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  1. Followed Bill Shankly, the most passionate of all.
  2. He watched the team many times this season so how did he come to the conclusion in picking that team and formation? Admit it yourself, you wouldn't have done.
  3. Just because he's a big name doesn't mean he's exempt from criticsm, he made a big mistake in team selection and formation which many on here questioned before the game, Stott at left back, 2 holding midfielders in each others way, one immobile player up front at home. No motivation during the game. He has slated other managers as a pundit so can expect some of the same when things go wrong. Its true he can only work with what he's got, but my impression is the players are unsure what's expected of them resulting in a dysfunctional team. The first thing he needs to do is drill this lot into a unit where they all know what they are supposed to be doing, better results will then follow. I want all our managers to succeed and hope pre season the players he brings in are his own and follow his philosophy.
  4. Scholes not disappointed, as a manager he thought we played well. I bet in private as a fan he was livid at the performance of some players.
  5. That goes for those who criticised Kelly and Dunn too I assume?
  6. Two loaness signed and no one has seen them. Also a centre back signed who been sent to Ashton United. Seems poor recruitment
  7. Just because he's a big name doesn't mean he can inspire players. That's what showed tonight to me and on Saturday. His team selection was totally unbalanced and he never changed anything after going a goal down when it was obvious the formation wasn't working. Two holding midfielders getting in each others way all the time was a prime example.
  8. We all know Stott can't play at left back, that much should be obvious to Scholes.
  9. I'll say it, but will no doubt get lambasted for it...no passion from the manager either throughout the game.
  10. Vera and Coke who don't impress anyone ..on the bench.
  11. No intention of doing that, I'll put my thoughts on here like everyone else.
  12. He hangs about the far post where we are so vulnerable on crosses. Hope our coaches are aware of that.
  13. When I saw my first colour film I was amazed, I thought the real world pre ww2 was all black and white.
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