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  1. They’re alright to be fair. Pie shop on Redgrave Street is better though.
  2. Missilou brought off after 30 mins I see. Injury?
  3. *locker joke* Looks like Dino calling in his old mates, which is no bad thing of course. Let’s see what he can do.
  4. Dino is the guest on this week’s Latics podcast, and talks fairly in-depth about the #frenchlads, and how a team full of foreign imports is never going to get promoted from League 2. He also goes into how Maouche will improve from getting out of cliques in the dressing room.
  5. As said above somewhere.. Dino sending a message to certain squad members and the powers-that-be with the inclusion of the youth.
  6. Night-out in Newcastle 👍🏼, athletics track 👎🏼.
  7. What was the protest and march from the civic centre we did about 12-15 years ago?
  8. Probably yes. Although I’m sure he could work out the answer fairly easily.
  9. Another point made by AL was that it was Banide who wanted Urko Vera signed in pre-season. ”why everyone talking about Urko Vera” I believe the quote was.
  10. Dino dug them out a few times with the odd bit of praise and rallying call. And when Bazza said something along the lines of “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”, and the audience member responded “well you’ve fuck all then”... beautiful 😂.
  11. So in conclusion.. Ex owners corrupt, new owners incompetent?
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