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  1. McKinney is 17, doing well in non league on loan and far more skilful than any of the current strikers. We can of course carry on with the flops we have got.
  2. What's up with you, aren't people allowed to give an opinion except your own?
  3. On loan from our youth team, this lad is better than any of our current so called strikers. Very skillful in and around the penalty area. Bring him back.
  4. You will still see lots being given the chance to play competitive football rather than stuck in the tepid u23 leagues. We will sign at least a couple.
  5. There will be plenty of good loan players available and we will get some of them I'm sure.
  6. 2 more goals from the non league centre forward I recommended today. Think that's 25 this season.
  7. Having seen him he looks physically well capable of stepping up.
  8. So fast he would probably have been an international Rugby winger.
  9. Maybe, but he's already had first team experience here.
  10. One that got away, very surprised we let him go at the time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Derek_Spence
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