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  1. Transfer Rumours

    Can't really sing there's only one John Smith when there's millions of them.
  2. Pre-season 2018

    Pitch protection?
  3. Ask Brass Bank to rent it for free for half the profits.
  4. Transfer Rumours

    Half baked I assume?
  5. Bunn Officially confirmed

    Glove suggests a keeper.
  6. Bunn Officially confirmed

    That also fits the Alan Nixon hint.
  7. I thought we were aiming high now with AL?๐Ÿ˜
  8. Or buy one if the houses there and name it The New Clayton Arms.๐Ÿ˜
  9. Can't the Fleetwood example be used? At the stadium there is the informal sounding โ€œJimโ€™s Barโ€ which is purpose-built and opened in October 2008 with both sets of fans allowed to mingle before and after the game.
  10. Transfer Rumours

    Good we can now look forward to transfer rumours, we need it after all the recent doom and gloom.
  11. Next Manager Speculation

    Consolidation means you don't have to win every game, the mentality should be go out and win every game, too much settling for draws last season as though they were major achievements. Hopefully FB will instill that winning mentality.
  12. Simon Brooke

    Join them and answer the questions then?
  13. Bunn Officially confirmed

    Well we did have Masterchef.
  14. Bunn Officially confirmed

    Or better still singing.