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  1. Posh Away

    Palmerston’s Arms?
  2. Posh Away

    Peterborough is a magic coke game. No bar for away fans. Having been last year I have no inclination to return.
  3. IIRC they saved nearly £1million on taxes one year by shifting the liability to the club. I don't know what they've made from the sale of the land, having brought it for a knock-downs price due to the terms of the council buy out. Id estimate it's in the millions, when you factor in what they still own. When you add up all the incomings that have been shifted into assets owned by Brassbank, like the OEC. Brassbank haven't done as badly as is/was being made out. There's something about me that thinks this is going to keep going on for a while but eventually the Landlords will be out.
  4. Leicester match ON

    Yep, seems about right.
  5. Holloway Off?

    Judging by Holloway’s performances when TP was involved a few months ago he’s not doing a bad job of it already.
  6. Leicester match ON

    For those looking at hotels- we are due to be playing Oxford that weekend. Won’t be hard to find a hotel that works OK for both Oxford and Wembley.
  7. Leicester match ON

    Me too. Who’s our last player to have a good long throw and it used as such- Holt?
  8. Leicester match ON

    Walking off OK is not always a sign of only a minor injury.
  9. Leicester match ON

    Have the EFL seen sense and stopped players who weren’t registered for the original fixture from playing in the rearranged game? Bit like how you have to be able to play in the first game to be able to play in the replay in the cup.
  10. League 1 Activity

    Warning to Mr West if I didn't know he was an OAP I'd have never guessed BP is having sat next to him for a season and a half.
  11. January transfer window

    Kean Bryan offers everything Stott does with a whole lot more besides. Whilst Stott did play well on our pudding of a pitch last season, a big weakness of his is on the turn. He is very slow turning and given the problems we had when Gerrard and Clarke played early on I can see why he hasn’t got much game time for us.
  12. League 1 Activity

    Mk1 He basically sacked off the last 2 games as we were safe. That’s 33 points from 20 games. Might be enough for Bury.
  13. Rotherham (H)

    Gary McDonald? Always seemed to score important goals for us.
  14. Rotherham (H)

    A point so well made it deserves to be quoted every time Pawel's Law is questioned.
  15. Rotherham (H)

    He was out-manned for 74 minutes (until Holloway came on), he did well given his lack of support. Holding up the ball, dragging defenders out of the way, the sort of stuff a loan striker needs to do. Oh Yeah and without him, we'd have lost today. 😁