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  1. Maouche looks good with the ball at his feet and can find a good pass when in the mood.At his best when live TV is around. Can't tackle and when opposition get goal side of him they are in on the back four never gets back and recovers.
  2. That would be great,but good loan signings will already have been signed up.Put that with the fact that our reputation with other clubs is dire, if they are young players clubs like them to be placed in a stable coaching environment and will not see putting them into League 2 relegation battle as good fot their development. Best we can hope for is more from ALs little black book.
  3. I left before the end, but felt sorry for the players throughout the game. Many of them are not up to the standard of this league or perhaps the National League,we will only find that out next season. Footballers in general are traded around like cattle, it's a good life for some,but many at the lower levels struggle. These lads are trying to make a living and have been caught up in a shambles of a get rich quick dictatorship going badly wrong.On a personal level we need to cut them a bit of slack and vent our displeasure at the Directors.
  4. I'm concentrating on golf on Tuesday evening.Would never have happened in years gone by.
  5. What quality players are there either A Still available and fit Or B Desperately knocking on the door of the club at the bottom of the football league
  6. Everyone we've signed this summer is a world beater, until they set foot on the pitch.
  7. Highlight of the day Lee Duxbury doing the half time draw
  8. The biggest echo surrounding this club is not on here but will be when boundary park is almost empty.
  9. If you have ever been on either side of due dligence you will know that it is not just a process.Its like buying a house x 10 worth of hassle
  10. It is the buyer's responsibility to request information and ask questions and the sellers ibligation to provide that information and answers to questions truthfully.
  11. If you have a request to pay £100k p.a. it is usually worth looking at the document that says that you are liable to pay £100k p a. If that document says you should only pay £1 p.a. wouldn't you question the request? All very strange, at best a huge misunderstanding.
  12. I will be there at the meeting. Today's performance was entirely predictable before a ball was kicked this season. Likewise over the next 2 3 games it won't get any better. As each game goes by there will be less slowly slowly we are making progress supporters. This has been brewing since AL walked into Boundary Park. We need cohesive action now, no agendas just get our family football club back.
  13. Is that all he who has much to say about everything can muster about today's shambles? The car park has been a disgrace since the North Stand was built. The performances on the the pitch more than ever are at a critical tipping point threatening the future of our club in the EFL. That is what we should focus on not the state of the car park.
  14. Also they are one of the few part-time teams in the National League
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