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  1. Holds double the allocation though so I expect more on sale later.
  2. Which stand have we been allocated?
  3. HMP Holloway Parkhurst Rd, London N7. Now closed if you intend visiting.
  4. So it's possible the takeover could be completed before the Rochdale home match?..ideal to boost the crowd.
  5. Ref watch; Check out @bantamsbanter’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/bantamsbanter/status/920663311804493826?s=09
  6. He's much better looking than BP.
  7. Put a lot of effort in and picked up plenty of knocks. Probably needs a rest, maybe RW will leave him out of the Checkatrade game?
  8. Oppposition fans now think we are a good team, that's a good sign.
  9. https://claretandbanter.uk/
  10. Bradford fans forum Standards are dropping. FFS give Oldham credit they were the best team I have seen come to VP this season
  11. Many Bradford forum fans were also complimentary.
  12. Does it mean only audio replay though?
  13. From mid day the following day according to this; https://www.lutontown.co.uk/ifollow/ifollow-faqs/