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  1. Some posters are bringing OWTB down to a low level IMO. It's like a mirror image of the way the club is going. I wouldn't be surprised if the mods have had enough. It costs good money to run the site and a some are ruining it. I'm getting fed up with it.
  2. Bickering stopped, I've blocked mcfluff at last.
  3. Waste of time with you, blocking you like I have your mate Kowenicki. You can convince yourself you know it all to others.
  4. He won't reply to criticism, just criticises others.
  5. Sums up your judgement, you havent seen Egert play for us yet, nobody has.
  6. He really is a pain, won't make any recommendations of his own in case he's wrong. I make them right or wrong.
  7. Recommended a big young centre forward last season before he scored 21 goals in non league. Recommeded him again this season, scored for his Division 2 club today.
  8. There's lot's better than Woods. Iversen was one, that's my opinion.
  9. You love me to be wrong, as I said grow up and make some recommendations yourself.
  10. True, mcfluff and Kowenicki are both snipers with no constructive input.
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