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  1. Why dont you get involved, put your views forward impact the "agenda" and get the minutes out quicker.
  2. Correct.What he said on this is that his advisers and Danny Gazal are urging him to press the admin button. He himself does not want to do that,heart ruling head, however he may lose patience and he doesn't know when/if that will happen. It seems that reporting him/them to the police is testing his patience.
  3. For clarification of what was said in the meeting Blitz said he was not sure on the % as he was not privy to the transaction personally,but that he had been told it was 22%.Hope this helps your understanding
  4. I suppose some views may have been formed from idle speculation. Perhaps having it explained by Blitz may have resulted in some change of opinion. I have been neutral in my views on Blitz pros and cons,after hearing his explanation more pro than con now.
  5. If you are so interested why didnt you go to the meeting and ask such questions?Blitz asked at the meeting to be challenged and I am sure you would have been able to oblige.
  6. Perhaps but unlikely, depends on the terms of the clawbacks in the agreement.
  7. The 2 instalments have nothing to do with shares.Thy are to do with a loan to the club that under the terms of his purchase of the club AL had to ensure was repaid to Simon Blitz. The 22% must be to do with some other default re Simon Corney's agreement
  8. Dino is now blaming having to bring new players into the team. Granted none of them are world class but they have all been part of his squad and should be capable of absorbing his methods and tactics. The fact is his tactics and methods are not up to the job even if he is allowed to bring his own players in. Having said that he is the regimes choice and until they go I dont want another manager there is no point.
  9. Obviously when there is litigation involved you don't go publishing information on OWTB and Twitter. I am surprised that with all the bits of information put into the public domain that you ae still looking for more substance and detail.Wake up and see what is happening to your club.
  10. I expected that happened as soon as he told them the harsh truth about how crap they were and we just needed to get through to January. Well we are here, I dont have a shred of confidence that the regime that brought us to our knees can remotely help us turn the corrner this month.
  11. Billy is only saying what many ex employees know and think.
  12. Spineless and inept.If Dino defends that he is deluded. Its not just about a bi striker. Even Smith is now being brought down to the same level as the rest of them.
  13. 5 of us were welcomed into the Fleetwoid fans bar without any health and safety alarms going off.How negligent of Morecambe? I suppose Barry Owen hasn't infiltrated the Morecambe Board yet.
  14. The attitude towards fans comes from the Top, part of a bigger picture. Former employees being ejected from the ground; 4 stewards standing outside fans bar; all sets the agenda when fans want to transfer stands. .
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