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  1. Southend (H)

    Probably Saturday's team. The bench will be interesting.
  2. Board and directors

    Many a fan would like that for free.
  3. Squad movements, summer 2017

    Gardner looks like he's picked up an injury.
  4. League 1 Activity

    Why the hate for any club ? Support your own club by all means, but don't begrudge their fans the moments of glory we had.
  5. Rochdale

    Except for a break in March with no midweek match.
  6. League 1 Activity

    Glad you got gist of it, maybe couhave been better worded. Ps I can only get out of bed one side, my wife has a big wardrobe blocking the way.
  7. League 1 Activity

    My original point was they aren't playing 2 games a week as some thought..Now get out of bed on the other side.
  8. Board and directors

    At least that's better than on the back of a fag packet.
  9. Rochdale

    Don't think they have a big squad,16yo on the bench v Spurs. Some players are struggling already with injuries, it's going to be tough for them
  10. League 1 Activity

    According to the Rochdale fixture list they have no game between 17th -24th March.
  11. League 1 Activity

    I don't think they have a midweek game before they play us.
  12. The Pitch

    Strange they allow them in World Cup and European qualifiers, but not in the EFL.
  13. The Pitch

    Do Latics own the Chapel Road training ground?
  14. The Pitch

    Didnt we once have undersoil heating?
  15. Jack Byrne - Returning?

    There were 99 of them, He was the odd one out.