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  1. He’s done well to get a Scottish Premier League Club..
  2. Well I hope Maamria can spot talent better than his employer and his clueless brother. No doubt we’re going to be playing around Danny Rowe, but it’ll be interesting to find out what the situation with Wheater is. There seems to be a question mark over whether he’s contracted to another season. The midfield is a full rebuild.
  3. Holland’s Pies have more backbone in them.
  4. What on Earth is our squad going to look like next season 🙈🙈
  5. He was taking the piss after Matt Hancock forgot Rashford’s name earlier.
  6. Absolutely. The numbers of people playing and money involved is on a different planet though. It’s good to see the Brits playing over there doing well.
  7. The NRL has been superb. I’ve watched most of the games on the Fox Sports app, through subscription. Unbelievable athletes. It’ll be good to the Premier League back but I do think the novelty will wear off, and it’ll just be a case of getting the season finished and planning for 2020/2021, whenever that’ll start.
  8. I’m another who won’t be renewing 2x season tickets (in the main stand paddock). I was going to knock it on the head at the the end of last season, but I was talked into renewing at the last minute of the early bird price, but no fucking chance now. And the fact it’s our 125th season is incredibly sad.
  9. Standing behind the practice nets during the Salford game warm-up was terrifying.
  10. Who was it who said a few seasons ago that the club gets too up when we win, and too down when we lose? Yesterday was much improved, let’s hope for more on Saturday.
  11. Not quite.. United fans think they’ve got it bad 🤣
  12. Some geezer in the standing section at Salford was having a go at people singing anti-board chants yesterday. “where’s yer protest this week yer c*nts” etc. etc..
  13. Missilou and CBJ have to be starters, however I wouldn’t be surprised to see them on the bench again. Azankpo (or Azankpoo, as the Salford tannoy called him yesterday), will probably also start and run around a lot.
  14. It’s shite at the moment, but at least we’re not one of those plastic fucking Salford whoppers. Dear me.
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