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  1. Hasn't our player of the season (or one of them) left every year since about 06?
  2. It may be worth noting that the following fixtures are at risk of postponement due to international breaks. September 7th - Plymouth (a) October 12th – Mansfield (a) November 16th – Stevenage (a) February 15th – Forest Green (h) March 28th – Northampton (a)
  3. Salford don't have many fans, if you buy early enough, before the away end(s) sell out, then I think anyone who wants one will be able to go in their end. That was certainly my view having done the same for Macclesfield last season. PS In the unlikely scenario of either us or them getting to the 4th round of the FA Cup. I think Salford (a) will need postponing.
  4. Frankie Bunn admitted that he didn't have a clue about League 2 not long after he was appointed. His early tactics, like playing for a 0-0 at Yeovil, are good examples of this. Knowledge of League 2 shouldn't be a prerequisite for the job, otherwise we are limiting possible applicants. The ability to quickly acquire knowledge of League 2 should be a current prerequisite for the role.
  5. That's what I've heard too. Newly graduated nurses and doctors don't reach that threshold.
  6. Didn't even need a Championship club. Norwood has signed a 3 year deal at Ipswich. In other news Tranmere are 9/2 for relegation...
  7. He doesn't rate Fane as much as you do. That would be hard though.
  8. More that they'd move Nations League a week later.
  9. Then again after the performance of Ajax in the Champions League as well as the way Van Dijk and Winjladeum (sp?) played for Liverpool this season, is anyone else not surprised the Dutch won. Furthermore, I think Uefa were slightly surprised at the 'success' of the Nations League. I can't see the next finals being so close to the Champions League final.
  10. How much tactical work and the like gets done in the first week of pre-season training? Very early in pre-season training I know we usually go to Bolton uni to use their physiology lab for biometrics etc. I'd guess most clubs do something similar. PS What time of year do the rich Arabs decamp to London due to extreme heat in their home countries?
  11. How many of those were when it was Corney, Blitz and Gazal running the club? When it was just Corney we sold a lot of players on the cheap. If I meant the times when Brassbank were running the club I'd have used the phrase 'Brassbank economics'. PS I wouldn't say £30k was substantial.
  12. True. But they are all going to have much shorter careers if they do. The loan system does work, but if a player isn't playing for Chelsea u23s or u18s then they aren't going to be kept on as frequently. League 1 and 2 clubs aren't going to pay the wages of the top PL clubs. It might take a few years but I think eventually young players will recognise that they are likely to be better off playing in Leagues 1 and 2 for a few years than barely playing in a top PL age group side for 3 years.
  13. Fairly certain one of the authorities has limited the number of loans a club can send out. Think that will go some way to stopping big clubs hoarding youngsters.
  14. Selling on the cheap. Because he needed the money.
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