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  1. Deserves more credit than most, rest in peace Ian and my condolences to the Stott family
  2. ,Right ....... I beg you to try this...... ingredients 1 tin of tuna, half a tin of cold baked beans, a good handful of grated cheese and salad creme all mixed in a bowl topped with halved cherry tomatoes and served on lightly buttered crackers .... it is delicious.
  3. Still sends shivers down my spine .............I remember being shoved so far down the terrace when Bernards goal went in.... it was mental
  4. What wouldnt suprise me in the least would be seeing Corney back as a babysitter for Blitz until the club as a whole is sold.
  5. if theyre going to do it ... do it now while there are still matches to be won, this cannot be allowed to drag on
  6. Very grubby .... I am well aware of issues caused to my company (around 59% of our fraud) from the country in question. There are schools that teach it ... families that pass on tricks of the trade. Yet we have several well educated and quite brilliant analysts who’s figures and facts point this out..... take out the B word and you have something as offensive as the pistols line never trust a hippie! Did they install a shite magnet when they replaced the pitch
  7. The most exciting thing about Latics at the moment is off field.... and on here. When we score (I know I know) the cheer is similar to the one in cup matches where you are already 6 goals down and you fire one in in the 89th min. Tghe crowd are not expecting to win, nor watch good football and that reflects. The poweres that be dont care a jot like but that is how it is. I often attended matches on my own and find that I get restless and frustrated by half time and find alternative entertainment on my phone. I live a stones throw away from BP and I have never ever felt less engaged than I do today. MAKE ME CARE AGAIN YOU BASTARDS.
  8. Lad from Burnley... I'd post the link but am in my car shivering
  9. My first home mtch of the season ..... my only other match was carlisle away..... simple maths should tell you it aint gonna be pretty
  10. Signed up, without nitpicking it seem a very resonable letter and good luck to them for sticking thier necks out. Who knows this could be the start of something great.
  11. Had to turn it off..again . Was giving me headache.... What the fucking hell is this
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