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  1. Jesus christ that’s pathetic. In summary: “I know him; We have made money together before; Australians as a people are hard workers.”
  2. Hmmm they gave this the big 125 years build up and then... released a totally standard shirt that could have been from any time in the last 50 years. I mean it’s fine. And the badge is obviously great. But.... sigh.
  3. A special kit celebrating 125 years that’s just a variation of our bog standard kit would be totally pointless. Classic Oldham. New badge is literally the only good thing the club has done in the last decade though. Forgot how it felt to see something actually improve.
  4. Here's the bog-standard Hummel striped shirt, so presumably this is pretty close to it.
  5. Diego Cervero, ready to fight Covid-19 https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/apr/21/diego-cervero-spanish-striker-doctor-fight-covid-19?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  6. For all the memories of his presiding over our most successful period in living memory, it's the little things that matter. Something today's version of OAFC, and most other clubs to be fair, would do well to remember. In 1985 I was ten and on my way to the club shop to buy my first Oldham kit. Bumped into him outside the shop as we were on our way in. He welcomed us like long lost friends, went inside the shop with us, sorted me out with kit and waved us on his way himself before heading back to whatever 'more important' stuff he was doing. Still have the fully signed program from 1986 he organised too. Might not seem like much, but little touches like that cemented the way I felt about my club forever and 35 years later are a big part of why I still care. RIP Ian and thank you.
  7. I cannot understand what on earth is going on and how this is possible. But I do know that after 35 years of support, tonight I am thinking I might just be done with the whole thing. If this bloke could find a few million quid in less than a week, then how on earth can he justify the near total destruction and gutting of the club over the last few months? And of leaving staff and players unpaid on a regular basis? Tonight it just doesn’t feel like my club any more.
  8. Mike Keegan reporting staff told that wages due to be paid today may be more than a week late.
  9. Totally agree, although was interesting that I'm pretty sure the spot where their centre half slipped to let Dearnley in for the first is exactly the area the ground staff were working hard to repair after the warm ups. That little area was one of two or three on the pitch that was really loose and cut up. Could be a new tactic.
  10. Doesn’t want it in the media. But has been talking on the record to the s*n about it since November last year. Joke.
  11. If relegation looked likely then you may as well spin the wheel and see if a different manager bounces them out of it. But we're very unlikely to go down and with a squad and boardroom full of dross there’s no point sacking another manager now. It’s not like a good manager is going to have this lot storming up the leagues. For now it’s a holding pattern til something changes.
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