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  1. From what I have seen and particularly yesterday Wheater is not the player we hoped he would be. The comparison with Clarke is defunct.
  2. I think that Barry unwittingly explained the situation quite well at the Forum.All the decent players he mentioned found a polite excuse not to come. None appeared to say you are a joke of a club and I have been advised not to sign. The same thing will happen in January and in the close season.
  3. It is incredulous that something like this wouldn't come to light,but the whole due diligence process appears bizarre, nothing suprises me anymore other than the dire performances on the pitch
  4. The fact is there should have been no "misunderstanding" about pension regulations.You buy a business, you are a fit and proper person, you know the law and you pass over the pensions due under the law to the appropriate pensions provider. Simple,why all the confusion and delay?
  5. Roy has been a willing volunteer for many years and doesn't deserve such a minor thing being disected on here.Perhaps it shows how low the level of debate has sunk on here.
  6. Also players that haven't played are often world class until we see them perform on the pitch
  7. Twice today Roy in his commentary remarked that the 1000 missing fans should get themselves down to Boundary Park. He also said he was not making that as a political statement and that all he cared about was the football club. That made me think that the missing fans are starting to hurt and are a subject of some concern behind the scenes.
  8. He is the latest of many staff who have received the same treatment.As they say a leopard doesn't change its spots. I have lost all vestige of hope that AL will adapt to life in the EFL and move us forward
  9. Im sure there's a song there along the lines of the 12 Managers of Oldham
  10. He has worked with Graham Westley in the past.When he has been on the touchline at BP he has always appeared to be loud.Maybe that is what the players need, not sure how that will go down in the Boardroom. One can only assume we have done our due diligence on him and when he became available it was too good an opportunity for AL to turn down.
  11. Its just a symptom of the way the club is. Billy is the only person at the club that many have any empathy with.
  12. No chance, he is the current persona non gratis,which is why there are murmerings of a move to Chesterfield.
  13. A statement is a one way process, communication is a 2 way process. All we get are statements not communication.
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