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  1. You wouldn't necessarily have expected AL to sack Frankie Bunn this time last year. But lo and behold he did. We were then managerless for the Transfer window, so AL and Mo could bring in their own players- Sefil, Iacovitti and Vera haven't set the division alight since then. I wouldn't be surprised if Dino was sacked no matter the results over the next few games.
  2. Wellens and Doyle have both just won Manager and Player of the month respectively. https://www.efl.com/news/2019/december/sky-bet-league-one-manager-and-player-of-the-month-winners2/
  3. I think that's a bit harsh on some players and I'm increasingly less convinced that Wheater is up to the standard we need him to be. He's plenty good enough for League 2 but we need him to be good enough for League 2 while guiding the inexperienced defenders to the standard we need as a collective defensive unit. I don't think he is doing that to the standard we need.
  4. Partington IS Jones. Partington is one of AL's inner circle of fans.
  5. We didn't let Doyle go. He was on loan from Preston. We might have offered him a contract in that close-season, although I doubt we did. I don't think it would have mattered anyway as Bradford will have almost certainly offered Doyle a better deal than us and they were the division above us then.
  6. The club need a Supporter Liaison Officer, it's a UEFA / FA requirement. It can be someone who also works at the club, but it isn't best practice for that to happen. I'd hope Natalie is only temporarily covering the role, while a replacement is found.
  7. From what I've read it's a pass for 16-18 year olds to benefit from cheaper travel on public transport in Greater Manchester.
  8. #Almolads is decent enough. Fane is definitely not an AL signing, though. Did you mean Fage?
  9. For clarity Jean Louis Akpa Akpro is French, as his name suggests. Iacovitti is clearly an AL signing, as is Zeus, although neither is French. The typical #frenchlads didn't start but I think it gets a bit confusing when we have a French player who isn't a #frenchlad and some #frenchlads who aren't French. Perhaps we need a new # for the #frenchlads?
  10. I think instead of a room full of people if AL meets representatives from PTB they will be able to put the concerns of the wider fan-base across in a more measured way. I think the fans' meeting may have helped 'Dino' bring in McCann, Akpa-Akpro and Jones. The signing of Akpa-Akpro may be key for the morale in the dressing room as a Frenchman who has played in England for 10 years he seems ideal for any bridging of cliques. I think all fans realise that the club either needs every fan to pay what they can afford to run the club. Or, a rich person, or group of rich people, to fund the club. AL is funding the club currently. Some of the issues he has are left over from Corey's semi-shambolic running of the club. Some issues are stuff Corney didn't (have to) deal with. But even taking those out of the equation AL isn't doing a good enough job. This is mainly because we've bought players who aren't good enough and the ones that are good enough he falls out with on a regular basis. The owner shouldn't be interacting enough with the players to fall out with them that much. I think a Sporting Director can work, but one that will work would be more expensive that Mo presumably is. However, that new Sporting Director might be more cost-effective than Mo because we won't be wasting wages on shite. As a final point has AL agreed to meet with PTB? As his comment about meeting with fans doesn't specifically mention them. He can meet, and does meet, with much less critical fans on a regular basis without any issue and still keep his reported word.
  11. This one has only been on the League list since last season. But one of the refs that was promoted with him has been promoted again to the Championship list.
  12. I think Dino wants to have a look at him first. Judging by recent signings I think Dino may be getting more of a say in things.
  13. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2019/december/04112019-leyton-orient-h-match-officials/ The ref is more card happy than Messrs Joyce, Kettle and Toner.
  14. The sad thing is that any player who mysteriously stops appearing in the match day squad, a fall out with the owner and his brother is often the more likely cause.
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