from, or sell to Salford City
  11. Oldham have let Courtney Duffus leave the club for an undisclosed fee to join Yeovil. The defender joined Oldham in 2017 but has made only nine appearances for the club. Oldham will be due 40 per cent of any sell-on.
  12. Don't know how true this is but some Yeovil fan posted this on twitter.
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