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  1. You randomly resurrected a Shez thread from yonks ago. At the same time you randomly created a thread dedicated to Peter Clarke's winner at Chesterfield, because you couldn't find the original thread. Doing that sort of thing is a bit strange, in my view.
  2. rudemedic

    Playing style v Results.

    I'm 34 and I remember us getting promoted. Heck I was 7, and can remember stuff very clearly from when I was less than half that age. I might be a bit unusual though.
  3. It's not your first strange post recently though. Are you OK?
  4. Jordan Lang? Are they mates with Sam O'Grady? It's Callum Lang, which is already a near homophone of a Welsh Hymm. FWIW I've seen someone mention using the remix of the Nancy Sinatra song "Bang, Bang" for Surridge (Sam, Sam he shot them down...) on twitter.
  5. rudemedic

    Forgotten Heroes

    Was Jones the one we signed from Leigh RMI- CB/LB?
  6. rudemedic

    Behind closed doors

    5-0 Break Out the pyro
  7. rudemedic


    I'd be interested to know how much the club gets for every new subscriber and every time someone pays to watch a mid-week (or international week) game online. If its nothing, or very little, then the cynic in me suggests the club does a streaming of those games when we are away and charges entry. If that becomes the consensus amongst the league then it would force iFollow and the EFL to rethink their strategy and/or improve their service. The club also should look to limit the content they put on iFollow as if the content is on YouTube then the club should at least get some ad revenue. Not this season as that would be unfair for those who've paid but maybe something to consider for future. I know iFollow is not mandatory and whilst most of the clubs that don't use it are Championship, so can afford the man-power for decent content, Accrington don't use it either.
  8. rudemedic

    Playing style v Results.

    This. The camaraderie between Lang, Surridge and Baxter seems very apparent. I wonder if Lang and Baxter travel in together, perhaps they may even be from the same part of Merseyside. The "French" lads seem to be less cliquey too.
  9. rudemedic

    Playing style v Results.

    I'm very much the same and bar the first Shez years we've not really been attacking, even under Dowie we were tough to beat rather than scoring heavily. I'd have said under Ronnie we were significantly more aggressive than a lot of seasons since.
  10. rudemedic

    Grimsby (a)

    Sounds an awful lot like clickbait from Nixon that. Whilst I know there's a possibility it will happen it may need the approval of 3 clubs, depending on how Surridge's loan contract is worded- something Nixon isn't likely to know. Didn't he just sign a new contract with Bournemouth too?
  11. rudemedic

    Grimsby (a)

    Interesting he's been our referee 3 times and only given 1 yellow card in those 3 games. Didn't go today but perhaps one for the #DecentRefLads
  12. rudemedic

    Grimsby (a)

    Might be worth contacting the FSF too. Take a look at FSF Faircop (@FSF_FairCop): https://twitter.com/FSF_FairCop?s=09
  13. rudemedic

    Grimsby (a)

    His non-inclusion is probably down to jet-lag, possibly compounded by the fact flying across the Atlantic is less fun at this time of year.