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  1. Point 4 may not apply either given the test, although I don't know the sensitivity or specificity of the current test. I'd guess SARS doesn't meet the HCID criteria these days either, as the testing has improved with successive corona virus outbreaks. Similarly the treatment will improve with more corona virus outbreaks. The speed of the "treatment" process for COVID-19 both in the UK and worldwide has been remarkable.
  2. Some of the clubs also dropped out given who is "sponsoring" the event.
  3. Was it this one? It will be interesting to see if the presenter resumes his licence to practise, if able, given the current drive.
  4. If it is anything like the plans for Doctors and nurses, Barry won't be eligible.
  5. In all seriousness try and only use official sources for any information about COVID-19 (NHS, Public Health England, the Department of Health and Social Care). I think it would help if the Prime Minister's Dad wasn't saying he was going to the pub, despite being in the at risk group. The Prime Minister could and should have bollocked him for that. I've not seen anyone say that those stockpiling is good, and I'm aware that most stores are limiting purchases of items to 3 per person at most. The profiteering is disgraceful too, and while stockpiling isn't illegal profiteering apparently is...
  6. Not everyone has the access to warm water needed to use soap. Either that or people are stocking up in case their kids draw on them with "permanent" marker. Incidentally there are some downsides to using hand sanitiser as often as some appear to based on stockpiling.
  7. They are trialling combinations of anti-viral drugs (I don't think they are using ones that work on malaria as that's a parasite). However some of the drugs that seem to work have some rather unpleasant side-effects. Most of these drugs are used to combat other viruses, like Chickenpox and Swine Flu. However, IIRC there were supply issues with Tami-flu when swine flu was about. I doubt those supply issues will have resolved. Please remember to follow current NHS advice https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/
  8. It's deadlier. Just because a lot of people are only slightly ill with it doesn't mean it's not just like the flu. If it was just like the flu it probably wouldn't be a different virus- the coronavirus family include some really nasty viruses, CORVID-19 has killed more than some of the other corona viruses (SARS and MERS) already. Because people are not contracting the virus in the same numbers as the flu, the numbers of deaths look relatively mundane so far. This virus has a much higher mortality rate than the flu. Plus most people who get the 'flu' don't actually get Influenza they get a different virus. Influenza doesn't bring whole hospitals and healthcare systems to its knees. CORVID-19 has been doing. 3 people have died in Crumpsall hospitals infectious diseases unit so far. People with influenza don't get seen by that specialist unit unless there is something else seriously wrong with them and they are under the care of that unit anyway. The panicking isn't due to a lack of a vaccine. As I mentioned the flu vaccine isn't always very effective against the flu we get in the UK. The panicking is because this virus has brought whole hospitals and health care systems to its knees. The UK KNOWS its NHS is not up to fighting the virus so it's doing its best to limit the spread of the virus. If you are fit and healthy and under 70 then CORVID-19 is going to be like a proper case of influenza for you. The rest of us will be lucky if it's that good.
  9. Actually the 2014/15 flu was unusual. I think it was that year that the vaccine was wrong so wasn't very effective. If it was normal you'd have used a more recent year. 28,000 deaths over 6 months (probably more like 8 or 9). Is 153 deaths/day. Italy is getting double that, Spain isn't far behind and the UK is likely to get those sort of numbers in the next few weeks based on all evidence and timescales. For comparison there were 1692 deaths from flu for 2018/19 (up to mid April). Spain and Italy are likely to get that sort of number in a week from CORVID-19. This is NOT a normal virus. If it was everyone wouldn't be panicking, football would still be going ahead and the over 70s wouldn't be likely to self-isolate for months The stockpiling of loo roll and other items is daft though. The UK is relatively fortunate in that a lot of similar Western countries are a few weeks further down the line. Furthermore like most viruses it is unlikely to survive very long in the sort of cold temperatures the UK can get in March.
  10. It's from a twitter account. The person purporting to be behind it is a Prof from Liverpool Uni who's field is social, environmental, architectural psychology and behavioural factors in anti-microbial resistance. So they will know what they are talking about in terms of social isolation to stop the spread of disease.
  11. We wouldn't be budgeting for Swindon bringing 4 figures. But we would be budgeting for them bringing a couple of hundred, or whatever their usual Saturday away support is. They may still bring a couple of hundred (depending on if/when the game is played).
  12. Because you don't play games during the next stage of the virus, in the UK, which is likely to be in the next few weeks. This is due to the incubation period and when people actually feel unwell there are likely to be quite a few people who are infectious but not symptomatic. Having more gatherings than necessary during that stage is Trumpian levels of idiocy. It may be the case that we have to play a condensed fixture list, but that should be once the virus has died down (akin to what is currently happening in China). Dino's a football manager not a doctor (or virologist).
  13. Lyden's not returning, unless he's watching from the stands, he's ruptured 2 ankle ligaments. He's out for the rest of the season, and probably the early portion of next season too.
  14. I don't normally comment on other's player ratings when I didn't go to the game and they did. Having said that based on the highlights Sylla is at fault for their first goal. He's 30 yards away from the goalscorer (#13) when he should be a lot closer (and you can hear someone, presumably Dino yelling at him). This is having been attracted to the ball leaving their #13 with even more space. Then for what should have been quite an easy step-up to play offside, preventing the very easy pass to the goalscorer he doesn't get close enough to the goalscorer or step up. Because he was so out of position he doesn't take the right angle to prevent the pass or step up or go towards their #13. It's shocking defending.
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