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  1. I thought I saw him in the Main Stand last week, has he moved?
  2. Until the 23rd of August. A week tomorrow. Bolton might still fancy their chances of escaping relegation, but they will need to stop playing their youth team pretty soon to do so. I think the EFL may start suspending Bolton's games soon too.
  3. Neither. There are no winners currently. If the question was about who I'd want to run the football club I'm still in the neither camp. I will be until the anonymous financial benefactors of the FLG come forward. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks that at least one of the anonymous benefactors wouldn't currently pass the 'Fit and Proper' person test to run Oldham Athletic.
  4. On the “dummy” account thing, aren’t Wakelet, the club’s new shirt sponsor, involved in that sort of business? At least when Brassbank and Barry were monitoring the boards their usernames were well known and obvious.
  5. Indeed given how Paul Whitehead used a (specially created) work twitter account when the completion of the North Stand over-ran. I am surprised he hasn't adopted the same policy now that he is running the operations for the (still unfinished) stand.
  6. I saw a post on Twitter last night saying that the ref blew for the Free-kick before Downing shot. Having watched the highlights I think I hear a whistle before Downing shoots as well. So I think our players may have played to the whistle only the ref decided that whistle didn't count. That being said from the highlights we look very fortunate not to have had 2 players sent off. Iacovitti may well foul their player when he was through on goal and it looks very much like Mills handles it on the line too. Given the ref was the same one we had for the FA cup game at Hampton last season, I'm not surprised he dropped a few clangers.
  7. Fairly certain we made a 'profit' the year we played Liverpool in the 3rd round and lost 2-0. Given our cup run last season I would expect us to make a profit then. Think we might turn a profit this season with the Edmundson sale too. Making a profit is a bit moot when it doesn't get invested back into assets the club owns.
  8. Referee is Tom Nield. He reffed the FA cup game at Hampton where he gave a penalty to them after their player dived, as was subsequently banned for 2 games.
  9. “I hear your mother is going out with Squeak”
  10. There's more than one set of male bogs. Presumably the other ones are OK.
  11. I think lots are but then again, lots of people blindly back their mates no matter what.
  12. For future reference they sold booze at the pie kiosk last season. Presumably the same arrangement will continue.
  13. Grammar police- is 'false rumour' a tautology?
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