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  1. Possibly, but WHO has been 10 steps behind new developments on this virus all along.
  2. Their personal messages of goodwill to the fanbase and support for any community projects are conspicuous by their absence.
  3. NHS procurement prompted by government cuts have created a situation where supply was transferred from uk companies to China. We now cant rely on the China supply chain and the UK factories are closed.
  4. No doubt he presided over our most successful period. RIP Ian thoughts with his family
  5. On a positive note a car thief got caught red handed one night last week in that area and got a good battering
  6. My wife and I entering week 3 of self isolation with it, doctor says 1 -3 weeks
  7. Just to put a real life scenario forward.I have self isolated since Tuesday when I had a dry intermittent cough (Not one where I was coughing my guts up).Wednesday got a few aches and mild headache and last night got feverish and had a temperature over 38. My symptoms are pretty close to those described for CV.My wife is exactly the same about a day behind. I know other people that have or have had the same. Today totally devoid of energy. It is a bit like a mild flu if there is such a thing. In normal times I would have worked through it in the main, perhaps not today. I am in my 60s with no major underlying health issues. My situation as with others is not reported to the health authorities. The stats for the uk on Wednesday showed 66new cases and 65 recovered which is bollocks. It will only be when people like me get a test to see if we have had CV that a true picture will emerge. Until then keep safe and if you get a cough no matter how mild self isolate to protect the old and vulnerable.
  8. Apparently the CCTV in the OEC has been fixed it is the connection with the club's security system that is outstanding. Presumably the club need to see into the OEC on matchday to stop fans sneaking in.
  9. +1 Also late/non payment of wages is a clear indication of insolvency
  10. Banks regularly call in administrators on companies that they don't own. Having a debenture gives you the right to call in an administrator. I am surprised you don't know this.
  11. This sort of hearing is more of a rubber stamping exercise than the winding up orders that we have experienced with HMRC
  12. +1 And most of all the staff/players that were and are employed
  13. No. Just facts as you always like to rely on.
  14. No. Just facts as you always like to rely on
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