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  1. Plenty more fish in the sea. PW days he's noted them so hopefully he secures the job and can get on with it.
  2. Tough centre back, always give everything.
  3. Wouldn't chance it, notices don't mention BHs in some areas, the traffic wardens may well be on duty and are red hot keen.
  4. Doesn't appear the match is streamed for viewing on ifollow, perhaps bank holidays are treated the same as Saturdays? EFL Any games played outside of blocked hours (not between 14:45 – 17:15 on a Saturday) and not shown by Sky Sports will be available to watch for domestic fans. Latics Next match 19 Apr 2019 15:00 (UK) Cheltenham Town v Oldham Athletic There is not a match pass available for this match. £10.00
  5. I've a good padded seat at home in front of the tele with Sky and BT Sports available. My wife makes the complimentary tea. A free TV guide is also given. It's £50 a visitor in future.
  6. Branger can beat a man but can't cross a ball, Nepo can cross a ball, but can't beat a man. Between them there's a decent winger.
  7. Better stick to the first one, in case a miracle happensand he scores an hat trick.
  8. Don't say that now I've pledged on here £25 if Vera starts a game.
  9. At a Royal Military race meeting at Sandown Park I was invited by her entourage for a drink in the regimental lounge. I asked the barman for a pint of bitter, to which he replied, "Sorry Sir, we don't stock that sort of thing", however, he would do his best to find a bottle of light ale for me.
  10. If he starts a game this season I'll donate £25.
  11. So they must have thought it could possibly leave the the Trust open to court action?
  12. What was the reason the Trust did not publish his response in full then?
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