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  1. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/laurent-banide/profil/trainer/3733
  2. Served on paper plates as we cant afford to wash the pots
  3. Reckon the fan who takes up the role will end up being Moroccan by shear coincidence
  4. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2019/march/18022019-board-of-directors-applications/ Oldham Athletic are looking to appoint fan representatives to join the newly formed Board of Directors. Over the past year under new ownership the club has tried to rebuild, with millions being invested in the team whilst also paying off past debts. Not everything has gone to plan, with issues on and off the pitch and for certain areas the club has been rightly criticised. With a owner who has the clubs best interests at heart, the events of last week have shown that there is now a disconnect between the fans and the club and the owner wants to repair that. Without the fans there is no club. As a result, the owner (and currently the sole director) is in the process of reforming the board and is looking to appoint people that can add value in non-executive positions, through fan representatives. Ultimately, the board will run this football club for the benefit of the supporters to create a better future. The board makes decisions on all aspects of the running of the club including commercial, property and staffing issues. The club would now like to invite applications from those with a genuine love for Oldham Athletic to become a director, setting out their skill set and explaining in writing what they could bring to the role. The role will not be remunerated and there is a requirement to attend all home and away games as a representative, whilst also passing the English Football League’s fit and proper person test. Please email applications@oldhamathletic.co.uk by Tuesday 26 March 2019 to be considered.
  5. Missile out of contract end of season?
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