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  1. Players linked with us

    He's the apple of Dundalks eye and would be a plum signing for us.
  2. Hopefully, they will all be on to the Chief Exec asap. Maybe the catering franchise needs looking at for the future.
  3. Didn't know we had one, who is it?
  4. Boundary Park

    They could sponsor my user name too.
  5. Away day you’ve always wanted to do

    Miss the old grounds like Chester's with real spiders on the urinals not imitation ones.
  6. Away day you’ve always wanted to do

    The goals were shown on BT Sports recently. Lovely slide rule pass from Alan Groves and great finish from David Shaw.
  7. If so. plenty of competition out there.
  8. Can't our trust rep bring this up at a board meeting and relay the outcome to fans ?
  9. Away day you’ve always wanted to do

    But not Fulham like this...
  10. The climb up the table

    http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/oldham-athletic-patrick-mceleney-oafc-13965259 Byrne like?...
  11. The climb up the table

    You can never tell, could be some very good replacements lined up. like Lloyd Jones and the lad from Dundalk.
  12. Players linked with us

    Latcs after Liverpool centre back Lloyd Jones according to today's Sun.
  13. Northampton.

    I fear the crowd could be lowest for a long time.
  14. Northampton.

    He might if he's stuck for getting back home.