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  1. According to the Sunday People clubs are calling for points deductions if wages over 14 days late. 6 clubs in imminent danger.
  2. The only Mills I can recollect is Freddie Mills the boxer.
  3. Could be worse, I suppose its available to watch live on ifollow?
  4. Stirring it Dave, you should know me by now.😁
  5. 38 out of 100, we have had worse, 5ft 10 centre back though? https://fmdataba.com/19/p/25875/dylan-fage/
  6. Mo: What about the 32 French players you brought with you? LB: They're all going back on the same flight as me. Au revoir mate.
  7. Looks like he's been locked out, which wouldn't be surprising.
  8. There would be no one left at the club.
  9. Owning a football club like ours is at present is hardly boosting his status.
  10. You'd think AL was still an agent reading all this.
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