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  1. BP1960

    Macclesfield (h)

    He's still better than Coke.
  2. BP1960

    Neatly symmetrical

    In Charlie Buchans book on football he wrote "Turn over the page to find out what many directors know about football The page was blank.
  3. I did ask pre Trust meeting if AL intended to bring any investors on board, I think this was reasonable question and could have been answered in seconds. I also feel the Trust should have had a set of fans questions passed on to AL before the meeting with him so he could readily give the answers.
  4. BP1960

    Neatly symmetrical

    Maybe a future OWTB Countdown contestant? £10 to player share every round you win.
  5. BP1960

    Neatly symmetrical

    It is. Btw Dave you are becoming the Leonard Sachs of OWTB with some fine words like symmetrical. Keep them coming.
  6. BP1960

    Neatly symmetrical

    Avro are doing well I believe too.
  7. BP1960

    Next 3 League games

    Notts County 0 Yeovil 4...🤤
  8. The meeting was before ALs statement so set the right tone.
  9. BP1960

    Callum Lang

    He comes with his own song...
  10. BP1960

    Macclesfield (h)

    New keeper for Macc, looked a good prospect when I've seen him play for Man United u23s. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45202595
  11. BP1960

    Jack Byrne ❤️

    The England cricket coach wants a public apologyy from Ben Stokes Would this be the way to go with Byrne?
  12. BP1960

    The Joe Royle Stand

    Or the Chaddy Owl End.
  13. If so the Trust should get some deserved credit.
  14. It certainly puts my losing a fiver last Saturday on a horse race I didn't fully understand into perspective.