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  1. I didnt say Maouche was Groves, but an individual talent. I saw a lot of Groves and he had many off days, enigmatic is a word often used for such players. It's a team game and there's room for many styles IMO.
  2. There's room for individual talent in a team,. I go as far back as Alan Groves who just did what he wanted and the rest let him get on with it.,
  3. And don't do owt for nowt - unless it's for theeself.
  4. A nice guy and a very talented player on his day, hope he can add consistency, if so he will be a delight to watch.
  5. Also rumoured we are after Kane Wilson, very highly rated by fans of clubs he's been on loan at . If Tom Hamer is sold I could understand such a move.
  6. You mean what will be retained won't be a long list?
  7. Queensy Menig is at top flight Dutch club FC Twente. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/FC_Twente
  8. It was me who coined the phrase 'Special mention' after one of his BP performances.😀
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