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  1. Quite a strong similarity to the situation Marco says he took over. Eventually you have to believe the relevant regulator of football will stop this happening. I'm not holding my breath though.
  2. Thought those loos went with the development of the North Stand. Fairly certain they were voted the worst toilets in English football at some point. I doubt there are 2 sets of loos (male, female and disabled) in the stand.
  3. I was being deliberately ambiguous. If Byrne had broke his leg then why weren't charges pressed and/or he was sacked. Training doesn't strike me as the sort of environment where bad challenges, accidental or otherwise, are common place.
  4. There were rumoured offers for Fane (God knows why) before he broke his leg in an incident with Byrne. At our level getting players off the wage bill has been more of a priority than getting a fee for them.
  5. Can I be so bold as saying that if the last thing Peter Clarke does for us is lift the league 2 playoff trophy then it would be a fitting end to his Latics career. He has certainly proved his worth off the pitch this season, but I was one of those who preferred Gerrard on the pitch last season. I doubt with another season in his legs Clarke would be up to League one next season. He may struggle in League 2 as well, especially after Xmas. Although he's been excellent on the pitch there is a reason why opposition managers try and target him.
  6. I doubt he got paid off when he left after the first Shezurrection. His signing on fee might have been a bit bigger though. He probably didn't get a signing on fee when he replaced Moore either. 9 signing on fees and 9 pay-offs is still a lot of beer money though.
  7. IIRC we went top after that. We released a commemorative video too. Shame it didn't last...
  8. Or he might be superstitious, and considers it a lucky hat. The bald and vain hit is much likely to be closer to the mark though.
  9. They are the only side between 2nd and 6th currently where we don't have an even, at least, record on head to head. Something about that club, essentially since we 'upset' them on Sky in ?2011, that they've had the curse over us.
  10. Yep. Even more so if the likes of Detective Shitpeas buy players too.
  11. Let's say I'd have made certain then. Having looked it up the MK Dons game (1st of the season) semmingly comes third.
  12. Or the players Marco likes and wants to play are much more prevalent in Mr Wild's plans. Marco isn't interfering if Wild wants to play the same players. I think some of Scholes' issues stemmed from wanting to play passing football, so he tended to opt for more technically gifted players. That was always going to be a problem with no transfer window and a squad of players not necessarily suited to playing that way.
  13. No, the Scholes Saturday game wins. I think the Bury game might beat it too.
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