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  1. Agents have the big say now, coaches have to utilise what's given them.
  2. I notice Smith chatting to Dino while Latics were attacking no wonder there's a lack of concentration.
  3. I thought Dearnley looked a bigger goal threat than Segbe or Wilson and worth a start next time seeing as the other options have failed time and time again.
  4. Hit one great shot in the 2nd half from the area he likes best, which tells you all about where he should be receiving the ball. Feed the Rower.
  5. With the help of one the goal scorers Jake Cassidy of course.
  6. Our central mifielders hardly stepped over the halfway line, so no wonder he rarely received a pass to his feet.
  7. I can't believe he had a free hand in signing the likes of N'Guessan and Dearnley. Smacks of agents at work to me. Nothing will change until a manager is allowed to bring in all the players he wants. Unfortunately, under this regime I can't see that happening.
  8. Team looks unbalanced and dysfunctional. I can't believe he would have had any say in bringing in N' Guesson, if so it doesnt auger well.
  9. Might not start,. meaning a Segbe hat trick will keep him out of the team.😁
  10. I remember from when he was at Droylsden, who had a very good team at the time, with most progressing to National and EFL level. He is exactly the same player as he was then, you may not see him chasing around, but if a chance comes he will wack it in, usually ripping the net off.
  11. Call it fantasy, but it's possible Rowe and Segbe could work well together, Segbe pulling defenders out of position while Rowe stays where he normally hangs out, on the edges of the penalty area, hopefully unmarked.
  12. Maouche has to start, he will know exactly where to feed a pass to Rowe. But knowing us it will be 3 defensive midfielders and Rowe on his own to fight for high balls. Have a feeling though Dearnley could be useful with Rowe in the team.
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