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  1. It can be done with signings from other clubs, I use Latics squads of the season being played, which is why hardly any progress can be made. For season 2002/03 I will have to bring in players from outside the club using our extensive scouting system.
  2. 13 matches to go and we languish in 17th place and out of all cups (does that sound familiar?) I have received yet another vote of confidence from the board, but still no money to buy or loan players. We can look back though to the FL Cup 1st round where we faced the high flying moneybags QPR.
  3. You never know to alleviate cash flow problems when a new season starts.
  4. I'm surprised no one has thought of 2 year season tickets yet.
  5. I think Sky Sports nd BT Sport may go down the free to air route though for behind closed door games..
  6. I should think they will already have criminal records and left forensic evidence in several places, including the purse, so I've no doubt the despicable culprits will be soon apprehended, I just hope they don't fall into the category of too young to be named. They must be named and shamed.
  7. If Latics matches are played behind closed doors I wonder if ifollow will make them available to watch in the UK and free to view?
  8. I hope to add a few more games today, here is a the thrilling Northampton v Latics 'Match of the Day' video for you enjoyment.
  9. Hope the catch these despicable scum and they go behind bars for a very long time. https://www.theoldhamtimes.co.uk/
  10. SEASON 2001: HALF TERM REPORT FROM THE MANAGER BP1960 The current position of 17th in the league is concerning, However, I have received a solid vote of confidence from the board and we can hopefully improve results from now on. Injuries and suspension have played their part in some below par performance, but unfortunately the clubs financial situation will not allow any new recruitments. We have also had to release two of our highest wage earners, Matthew Tipton and Craig Dudley. They haven't been too much of a loss though as forwards, Carlo Corazzin John Eyre and Ryan Sugden have been scoring freely. We do need to strengthen our defence, particularly in the full back positions where on occasions we have looked vulnerable, and several loan deal approaches have been made. More video highlight have been added for you to follow the seasons' progress. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjBah3AcEdCEs9EHAGFP2Ug/videos For your enjoyment the highlights of the away match at Bury, which was probably our best performance so far is shown below.
  11. OEC helping out. https://www.theoldhamtimes.co.uk/news/18352508.boss-puts-oldham-event-centre-forefront-coronavirus-battle/
  12. It's looking like a normal Latics season and you know how long managers last here. The board won't even allow me loanees, and I've had to release the high wages earners. the club is £500,000 in debt. I'm playing this with the actual 2001 squad, but if playing the game by the rules I'd be bringing in good freebies we have never heard of. I will have to do that in season 2002. At least I've got them scoring goals.
  13. Not seen any player move as fast since Wayne Andrews.😁 ps. the text can be slowed down, but can take up to 10 mins, too long for any Latics fan to suffer under my management.😉
  14. Alas, with no money to spend I'm sinking fast. More matches added day to day.
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