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  1. I think Hamer is doubtful fitness wise. Lang probably is too but more likely to play.
  2. Officials: Bury FC (First Team) v Oldham Athletic FC (First Team)Football League 2 Referee: Drysdale, Darren Assistant Referee: Moore, Anthony Assistant Referee: Plowright, David Fourth Official: Lucas, Simeon Darren Drysdale is one of the better ones. Although that's not hard.
  3. Fane is definitely still injured. He looked a bit off from being fully fit too when I saw him go up the steps in the old directors' box on Saturday. I'd still have Sylla in front of him mind.
  4. Although platform 9 was out of action on Saturday and we had to settle for platform 7, leaving platform 12 out of reach. I’m still aboard the Shuck promotion train.
  5. It barely got above freezing when the covers were on prior to the original Morecambe game. Someone, I think Chadderton weather, posted on twitter late last week that the air temperature was 7°C warmer than the ground temperature. That seems like a lot. The efforts to get the original Morecambe game on probably didn't help either. Hopefully we don't have another cold March this year. As last year the pitch began to show signs of improvement late in the season.
  6. The pitch should of been upgraded a few years ago, but Corney chose the cheaper option of doing fuck all.
  7. Branger's fannying, double step-overs etc by the dead ball line did win a few corners yesterday. Prior to when Chris O'Grady came on this would have given our 2 best attacking headers of the ball a lot more opportunity to get their head on the cross. Having said that Branger won most of those corners when COG was on the pitch.
  8. Yes he was. He was in the old directors’ box. Which is where the youth team staff usually watch the games from. I think the lad we have from Forest- Iacovitti was there too.
  9. Would have gone for Lang if he had been on longer, or Iversen if he hadn’t made a hash for their goal. So went for Nepomuceno.
  10. The same player who scored a hat-trick against the side now 2nd in the table. He has his uses but playing him up front on his own with no one within 25 yards is not one of them.
  11. He has done well since dropping deeper with Jose ahead of him. However, when he was moved forward after Jose was subbed, he was pretty anonymous. His positional discipline, which I think you may have first pointed out (apologies to the relevant poster if it wasn’t you), noticeably contributes to his performance when he sits deeper alongside Missilou.
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