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  1. Mike is likely to be only passing on part of what has gone on being very careful about what he says. He will have to pass stringent tests with his editor about how true the allegations are.Eventhough it is the Mail.
  2. There isn't such a thing as a Non Executive Directorvin Company Law you are either a Director or not.
  3. He will soon be sacked for low season ticket sales
  4. Also he hasn't left us in a bigger mess than before.He has brought the problems of the AL regime into the open. If that leaves us playing on Clayton Playing Fields it is better in principle than the sham we have been opreating under.
  5. You really need to look at the bigger picture. Scholes is but just another statistic in the AL regime. The fact is that he is the first able to stick 2 fingers up to AL.He is actually the first able to financially stand up to AL.
  6. I don't on principle want the club that I support run in the way our club is being run,whoever is manager
  7. From the perspective of potential buyers waiting for the club to go into Administration may be preferable. They will then be able to buy the club debt free. On the contrary it may lead to relegation. Its a balancing act and we may see potential purchasers sitting on the sidelines for a while to see how things work out.
  8. Another of our less endearing attributes as a club is that we don't pass pitch inspections. They might as well call it off now.
  9. I understand that,but clearly effective enquiries weren't being made on a confidential basis early enough.
  10. That is all very well,but irs too late.Did relegation, the number of good honest staff leaving and what some of the players were saying not ring serious alarm bells? I know that some people have issuws with the likes of Anthony Gerrard and Craig Davies but shouldn't their concerns have been followed up? I raised issues on here last year but was told that it was not the Trust"s role to get involved in personnel issues. Having said that we need to move on,unite as fans and if that is under the leadership of a Trust with a new focus and agwnda that is great.
  11. Andy the Trust has known what has been going on behind the scenes for some months, why is it now jumping on the bandwagon that PS has triggered.
  12. Just accept that this is not around speculation. What has morphed into believable by many over the last 24 hours is the tip of the iceberg.In the months and years to come if all is revealed as promised by some,you will be shocked.
  13. He needs to be very careful preferring one creditor against another. Unless he is paying personally for his bodyguards of course.
  14. Because he has more money than AL who hasn't a case or pot to piss in
  15. The Manager sits on most functional transfer committees
  16. I suggest that those atrending tomorrow do not buy any additional services in addition to the match fee.No Golden Goal tickets,no programmes and no food or drink. I have been operating on this basis all season since I realised what was hoing on with this owner.Small gestures of protest but they all add up.
  17. Much of Als behaviour is now only coming out on the back of Paul Scholes' resignation.This shows how threatened all of the staff who have suffered similarly over the last 18 months feel,so threatened that they haven't been able to talk.That for me is the most sinister element of this regime ,the unpaid wages,lack of gas interference are just the symptoms.
  18. Who we have as next Manager has become an irrelevance
  19. The Trust responded to my concerns many months ago about the way staff were treated by saying that they did not get involved in staff matters,this one seems to have wakened them up.Must be because PS is a celebrity
  20. The Trust weren't represented as such. Jack Dearden presented it.Fans called in ,the views expressed were very similar to what has been said on here. We all seem pretty shocked and speaking with one voice which is comforting to hear.
  21. Radio Manc changed their schedule and ran an hour long discussion on the resignation at 7pm
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