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  1. Nothampton tickets

    Not mathematically we can't. Realistically we can but not mathematically. Same applies to Saturday 5pm. Conversely if both us and Northampton win on Saturday a draw in our game at Northampton could be good enough for both sides to stay up.
  2. Ex players and that

    Conversely in this year's Premier League there are 11 sides we've played in League one. That could rise to 13 next season.
  3. Northampton

    Since we’ve been in the league there have been 2 sides relegated with 51 points. In 2000/01 51 points and a -4 GD didn’t save Bristol Rovers In 2004/5 51 points and a -24 GD didn’t save Torquay. That was the year we stayed up on the last day of the season by beating a Windass inspired Bradford- we got 52 points.
  4. Season tickets 2018/19

    I and others had a bit of difficulty renewing the same seat. I think it can be done though.
  5. Wimbledon!

    There was a capacity crowd. Last year they were over capacity. If they can have a capacity crowd and only give us 476 tickets, then I don't blame them for only giving us 476 tickets.
  6. Wimbledon!

    Out of the current, available squad in a 4-4-2, Fane is the leading candidate for his role. That is the problem. Omrani hasn’t shown enough for me, despite being significantly better on the ball. I’ve not seen Maouche. Out of our current squad, with everyone fit, I’d pick Kean Bryan to play the holding midfield role, in a 4-4-2. Edmundson has shown more than enough to warrant keeping his place at centre-half. The problem is Gerrard and Bryan being injured. I would actually be inclined to play 3-5-2 with a midfield of Gardner, Pringle and Byrne as in a 3 I think those 3 have enough about them do be able to win the ball back to the level required (bearing in mind they won’t lose it as much, as they aren’t carrying Fane with the ball). It suits our available players slightly more too. If we hadn’t loaned Green out to Crewe I’d be more inclined to pick him, in a 4-4-2, even if he does pass it sideways more often than not. However, loaning some of our midfield was necessary to free up spare wages to bring in others. Green will be on double Fane so it makes sense to loan Green. As deyres said we only have 2 proper central midfielders so he has to play. If we want to do something more than struggle next season (if we stay up, which I think we will). He has to be improved on. Doing so won’t be hard. In some ways I wonder if that is exacerbating the problem. As we have limited replacements, and now we are on a long run of playing 2 games a week, especially if Fane is still doing the extra training to improve his skills, I wonder if he is simply knackered. Resting him might be a worthwhile option.
  7. Wimbledon!

    Meades who Fane was marking at the corner and who is then not close enough to stop Meades' shot. Fane chases back with Meades but then stops and actually isn't chasing back anywhere near fast enough. Gardner should do better but Meades is quite clearly Fane's man. But hey he runs around. Except when he doesn't and the opposition score because he stops running, but let's not blame him. I think part of the issue with Fane is he doesn't know where to run and when he needs to run faster. This was exemplified for me at Wigan.
  8. Wimbledon!

    From the highlights I’m not sure. The header down to Nazon certainly isn’t a wrong option.
  9. Wimbledon!

    Would definitely agree, especially for their 2nd. If he plays for us next season expect us to struggle again.
  10. Draws

    I said a few weeks ago drawing every game until the end of the season will keep us safe. I stand by it. Rochdale need to win a game if we draw every game. Their best chance was probably today.
  11. That's 2 or did he play under 2 false names?
  12. How do you get a sine die ban 3 times?
  13. Suspect Shez will get a nice golden-goodbye from Fleetwood after comfortably keeping them up.
  14. Wimbledon!

    You sit about 9 feet away from the Belgian lad every home game.
  15. Rochdale

    Yep, he says it on that bit of commentary they had on social media. It could be construed as a bit of #casualracism but I think it was more a comment on how dark our GK kit can be and how poor Dale's floodlights are.