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  1. Didn't the Necaru loan get paid off last month?
  2. A quick bit of research makes me think there was some hyperbole involved. The ref had reffed a Dino Maamria side twice before: 1.) Stevenage lost 8-0 at home to Charlton in the Checkatrade trophy last season. Dino made 9 changes to the side that started the previous game. I doubt the ref influenced that game much. 2.) Stevenage lost 2-1 at home to Northampton with a 90th minute winner. No mention of the ref being 'poor' on the Stevenage site.
  3. He's not even the worst player in our current squad.
  4. The FA's concussion protocol indicates that Fage might be eligible to play, but any set backs in his recovery will prevent him from playing.
  5. Join the club. Given the buyers coming out of the woodwork for Bury, I’m even less convinced they saved the club than I was previously.
  6. Annoying people who don't take their glasses back to the bar trying to be cryptic and clever. If this is anything to do with the FLG, and it looks likely it will be, I'd have expected better from people who work in hospitality.
  7. The 7-0 at Franchise beats that, based on goals scored.
  8. We were also the only Greater Manchester side playing away today. As we were a few weeks ago, when they still had Bolton commentary on. Some of the plastic lot call GMR Radio Bolton too. Given Wigan are in the Championship, by your logic, they should get much more coverage than they do. If you got that in writing I'd be inclined to pass it to OFCOM as the licence fee shouldn't be subverted in such a way due to a deal.
  9. Bunn- We lost 6-0 Sheridan - We lost 5-1 (but were bottom of the league)
  10. Marco said he was in negotiations with Scholes for 6 months*. Scholes was appointed on 11/2/19, so 6 months earlier was 11/8/18. I didn't think we were that bad at Forest Green... *I'm willing to give Marco a bit of slack and when he said 6 months he actually meant 6 weeks.
  11. The same way Barry didn't know about the transfer of ownership of the stand...
  12. Or someone has managed to convince the FLG that they own shares in Oldham Athletic 2004 and the FLG has bought them? If there has been a transfer of shares without the proper filing of paperwork I'd guess someone is up a creek without a paddle. There was a question asked about this last night by someone well known to be pally with the builder. I doubt that was a coincidence, but IIRC it was answered by Barry who I doubt has the full information. AL and AM didn't respond, which could be telling.
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