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  1. Who the 2 lads from the youth team who impressed Dino in training? May not be them, but the keeper and centre back have impressed me.
  2. Let's hope it's us avoiding the possibility of playing a non league club.
  3. Sporting director not up to it - keep him on.
  4. After all that's been said about the teams fitness. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2019/october/16102019-sc-vacancy/
  5. Which ever combination we use it never looks good. Roll on January when Dino hopefully has a mass clear out and brings in some players who can cope in this division.
  6. Freudian slip there. I think you meant months, although we do look a moth eaten outfit. Not that I know of. As Dino says, January will see some rebuilding.
  7. I've mentioned 2 big young centre forwards on loan to the club. One is with a Premiership club and scoring plenty of goals for their u23s, so it might be difficult to get him, but not impossible. The other is an 18yo England under 19 international with a Northern Championship club, never been on loan who isnt in first team plans as far as I know. He has appeared in the past though. Hope something happens.
  8. The only negative reports they will publish are the teams results.
  9. I see the Reading Sporting Director is now the first team manager. Can't happen here...can it?
  10. Would be his best option like George..dread to think how he would have suffered if he'd stayed here this season.
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