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  1. I'm a bit worried about his Geography, Swinton is North West Manchester.
  2. England or Latics?

    In the 2nd longest ever match at Wimbledon there were 102 Aces and 10 Double faults. That's 112 points with only one party being involved. That's 28 games or the equivalent of 4 sets of 6-1. The combined distance covered by both players during that 6 hours + of tennis was 9.227 km. I'd expect every midfielder playing 90 minutes to beat that. We get that you like tennis but until the stats say otherwise can you please stop saying tennis is more physically demanding than football. The physical demands are different. The mental demands are different. Unsurprising really as they are different sports.
  3. England or Latics?

    Apparently in 3x 5-set matches tennis players can run the equivalent of 6 miles. (That's one week of tennis in Grand Slams) Footballers do that most games and some will do more. Often footballers will have 3 games in the same time too. That's not me bad-mouthing tennis, a sport I like, but just using facts. Comparing sports is silly as they use different muscles, require different concentration levels, different abilities etc.
  4. Craig Davies

    Yep that's the lot.
  5. Davies says more on his Instagram, certainly don't think it's as much sour grapes as some are making out. Also explains why he has taken a couple of weeks to come public.
  6. Will this do? Especially when you factor in the likes of Tarky, Foden, Sancho, the u20 lads etc.
  7. Transfer Rumours

    Not to mention going to the airport, which may have been where he was going, and other locations.
  8. World Cup Predictor Competition

    Yep. I've the proof too.
  9. Ex players and that

    The Trippier's had a bit of a reputation in Brandlesholme, Bury. Not too unlike the reputation the Wards had or have in Langley.
  10. World Cup Predictor Competition

    Apparently Forest Green also use what is now known as the "Love Train" technique at corners. Hope our management team are paying attention to how it is stopped.
  11. I know you are being a bit facetious but the less a Sun Journo sniffs around the club the better.
  12. Pre-season 2018

    He plays off 2, so he has to be a decent golfer and may well be on a course he plays regularly.
  13. Pre-season 2018

    Or, because he played for N. Ireland in early June he has been allowed an extra week’s rest. It’s not unusual for those who are away on international duty over the summer to be given a later start date for pre-season training.
  14. Squad movements, summer 2018

    Did Duffus play for us after his illness? I think the value of a full pre-season can be underestimated by some though.
  15. Paddy Mac gone

    Possibly a decent bit of business that, get him on a free then sell him on for a fee 6 months later.