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  1. rudemedic

    Days gone by v now

    The side panelling of the Chaddy being damaged won’t have helped keep the away fans warm. I wonder who was responsible for the damage, quite likely to have been the weather but wouldn’t rule out the likes of Blackburn.
  2. rudemedic

    Bury (H)

    Think the attendance will have been affected by the weather forecast. Some not risking the journey in case of postponment or not being able to get back home in horrible conditions. Hamer didn't stand up well against Mayor in the 2nd half but the tactical switch of Lang and Gevaro to give Hamer more cover was a wise move. Not necessarily a slight on Hamer as Mayor is a very good player (at this level) who has been in good form. Everyone else was good (at worst), the French combo dominated midfield despite being out numbered. Considering the ref is supposedly Championship standard he was awful. Very inconsistent and I think we got very lucky with our 4th goal. Having said that there were a couple of likely penalties that he didn't give.
  3. rudemedic


    Odds on Peter Clarke to score last and Oldham win 3-2 are 1000/1. Known worse odds for successful bets. *Please Gamble Responsibly*
  4. rudemedic

    FA Cup 2018-19

    Goes on General sale on Tuesday (18th). 2 per season ticket holder may put pay to it going on General sale, but that's based on our current allocation.
  5. rudemedic

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    No its an even split of the profit. But it's not 50:50. I think its 47.5 : 47.5 with 5% going to the FA.
  6. rudemedic


    No. But in 2014 of that season he was playing ahead of a midfield with the likes of Clucas, Daniel Johnson, Gary Roberts and Sam Morsy in it. Dan Gardner, Ollie Banks and Jay O'Shea were mainly bit part players. Don't think a midfield as good as that would have struggled to create chances. He went to Cardiff in Feb 2015.
  7. rudemedic

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    I think there won’t be any difficulty getting a seat given their ‘neutral’ stand policy. They aren’t selling seats for that bit of the stand yet which indicates they may be assessing how many we are selling before adding them for sale. We are entitled to at least 1500 more seats based on 15% of their capacity.
  8. Apparently some of our fans (or perhaps even only one) threw coins and a bin last night. If you did please f-off and support someone else, there’s never any need for criminal activity when supporting your football team.
  9. rudemedic


    This for me. Effectively he’s gone a few games without not scoring, not a massive deal, forwards do it all the time. The fact that this correlates with him returning from injury and getting a new contract may well be just a red heading. After all most on here will be aware that correlation doesn’t equal causation. Fortunately for us, other players have been scoring goals whilst Surridge has been in his (temporarily) relative barren patch. It’s when the other players aren’t scoring as well that sides need to worry.
  10. Think the bloke who pushes Clarke in the face might get a retrospective ban. The ref was clearly not looking.
  11. rudemedic

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    They’ve not put any seats for sale in the ‘neutral’ stand yet. Presumably in case they want to give us a bigger allocation.
  12. It sounds like our fans sing, "Up the football here we go". But I'm questioning if that's my hearing, as what I've always sung was "Up the football league we go." The other doesn't seem to make sense. Or has the air of Roger Nouveau about it. Any one else know of any lyrics they've 'misheard'?
  13. Sorry I shouldn't use jargon.
  14. Yeah the same warmed balls as they used for the Stoke and Port Vale game. Skews the stats for attendances even further.
  15. Man City's kids at ISZ if we beat Rochdale.