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  1. Statutory Accounts are those filed at Companies House.Smaller companies which fall below certain size criteria have the option to file either Micro or Abbreviated Accounts which have a Balance Sheet only' supported by limited notes.They do not include a Profit & Loss Account.Basically not worth the paper they are written on.
  2. Strange that we are sat here watching the much maligned Ollie Banks and Carl Winchester together with Joseph Mills in the play offs while our club rots.
  3. At least Fans are running the operational side and should be better placed to service our demands e.g. a proper fans bar similar to those that we get invited into on our travels. Trying to buy the property is presumably the next stage
  4. Thank you for doing that, I couldn't be bothered myself explaining to Whittle what is information in the public domain.
  5. The reality is that due to the threatening and litigious environment in the club only 20% of what people know is posted on here. Very little of what has been posted on here of late has been made up.
  6. If bottling is your definition of sticking to your principles when an agreed way of working is broken within a month,then I am sure you feel that your view is correct.
  7. There is a difference,Scholes could afford to walk away financially,Wild couldn't. Don't you get it,everyone either gets sacked or very quickly realises what a shambles the club is and looks for another job.
  8. He has already proved himself to be morally bankrupt and that is difficult to change
  9. Getting closer to find out who the spy in the dressing room is.Won't be many left to choose from soon.
  10. Can't wait to see how the Trust are going to issue a joint statement with this clown: "we are committed to working with the fan to take the club forward without any staff etc.etc. lies and bullshit blah blah...."
  11. I have no thoughts or expectation about our next managerial appointment,it is just a boring merry go round. My only thought is one of sympathy for whoever the Lemsagams appoint,except that is if it is ML
  12. I thought Maouche was garbage only plays at home or when we are on TV.
  13. Lets not get distracted with the Scholes issue. The Scholes appointment was always going to be either an unmitigated success or disaster.The latter was always going to result him lifting the lid slightly on some of the goings on at OUR CLUB..Which in the long run will be prove to be of significant benefit.May not feel that way to some now.
  14. You are certainly on the right lines there.Davies and Gerrard may not be everyone's cup of tea nor Wellens, but they have been very discreet.
  15. The 2 FWs were also very instrumental in our relegation
  16. Not convenient for the fans who will have to stump up more than £20 extra to get to Manchester and back.Presumably more convenient for some of the players and others at the club that live in Manchester. Local community,employment,identity etc,etc...need I go on anymore.
  17. Keep going Andy, the only certainty in this process is when you put your head above the parapet you will be shot at.
  18. One test could be to assess the wealth of a particular individual as is common in business via a Statement of Assets and Liabilities. This could then be supported by documentary evidence. Surely then the EFL know how much it costs per season to run a League One club (as we were then). Divide the Net Asset value by the cost base per season and you get the number of years the individual could support the club financially. 18 months is unacceptable. That is not silly,a pretty basic financial assessment that the EFL should be capable of making. All the bollocks about hidden information is rubbish, any proper due diligence should be capable of verification. AL for goodness sake was working in the club before everything was signed off legally. He basically took a punt and it backfired.
  19. This further enforces many views on the incompetence around the EFLs Fit and Proper Test.How can a man who passed that test drain his life savings in 18 months ?
  20. I sit on several boards of directors and like to think that when I have forthright views ,and the time to contribute voluntarily, that I do so. I would suggest that you could well be an asset to the Trust and its' positioning against the current regime running OAFC.I am not taking the piss we all need to pull together and use our skills against this clown running our club. We may all not agree at every point along the way,but there is no doubt we have a current focus on what needs to be done.
  21. Does that matter?Every team we play doesn't play in yellow.
  22. Out of interest have you joined the Trust? I think it would be ideal that someone like you gets actively involved in driving/formulating the Trust/Fans agenda forward.
  23. Why don't those of that are going wear yellow high viz jackets instead of scarves until Marco leaves.
  24. Totally agree.PS didn't come out all guns blazing in the interview and was keen to put forward positives around the players. There is clearly a fracture within the squad between ALs mob and the rest. Having spies in the camp and trying to marginalise Peter Clarke plumbs new depths for me.I wouldn't be surprised if Clarke and Baxter aren't at Salford next season.
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